LELO Noa Vs We-Vibe 4 Plus

Couples sex toy winner

I received the LELO Noa from Adultsmart to review in discrete packaging. LELO have designed bestselling sex toys so I was extremely excited! On opening the package, I saw that the LELO Noa came in it’s beautifully presented standard LELO box which had a picture of the vibrator on the box with basic info. When opening the box I found the LELO Noa nicely packaged in a molded base that would prevent it from being damaged. Also included in the box was a satin storage pouch to keep it separate and safe from your other sex toys. There is also a instruction manual, charger and a warranty card that had to be filled out. There was also a link to the LELO site for further instructions if required.

The LELO Noa is a completely rechargeable sex toy and operates rather quietly. However to charge it you have to unscrew the toy at the middle to review the charging point. I have never seen this before but it does not impact either negatively or positively, it is just a different way of recharging a sex toy. So I plugged the Lelo Noa on charge and waited the mandatory 2 hours for it to power up. Once fully charged you should get upwards of 90 minutes of continuous use, which is enough for a wonderful, powered, sex session. The cable for the charger plugs into any USB charge or electronic device with USB plug like a computer. Whilst charging a pink light will be displayed, when the sex toy is fully charged, the light turns to white. When the light flashes it means it requires a charge.

Couples sex toy
Image: Lelo Noa

LELO Noa is made of a velvety silicone that feels ultra smooth to touch and is 100% body safe. In the middle is a metallic finished band that has the LELO insignia inscribed on it. Although LELO claim the Noa is waterproof I would prefer to say it is water-resistant which makes cleaning it a breeze – simply wash it under lukewarm water and some mild detergent or use a sex toy cleaner. The only reason why I say this is because you are able to unscrew the device to charge it up which may mean if it’s not closed properly, it can possibly leak water inside.

The Noa is a couples sex toy with a similar method or use as the famous we-vibe. It is meant to slide into the vagina whilst the penis can be inserted underneath. It is also a great solo toy and can find the G-Spot with little difficult or give pin-point accuracy for a bit of clit stimulation. To turn the Noa on you must touch the power button twice it will light up and begin vibrating. I was disappointed to find that there is only one vibration power but 6 different modes. In order the modes are constant vibration (when you first switch it on, pulse, fast pulse, roller coaster, longer roller coaster and finally low and high pulse. To turn it off again hold the power button down for about 5 seconds.

I read in the instructions that the LELO Noa is compatible with Sensemotion remote but one is not included in the package and I have not found anywhere that sells the Sensemotion control on its own so I guess you would have to purchase another LELO product that has Sensemotion to use this function. Personally they should either include it or sell the remote separately and it is a bit annoying – similar to purchasing a fun factory toy with click n charge technology to find that you have to buy the charger separately. Whereas the We-Vibe has an application you can download to create your own modes to control the We-Vibe Plus.

Couples sex toy
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Although not the most powerful vibrator in the world it is whisper silent. When inserted you really cannot hear it at all so will not distract you whilst love making or having some private play. It is anatomically correct – more so than the We-Vibe yet pliable enough also to suit those of us that are a little different in shape. I have an inverted uterus and found it perfect. So if you want a couples sex toy with a bit more power go the We Vibe – if you want a couples sex toy that fits most people, go the LELO Noa. Both couple’s sex toys are really great products to add to your treasure trove and you won’t be disappointed with either of them.Save

So Many Pluses To We-Vibe 4!

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is a sex toy intended to be worn by the female whilst having sex or for solo clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. Powered by two separate vibrating engines; one in the g-spot arm and one in the clitoral arm. The 4 Plus can be worked in three distinct ways:

  1. Manually by tapping the standard controls.
  2. Using the remote control for short distance play or finally.
  3. Through the advanced mobile phone app for long distance (even intercontinental sex play) which works with either android phones or apple phones.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus has got different mode capabilities dependent on which controls you are using. If you are using the advanced mobile application you will get 11 different vibration modes, if you are using the controls on the sex toy in the first person there are 8 modes and finally if you are using the hand-held remote control there are 5 modes. I am not exactly sure why they could not have all the modes available for each control that you are using but there you have it. Of course the We-Vibe 4 Plus has a USB rechargeable battery that is touted to have up to four hours of continuous use when fully charged and is totally waterproof and produced using body safe silicone that feels great both inside and out.

Updated We-Vibe 4
New Version We-Vibe

I was excited that there was an upgraded version of the We-Vibe 4 which had followed the redesigned other We-Vibe sex toys like the Tango and Touch vibrators, I realized that We-Vibe’s updates so far had been great. I thought that the 4 Plus would be another straightforward update; an enhanced form of the We-Vibe 4 couples vibrator that I had previously owned so wondered what changes may have been made; another silicone, stronger vibrator, changed shape?

The We-Vibe 4 Plus accompanies an astonishing new component; it permits the user, or more precisely the users, to control the vibrator from long distances even from overseas. I don’t mean remote control, even though it comes with a remote. Via a phone application that allows you to change the vibration modes whether you are in the next room or across the seas. Envision being away from your lover and being able to do some face talk or get on Skype and watch as you satisfy your partners needs..

Besides works is fundamentally the same as the We-Vibe 4. You grease up the massager and embed the massager inside your r. It lays on both her clitoris and in addition her G-Spot, that baffling little bugger is in there some place. Presently once you have embedded the We-Vibe massager into your accomplice you can either prod her a bit and simply press the catches on your remote to invigorate her, or you can even utilize the We-Vibe application to make new examples of vibration and sensation.

Presently the We-Vibe 4 Plus is only a wonderment of super innovation. From the charging unit the distance to the application. The We-Vibe 4 Plus truly goes well beyond anything you could envision from an individual massager. The charging unit permits you to both charge your We-Vibe 4 Plus and remote in addition to it is so savvy it won’t give you a chance to cheat. They do suggest unplugging the gadget in the event that you don’t anticipate utilizing it for some time.

Synchronize it with your Portable Devices and it will not only allow you to control the vibrations but gives you visual data as well as to what vibration level you have it on, the amount of battery life that is left, what mode you have set it to – complete control over how the sex toy operates. You can do this even if you are overseas to begin with if your lover (or maybe someone you have met online) is into it. Simply send them the download via email that will allow them to connect. It opens up a whole new world (pardon the pun) of possibilities. So initially I thought that I was going to find multiple things different with the We-Vibe 4 itself but in effect it is exactly the same sex toy using advanced technology to create a new spin on how it can be used.


Can The Couple Friendly We-Vibe 4 Get Any Better?

Best Couples Sex Toy in the world

The We-Vibe 4 came fresh out of the box from Adultsmart being the improved rendition of the well-known We-Vibe couple’s vibrator. It’s intended to be worn amid sex and give sexy stimulations to both lovers. It is an artistic design and assuredly designed for couples that love alternatives.  It’s double motored and intended to empower both the G-spot and clitoris of the wearer, but also give stimulation to your partner as well. The We-Vibe 4 is rechargeable, and 100% waterproof.

Some enormous changes to the We-Vibe 4 from the original are the silicone, the shape, and the remote. The silicone on the We-Vibe 4 is matte rather than the sparkling silicone like the kind that was on its predecessor. This matte silicone is somewhat less grabby while its dry, yet it appears like it needs more lubricant than the glossy silicone did. The shape has changed a lot and the We-Vibe 4 is smaller than the 3. The insert-able segment is adjustable and more extensive, though the external bit is bigger and has a slight bend, which is considerably more ergonomic. The gadget is bends less than the past models so it ought to fit cozily and have the capacity to give somewhat more weight when inserted.

The remote from this model has been enhanced a bit to make it more easy to use. There are more settings however the settings are a great deal less demanding to change. They are isolated and raised so you can change the controls on the remote by feel. The reach on the remote is said to be better than the original. The We-Vibe 4 arrives in a very nice box that contains the vibe itself, the remote, the charging dock and USB rope, alongside instructions.

Application to Control We-Vibes
Sex Toy: We-Vibe 4 Mobile Application


I truly like the charging station as it accompanies a top and it copies as capacity and a defensive case that can be taken when traveling. The USB string fits into the back of the charger and can be charged through PC or other electronic device with a USB port, or you can get a USB divider connector so you can charge it anyplace. An orange light will flicker when the charger is connected to and the We-Vibe unit is accurately set up and charging. The light will turn off when charging is finished, if the toy is not put correctly in the charger it will not light up. To fully charge the device takes 6 hours but gives continuous use of up to 3 hours. As it recharges through USB magnetic device the sex toy is completely waterproof. So that when your using the sex toy, the silicone coating cover’s the entirety of the sex toy, this means there is no way of getting any type of water into the couples sex toy vibrator.

The remote is not rechargeable and is powered by a cell battery that ought to keep going for quite a long time. The We-Vibe 4 fits snugly in the palm of your hand so you can carry it secretly or use it to stimulate different areas of the body. The We-Vibe 4 can’t be turned on and off by the remote, rather it should be turned on and off by squeezing and holding the catch on the front of the gadget itself. After that you can press the catch to run through the distinctive settings, which is a lot of fun to do. You can likewise utilise the side catches on the remote to change the vibration mode, and afterward use the top and base catches to change the power. You can also download the We-Vibe sex toy application to your mobile to make your very own modes and control the sex toy remotely.

There are 6 settings that you can go through by squeezing the catch on the vibe. There are dual vibrators in the toy on the end of each arm. The vibrations are deep and rumbling. I used the We-Vibe 4 with my husband and found that in some positions it was a little difficult to keep it in. My favorite position was doggie style which was also the position my husband got the most stimulation in. I loved using the we-vibe however I do not believe it delivers all the hype of being the best couple toy on the market – however it is a bloody goon on. The sex toy rating is 4 out of 5.


The Sex Toy That Cradles Your Clit Whilst Stimulating The Labia!

It didn’t take much to convince me to upgrade to the We-Vibe Touch 2 being a convert to the original. It has been my tried, tested, trusted and reviewed sex toy of choice for both solo and couples play for a couple of years of frequent use but having now seen better days it was time to say a sad farewell and see how the upgraded and improved version fared. So after ordering it online and patiently waiting the two days it took to arrive in the post it arrived at my doorstep in a discrete overnight satchel. Excitedly I opened it and found that the silicone was not a soft matte rather than the glossy style of its predecessor. This was fantastic and the feel was silky smooth so already I had a smile on my dial. I enjoy the matte effect over a plastic shin, I believe it makes the product look and feel better over all.

Then I took out the charger and plugged it in and noticed that this charger appeared to have a bit more magnetic power and the charging points of the We-Vibe Touch 2 just connected a lot easier and quicker. Switching the power on I saw that the charging light turned on and I then took the time to read the instructions.

We-Vibe Reviews
Touch Series

The Touch 2 controls remained virtually the same but what I did notice in reading the instructions was that the battery is fully charged after 90 minutes where my recently departed older model took up to 4 hours to fully charge yet still had 2 hours of continuous running time. This is more than ample for me as even my most intense sessions are not going to last 2 hours and the charger is so convenient that it is powered up every time I want to use it.

After about 90 minutes the charging light went out and I powered up my new baby and felt the familiar deep rumbly vibrations and went through its different strengths and then through its four modes and when I found the one that I was after began my session. What I love about the touch is that it is ergonomically designed to be placed upon and

‘cradle’ your clit and labia

and if you are after a bit of pin-point stimulation you can use the tip which is shaped a little bit lit a mini tongue. I enjoy the way the sex toy molds with the natural curves of my body. I have fantasized about that tongue daydreaming during the day and not waiting to come home and have it against my pleasure zone. It’s easy to hold to so you won’t feel any repetitive straining injury happening any time soon.

There is a solitary button and you just press it to turn it on. Press over and over to venture through the settings. Pressing the button after the last example and holding it for a few seconds will turn it off and it will begin again at the most minimal vibration setting. You can likewise turn it off whenever by pressing and holding the button. The next time you switch it on it will begin on the setting it was on when you turned it off.

The charging light will start flashing when the battery is low. The Touch is completely waterproof and its anything but difficult to clean. Since it is waterproof you can use it in the shower or bath. Simply use a small amount of soap with luke warm water or a sex toy cleaner. I only use Superslyde with my toys which is a toy safe silicone lubricant that just lasts and lasts.

The new We-Vibe Touch has the same extraordinary rumbling vibrations and is wrapped in rich matte silicone that floats over my skin and clitoris. I truly love the luxury experience that all We-Vibe sex toys offer. I am always happy to use We-Vibe and feel the pleasurable delight of their Form range.  It’s one of my most loved vibrators and I can simply depend on it to convey happy climaxes. A few people surmise that the silicone tapers the vibration. Against the Tango vibrations that are just teeth rattling,  then yes, the vibrations are to some degree tempered yet its still sufficiently capable to get me or I think anyone else off.


Try Something New To Spark Thing Up A Bit!

sex with we-vibe

I bought the We-Vibe 3 as basically I didn’t have the cash to buy the new We-Vibe 4. I have heard so much about it being the best couples sex toy so thought I had to try something new with my husband to spark things up a bit. Touted as being a premium sex toy I was delighted when it arrived in it’s bright packaging. I was surprised when I opened it as I thought it would be a bit bigger but it was made from a shiny and plastic feeling silicone. The We-Vibe 4 which feels smooth, soft and provides a natural feeling.

Inside the We-Vibe 3 display box was a white cradle charger, some wires to plug into the cradle and at the other end to plug it into the power. The funny thing when you are recharging it, your not actually plugging the device itself into a charger, I believe it has a magnetic charger inside it which makes the sex toy fully waterproof. I immediately plugged it in to charge as I opened up the instructions. The instructions I found to be relatively clear and was glad that the booklet contained images as some of the positions are difficult to describe in the written word. The instructions said to charge it for a full 24 hours before using it so I was a bit surprised by that as most of the sex toys I have owned fully charge between 2-4 hours so I was disappointed that I would not be able to try out my toy the day I received it. When charging there is a yellow light and the next day the yellow light was off so I take that to mean that the We-Vibe 3 was fully charged.

So now waiting for my beau to come home I picked up the We-Vibe 3 and played around with its controls to see all the different speeds and modes it had. It fit perfectly in the hand and vibrations could be changed with the touch of a thumb on the control button. The material felt smooth and the shaft was bendable in the middle.


We Vibe 3 Review
How to Use the We-Vibe 3


I then tried one of the first positions recommended in the booklet for solo play and inserted one end so that it was against my G-Spot and the other end on my Clitoris and then turned the unit on. Keeping hold of the button for about three seconds the vibrations started up until I got it to a speed that I was comfortable with and then I pressed the other button to experience the different modulation patterns available. Within minutes I was having a very pleasurable orgasm and after cleaned it and put it away waiting to have a bit of play with my husband.

When my husband came home we began with some fore play. I placed some lubricant on the We-Vibe 3 and inserted it inside of me. I followed the instructions again and placed the we-vibe 3 in a similar position and my husband then tried to enter me underneath where the shaft was touching my G-Spot. We used plenty of lubricant but it still felt that the we-vibe was moving in and out of me with my husband’s strokes. It was pleasurable but not as much if it was somehow more fixed inside. The issue I found is more one of physical crisscross. Despite the fact that the two finishes are named as “clitoris” and ‘g-spot’, by and by they discovered neither whilst doing the act.

We decided to use it some other ways, we had quite an enjoyable night but not as perfect as I first hoped. My opinion is that this is a great vibrator to get yourself off on, wrap around your partners cock or use for a bit of foreplay but doing it with it inside me just did not tick all the boxes. I give it a thumbs up but using it the way the instructions suggest was more a 50/50 rating review, I have a feeling the matte finish of the We-Vibe 4 or the tightness of it might fit the human form better, it also has a We-Vibe application where you can control the modes on your mobile. Overall the We-Vibe 3 was wonderfully exciting yet surely not ‘momentous’. I look forward to trying it in a couple of different situations and my opinion may improve or not.


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