Why Not Improve Your Sex Life & Your Pelvic Floor With Lelo Luna Beads!

I have been reading and researching Kegel beads, Ben-wa balls and Kegel exercises and thought I would review The Lelo Luna Beads as they seem to be the most trusted ones on the market. Ben Wa Balls really do have a lot of different names including o balls, love eggs. But these small unassuming balls on a string, really improve my sex life, and give me the vagina of an 18 year old? Could it really be true?

“Lelo Luna Beads… Sensual pleasures and fitness combined.”

Ben Wa balls have been around for centuries, some say they were the first ever sex toy. It used to be a woman would wear one during sex and the moving ball would improve sensations for both partners. They have come a long way from 500BC. They are even enjoying a bit of a comeback at the moment thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E L James. Now you can get all sorts of varieties, vibrating ones, ones made in all kinds of different materials, different amounts of balls on the string, different weights, shapes sizes, no string, balls inside. You name it. Essentially though, they still do the same thing, after all these years.  Still popular to this day, Ben Wa Balls have been one of the women’s favourite items to use. Lelo, most famous for there vibrating toys also has, in my opinion, one of the nicest looking and best quality Ben-Wah balls on the market, called the Lelo Luna Beads.

The Lelo Luna Beads are sleek, elegant and a refreshingly modern take on the famous Ben-Wa balls.  You will find some balls are connected by a string but with the “Lelo Luna Beads” they are connected by a thin strong silicone part that also wraps around the balls themselves.  The string loop attached to balls gives an added benefit of being able to tug on the balls for stimulation, exercises, and also easier removal. The “Luna Beads” are made of hard ABS plastic and contain weighted balls inside the plastic balls which roll around causing self-made vibrations.  If you’re new to Kegel Exercises it’s best to just start with just one bead (the one with the attached loop, so you’ll be able to easily remove it) and if you’re feeling more advanced, use the silicone harness to join the two beads into one toy. Use with a bit of water-based lubricant and gently insert the Luna Beads into your vagina.

The Lelo Luna Beads are gently inserted into the vagina, using lubricant. Once inside, your body movements make them roll around as you move, creating some excellent internal sensations and reminding you to squeeze against the ball. The squeezing motion you make when you feel the tingles exercises your kegel muscles and in turn they strengthen your pelvic floor, meaning better vaginal tone and stronger, more intense orgasms.. Stronger muscles help with a stronger vagina and consequently stronger and more powerful orgasms. Exercising this muscle can get your vagina back in shape after you have a baby. And help with the natural slackening that comes with age and the menopause.

The next step is up to you. Walk around, take a shower, go for a jog–whatever you feel like! As you wear your LELO Luna Beads as a sexual aid, the movements you make will shift the weight beads inside of you, forcing your muscles to adapt and strengthen as they work to keep the beads inside of you. Another way to create stimulation and pleasure is using a rocking chair to rock back and forth the balls and in some cases, this can lead to the woman climaxing.  Try and be creative! try them while riding the bus, during intercourse, or even secretly while working (who’s gonna know).

Lelo Pleasure Objects
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Lelo Luna Beads come packaged beautifully as all LELO products do, in a sturdy white box with a satin drawstring. There are 4 of the prettiest interchangeable balls, in pastel translucent pink and blue with weights inside. Two are able to be encased in a stretchy white silicone holder with a retrieval cord.  Exercising your vagina muscle is exactly the same as training in the gym, the better you get, the more weight you can take. The heavier the balls they are, the more work you have to do to keep them in. 2 of the Luna beads weigh 28 grams and 2 weigh 37. Not the heaviest around but great for beginners to intermediate.

Lelo Luna Beads have a stretchy silicone holder so you can interchange the weights. They can be worn all day if you are up to it, you can even pee while wearing them. They are going to see a lot of Lube and bodily fluids though, so it’s pretty important that they can be easily and thoroughly washed. Thankfully, these are 100% waterproof and can be boiled. Because the Luna Beads are made of hard ABS plastic and silicone, they incredibly easy to clean. Simply remove the beads from the silicone and wash with some warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Allow the beads to dry fully and then reinsert them into the harness. They are completely body safe as you would expect from Lelo. And they come with a year warranty.

Lelo Luna Beads are also silent so you won’t be jangling about like a reindeer. No one will ever have a clue you are wearing them. This is where the excitement comes in. If your partner asks you to wear them in contemplation of sex, they are a constant teasing reminder of what is to come. Some women love the subtle vibrations. Luna beads for the pelvic floor only work while you are moving. Luna beads for sexual enjoyment work all the time.

As I mentioned before, you can wear Lelo Luna Beads during sex, but the Luna beads would probably not be the best design. You would be better off with a single larger bead with no string. (the body will naturally push the ball out when you are done if you are relaxed. Luna Beads have a retrieval cord though anyway if that’s something you are worried about. They are not designed for anal play but I guess there is no reason not to if you are so inclined. Why bother though when we have so many other wonderful toys specially designed for that purpose?

Lelo does seem to be the go to brand for new mums. The design of the beads and the packaging do make these the perfect present for a baby shower.

One final thing. When you first use Lelo Luna Beads, It is probably best to wear some snug fitting underwear if you are going to be out and about. It can take a bit of practice to keep them in if you are not in the best shape. As with many things, you have to put the work in to see results. Most women need to exercise daily with these for 12 weeks to see any real results. But what can I say?  if you would prefer to be popping ping pong balls out of yourself, at will for your partner’s pleasure, rather than peeing yourself every time you sneeze. Then it’s time to invest in some of these. As you can see, the Luna Beads has many benefits. Improve your sex life while having fun at the same time! Try a pair and you’ll see why women love em’.

Author: Ellie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Anal Mischief With Loki Wave By Lelo

Lelo Loki 2

Loki is a mischievous Norse God and it is only fitting that Lelo name this incredible sex toy that you can get up to a lot of mischief with.  Loki Wave is a prostate massager that waves created by sex toy manufacturing company LELO. The Lelo Loki Wave moves in a come hither me motion which creates a finger like waving motion which gently massages the prostate. This is new technology for Lelo creating an even better pleasurable experience for men all around the world. We live in a world where people often forfeit ones health for pleasure and vice versa. An example would be, if you want get a bottle of Coke instead of water, it tastes good but it’s not healthy…..that kind of thing.   In rare instances ultimate health and intense pleasure CAN in fact come together and combine, even when they come together through seemingly unlikely ways. In this case, the rare instance would be prostate stimulation through prostate massage – which, while being the reason for mind-blowing experiences, is also part of maintaining a man’s peak sensual health. When it comes to peak sensual health.

Well thankfully the “good guys” over at Lelo have been pretty busy as they popped out a couple of amazing massages, all which can bring a man closer to understanding his own body and create extraordinary orgasms……:.its quite sad that there are so many men that are not open to having these amazing experiences. Maybe it’s the the whole “I’m not putting anything up my butt” or the typical ‘hetero’ comment “Hey! I’m not gay mate”……. But to those men “brave” enough to get past that will find yourself a having one of the best experiences of your sexual life.  After doing tons of research (some for personal reasons) on what vibrator should one buy to obtain this mystical male orgasm……well there are plenty of amazing choices but the one I found to have the most positive results is the LELO Loki Wave and now with its newer iteration, the ‘wave’.

Taking the same sex toy technology from the already famous LELO Ina Wave, the new Lelo Loki Wave can not only vibrate on the p-spot but perform the amazing “come hither” motion and massage the p-spot which honestly sounds incredible. Unlike the original Loki, Lelo integrated another vibrator. So now you have one in the anal plug and in the perineum massager, meaning it gives off more then just a little buzz. The perineum is a prostate spot between the anus and the testicles, when pressed it massages the prostate externally. When you use the Lelo Loki Wave you are massaging your prostate both internally and externally. It is the men’s version of duel masturbation!

Lelo Loki Wave Male Prostate Massager
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Because of this extra vibrator, this thing just releases wave after wave of vibrations to the palm of your hand, under the balls, deep inside the ass right next to the prostate, all simultaneously…. So yeah, the added vibrator is definitely welcomed.  Just like the rest of Lelo’s products, the LELO Loki Wave comes with a built-in rechargeable  lithium battery. Even though the battery is similar in size, the “come hither” motion uses a bit more power. So compared to the original Loki it’s easy to notice.

The Lelo Loki Wave lasts about 2 hours on a full charge on a full charge, a little less than some of the other Lelo products but is still more than sufficient.  Just like the original Loki, the wave exterior is encased in a beautiful soft premium grade silicone which not only feels amazing but glides very well with higher quality water-based lubes.  In no relation or coincidence to the name of this products name, this toy is waterproof! Not water resistant…….waterproof! Having a bath or shower while doing anal or using anal toys is actually very popular. The hot water relaxes the muscles so why not.

Speaking of water, the LELO Loki Wave like most of LELO products are a breeze to clean. Simply wash under warm soapy water and your good to go.  It’s easy enough to just tell you to go buy the Loki wave but for some it might not be the right toy, not because it has any faults but because everyone is different. If you want something smaller and that doesn’t vibrate look into Aneros but over all I can’t find one bad thing about to the Loki to warrant not buying it.  For the sake of you and your prostate, look into what the best massager is for you. To top that off, LELO has won awards from EROS, AVN and She, what more could you want?

Author: Thomas is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave


Lelo & Ovo Sex Toy Warranty

Product Terms and Conditions

Claiming warranty is not always the most fun thing to do

and it usually means something has happened unexpectedly to your product you payed good money for, thanks to a lot of good sex toy manufactures out there, the majority of high quality products you buy usually come with warranty but it’s always important to find out before you actually buy it. It is also benefits you in the long run to ask a few questions just in case something were to happen to the sex toy you purchased. Not only is it a peace of mind, it also makes a sex toy look and sound amazing because the product is that good, it needs warranty. If you say a certain product has one whole year of warranty and with some companies that period might even extend to 15yrs.

Today, I’ll be going over 2 popular manufacturers that have quite interesting warranties and how you as a customer can claim the warranty if the “unthinkable” ever happens to your precious toy. First out of the two is the much beloved and one of my personal favourite companies…….”LELO”. With LELO to activate your warranty simply go to the log-in section of their website and register as a user and then register your product. For proof and evidence that the purchase date falls within the warranty period just hang onto the original receipt. All of LELO’s luxury sex toy range come with a complete 1 year worldwide warranty. After the 1 year warranty is expired, the warranty turns into a 50% off your next Lelo purchase if your sex toy ever breaks.

When you are claiming Lelo warranty it is very simple.

After registering, just confirm the type of warranty claim you are making, and then click on the ‘claim icon’ next to your listed product. Add your delivery address and reason for claim, and then simply click on ‘Claim your warranty’. Claiming a LELO product requires your proof of purchase receipt and should be included when returning the product, if it is discovered faulty, and once the fault is confirmed, LELO will replace your sex toy.

Keyboard Breaking
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Something I love about LELO is their 10 year guarantee which is open to everyone who has purchased a LELO personal sex toy, so if you find your product is faulty outside the warranty period, or you have lost your proof of purchase, you can claim on this warranty which will then entitle you to 50% off your next LELO purchase……which is awesome. Claiming the 10 year guarantee is the same process as the one year but you do not need to have proof of purchase or receipt, all you need is to have your product registered.

The next company has a crazy long warranty period and I was definitely curious to look more into it. OVO sex toys ……loved by many and hated by some, but it’s hard to argue with its warranty though. OVO boasts a whopping 15 year warranty on their toys which is great but it depends on what it covers though. Now after research the warranty with OVO does have a few limitations to what it actually covers, which is the material and processing defects. So if your toy just suddenly exploded, don’t worry your covered under being a processing defect. The warranty however does not include general wear and tear,  accidental damage and it does not cover the battery itself for items with rechargeable batteries.

Claiming the warranty is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is email OVO for an initial assessment and instructions and if the item is required to be sent back to OVO, you have to ‘fork out’ the postage and to top it off, if the problem isn’t covered by the warranty they will still fix the item but they will charge you for it. For the most part I’m impressed with OVO’s warranty but there a few little things in the fine print a customer should know before buying.

If the customer is well informed then in most cases claiming warranty is a simple and stress-less scenario, and just because a company might brand itself saying it has very extensive and amazing warranty, it doesn’t hurt to check the facts and see what your sex toy does and does not cover.

Author:  Bronson is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Loki Gives Me Prostate Joy!

Lelo Prostate Massager

There must be something in the air at the moment, everyone is buying anal toys. I thought I would take a look at the luxury prostate massager the LELO Loki. I’ve never really understood the whole anal sex thing whilst everyone else, apparently, was climbing it like a tree in ecstasy. I enjoy it, but I’ve always felt that I was missing out on something. It was just everyone had spoken about prostate stimulation and how amazing it was and i was sitting there thinking – yeah sure, it’s good but it’s not ground-splitting-the-heavens-come-forth-and-take-me. I’ve used several prostate massagers in my search for this mystical orgasm, none of them quite . . . worked. They were good, i loved them they were amazing. But they weren’t the mystical X i was searching for. Maybe it didn’t really exist and I’d been lied to all those years. Kind of like when you think that that colour is red to me, but how does someone else see it? I’d always been a big fan of the fun factory brand, and the Semillino and the Booty plug were probably the two most intense stimulating toys I’d used before. Then I got a Lelo Loki. I was skeptical at first after looking at it and despite it saying how powerful it was, I’d bought other toys expecting a V8 and getting a four cylinder Toyota.

Now, I’d been familiar with Lelo before and I’ve always loved their design. But what they lacked, was power. Which was precisely the reason why I’d steered clear of them – plus i was never really a fan of their boys range which isn’t to say they weren’t good. Just that they weren’t good for me – similar to how some men like hard boys with tats and rap sheets, and I’ve always been partial to the clean cuts. Though, as i age, my tastes change and i could say exactly the same thing about my taste in boys. That’s the thing about toys (and boys) regardless of the brand (or dick size) – sometimes it just isn’t your thing. So when i was looking for a replacement for Fun Factory Duke, the brand new LELO Loki was recommended to me. At first i was skeptical, but i was speaking to the ‘Live Help’ on Adultsmart and they assured me that it was very powerful.  And i was excited. Not as excited as discovering my local park was a gay beat, but pretty damn excited.

Since I didn’t really have a prostate vibrator like this (I had ones that you would pop in and leaver whilst having sex or rocking back and forth on the bed) i thought, what the hell I’ll give it a go. The thing you need to know is that any Lelo products are stunning. They’re beautifully packaged, they are nicely weighted and they’re just in general an amazing looking product. So when my package arrived, i eagerly tore it open and popped it on charge so it was fully prepared for usage. Lelo products always come with a warranty card, a lubricant sample, charger and the manual. For the warranty card, just go online and register it to activate your warranties. I’ll be honest, i didn’t read the manual. Who does anymore? The quick specs are that the Lelo is a silicone toy, waterproof and submersible, with a bunch of variable settings. Which basically means that there’s a bunch of settings and rather than them being preset speeds, you can ramp up or down the vibration power manually. I’ll also add that it’s not really a beginner toy being around 3cm wide or roughly two and a half fingers. It’s also a little deeper than other prostate stimulators being 10cm in length. But the power on this thing is incredible, I thought the Duke had some power but this thing was like a mini Body Wand vibrating inside me. It was full and plump and powerful and let me tell you, it rocked my world. I’ve only come hands free once in my life before, and with this toy, it happened again.

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager
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LELO Loki  comes in two colours, black or blue.  The first thing I noticed about the Loki was that it’s very similar to some of Lelo’s female vibes, the Mona, in particular . It has the same silicone shaft and ABS handle where the controls are but Its dimensions are obviously more anally appropriate. Like all Lelo products it is 100% body safe.  Loki  has a total insertable length of  around 4 1/2″,  and a slightly curved bulb that is just over 4 1/2″ in circumference, and a neck that is 3″. The silicone is matte and  exceptionally smooth and seamless. I just cant stop stroking it. I mean I  really cant stop touching it….I am beginning to think the Loki should be purchasing ME me for ITS  own pleasure!

The shape is perfect with a curve designed for maximum prostate contact. It is completely rigid so once inserted you could angle the handle for extra pressure. The buttons are well placed and simple to use. There are two buttons to change the intensity and two buttons to move through the six different vibration patterns. It is gently tapered for easy insertion and it has a slightly flared base so it can’t go in too far. The bulbous bit is not too big, in fact most guys I have met would probably think it was on the small side. but a first time user would probably need plenty of lube and maybe even a practice toy to warm up with. Considering you are never going to please everyone when it comes to matters of girth and length, I think they have pitched it pretty perfectly.

LELO Loki also promises it is 100% waterproof up to a meter submerged. There is a silicone plug covering the charger hole which makes me slightly nervous. Maybe I have watched too many 70s murder mysteries where someone always gets killed with a hairdryer dropped in the bath. Being waterproof makes it super easy to keep clean and that is really important with anal toys. Just make sure that silicone plug is in what ever you do so I can sleep easy tonight.

If you want to splash out on something special, then all in all Lelo Loki is a great toy, it looks and feels great. its shape and vibrations are perfectly suited to prostate play and most men who have tried it seem to love it. At the same time I believe if a woman was to use the prostate massager as a G spot it could definitely work. It does look very masculine and would make a beautiful gift. It comes packaged in a black sophisticated – looking box that shows the toy off nicely. Inside you find  the USB charger( 2 hours play for 1 hour charge), instructions and a registration card  ( If you register the toy, you get a years worth of product warranty and Lelo will replace the sex toy for 50% of its value after that) There is a complimentary sachet of their personal lubricant. I think this is a bit of a cheeky marketing ploy for their lubricant product, rather than a genuine extra because anal play usually demands a little more lube than is provided here. It does also come with a quality black satin drawer string bag to keep everything safe.

Author: Alexis is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



The G-Spot Challenge: Lelo Ina 2 Vs Odeco Hedone

Lelo Vs Odeco
We all know and love the Lelo Ina 2.  Aesthetically, it’s a pretty good looking toy. But without this sounding to honest or blunt (I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this) the gap between the clitoral stimulator and the shaft is almost non existent and not suited to the majority of female bodies (from what I’ve read online and heard from customer feedback) and can be quite uncomfortable. The Lelo Ina 2 has been referred too as

“a clamp on my vagina”

by a regular customer. Now obviously in this industry we know that no two vaginas are the same and that there ARE going to be people out there who this toy will work for… so if you’re are a LELO fanatic and you need this toy in your collection, make sure you know your body well enough to judge whether this toy will work for your anatomy and come and check it out in person just to be sure. LELO is an incredible brand and have and still do make incredible toys. Their toys boast important features such as 100% waterproof abilities, 100% medical grade silicone, their products have warranties, easy to use control handle etc. They’re great. I just question a toy that doesn’t work for so many people.
Lelo Sex Toy
Lelo Vibrator
From the Mexican stand off written above, you can see that yet again Odecco has made a toy that replicates the design of that of a LELO sex toy… except (dare I say it) I think it’s better. The Odeco Hedone is made entirely of silicone (as opposed to the Lelo Ina 2 which has a plastic handle) and feels/looks like a luxury item. The control pad consists of three small buttons which are extremely easy to use –  press and hold the middle button to turn the toy on/off, use the plus and minus buttons too increase/decease power. Easy peasy.
Odeco Hedone Image
Sex Toy: Odeco Hedone
The Odeco Hedone is heavily curved for targeted G-Spot stimulation and also has several ridges on the shaft to stimulate the vaginal opening. I also love the handle, it makes for easy and comfortable use . This toy was definitely designed with the best interests of the user at heart. The Odeco Hedone is 100% waterproof and is rechargeable. It is also EXTREMELY quiet. Like, to the point that I would say you near enough can’t hear it. The clitoral stimulator is much looser (for want of a better term) and doesn’t “clamp” onto your vagina. It is also extremely flexible and can even be entirely pulled back if you would like no clitoral stimulation.
I’ve also found with the Ina 2 that the clitoral stimulator is much stronger than the power in the shaft. The Odeco Hedone spreads it’s power equally throughout both motors.  And if that wasn’t enough to possibly sway you away from the Ina 2 and throw you towards the Odeco Hedone… let me talk to you about the price difference.
The Lelo Ina 2 retails at $169.99 whilst the Odeco Hedone is $94.99!!!! An incredible price difference for such a quality toy.

I’m absolutely in love with the Odeco Hedone

and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a rabbit styled vibrator. Simply Amazing!!

 About the author: Hermione is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres