Gee! Billy Loves To Play With P-Spots.

Billy Loves Prostates

The manufacturer claims that Lelo Billy is:

  “The Most Sophisticated Gentlemen’s G-Spot Massager”

in the world.  I am not sure about that as there are so many prostate massagers out there but it certainly is designed to allow men to stimulate their prostate gland 

the male G-Spot

given men erotic delight.  It is made from 100 percent pure silicone and it feels as soft as velvet.  At the base of the toy there is a ring that is placed there for safety sot that there is no chance you can ‘over insert it into the anus and the handle provide sufficient grip to use the toy comfortably.  There are speed and mode controls in the ABS plastic handle as well allowing you to use this toy exactly to one’s personal taste.

Inside it has a powerful lithium batter that will charge full in two hours and then can be enjoyed for up to four hours of uninterrupted anal play.  It is a comfort to know that no matter how hot and hard the action becomes when fully charged this sex toy for men will not disappoint.  Even there is a whole lot of power that packs a punch the adult toy is surprisingly quiet unlike many other vibrators that are out there.  Good to know when you have visitors over or you are renting a bedroom with other people.

The size of the Lelo billy is 6.9 inches in full length, by 3.9 inches in insertable length by 1.1 inches in maximum width.

lelo prostate massager
Lelo prostate vibrator

The Lelo Package includes:

  • Lelo’s Billy prostate massager
  • Recharger
  • Silky satin bag
  • A sachet of Lelo lubricant
  • Small user manual
  • Warranty card with Lelo Billy ID

When my parcel arrived from my purchase online I was excited to open it.  Once I did though I was a bit underwhelmed by the size of the sex toy and it was much smaller than what I thought it was going to be.  It is my own fault as I did not check the sizes of it prior to purchase however owning a collection of vibrators and adult toys my expectation was quite different.  On the positive side being a prostate massager this definitely is not one that is going to intimidate and is certainly great for someone experimenting with their P-Spot for the very first time.

The tip of the vibrator has a delicate and gentle curve that to be quite honest was so soft and smooth with no friction whatsoever that it made inserting it an absolute dream.  Make sure you use sufficient lubricant though and relax all the same.  After using it myself for the very first time the old adage came to mind that

good things come in small packages

as it is a really lovely toy and the dimensions and shape are perfect to pin-point prostate stimulation’s.

The handle was easy to handle and the ease in which you could click through speeds and modes whilst using was well-thought out.  To me this is one of the most important things as you nor I wish to have to ‘pull out’ in the middle of action.  Nothing smashes the moment more than that.

There are 4 separate choices on the controls, yet it’s truly basic: Press the + catch to turn it on or accelerate, press the – catch to back off and kill, or press the up or down bolts to change vibration modes.  When you make a control choice, the ring around the control cushion lights up – it will also light up whilst charging. I would describe the best modes as being:

  1. Constant
  2. Diverse “Heartbeat” designs
  3. The Wave that like its name ebbs and flows in vibration speed

My favourites benefits of using the Lelo Billy include:

  • Highly luxurious sex toy brand.
  • High quality body safe silicone.
  • Quiet sex toy.
  • Different modes and speed choices.
  • Lelo’s 1 year warranty.
  • After the Lelo’s 1 year warranty, for the next 10 years if the Lelo is damaged according to their terms and condition you get 50% off your next Lelo purchase.

The Lelo Billy is pretty but was not exactly what I expected visually when I first opened it – I had thought it would be a bit bigger. After I at last had an opportunity to kick back with Billy my disposition has changed totally. Billy may be somewhat smaller in size, however that really meets expectations well. The Lelo Billy is really easy to use and add to that the way that it is little and sufficiently smooth that my body doesn’t tend to push it out like with bigger toys I have used.  It stays put until ultimately I cum so it is going to be a prostate massager I am going to continue to us. I didn’t realize I had been searching for a smaller toy to get me off however now I think the Lelo Billy possesses all those necessary qualities.

Magic For My Sex Life With The Smart Wand!

Lelo Smart Wand Sizes Image

Among our various ranges of wands in our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, I’d say the Lelo Smart Wand is the best looking one! The shape, beautiful materials and colours make LELO the best wand designer if you ask me especially since they have won awards from ETO and AVN.

It comes in a classic yet elegant white packaging with an image that shows the different positions to use the LELO sex toy as a body massager but not as an intimate massager… of course, as soon as you see this toy, you know that this is a wand which can be used in a sexual way, I guess that they didn’t want to be too explicit to keep it classy.

In the box, you’ll also find a satin pouch, the charger, the user guide and a nice gold brooch (which is useless by the way but it is still nice though). The smart wands are available in 3 colours: black, white and purple. I tested the black one (A classic colour but was the only one left).

The black (and gold) Lelo smart wand is 30 cm long with a head diameter of about 6 cm. It’s made of silicone and ABS Plastic. Its silicone is frankly exceptional. Indeed, it’s very soft and once you touch it, you’ll know immediately that it’s a superior quality. I am not surprised after all, we are talking about Lelo! The silicone is perfectly adjusted, the toy has a great design, the finishes are excellent (glossy/matte), moreover, it doesn’t attract much dust.

The rechargeable smart wand is not the lightest wand I’ve ever held, it weights 395g but it doesn’t matter, even more, its better. Why? For the wands, the bigger they are, the more effective they can be! (Especially when used as a body massager). I mean, obviously… if it’s bigger you can cover more parts of your body. Moreover, the vibrations are more powerful than the lighter ones. But for ones that worry too much about the weight/seize, Lelo resolved this issue a long time ago: They offer 2 different sizes (medium and large). I didn’t have the possibility to try the other sizes but could have been happy with the medium size.

Lelo Smart Wand Photo
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Once, the cordless wand was charged enough, I finally tested it on my shoulders first. It’s honestly amazing. As a massage lover, this toy gives me amazing sensations and I realize how good it is to have the wand made of silicone. A plastic or similar head could have been painful after using it for a while. Plus, it makes the smart wand 100% waterproof!

Make sure to charge the toy as indicated (2 hours charging for 2 hours user time) because once you start using it, you won’t stop… Oh and don’t worry about the fact that the charger doesn’t go all the way in to the charging port, at first you might think that the charger or port is broken but it’s not. That’s the only little thing I could complain about.

It has a 3 button interface and 8 vibration modes to play with, rising and falling vibrations, rumbling vibrations and slow and fast vibrations. It also features Sense Touch technology which, once the vibrator is switched on, stops it when there is no pressure on its head and restarts it as soon as the head is pressed on a part of the body. It is possible to configure it in travel mode to prevent it from operating when not expected (happened to me once with a vibrator but was lucky it happened around my friends, otherwise you can imagine the embarrassment!)

The interface is simple: There is a ‘+’ button, a ‘-‘ button and a ‘()’ button. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are used to adjust the vibration intensities, the ‘()’ button allows you to change the vibration modes. The buttons are easily accessible and put in the best place they could have been.

Surprisingly, when you start the Smart Wand, it’s immediately on the most powerful intensity when you touch the skin (thanks to the Sense Touch), so you must decrease the power with the ‘-‘ button. I love the different vibrations and the intensity can be powerful or weak if wanted.

When it comes to use it as an intimate massager, it can only be used as an external massager because of its shape. I don’t doubt a minute that this wand would give me the best clitoral orgasms if used! Nevertheless, I wonder how I could use the large wand at the same time as being with my partner or using a vaginal toy. This size might be a big issue and you should maybe reconsider downsizing if you are into a double stimulation. Other than that, the sound is great. It’s not completely quiet but I have had noisier wands than this one.

When it comes to the cleaning, it can’t become easier since the Smart Wand is 100% waterproof. Just pass it under warm water with a mild soap and make sure it’s completely dry before charging again.

I’d recommend without hesitation the smart wand as I really appreciated this toy. It is not only one of the best-looking toys I’ve seen but also, a powerful one and made of great materials. The smart wand comes with the usual year warranty and ten years guarantee offered by LELO.

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





World’s #1 Best Selling Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2 Personal Vibrator Photo

As a sales consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, testing sex toys becomes an unmissable fun task to do. Today, I laid my eyes on the really cute Lelo Gigi 2. After researching information on the Lelo website, I found out that they’re mentioning Gigi 2 as the “world’s #1 best selling G-spot vibrator”! This information definitely aroused my interest in this toy even more, after all, Lelo is known to be one of our best top selling brands for its quality and design, so if they say so, it might be probably true. The Lelo Gigi 2 comes in a nice white box, with its white charger, a black satin pouch, a little Lelo moisturizer and the user manual. The toys information is written in a dark pink colour with an image of the toy on the front of the box. Also, there is a logo “best seller” that immediately convinced me to try this cute toy.

When I opened the pinky box (toy available in turquoise blue, deep rose, cool grey), I easily fell in love with the Gigi 2. The design is not basic. Well, the white plastic handle is typically identical to some of the other lelo toys (Ina 2, Iris…) but the pink insertable part has a really interesting curve. The motor of the Lelo Gigi 2 is 10 cm long, measured along the outer curve, and 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter. It has kind of a flat head and a curved side at the same time. A silver ring marks the separation between the motor and the interface.

Gigi 2 is very light and elegant. I was afraid to dislike this toy because of its small size but it’s definitely one of the best looking toys I’ve tried so far. The silicone is as soft as promised. Real pleasure is felt just by touching it with my fingers.

Lelo Gigi 2 in Pink Photo
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The Lelo Gigi 2 offers 8 vibration intensities to go through just by using the up and down buttons and increase or decrease with +/- controls of the interface. The vibrations can be intense but Gigi 2 stays really quiet! One of most quiet I’ve tried!

  • Continuous vibration
  • Slow pulses
  • Repeated pulses of average speed
  • Rapid Pulses
  • Very fast pulses
  • Pulsations of increasing intensity
  • Pulsations of slow intensity
  • Random vibrations

I find these vibration modes really good and different from each other, while some toys offer a dozen vibrations but are actually similar from each other. Moreover, it’s way easier to remember the rank of your favourite mode from 8 than a dozen! These 8 vibrations modes are more than enough. Even though the Gigi 2 is advertised to be a G-spot vibrator, I can’t help but to think about how much pleasure it can provide for your clitoris. After all, this flat head is more than perfect for this stimulation. It’s the perfect size and shape to use it for this purpose.

Another great feature, Gigi 2 is that it’s fully waterproof if you want to take a bath or play in the shower! Other then that, the care is easy, clean with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner.

LELO offer a year warranty and ten years guarantee (the warranty registration card included in the box has to be used on their website).

In other words, Gigi is a small but efficient sex toy to use when aiming to reach the G-spot and for clitoral stimulation. It has been listed as one of the sixteen most popular vibrators by the magazine Marie Claire and I understand why now! I don’t get wrong things to report, except for the charger plug that doesn’t entirely fit in the DC socket which is weird but still charge perfectly.

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







Waves of Ecstasy With Lelo Mona

Lelo Mona Wave Photo

When I saw the g-spot sex toy the LELO Mona Wave, I can say it was love at first sight. But when I see a nice looking sex toy, I ask myself two questions:

”What is the brand of this toy?” and “Is this toy as good as it looks?”.

Thankfully in this case, I can say YES, Mona wave meets my expectations! It’s one of those toys that looks good but when I turned it on, I found out that it wasn’t just a good looking toy.  Mona Wave comes in nice packaging and is stored in a simple black case that preserves this jewel of pleasure. Mona Wave is elegant and fully made of silicone. Like many modern sex toys, the brand LELO offers a girly color range and obviously doesn’t try to make them look like a real penis. I chose the colors white and electric blue that I find so fierce. There are two other colors available in the store, pink and black.

The first sensation I have when I take the Mona Wave out of its case, is that it’s very soft and pleasant to the touch with its amazing silicone material. Lelo is definitely one of the few brands that I must say always provide really good quality when it comes to silicone. By activating the sex toy and changing the mode, I can finally see it performing an inward movement (30 degree wave motion), and as soon as I see it, I understand why this Mona Wave might be so effective at reaching the G-spot. Not only does the motors power reach your g-spot, but you’ll be able to increase/decrease the intensity any time you desire… It’s the perfect way for me to reach a vaginal orgasm otherwise if movements and intensity are always the same, I do not personally receive any pleasure.

Lelo Mona Wave Photo
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The use of this toy is easy and it has a better interface design than the original Mona. There are 5 buttons, – and + for the intensity, up and down symbols for the modes and on/off button in the middle of the interface. Like I said previously, even the interface is silicone which is a way better feeling when holding the toy or when playing with in water (plus, it makes it look classier).This toy has 10 vibrations modes that goes from weak  to strong. There are a mix of waving movements and massaging vibrations. You have the choice, and you won’t get bored easily!

I really appreciate its light weight, length, and thickness. We are not in the excess of length or breadth. It could suit a great number of people, the size is convenient for the most of us; not too small, not too big. When it comes to its shape, that curved motor is a killer! Mona Wave is rechargeable (like all Lelo vibrators) and is waterproof! You’ll be able to use it for 2 hours when fully charged. The care of this product is simple:  Like all silicone toys, only use water based lubricant during use. To clean, wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each use. If you don’t mind spending a little, buy yourself antibacterial spray, it’s definitely worth it!

My only issue with this toy would be the noise. It’s not something that I notice straight away but when using it for a while, it is the only thing that could annoy me. Mona Wave is for sure, a worthy sex toy to try when you are bored by simple vibrators and for women that have issues with reaching the g-spot! The curved and finger-like motions are honestly great and powerful enough to give you amazing pleasure! Lelo offers a year warranty and a ten year guarantee, just remember to register on their website after purchase!

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Brand: Lelo was established in 2003 and has become one of the world’s best selling award winning brands. They have won awards from XBIZ and AVN. They are well known for providing high quality, body safe silicone sex toys for both men and women. They aim to design sex toys which feature high end designs that work just as well as they look. Their Lelo products have a sensation warranty that you can read here.Save






Sensational Stimulation With Lelo Liv 2!

Lelo is a sex toy brand that is conquering the Adult industry, with grace, style and pure brilliant Swedish engineering. LELO’s G-Spot Vibrator Liv 2 is one of their global best sellers of all time. Lelo Liv 2 is one of the many sensational products that have been able to grace adult store shelves throughout the world, generally not staying on those walls for long due to its extreme popularity. The Lelo Liv 2 is a middle-sized vibrator that gives off the impression that it is a one use sex toy, however, do not be confused at this toys versatility. It is 100mm or 3.9 inches long.

I’ll start by explaining that the Lelo Liv 2 does not only have to be used for vaginal stimulation, in fact, due to its shape and size it is a fantastic clitoral stimulator. The Lelo Liv 2 can also be used for numerous amounts of body stimulation including caressing the testicles and the shaft of the penis, running it down the spine of the back with it’s various different patterns, using it’s smooth silicone texture and long, flat side to caress the inner thighs and also don’t neglect the nipples, the tip of the Lelo Liv 2 is the perfect size to  massage around both male and females breasts and nipples providing a rather odd yet stimulating feeling.

Like most Lelo products the Liv 2 comes with some fantastic features that will make you be able to distinguish it from similar sex toys on the market. Firstly let’s start with the whisper quiet motor that can barely be heard, behind closed doors at full blast you can not hear it and with soft general conversation it is a struggle to hear it, the only reason you will hear it is because your brain is subconsciously trained to hear and listen out for things that you are holding and of course things that you don’t want to hear. To hide any vibrating sounds, you are able to put on some light music and no one will know any better.

Secondly, the motor is extremely powerful due to its rechargeable capabilities. The vibrator uses a Li-Ion 500mAh 3.7V making it a great investment which will lead to a lot of extra pennies in the bank account because you won’t be constantly changing the batteries. The Lelo Liv 2 can be used for around 4 hours, which will take a lot of sexual fun before you need to recharge it. A charger is included!

Lelo Liv 2 Sex Toy Image
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Thirdly, the Lelo Liv 2 comes with 8 different functions and power settings giving complete versatility and a chance to experience different types of vaginal sensations. The 8 functions will provide a break from toys that only just vibrate, and will allow you to use a different function every day of the week! The Liv 2 has a matte appearance made from 100% certified body safe silicone and is said to be completely waterproof. I, however, do not recommend that you take it in the bath or shower, generally waterproof means that you will be able to clean the product by lightly rinsing, try not to get water on the control panel.

Finally, all LELO products including the Liv 2 come with a 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee that is issued by the company. In the box that you receive with your toy, there is a little chip with a registration code where you online, register your toy with Lelo. So If there is a mechanical issue or fault with the toy that was not caused by yourself then they will go through the correct measures of either fixing the toy or completely replacing it.

From a salesman’s point of view, the Lelo Liv 2 is immaculately designed due to Lelo considering both beginner’s who are new to the use of sex toy and more experienced sex toy users. It is quite light at 86g you will barely notice it’s weight. This sex toy is for all-around toy users, even if it is only going to be used for the clitoris. From a consumers point of view, the product did not let me or my partner down and I feel that the only upset about the product is that it is not submersible, other than that the Liv 2 is fantastic!






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