What’s New About Fun Factory Share?

Strap On Pegging

There has been an update in the Fun Factory family of sex toys with the Sharevibe now releasing its version 2.! The trusted and always enhanced state of the Share strapless strap-on family now has added the exciting vibrations of a capable, rechargeable bullet. Sharevibe is the name of this great couples sex toy from Fun Factory which without a shadow of a doubt seriously delights any couple that choose to use this toy. Though, we aren’t limiting this to a couples only sex toy, but it would be a whole lot of fun if you did use it with someone else for some sexual experimentation.

The Fun Factory Share was released a few years ago and it was designed as a silicone strapless dildo. This meant the the short side can be inserted into a woman’s vagina without a harness to peg or penetrate her lover to both of their delights. It is the perfect sex toy for lesbian couples and very popular for that reason. Adventurous couples who would like to experiment or up the limits of their anal sex play would be interested in this especially for some pegging fun. If you are not aware pegging is when a female partner wears a strap-on to penetrate her male partner. This type of play is increasingly popular in the straight world and many men are finding the sexual and wellness benefits of increased prostate play and anal play. The main function of the Sharevibe is that it provides stimulation to both the partners involved. The sex toy is being held in by the female through her pelvic floor muscles, which in turn will strengthen them, and secondly by whomever is being penetrated. Both people in this sexual situation will be able to feel the vibrations when they are using it for some heightened pleasure.


Sharevibe Couples Sex Toy
Fun Factory Share


With a standard strap on belt for the women to wear that connects the sex toy to her body can undoubtedly lead to confusing, unyielding and not extremely sexy sexual play. The belt squeezes and bothers the skin and obviously disturbs body contact between the two lovers, and can also loosen during extended movement. When the belt loosens you will find yourself struggling to get it back on that will be a real turn off and cause frustrations during sex. Fun Factory Sharevibe provides an easy solution to this problem and being adjustable allows both users to bend it so it fits ergonomically and comfortably inside offering maximum stimulation.  As it is a natural extension of ones self rather than something attached to the body all movements are more in tune with the wearers body.

The addition of the removable bullet adds more excitement when using this toy and the vibrations spread throughout this fantastic sex toy.  It is not only powerful when used in the Share Dildo but can be removed to give clit centric stimulations.  The mini vibe has 3 power levels and 2 vibrating modes and is fully waterprood and rechargeable.

The benefits of using the Fun Factory Sharevibe include:

  • Using a bendable, double ended dildo that has a bullet attachment for pleasurable vibrations


  • The bullet has 5 modes and can be removed from the vibrator. You don’t have to turn on the bullet, so you can use it as a dildo


  • Soft, smooth, body safe, hypoallergenic and high quality silicone


  • The dildo is waterproof for shower, sauna or bath time fun


  • The dildo has a short shaft for vaginal insertion and g-spot stimulation. This means the sex toy is strapless so your not fumbling around with a harness or belt.


  • The main shaft can be used for pegging, masturbating, anal sex or vaginal penetration. The shaft is thin for ease of insertion.


  • The middle section is used as a base for outer stimulation of the anal rim or clitoris.


  • The dildo has a rechargable bullet using a USB magnetic charger. Since it is rechargeable the sex toy is quiet. The dildo lasts for up to 4 hours.

So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it time that you find Fun Factory Sharevibe. The innovative strapless strap-on sex toy.


Fall In Love With Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Vibrator, Massager, Dildo, Fun Factory, Vibrating Dildo, Stronic Eins,


At long last, a sex toy maker has made a sex toy meriting the name, “creative”. The Fun Factory Stronic Eins is no bullshit people. This thing is really not at all like whatever else is available and it’s not simply diverse for the purpose of it. The Stronic Eins is a sex toy befitting of the 21st century. I compare it to a roller coaster ride for my pussy. The first occasion when I tried it I swear my G-spot rose above time and space to an alternate universe of, “that feels fucking stunning”. Fun Factory is a toy company which pushes the boundaries of the Adult Toy Industry.

Fun Factory made an entirely new classification of sex toys with the Stronic line. They are not vibrators and feel not at all like vibration. They are pulsators and invigorate with a pushing movement. Customary vibrators utilize a weighted rotational engine though, the Eins utilizes what Fun Factory calls “Drive Technology”, which is an engine quickly moving a weight over and over again in a straightforward manner. The difference in comparison to other ‘thrusting’ vibrators is that normally, the ‘thrust’ results in the toy physically expanding forward on an attached gear. The problem with this is that if this gear is resisted, or there’s too much pressure on the toy itself, there is a chance that it will break.

Numerous have depicted the Stronic Eins as a Shake Weight for the vagina and despite the fact that I’ve never held a Shake Weight, I’d say that is presumably a really precise examination. I want to envision that somebody from Fun Factory after seeing the Shake Weight considered what it might feel like to place one in a vagina. At that point, they surged out to secure one and to figure how it worked and could be made into a fun factory sex toy.


Stronic Eins

It truly does recreate the pushing of sex better than some other sex toy (including insane costly fucking machines). I wouldn’t say it feels much the same as having sex yet the movement is comparable. Infrequently when I’m striving for double stimulation with intense G-spot vibes, the interior vibration appears to countervail the outer vibration yet I don’t get that with the Eins. There is no desensitizing impact as the Stronic doesn’t vibrate. Rather, it shakes your G-spot into ecstatic orgasms.

From what I have read there are many that have cherished the Stronic Eins and its cousins, the Drei and Zwie yet the completely special sensation isn’t for everybody. For me, however, it was adoration at first push, from the moment I place it into my vagina and turned it on. It truly shakes my entire body from the back to front and my G-spot adores the sensation. You truly do feel like you’re on a rush ride.

All I need to do with the Eins is daintily hold it set up and push down on the handle marginally, to drive it up into my G-spot, and after that let it get down to business. Actually, it works best when you put a few fingers on the base to keep it from shimmying out. On the off chance that you hold it hard, it sort of confines the pushing movement. I’ve perused different articles and blogs on the Fun Factory Stronic Eins where it is guaranteed that holding around the Eins with their Pelvic muscles likewise limits the pushing yet I haven’t discovered that to be an issue. Also, I have some really amazing Pelvic floor muscles… or, so I’ve been told. I entirely like how it feels when I hold down hard on it.

The Stronic Eins does all the work for you. No more arm issues from pushing. You can focus on utilizing your free hand for some clitoral joy and have some phenomenal mixed climaxes like you’ve never felt previously. I guarantee you, it won’t feel like whatever other toys you as of now have


What Delight! Fun Factory Does It Again!

Couples Sex Toy Black and White

Fun Factory Delight is a couples sex toy with a eye catching design that almost looks out of this world. The Fun Factory Delight is intended to be a combination vibrator that allows you to stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris. The secret with the sex toy is that it can be used for anal play and would be an absolute delight to use as a men’s prostate massager to.

The Fun Factory Delight features the new click n’ charge technology. To charge get the charging nodes on the toy close to the charger and the magnet will pull them together. it is this fantastic click n charge technology makes the sex toy fully waterproof for some bath, shower and sauna fun. Even though the looped handle kind of looks like an octopus arm it is made perfectly for your partner to control the sex toy. The handle is a little small on size. For me, it personally comfortably fits one of my fingers but believe it should be able to fit two or three.

At just 6 inches in length the actual insert able length is dependent on how much of the curve your body can take. With experience of using this sex toy you will work out what is best for you. The vibrating motor is situated on the ‘clitoral bump’ of the sex toy which is almost in the centre of the curve. In the picture below you can see the bump situated on her pointer finger knuckle. This clitoral bump gives ample vibration but it’s not going to blow you off. I would describe it as a deep rumbling rather than a buzzing bee. It allows you to hit your G-spot but not much more and once inserted you can tilt and roll the toy that toy that allow simultaneous G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation’s.

Delight Adult Toy
Fun Factory Sex Toys


Fun Factory recommends that you charge this toy for 6 hours uninterrupted the first time you do so and that will allow you over an hour of continuous usage. The toy is fully charged when the fun factory logo on the charger turns off. When you first received the Fun Factory Delight it comes travel locked so it does not accidentally turn on when you are taking it to and from the store. You have to take it off the travel lock by holding the Fun Factory button and the plus button together.

Controls are easy with a + button to increase vibrations and a – button to decrease them. There are also 9 different vibration modes that are also controlled by the + and – buttons so you can adjust it to your specific liking. There is also a pulse mode available that has 3 speeds. The modes are extremely fun as they are so diverse. With all Fun Factory sex toys they always go out of their way to find the best modes and always add them to their toys. If the highest vibrations are to strong, you can definitely choose the lowest settings.

The material is very hygienic as it is made from body safe silicone. After you use it, you might always use luke warm soapy water or use a good anti–bacterial toy cleaner which is highly recommended. When Fun Factory made the delight, they choose to make it in a variety of different colours to fit people’s individual tastes and uses. The Fun Factory Delight is is very colorful and pleasing on the eye. It is best to use water based lubricant with any type of sex toy made from silicone material. I recommend using Wet Stuff Gold or Pjur Aqua.

All in all I found the Delight by Fun Factory a great toy to use and you can also use it as a prostate massager if you are daring! The Fun Factory Delight will remain in my sex toy box but it is not nor do I think it will ever become my favourite playmate in the bedroom. Hope you enjoyed my review of the Fun Factory Delight. Fun Factory sex toys come with a 2 year warranty which shows just how dependable Fun Factory sex toys are. Fun Factory sex toys are some of the best and of the highest quality in the adult world.


By Allison from St Kilda




Have Heaps of Fun With The Factory Share!

Most of the strap-ons I have owned have been bulky, sometimes uncomfortable to wear with panties and a harness made from varying materials ranging from cheap plastic to expensive leather. I found the harnesses to be either look really bad or look really good but no matter how they looked. The harness material or how it was made somehow never fit me properly or hurt me when I moved to much from chaffing. Sometimes I found myself turned off from the amount of effort I personally had to go through to help my partner experience sex. Unless purchasing an expensive strap on, most of them ended up falling apart at the seams after a couple of uses. I burned through a lot of money and owned a lot of harnesses.

When I saw the Fun Factory Share. I’d heard of Fun Factory, I knew that they are a premium brand from Germany and I had known that German products were usually made quite well. Fun Factory brand is very well know for their quality and innovative products. I own the stronic zwei which is a ‘pulsator’ as opposed to a ‘vibrator’ and it has lasted me well over a year and I still get a kick out of being ‘pumped’ by this amazingly strong sex toy, ahh but I digressed.

At first I had no idea what I was looking at when I saw the Fun Factory Share, it was some sort of double sided dildo. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really understand what it was meant for until the consultant explained it to me. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me how it worked. Unlike most of the others this sex toys it does not require wearing hideous looking panties or a harness. The Fun Factory Share fits to the natural contours of your body. So with excitement I purchased it expecting for the worst but hoping for the best


Fun Factory

So I bought the share and on getting home opened the package. The material was amazing as although it was silicone it was very soft and bendable. My first thought was how in fact is this going to work? The Fun Factory Shares shape is different. There is a joint in the middle which is flat but flexible that is meant to sit comfortable on a woman’s skin whilst from the one side a that is and on side of the joint is a curved G-Spot Dildo that is ergonomically designed to fit inside a woman’s vagina and stimulate the g-spot when engaging in sex. This is what keeps the Fun Factory Share in place. This means you can both please each other at the same time as you are both technically using the sex toy at the same time. On the other end it is a phallic shaped dildo that is used as the pseudo strapped on male anatomy, it’s meant to feel like owning your own penis.

At first I had my doubts that it would be effective but once I tried it, it more than stayed in place but it got me off also. When you begin using it, you will work out different ways to enjoy sex together. You can move it in different motions, strengths and apply different amounts of pressure to get just the right feeling. This is novel and quite enjoyable and my partner and I just simply loved this fact and tried it over and over again on each other.

The share comes in three sizes XS, XL and Regular Share. We tried the regular which was just the right fit for us the dildo portion being roughly 6 and a half inches and was a great way for us to ‘share’ an intimate bond together. It is so nice to be able to pleasure my lover in a way that connects us both together. The stimulation of the natural vibrations we both create can be felt along the shaft of the Fun Factory Share. The share is water safe and can be used for sex in the shower and is very easy to put in and put out. It is extremely comfortable and I highly recommend this great Fun Factory Share Sex Toy.

By Susan from Gunnedah


Look, I Put A bBall Up My Butt!

B Balls with Model

Fun factory b balls are a p-spot massager designed to stimulate the prostate and achieve orgasms.

B Balls Measurement

Learn about these amazing sex toys that will allow you to milk the prostate and achieve p-spot orgasms at will.  P-Spot Orgasms Made Easy With B-Balls!


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