Meet Uno & Duo, All Day Fun With These Balls!

Fun Factory is easily the most eye-catching brand in the store the colourful and quirky designs aren’t easily overlooked but one of their incredible products often is! The Fun Factory B Balls are such an understated product especially since they are extremely unique. It’s obvious that Fun Factory has drawn inspiration from the classic weighted Kegel balls or their own smart balls. The weighted balls sit inside hollow ABS plastic spheres as the wearer moves the balls provide a vibrational like feedback.

The Fun Factory B Balls are quite like the popular bouncer in butt plug form. They come in two sizes the Uno and Duo. So there is a size for every anal enthusiast from beginner to experienced! Fun Factory B Balls are a hybrid of anal beads, jiggle balls and butt plugs! Their design is spectacular as there are limited designs like the Uno available and I’m yet to find any product featuring two orbs like the duo! Uno and Duo Both feature a tapered tip for easy insertion and a semi-flexible neck to make wear more comfortable.

The weighted internal balls are encased in hard plastic spheres which are permanently fixed in Fun Factory’s signature silicone. The silicone casing gives the toy a bit of texture around the weighted ball areas but this is the downfall of an otherwise fantastic sex toy as it does make clean up a bit tedious as special care will need to be taken in the grooves where the ABS plastic is exposed.

The T bar base which is predominant on all of Fun Factory’s anal plugs also featured on the Fun Factory B Balls. The base fits securely and easily between the cheeks providing complete discretion and enough comfort for all-day wear. Both the Uno and duo are safe to wear all day but the Uno’s smaller stature makes for a great all day plug especially if you are just starting out in anal play and feel the length and size of the Duo may be a bit cumbersome for long-term wear.

Fun Factory B Balls Men Anal Toys
Sex Toy: Fun Factory B Balls


Fun Factory Uno is a small single orbed version of the Fun Factory B Balls, its small stature makes it more plug like and perfect to use as an anal Kegel work out! The pubococcygeus or pelvic floor stretches out like a hammock from pubic bone to the tailbone supporting the pelvic organs such as the bladder and rectum. The benefits for women are widely publicised but as for men’s pelvic floor health and exercises there is not as much information available. A healthier pelvic floor for men aids in achieving a more erect penis due to the improved blood flow. Erections are bettered and therefore they will be longer lasting, firmer, and they help to indirectly make the penis bigger! Regular pelvic floor exercises can help men gain better control over their orgasms and therefore they have an enhanced sexual stamina. The pelvic floor helps to support and control the bladder so practising Kegel exercises can alleviate urinary incontinence. Those that suffer from an inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis) will have relief from the symptoms when the practice Kegel exercises.

  1. Warm up! Lube up the B Ball and insert it. You can use a premium silicone-based lube like SuperSlyde!
  2. Count to five and contract the muscles in your anus around the base and lift! avoid using your butt, thighs or stomach muscles
  3. Hold and count to five! And finally, relax those muscles!
  4. Repeat 10 times and when you feel yourself getting stronger you can step it up to 20 reps!
  5. Doing 10-20 reps 3-4 times a day you should see results!

Now men can get all the enjoyment of Kegel balls that women do when exercising their pelvic floor muscles!

Duo has two stacked balls the first one being minimally smaller than the second one for easy insertion and maximum stimulation. They are much longer and boast that they will give you an undeniable sense of pleasure and especially fullness during use. Being much longer than the Uno, the Duo is a better length for prostate stimulation with the right hip wiggles a hands free orgasm can be achieved.

Uno and Duo can both be worn during sexual intercourse or masturbation sessions but you can up the stakes by pressing your favourite wand on the base to provide an extremely intense sensation.  Whether it be Uno or Duo these plugs are perfect when providing some extra internal vibrations during a spanking session. The Fun Factory B Balls are great for solo or coupled play!


About the Author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Twisted Fun With Fun Factory Amorino!

Fun Factory Amorino arrived in store today, It is just the cutest coolest thing. I almost don’t care how well it performs, I just want it. My interest is particularly piqued because of the strange looking silicone band that is twisted around it. I have never seen anything like it before and I haven’t a clue what purpose it serves or if it is even part of the sex toy. So I went online to find out from Fun Factory exactly what this toy is all about. It comes in a gold sleeved cardboard box with a picture of the product’s actual size on it. Inside there is an easy to understand instruction manual with a click and charge USB cord used to recharge the sex toy. It could definitely do with a drawstring bag because the silicone band is something I would lose as soon as I looked at it.

It is one in the range of the miniature vibrators that Fun factory do. They are small and suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. It comes in neon pink or turquoise (petrol as they call it??) and both have a bright yellow silicone band that crisscrosses around the rounded ridged tip of the shaft and the small arm of the clitoris stimulator. It is supposedly inspired by Cupid and his bow. It is 7 inches long and has a circumference of around 4″. The silicone is very draggy as with most fun factory toys, but when it is loaded down with water based lube it feels great. It has an abs plastic handle with the controls on it. It is the same great quality that you always get from this company and almost goes without saying that it is completely phthalate free and body safe. It is waterproof too which is always a bonus.

Fun Factory Amorino is a miniature rabbit vibrator and the end curves inwards for g-spot stimulation. It has the small clitoris nub, so it could be used safely for anal play too if you wanted (obviously take the band off first). The curve is perfect for prostate play. It has 6 different patterns and intensity settings. It is very easily controlled like other Fun Factory toys. There are 3 buttons, the red fun button for turning it on and off and the plus and minus buttons that take you through the modes and vibration strengths. and the fun button even flashes when it needs you to press it if you are trying to turn it on with the wrong button. The toy comes with a bit of charge in it and takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge. I hate magnetic chargers generally, but Fun Factory click and charge have a good strong magnetic connection that isn’t at all annoying.

Fun Factory Amourino Duel Stimulation
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Amorino


So what of this strange little band, well I thought I would let Fun Factory explain how it is supposed to work:

“The gently taut silicone stimulation band is placed between the softly rounded tip and the side bud for clitoral arousal. It externally stimulates the Venus mound (mons) and the vaginal lips (inner and outer labia) – this little detail ensures levels of excitement of a special kind. The Amorino is the first vibrator ever to use a silicone band to transmit vibrations all around the external erogenous zones. The string is removable and can be adjusted to create different sensations.”

I can understand the science behind it, as you can feel the vibrations being conducted from tip to tip along the string, and it would be fun to just experiment with that externally. It definitely gives you other options, you could position it to surround your labia. I like its uniqueness, a rarity in this industry, though I am not sure others will follow behind. For me, it is just an accessory. a very interesting, nice one, but the toy is good enough on its own. Fun factory toys have really good motors and even though the toy is small it still packs way more power than a lot of full-sized vibrators that cost more. You could also turn the toy around and rub the smooth back against your clitoris for the dispersed kind of sensation I prefer. The vibrations are pretty strong and comparable to the other mini vibes in the Fun Factory range. Personally, I prefer the lower settings as they are felt at a deeper level. On its higher settings, it is fairly buzzy. There are 6 patterns, as I mentioned, a good amount, and there is something for everyone.

Even though I can take or leave the band, this is a welcome addition to the range.


By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre


A Trio Of Goodness With Fun Factory Tiger, ShareVibe and Harness!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far. This week I have decided to review 3 items that I purchased last week and have all become my new favourite toys out of my drawer of fun! I bought the fun factory harness, share vibe and tiger dildo. So at first I was originally only going to buy the ShareVibe and harness but because Chloe is such a fantastic sales person she somehow convinced me to grab the tiger as well.
Fun Factory Tiger
Fun Factory Bed
But oh how glad I am that she did! At first, I was a little bit intimidated by its size as it has been a while since using a toy that big but in the end, it was absolutely perfect! From the g spot curve, the length is just right and don’t even get me started on the ridges… HOLY S#@%!!! Remember a while back I sent out a review on the A spot that a lot of you had never even heard about? Well, if you’re still looking for it this toy will be fantastic with helping you find it. So it will still hit your g spot with the curve but it’s the ridges that help you get that A spot stimulated! (in the correct positions of course). Being face to face or being the person on top will be the easiest way to find it, as long as you can feel the ridges pushing up against the front wall of your vagina you’ll be on the way to the best orgasm of your life.. Or it should at least make the top 5!
Suggested Lubrication
Water Based Lubrication
For the people who don’t produce a lot of natural body fluids make sure to use a good, long-lasting lubricant so you don’t have to sit there constantly adding more to it. I’d either recommend wet stuff gold or pjur aqua, make sure it’s water based as the toy is made out of silicone. The bonus of this toy is that you have two options with it, you can either chuck it in a harness and use it as a strap-on or you can use it for single use as it suctions at the bottom to pretty much anything other than carpet. Caution: Make sure if you’re using it in the shower to be very careful, maybe grab one of the suction handles we also stock in the store.
Fun Factory ShareVibe
Fun Factory Share
Now for the sharevibe. Now you don’t need the harness to use this toy as it’s a double ended but I like to use it anyway just for that extra support, don’t get me wrong though it’s light enough for you be able to hold it in on your own. It has multiple speeds and vibration patterns which is awesome but you also have the option of using it without the vibes, I know there’s a share toy without vibrations but I like to have options. The toy is 100% waterproof so you can also use this one in the shower or bath and it should last a few hours in play before you have to charge it up again. I honestly think it’s one of the best share toys I’ve ever come across! It’s a solid toy, it has a lovely feel to it as it’s made out of silicone, it’s not too big so the beginners shouldn’t have to stress about it being too painful to use and personally I prefer to use toys that don’t look like a penis (I’m a huge lesbian I know) so for anyone who has the same feels as me you’ll love it!
Fun Factory ShareVibe and Harness
Dildo HarnessAnd lastly the harness. It’s my favourite harness that we stock and I’ve been eyeing it off since the first day I started working here and I regret not buying it sooner! It’s absolutely perfect! I’ve always struggled to find a harness that fits me and this one not only fits me perfectly but it would fit anyone else who was to use it too. It’s fully adjustable in the waist and the legs. It’s made out of denim so it’s easy to wash and for all you vegans out there it’s vegan-friendly! I’ve sold a fair few of these harnesses and I even managed to convince one of my best friends who isn’t from Sydney to purchase one online and she loves it just as much as I do. So definitely a 10/10.
Thank you, Chloe, for getting me into the fun factory game, I’m totally on your level now.

By Elliana a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Inside And Out For Double The Pleasure!!

The Fun Factory Miss Bi, I must say this German made sex toy is something special, it ticks virtually all the boxes and from first impressions, it’s nearly faultless. The Miss Bi is a “Bi” stimulator, hence the name, it vibrates on both the inside and out for double the pleasure but don’t get the Miss Bi confused as merely a simple rabbit, it’s more. Today, I am going to go over some of the most important categories to look into when buying a new vibrator and then you can make your own educated opinion on whether or not the Miss Bi is for you.

How to use

For convenience and practicality, the Fun Factory Miss Bi handle has an oval-shaped hole for your finger or fingers to go through. A few other vibrators do this as well, it makes it easier to hold and means you don’t have to twist your wrist at all. The toy itself has 3 buttons to keep things simple, the bottom button is the “fun” button and is essentially the on/off button but is also used for locking the device and setting your favourite vibration mode out of the 50 possible combinations, yes you hear that right! This toy has two individual motors that each have a dedicated button. Each motor has 3 intensity options and 3 vibration different patterns and you can choose to have either motor completely off, so that’s a total of 7 different options for each motor which equals just under 50 combinations. To travel lock the Miss Bi is actually really simple, just hold down the top white button (smaller inner circle) and the fun button for 5 seconds to lock and hold the bottom white button and the fun button for 5 seconds to unlock the Miss Bi. You can even program the Miss Bi to remember your favourite combination for next time you use the toy.

Strength and power

The Fun Factory Miss Bi has two independent motors on two different locations on the device, this makes the Miss Bi extremely powerful. As I mentioned earlier each motor has 3 intensity levels from mild to strong to super strong and when you have them both at max they complement each other and become stronger together. One motor is placed at the base of the clitoral arm and the other is at the base of the shaft so they pretty close but even the smallest distance apart makes a huge difference and you can feel strong vibrations equally all over the toy.

Fun Factory Sex Toy
Buy Now | Sex toys from Fun Factory


I’ve already mentioned some amazing Fun Factory, Miss Bi features this little beauty has to offer like, travel lock, independent control of each motor and even the “handy” handle for easy use but there a so many more to mention for example Miss Bi is 100% Waterproof so it can be taken with you for all our sexual waterpark needs and a feature that the Miss Bi has that I believe all rechargeable toys should have (that is if done correctly) is magnetic USB recharging, it is so convenient and practical and there is no chance of your charging pin breaking off. One of the great things about Fun Factory’s sex toys is that their magnetic charging is all very strong, unlike a few others I’ve seen.

Shape and size

The sleek ergonomic design of the Fun Factory Miss Bi is and will be a design used to inspire other toy companies to make a comfortable vibrator that fits well in the majority of woman who uses it. The curvaceous shaft is strongly complemented by the wide bendy clitoral arm that sits perfectly to provide strong clitoral stimulation. The end of the shaft is curved perfectly to “hit the spot” and because of its shorter length, it can massage the g-spot while also stimulating the clitoris providing true dual stimulation. The toy is thicker around the base is slowly tapered to the tip to make for easier insertion.

Material and cleaning and lubricant

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is made from very soft spongy medical grade silicone so it’s best to use a sex toy friendly silicone lube or a good quality water-based lubricant and after the fun, you need to clean the miss Bi each and every time but don’t worry because it is super easy. Due to Miss Bi being waterproof you can simply just wash it under warm soapy water or even a little bit of antibacterial toy cleaner.


The Fun Factory Miss Bi hits the spot in more ways than just one, it’s an amazing all-rounder that is fantastic for beginners and even advanced users. It’s super strong, super comfortable and packed filled with all the features you would want out of a vibrator. The Miss Bi, in my opinion, is the best Fun Factory toy that I have had the pleasure reviewed thus far and even though that I think this would make a fantastic addition to any women’s collection or the perfect beginners first vibrator I would still encourage you to make your own independent  opinion of the information provided. Fun Factory is an amazing bestselling sex toy company!

The Fun Factory Miss Bi ticks most women’s boxes but does it tick yours? 

Author: Bronson is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


It Felt Like Someone Was Moving The Item Themselves Even Though No One Was!

Have you always wanted to scream “Oh God!” in bed? I have found the magic pulsator which will do the trick and bring you this amazing dream to life. As soon as I turned the pulsator on, I was awestruck. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator, really had me going!  It is made with a high quality, medical grade, gentle and soft silicone coating. The product is easy to clean, odourless and is best used with a water-based lubricant. Its dimensions are 23.9cm height by 4cm width and its weight is only 417g. Just from holding the product in my hands, it feels strong, proud and confident.

Every single elevation boosts the intensity of the thrusting movements. Fun Factory Stronic Drei was moving it’s firm shaft, back and forth on its own and I now know what they mean about the stronic innovation. It felt like someone was moving the item themselves even though no one was! With 4 different rhythms and 6 different power levels, it can go from a gentle pulsation to a more powerful thrust.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei can help you achieve many different types of orgasms and is shaped for the maximum amount of pleasure. The top of the shaft has a gentle curve to reach the g-spot or reach the hard to reach a-spot. When the pulsator is inserted all the way into your vagina, the flared base will play with your clitoris and urethral spot. The flared base will stop the device from going in any further, this means it can be used anally on your prostate, whether your male or female!  If you don’t want to insert the product inside your body, you can place it on your clitoris and us it as a vibrator. Have fun with this device vaginally or anally as every type of orgasm is taken care of.

The holding support makes it possible to safely use for anal fun, pleasuring the anus and perineum, allowing men to enjoy the Fun Factory Stronic Drei too! Order our latest pulsator now and find out for yourself just how good the Stronic Drei feels. The Stronic Drei is made with a clitoral stimulator that acts as a base so that it won’t go in more the necessary. Since it has a base it can be used anally by both men and women. The medical grade silicone has a smooth matte complexion. The pole of the sex toy is slightly flexible however the silicone covering has some give and afterwards the upturned tip and flared based are somewhat squishy, so it is a very friendly sex toy.

The Fun Factory Stronic Drei has many ridges that give a huge amount of pleasure. Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator texture is ribbed, silky smooth and rumbles with excitement. It’s ribbed; It isn’t ribbed once or twice, the shaft is ribbed 7 times! The shaft isn’t the only thing that’s ribbed, the flared out the base is ribbed 3 time’s on either side. The silicone is silky smooth to the touch. There are multiple balls that rumble inside the lower shaft which will rub against your delicate walls for waves of relaxing, massaging, relief. Every ridge on the silicone shaft boosts the thrilling sensation that Stronic Drei gives – from lightly stimulating to really exciting! A thicker element at the end of the sex toy promises real pleasure and pampers the clitoris, perineum or the anus. Whilst this sex toy is actually geared towards anal stimulation, it can be used vaginally if you would prefer the ridges, as opposed to the smoothness of the Stronic Eins.


Anal Sex Toy Pulsator Dildo
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Stronic Drei


Not that the Fun Factory Stronic Drei could replace your lover but not much is missing when this powerful sex toy with its then finely tuned, exciting stimulation levels brings you to climax, thrust for thrust, both vaginally and anally. The rhythmic back and forth movements are not only surprisingly new but also extremely naturalistic and thrilling – for both men and women! The Stronic Drei is more robust than some of its counterparts and therefore is more suitable to the “Heavy User” who loves to play with fire.

As unique as the sex toy is, the secret to its success is simple: the slower the more intense. Its particular appeal lies in the lower frequencies levels. The powerful impulse of the unique motor leaves the run of the mill hyper-pumping vibrators in the dust and captivates with a uniquely stimulating erotic adventure. If you haven’t noticed yet, this toy is not exactly a vibrator. It is a pulsator. What this means is that rather than vibrating, there is a heavyweight in the toy which allows the toy to thrust as what would occur during sex. This thrusting motion is unique to the Fun Factory company, with it’s one of a kind movement that no other company can do. Unlike previous thrusting toys, doesn’t actually have any moving gears which slowly or quickly turn to allow the toy to lurch forward.

The innovative control which makes operating the toy an intuitive matter, of course, makes the Fun Factory Stronic Drei an absolute must. The Fun Factory Stronic Drei is absolutely one of the best pulsators I have ever come across, it is absolutely, hands down amazing. This is completely one of the best toys I’ve ever attempted. It is cheaper than a sex machine and small then a sex machine too. The price is justified by the product! It has a long battery life so it won’t fail in the most precious moment when you are going through the process of climaxing. You’ll find yourself using this product almost on a daily schedule it is that good. The device really is a hand free way of masturbating, you’ll only ever need to hold it when you really want it to hit a certain spot. It also resembles nothing that is available on the market today. The quality is stunning as well.

It vibrates and throbs through the two motors that are in the Fun Factory Stronic Drei with an unmistakable pushing movement. It won’t irritate or make you numb like vibrators tend to. It’s generally peaceful. The attractive USB charging framework merits acclaim, also, as it’s anything but difficult to utilize. Trust me, washing up can be a great deal more pleasant than you ever expected. Fun Factory’s Stronic Drei Pulsator also has safety feature’s. The product is rechargeable and doesn’t use batteries, it is so quiet, it can barely be heard. The pulsator can be safely locked, so that if you carry it in a bag when your travelling it won’t accidentally turn on. Fun factory products are also waterproof and come with a 2 year warranty. The quality is heavenly and is 100% submersible so you can use it in the sauna, spa or in the shower.

You can tell, Fun Factory really thought about the making of the perfect type of product, that no matter what gender you are, you can achieve the best sexual experience possible. To add to the fun, its 100% waterproof.  It is the perfect all-rounder product with high quality workmanship that produced a quality product. Fun Factory Stronic Drei is definitely a product that I recommend to buy straight away as a long term investment with years and years of fun!



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