Prostate Massagers for Beginners

The world of sex toys is truly one of the most fascinating things out there. And, if you think that sex toys are only an option for females, you’d be completely wrong. The male sex toy industry is also booming, and today we’re going to discuss something called a Prostate Massager. So, let’s get into everything a newbie would want to know about Prostate Massagers.

What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-shaped organ located inside the male anus. That’s right, it’s not a typo, it’s located in the male anus.  It’s located almost three inches inside, between the bladder and the penis. The sperm that men ejaculate passes through the prostate. But, the real information you need to know is that massaging the prostate can give you an orgasm more intense than what you’d get by stimulating the penis. That’s the big draw card of prostate play, better orgasams!  The prostate is also called the male P-Spot and if you’re a kinky fella that’s into anal play, prostate massagers are just what you’re looking for.

Is Using a Toy Necessary?

You might be wondering why you’ve never heard of massaging the prostate as a general activity. This is because many straight men have issues with sticking things up their butt.  Also, even though the finger can get the job done, using a prostate massager is much more comfortable and pleasurable. So, instead of dipping your finger in lube and reaching down there, the better option is a prostate massager.

Other than that, the second reason why Prostate Massagers are necessary is because they are specifically shaped to touch the prostate in the right way. That’s what sets these massagers apart from butt plugs. They look weird if you’ve never seen one before, but they know how to hit the right spots. If you tried to stimulate the prostate with a standard dildo or butt plug, it just doesn’t work as well.

How Can You Use a Prostate Massager?

The first step is to lubricate the massager. The type of lube mostly depends on the material of your massager. Most people prefer an anal-based water lubricant since it works well with silicone (common material used to make prostate massagers) and keeps your toy in a durable condition for a longer period of time.

The best position to use a prostate massager would be to lie down on your back and prop up your feet vertically. Another position is to lay on the side and tuck your feet into your stomach. These are just some positions that most men like. You can of course experiment on your own to see what feels most comfortable for you.

The next step is inserting the toy. If you’re new to anal play, we suggest going as slow as possible and buying a thin prostate massager. The toy might feel a bit overwhelming if you pop it right in, so just insert it gently. Once the toy is in there, start massaging it in a rubbing motion. Try to remember which areas feel nice and how much pressure you need to get going. This stuff is purely up to your liking, so there’s not much we can tell you to do here. If you need somewhere to start, just gently use the massager without putting too much external pressure onto it. You could also slowly increase the pressure as you get closer to climax.

There’s another way of using a prostate massager, but it requires way more expertise in the field. It’s sort of a hands on approach and once you master the technique, you could get an orgasm purely from clenching and releasing the muscles and move around to stimulate the prostate.

What I strongly recommend!

My recommendation is to purchase a vibrating prostate massager.  They’re specifically designed to hit the right spot for you without you having to do a great deal.  They’re absolutely the best option for beginners and even guys with lots of experience.  They’re more expensive but over the lifetime of the product the extra cost is tiny in comparison to the pleasure you’ll get.  You can check out my favorite prostate massagers here.

Aneros massager

Safety Precautions

Using a prostate massager might seem easy but it does have its fare share of risks as well. Here’s a few safety precautions you should know about using prostate massagers.

  • The toy should always have a handle or a base that prevents it from going completely inside. Prostate Massagers are small and losing them in your anus might seem funny, but it possible; and extremely dangerous.
  • Remember, Lube is your best friend. You need to use plenty of lube to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort after the anal session.
  • Prostate orgasms are a marathon, not a sprint; don’t rush too much.
  • If you have some sort of anal condition, then you should never use a prostate massager. You could be putting yourself at a risk of a serious medical problem.

Feel Nu And Sensuelle With Homme Ace!

Ace of Spades

Nu Sensuelle by Novel Creations is a brand that was started back in 2009 by Barry Brinberg and his wife Thao. They moved from Canada down to Australia to start up an Adult Toy brand that ended up on the shelves in stores all around the world by 2010. After only being on the US market for 3 months they proved that their products were as great as they looked by winning the XBIZ ‘Powered’ product of the year for the Sensuelle Impulse. Nu has a great range of products for everybody, from cockrings, butt plugs, clitoral vibes, g-spot vibes and more.

As a sales assistant in the Oh Zone stores, Nu Sensuelle to me has always been that go to brand if someone can’t quite afford the luxury brands eg. Lelo, Fun Factory, We-Vibe, Coco De Mer etc, but still want an upgrade from their battery operated toys. As soon as I’ve placed a Nu product in a customer’s hands to feel the motors they are usually blown away by how strong they are and go for it straight away. I also have a few products of theirs myself and I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed.

Here is a list of all the great things this brand has to offer!

  • All Nu Sensuelle products are under $100 – AFORDABLE!
  • Rechargeable – No more stealing batteries from the tv remote!
  • Strong motors with multiple speeds and patterns to chose from
  • 100% waterproof/submersible
  • Made with high-grade silicone and Phthalate free
  • Storage bags are always included
  • All products come with a 1-year warranty


Now, before I tell you about the two new and fantastic products Aimii and Ace let me just have a quick unhappy rant about the fact that they are the exact same product in two different types of packaging and colors for both men and woman. I’m not blaming the brand because honestly, it is smart marketing for our unfortunate close-minded society. It is 2018 god damn it! A company should not have to go through the efforts of creating two boxes because someone is unhappy with it not saying

“for men or for a woman.”

Here are two different examples of what I mean by this. I had a customer come into the store for nipple clamps one day and I showed him a few options, one being a box with a male torso on it. He then turned to me and said: “No, I want nipple clamps for women….” SERIOUSLY??????

Another example which has happened multiple times over the 2 years I have worked here would be when 2 men come into the store to purchase a dildo as a funny gift they will felt the need to inform me….. Before walking over to the dildo wall and letting me know that they are in fact not gay or a couple. (I’ve never had this happen when 2 women have come in looking for a vibrator). It is pretty clear that I am a lesbian so they are either trying to make a sly homophobic comment or they honestly feel like they are going to be judged which I would never do.  Perhpas they are trying to make themselves feel better because they have huge male egos and think “I can’t have something in my butt because that would be gay.” (Can not tell you how many times I have heard this comment).

The sad thing is even if they had just put on the one package “G-spot and/or Prostate Massager” some men and woman still probably wouldn’t be happy with it… I could go on and on forever about this but I won’t. Rant over.

G-Spot Massager
P-Spot Massager

Aimii and Ace

Nu have recently started to bring out products that are flexible and let me just say they are doing an amazing job at it. The difference though with these 2 compared to the rest is that instead of just having one motor Aimii and Ace have two! Not buzzy but super rumbly and powerful! They both have 5 speeds and 10 patterns to choose from. Both thin and long with a nice solid curve at the end to hit either the g-spot or prostate. Everyone who speaks to me about toys knows that I am a massive fan of high-grade silicone, not only for the body safe aspects but because they are really nice to touch! Because these products are made of silicone you must not use any silicone lubricant with them unless you want to destroy the material. Also, if you are purchasing the product to share with a partner make sure to grab some trusty toy cleaner, I recommend wet stuff because it is anti bacterial and anti fungal.


If a male massages his prostate he is decreasing his chances of having prostate cancer.

Ace only comes in the color black and Aimii comes in both pink and purple. Both are completely submersible into the water for all of you who like a little fun in the bath or shower.

If you are to come into any of our 3 Adult Lifestyle stores make sure to ask one of our friendly staff members to show you the tester of these amazing products so you can have a feel of how impressive these products actually are!

Be safe and enjoy ❤

About the author:  Elliana is a consultant at the Adult Lifestyle Centers.

Gee! Billy Loves To Play With P-Spots.

Billy Loves Prostates

The manufacturer claims that Lelo Billy is:

  “The Most Sophisticated Gentlemen’s G-Spot Massager”

in the world.  I am not sure about that as there are so many prostate massagers out there but it certainly is designed to allow men to stimulate their prostate gland 

the male G-Spot

given men erotic delight.  It is made from 100 percent pure silicone and it feels as soft as velvet.  At the base of the toy there is a ring that is placed there for safety sot that there is no chance you can ‘over insert it into the anus and the handle provide sufficient grip to use the toy comfortably.  There are speed and mode controls in the ABS plastic handle as well allowing you to use this toy exactly to one’s personal taste.

Inside it has a powerful lithium batter that will charge full in two hours and then can be enjoyed for up to four hours of uninterrupted anal play.  It is a comfort to know that no matter how hot and hard the action becomes when fully charged this sex toy for men will not disappoint.  Even there is a whole lot of power that packs a punch the adult toy is surprisingly quiet unlike many other vibrators that are out there.  Good to know when you have visitors over or you are renting a bedroom with other people.

The size of the Lelo billy is 6.9 inches in full length, by 3.9 inches in insertable length by 1.1 inches in maximum width.

lelo prostate massager
Lelo prostate vibrator

The Lelo Package includes:

  • Lelo’s Billy prostate massager
  • Recharger
  • Silky satin bag
  • A sachet of Lelo lubricant
  • Small user manual
  • Warranty card with Lelo Billy ID

When my parcel arrived from my purchase online I was excited to open it.  Once I did though I was a bit underwhelmed by the size of the sex toy and it was much smaller than what I thought it was going to be.  It is my own fault as I did not check the sizes of it prior to purchase however owning a collection of vibrators and adult toys my expectation was quite different.  On the positive side being a prostate massager this definitely is not one that is going to intimidate and is certainly great for someone experimenting with their P-Spot for the very first time.

The tip of the vibrator has a delicate and gentle curve that to be quite honest was so soft and smooth with no friction whatsoever that it made inserting it an absolute dream.  Make sure you use sufficient lubricant though and relax all the same.  After using it myself for the very first time the old adage came to mind that

good things come in small packages

as it is a really lovely toy and the dimensions and shape are perfect to pin-point prostate stimulation’s.

The handle was easy to handle and the ease in which you could click through speeds and modes whilst using was well-thought out.  To me this is one of the most important things as you nor I wish to have to ‘pull out’ in the middle of action.  Nothing smashes the moment more than that.

There are 4 separate choices on the controls, yet it’s truly basic: Press the + catch to turn it on or accelerate, press the – catch to back off and kill, or press the up or down bolts to change vibration modes.  When you make a control choice, the ring around the control cushion lights up – it will also light up whilst charging. I would describe the best modes as being:

  1. Constant
  2. Diverse “Heartbeat” designs
  3. The Wave that like its name ebbs and flows in vibration speed

My favourites benefits of using the Lelo Billy include:

  • Highly luxurious sex toy brand.
  • High quality body safe silicone.
  • Quiet sex toy.
  • Different modes and speed choices.
  • Lelo’s 1 year warranty.
  • After the Lelo’s 1 year warranty, for the next 10 years if the Lelo is damaged according to their terms and condition you get 50% off your next Lelo purchase.

The Lelo Billy is pretty but was not exactly what I expected visually when I first opened it – I had thought it would be a bit bigger. After I at last had an opportunity to kick back with Billy my disposition has changed totally. Billy may be somewhat smaller in size, however that really meets expectations well. The Lelo Billy is really easy to use and add to that the way that it is little and sufficiently smooth that my body doesn’t tend to push it out like with bigger toys I have used.  It stays put until ultimately I cum so it is going to be a prostate massager I am going to continue to us. I didn’t realize I had been searching for a smaller toy to get me off however now I think the Lelo Billy possesses all those necessary qualities.

This Training Kit Will Have You In Raptures!

How mens orgasms feel like after a prostate massage

Topco Sales is a well-established company that has been manufacturing sex toys for over 40 years now.  Having had such experience they have produced some of the best-selling adult products in the world.  They have their own manufacturing plant that is approved by the FDA ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Topco were kind enough to send us the Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit that is suitable for beginners to experts.  The thing I love about kits is that you get a variety of options and if you are disappointed in one there is another one which may make it into your preferred options.  Luckily in this kit there are no bad options, they are all equally pleasurable just in different sizes.

Contained in the attractive clamshell packaging are three anal trainers that are categorized as:

  • Beginner – 3.5in – 9.1 cm long, 1.4in – 3.4cm diameter
  • Intermediate – 4.3in – 10.8cm long, 1.6in – 4cm diameter
  • Advanced  – 5.2in – 13.3cm long, 1.75in – 4.4cm diameter
Butt plugs in different sizes
Image: Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit

They come in various color options of blue, orange, red but the ones supplied are pretty in pink.  Made from 100% body-safe silicone materials they are hypoallergenic, non-phallic, phthalate free and come with a silky smooth surface that is temperature sensitive if you like your toys heated or chilled. The plugs have a flat base that could be used to place it whilst the shaft is slightly angled and tapered the narrowest being at the tip of the shaft and it increases in girth as you go lower. All three are identical in shape just in different size scales. Being hypoallergenic silicone there is no scent so they are odorless perfect for the most sensitive of skin and bodies.

My Experience With The Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit

With all anal toys it is essential that you use plenty of water-based lubricant.  After lubing up the ergonomically designed anal toy I easily inserted the beginners plug.  As the tip was tapered it took little effort at all.  It was easy and a delight to work in and as it was slowly inserted I could feel the girth expand and got a ‘fuller’ feeling.  The curvy tip of the prostate massager allowed me to easily find my prostate gland that with the flattened head was easy to massage.  It wasn’t long before I was extremely turned on and as I manipulated the prostate.  I began to get that familiar tickling feeling in my penis as my erection grew.

If you have not experienced a prostate milking before it feels like you are going to orgasm but the sensations come from the prostate as your sphincter muscles will clamp shut and open (I guess this would be similar to a vagainal orgasm when the muscles tighten and loosen).  Eventually the touch becomes far more enjoyable and just as you think you are going to cum through the penis your prostate beings milking and discharging a milky white liquid.

Personally I have never been able to achieve a semen ejaculation but some men (lucky them) do and it is described as being ten-fold plus more pleasurable than standard sex or masturbation.  In any event, my male G-Spot did not let me down and I achieved a prostate orgasm/milking.

Prostate massagers
Buy Now | Adultshop With Topco Sex Toys

I experienced no pain or discomfort and afterwards the toy was easy to clean under some luke warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner.  The manufacturer states that the product is so robust it can simply be put into a dishwasher.  As with all silicone toys once you are finished lightly dry it with a towel then let it air dry. Store it in a silk toy bag or something similar and place it in a dry place.

This sex toy kit represents great value for money with an average price of about $50 for the set of just over $16 each.  They will last you a long time and they would be as suitable for a female or male.  Incorporate them in your couples sex play for added excitement.

The main tip for those wanting to use an anal trainer for the first time is to relax and breathe.  The first time has to be enjoyable otherwise you will be turned off anal sex forever whether you are a man or a woman.  Make sure that you have plenty of time, put on some light music, scented candles and mood lighting.  Relax and breathe, think of the pleasant things that have happened to you, have some dirty thoughts and begin to arouse yourself with gentle masturbation. Probably the first time it would be good to masturbate until climax.

Now that you have come and you are at ease begin to have these thoughts again, grab some warmed up lubricant and liberally apply it in and around your anus and to the anal trainer of your choice.  Tease your anus, perhaps masturbate simultaneously and apply a continuous but gentle pressure as long as you do not force it. Continue to breathe you will be surprised when the tip painlessly pops into your anus as your sphincter muscle clamps around it.

Now it is time to gently insert the toy.  If you are beginner it is probably better to insert it fully and once fully in begin to gently and with short motions bring it in and out.  Once you are loosened, still comfortable use the sex toy’s tapered tip to locate your Prostate Gland and begin to massage it.

A Rabbit That Kick-starts The P-Spot

Anal Sex Toy With Rabbit Ears

When it comes to sex toys, when you think of The Rabbit, you automatically think of sex toys for women. Which is why, when I was asked to do a review for The Rabbit Company, the first words out of my mouth were – are you sure this is for me? Having worked in an adult store before moving into education and IT, I was familiar with The Rabbit Company, and all I’d known them to do – was create a very concise range of rabbit vibrators for women. A little perplexed, yet curious at the same time, I checked out their website again and it became clear that they were expanding their range and creating new sex toys for women, and men. Their goal, of having a collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market, had been reached and they were venturing into new and uncharted territory with prostate and anal sex toys for the boys. In this case, the sex toy being suggested to me was called The Prostate Rabbit, and it was an insertable, hands free prostate stimulation toy with a remote control. I’m always curious to see the male versions of luxury sex toys in comparison to their female counterparts because most of the time, it will either pass with flying colours or it will fall into heap and be left in the drawer of forgotten toys. So, being keen to try a new vibrator from a brand new range of sex toys, I let my curiosity reign and waited for its arrival.

Let me start out this review by saying that The Prostate Vibrator is not going to be a toy that’s going to be left in the forgotten drawer – I had fun with the features, the remote control, and the strength of the vibrations. However, there were a few things that have left me a little confused and we’ll go over them throughout the review. Let’s start off with the box. I’m a little torn here, because I actually love the box. I think it’s different, I think it’s simple and I feel that it does a great job in making an intimate toy seem so damn normal. It’s a white box with simple images, a little text that shows off what this vibrator can do – but it does so in an unobtrusive way, that isn’t about shoving sex in your face. Even if you’re not the greatest of readers – the box and its images makes it very clear as to what the sex toy inside looks like and its simplicity and quality makes it very reminiscent of high quality and luxury brands of vibrators.

Anal Sex Toy For The Prostate And Perenium
Sex Toy: The Rabbit Company The Prostate Rabbit

Where I get a little torn is in the marketing – and I can’t help but feel that they’re being a little too soft and cautious in the way that they’re presenting this prostate toy as well as trying to cover too many angles. It’s called The Prostate Rabbit, yet there’s a repeated information piece whereby it states that the stimulation is good for men and women. It goes on further to state that it provides a prostate massage for him, and anal or clitoral stimulation for her. So, is it a prostate vibrator or an anal sex toy or is it trying to be both? Maybe it’s just me, but despite being in a long term homosexual relationship, and maybe it’s because I’ve not really ever learnt how to share – but the majority of the time, my sex toys are my sex toys. Yes, I get the fact that the sex toy is made for silicone, and I completely understand that silicone sex toys can be shared between partners between cleans/sterilisation, but I’m not sure that I’m crazy hot on the idea of a specifically named prostate toy being marketed towards ‘couples’, and especially with a swapping between anal and vaginal stimulation. To me it kind of cheapens the idea of it being a ‘Prostate toy’.

The Hare Care Information

The Hare care information (isn’t that just cute), which shows you how to look after your rabbit is printed on the inside of the box, the website, and the instruction booklet – which I found to be not only really convenient, but also informative. It demonstrates that this company cares about you and your intimate products – but at no stage does it indicate that you need to clean and sterilise your sex toy between vaginal and anal stimulation. Sure, this might seem like common knowledge to a lot of people, but it’s still handy information to include and to ensure that there’s no accidental errors.

My Thoughts When I Opened The Box

Taking off the initial cardboard outer box, and I was left with a beautiful blue box which simply stated ‘The Rabbit Company’. A flip top side panel, and the box just popped on open. Inside was the prize. Sitting nestled in the box was the actual prostate toy, the remote control, the charger and the information booklet, it was all packaged really neatly and just looked a treat. I love the initial look of the prostate vibe. It was a tad thinner than what i was expecting and a quick tape measure showed that I was looking at a 4 inches in circumference, which is extremely reasonable and suited for people at all levels. The prostate arm has some flexibility to it, which meant that you’re definitely not restricted to sitting or laying in a certain position, when you’re using this. The bottom arm is a little firmer – whilst it does have a little flex in the small neck – it’s by no means as flexible as the top arm. This massager, unlike some other massagers out there – isn’t purely silicone. The very base of this toy is a white plastic strip – the purpose of which I’m not overly sure about – it’s cute in allowing a colour difference, and making the toy stand out just a little more. It is the attention to detail.

Anal Sex Toy For The P-Spot
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The Prostate Massager’s Small Bunny Ears

Now, what sets this toy apart from other prostate massagers are the small ears, and the stimulating ‘whiskers’. Do they do their job? When you turn the vibrator on and just hold it in your hand you can definitely feel the vibrations and when putting a finger lightly on the ears and whiskers, the ears are definitely a lot stronger which I found to be surprising. At this stage the ears were still confusing me – I understood the whiskers. But I wasn’t sure the angling of the ears would prove to be much benefit to me and my body. Nevertheless, lubing the toy up, I clicked it on for standby mode and slid it in and prepared. The controls were fairly simple, the middle button controlling the ears, the top vibration button controlling the prostate arm – and the vibration strength on the side. This is pretty powerful. It’s not my most powerful sex toy – but it certainly has enough strength to satisfy the majority of power loving men. The angle was a little off for me, and I had to manually adjust myself to ensure that I was getting the most out of the toy. I was most curious about the ‘clitoral’ ears and if I’m being perfectly honest – whilst I wasn’t a visual fan of them – they didn’t detract or add much to the sensations of the toy. I was completely indifferent to them. Sure, the vibrations were a little different on the perineum with the ears and it was fun, but I’m not sure that this was a feature that made or broke the sex toy – I was more than happy with the performance of the toy regardless of this feature.

What I loved was the strength, and the options with the remote. I’d been informed that I really needed to test the range on this remote control, so throwing the remote to the partner I told him to walk, and I’ve got to say. I was really impressed by the range of the remote. I was still rolling on the floor murmuring contentedly to the changing pulses when he was two rooms over. Keep in mind, that I do not have brick walls, and therefore cannot test the signal strength when it comes to this material. I’m not sure whether he heard something in my murmurings that I didn’t hear or whether he was just trying to be a smart ass, but I was nearing the edge and he decided to turn it off. Let’s just say that aside from this cheeky form of denial that my partner decided to try with the remote, that I enjoyed this prostate massager once it was out of the box. For more information be sure to check out our guide on anal sex toys for men and women.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.EdSave




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