I’ll Let You In On Some Secrets!

Wet Stuff Secrets

Wet Stuff Secrets Lubricant

is already a revolution in the intimate world. It is made specifically for special and natural personal lubrication to allow one to fully enjoy sexual relationships. Thanks to its light texture and its silicone base  it comes into play not only during contact with each other sexually but also makes a great massage or water-barrier. It is a long lasting option for everyone seeking for extraordinary fun times! It really will surprise you with how good it is for the price plus it just contains low molecular grade and medical grade silicon.

Silicone does not get absorbed by the body and diluted by water so you can use it for anal purposes, too.  Not to mention, it is has not taste or color. You will be blown away by this innovative lubricant. Enjoy its mild and pleasant warmth when massaging it on your lovers body as part of your foreplay. It is perfect for every encounter.  Be fully prepared to apply on the body, intimate areas like nipples, anal areas, lips, clit, etc there are so many places it suits.

wetstuff silicone lubricantHeat Up Your Relationship

Are you tired of your relationships since they are always the same and want to heat them up? If you want to break monotony and are seeking for something new, then this is for you- yes! You’re in luck. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover a genuine lubricant. A new way to ignite the flame of passion is at your disposal. This is perfect for improving your sex or using sex toys, you should use it with your partner. You can always use this quality lubricant to give a gentle massage. Good news is, this product is dermatologically tested and it is compatible with latex condoms.

Silicone based lubricant are extraordinary in that their structure is not water based, which, for all intents and purposes, implies the lube doesn’t dissipate or go away amid use (as all water based ones do). When they were presented they were a vital other option to oil based, which don’t go away,  however do wreck condoms. This silicone lube is condom perfect.  Actually silicone was a material used by condom makers to allow lubricant to be attached to them.   In the mid-1990s lube manufacturers started making silicons personal lubricants due to their resistance to water and longevity without drying up.  From that point forward there has been a huge innovation into the quality of it and the quantity available on the market. Be ready to apply on the body, intimate areas like lips, nipples, clit.

This silicon based lube has been properly developed to use with condoms. Thus, if you like delicate and silky wetness, you will simply love it.

Some benefits of using silicone lubrication include:

  • Since these lubes contain no water they last a long time, so they’ll stay smooth for quite a while.
  • Silicone is incredible for individuals with delicate skin.
  • They can also be used for full body rubs, and they’ll leave your skin delicate, smooth and soft.
  • They are great for sex in the shower of hot tub.
  • Texture is silky smooth

Below I have listed some main reasons why people use silicone lubrication during sex:

  • If you simply need to improve things. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t think you require lube, it merits experimenting with a superb universally handy assortment.
  • “Lube just improves sex,” says Notte.

  • It doesnt dry out and moisturizes the skin creating a protective barrier.
  • Great for delicate skin
  • Ideal to use during that ‘time of the month’ as it will ensure that any leaks will not dry out and cause friction
  • Will not alter the ph or other levels of the vagina
  • Will act as a protective barrier on the penis reducing the chance of STIs
  • Increases the stimulation with the silky smooth wetness
  • Can be used in both foreplay and sex


Just A Dab Of SuperSlyde Will Get You Going!

superslyde lubricant banner

SuperSlyde lubricant is a fantastic treasure that includes the best ingredients in every sense. It is a sensual lubricant developed in a delicate way. It consists of a majestic synergy of ingredients! This is a premium formula. If you begin to use it, the more you move the more it will heat your body up during sexual intercourse which is also known as the heat effect. You’ll be gliding so fast during intercourse and you’ll feel so much intense pleasure, you won’t worry about pain or injuring your partner because the pleasure will be so rewarding. It is a modern dimension of essential ingredients which will leave your delicate skin feeling moisturized and fine to the touch. This will allow you to turn your lover on the most delicious dessert, this is like a multi-orgasmic option for you to put a heat and excitement whenever you want.

superslyde silicone lubricant

Be ready to enjoy your erotic dessert. Any part of your body will be now an erogenous zone because the product will make every inch of the body massage worthy delivering exquisite ecstasy leaving a silky barrier on the skin. It is a marvelous way to increase pleasure by adding a lot of lubrication. Always read the product label before using any personal lubrication. SuperSlyde lubricant has been developed to promote the enjoyment and intensify your relationships. Let the sliding power and penetration capabilities of this lubricant be part of your “new” intimate moments. Non-irritating, non-staining, it is compatible with condoms, medically tested and Ph neutral. Confidence guaranteed.

Use it for anal stimulation as it will not be absorbed by the body so it can be perfect for beginners in anal sex as for novices. It is made specifically for special and natural lubrication for intimate relationships. Be prepared to revolutionize your erotic life and that of your partner with this lubricant that will allow you to discover new experiences and awaken all your senses. Take a relaxing bath or have sex in the shower, as the lubricant is silicone it will not wash off.

Superslyde lubricant has one of the world’s largest fanatic followings. Initially I thought the cost was a little high but when I worked out that a little goes the longest way it was easy to see that it was much more economical than lube I previously had to reapply mid session.  There is nothing comparable to the quality and it evenness and richness is something truely amazing to experience.


The 4 Best Clitoral Arousal Gels

Sexual Fling Woman Man

Arousal Gels That Create Fireworks

Everyone has seen those adverts that guarantee to improve sex, capture that man, blah blah blah.  You know the ones were a couple is lying in their bed basking in the afterglow of the best sex they have ever had as a result of product X!  The self satisfied looks after experiencing fireworks in the bedroom that caused the most gargantuan orgasm of all time.  And nine out of ten times the product is lame – which is why topical s in the United States have to have the FDA stamp to firstly ensure that they are of safe and active ingredients but that they also do somewhat as they claim.

For female sexual improvement, arousal gels may do the trick for some ladies. They can help ladies psychologically get in the state of mind and physically feel the vibes of delight since they invigorate erogenous zones and as per their claims will increase the sensations and excitement during sexual intercourse.  These arousal stimulants are topical gels, rubbed on the top, around the sides and underneath the hood of the clitoris. The gel then empowers the clitoris and makes a tender warming (or cooling tingling) sensation expanding female delight amid sensual activity.  Many of these gels actually enlarge and engorge the female clitoris, meaning more mass, more area to stimulate.  Did you know that the average clitoris has over 9,000 nerve endings?

Female arousal gels are not to be used as lubricants or oils. They are also better for ladies who don’t have any genuine therapeutic issues however who simply need or need a little help getting warmed up for sexual action. These excite or foreplay stimulants are intended as a power up for the lady’s peak.  The stimulant certainly transcends the barriers of sensuality and allows anyone to discover new sensations. Get to use these one-of-a-kind experiences with the clitoral stimulants, especially prepared for you. It is one of the best ways to stimulate your erogenous zones. If you are buying it for your lover, get each sensitive spot going.  Rub some on the nipples as well as the clitoris A real source of feelings inside you will explode like a time bomb. We are talking about this invigorating stimulating lubricant; this product is among the most recent options in the market.

Increase Your Sexual Desires and Pleasure

Besides increasing sexual desire and pleasure in your relationships, it also offers a revitalizing effect on the human body, improving blood circulation in your most intimate areas! Prepare your partner about what is about to come.  It is a viable option to surprise your partner, adding excitement to your relationship.  There are already tens of thousands of women around the world who have dared to use these stimulants, and evidently, they have been delighted. This is a different way to offer the maximum a night of passion, intensifying your sense of pleasure within your relationships.

Before I use any arousal product, I shake it well just as recommend by the manufacturer, and then I apply one or two drops to my clitoris. The application takes only a few minutes because the oil is easily absorbed. Once the sensations begin, they can take about an hour before they diminish. After that, I chose to reapply depending on the situation I am in. Although I have not encountered any, the manufacturer claims that it may cause irritation to some women so if irritation is felt stop using it immediately. Keep it away from direct sunlight and follow the following precautions. According to the manufacturers, it should be stored in a secure place that is below 30 degree Celsius away from children. Also, it is discouraged to use it with latex condoms and in pregnant or other health conditions unless your doctor gives a green light.

On Arousal Gel Stimulation
Sexual Health Product: On Arousal Gel


Here Are The Top 4 Clitoral Stimulants

  • Je T’aime Clitoral Arousal: Je T’aime Clitoral Arousal gel water-based clitoral excitement wild version is so madly intense so a highly useful insight is to pick the mild one to start with, the instructions say use “a small drop.” And, they ain’t playing games. I’ve used WET WoW Gentle O before which isn’t intended for using as a conventional lube, however as a circulatory and clitoral erection fluid. This means toning it down would be the best style of direct application, not an erratic slathering. While I used these different items sparingly, I was especially mindful of this as the clear gel in light of the fact that it falls into the ‘wild’ class of female excitement potions made by this brand. Talking about Je T’aime brand lubes are made by MD Science Labs, the same producers as Swiss Navy brand lubes, and they manufacture it in the United States.Since this gel is both condom-safe and is perfect with both silicone and water-based gels, I gave it a conditional yet idealistic spin with some Superslyde lube. Inside of seconds, I was feebly reviling the  Lube Gods. At that point came the hell-fire in my nether regions where I just wanted to ice it, and these sensations just seemed to last and last. I had utilized the “Wild” form of this stimulant and insanely wild it was.The blend of niacin and two sorts of mint gave me an exceptionally hot sensation on my labia. Searingly hot one second and sharply chilly another– this gel gave me extremes like the deserts of the Mohave. It felt as if I’d placed my vulva over a bed of hot coals and after that got a Listerine-heaving fire-hose turned on me, maxing out both intensities. A re-branding battle from Gel Ecstasy to Je T’aime Hell Fire Gel may be coming.It’s not all awful however, like the 5-star rated Je T’aime All Natural Lube, this excitement gel doesn’t contain any parabens, sugars or glycerin. If you like to be all cocky about the presence of your clitoral gel, you’ll adore the rich container configuration. It’s Features include: a protected air-less pump container, a gold-trimmed firmly fitting top, and a hazy and white cream color rather than a flashy container with all the cheap sexual connotations other brands apply and a brilliant and sparkling fleur de lis logo which includes another touch of class. I did try the mild version of this stimulant after my hot coals experience and found the sensation to be on par with other arousal gels BUT be warned unless you like your sex smoking hot use the wild cautiously.


  • wOw Clitoral Stimulant: To have more imagination and fantasies this is the right option! You will become more powerful since this lubricant smells quite delicious. Explore all your possibilities and boost your sexual encounters with wOw. It is better than a box of surprises, since it is promising and effective. This scientifically formulated clitoral stimulant is fantastic. This is the perfect option to awaken the hidden meanings of that special person you want to surprise. No need to look any further, because this proposal is everything to live the best moment’s with an erotic partner. With an elegant and discreet presentation this stimulation item is the ultimate exciting “stuff”. It is a thick gel that contains quality vasodilators. It brings blood to the skin surface. Thanks to its peppermint touch it provides a warming effect. It is available in 2 styles! Dare to buy wOw today. This formula doesn’t bring side effects, especially since it is developed carefully and dermatological tested. It is majestic in terms of effectiveness. Start exploring the intimate stimulation arena. This is for regular use! You will scream WOW! This lubricant is perfect for improving your sex or using sex toys – we recommend you use it as a couple. Make your lover lie down,and use this gelto give a gentle massage.With its scent, it will awaken both partners’ senses. If you want to get that person back, dare to use it, too. You will have your lover wanting more and more! As stated, it is dermatologically tested and it is fully compatible with latex condoms. Contains nooils orfat, is colorless and durable.


  • On Arousal Gel: On Arounsal Gel creates a few sensations; a quick warming impact, and afterward an electrical vibration shivering impact that pulses. These all result in arousal and a dampening effect. The joined impact of this product causes orgasms that are faster, longer-enduring, and more incessant. I like to consider it a definitive level of orgasm. ON utilizes an exclusive mix of crucial oils and botanical’s to make a safe, normal arousal impact. ON contains no harsh additives, parabens, scents, or artificial enhancers. It feels like a warm vibrator with a practically electrical sensation. The most straightforward way for me to depict it would be to envision putting a powerless battery on a wet finger. There are many   female arousal products that function on menthol or vaso-dilators. ON utilizes botanical fixings that have been knows to work for a hundreds of years.
    This is uplifting news for all women who want to experience the very best orgasm. Furthermore, what’s useful for women for this situation is really useful for men too. ON Arousal is ideal for women who incline toward a more intense sexual stimulation. ON Arousal Original was the first of its kind, and became popular for its remarkable sensation. However a few women were looking for something a little more extraordinary so in response and that led to the production of ON Arousal ULTRA. This product provides all the sensations mentioned above; from that prompt warming feeling to the quaking beating vibration intended to help arousal. All in all, it prompts a more agreeable orgasmic experience.
  • Wildfire Fire it Up: This clitoral warming stimulation oil manufactured by Wildfire International. Before I tell you more about the product, it is prudent I introduce myself. Its ingredients include: Ginger essential oil, Clove essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Silica, Kava oil infused, Ginkgo Biloba essential oil, Vitamin E, Cinnamon essential oil, Velvet bean oil infused, Macadamia oil and Avocado oil. So it is an all-natural stimulation oil that should never be bad for your body. It is a unique formulation of top quality, 100% naturally derived ingredients that actively enhance natural lubrication, improve organ intensity and stimulate blood flow to the vagina. The ingredients have cumulative properties that vitalize and moisturize the vaginal walls with a sensual sensation. I apply it before having sexual intimacy. I also make sure I give the oil at least 3 minutes for tingles and warms to begin before trying anything with my husband.

So why not spice up your next sex night with these magic sex gels.


About Pjur Aqua

Pjur Aqua Lube

Any woman that is sexually active these days whether with sex toys or a lover knows that personal lubricant is an essential ingredient to improve their sexual experiences. There are so many varieties to choose from often it is difficult to know which is the best one and for what.  There are silicone based, hybrid, oil based, water based, gels and more.  There are flavored, stimulating, prolonging that one can get lost in the amount of choice. Women are more concerned than at any other time in enhancing theirs and their partners sexual experiences.  So with the amount of brands on the market one of the most trusted in Pjur that has been producing quality lubricants for almost 30 years.  In this time they have become the ‘experts’ of sex lubes and have pioneered and developed some proprietary products. But among all of these  Pjur Aqua brand is the bestselling one and as the name suggests it is a water-based product.

water based lubricant pjur

Pjur Aqua range are water based lubricants in which aloe or water is the main ingredient. Part of Pjur Aqua Water-based lube range is the Pjur Woman Aqua that is specifically designed for women and is less viscousr than standard lubricants.  It is body-safe, not sticky, doesn’t smell and leaves no annoying residue. This lube comes in an adorable little bottle with an image that looked like ladylike wipes from the 90s: guiltless and well disposed, yet promising excitement. I like the thought behind it: a characteristic, safe stripped down lube that is awesome for use by women.  It provides mucus membrane tolerance with microbiological safety and quality. It always moisturizes the skin to which it is applied and never gets sticky. It is actually free of oils, petroleum and perfumes which make it as extra gentle as a feather.

The Pjur Woman Aqua is a non toxic material and free of fat or coloring respectively and is extra slippery and long lasting as well. It has already been abundantly lab tested and will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the areas it is applied. The lubricant also has no spermicidal effect so is great if you are trying for a child but if not condoms or other birth control should be used. You can also use a latex condom whilst using this lubricant in other words this lubricant is 100 percent condom safe and also you can use your sex toys with it safely, regardless of the material they are made from. This lubricant will dramatically improve the way the you have have sex with your lover or enjoy pleasure with your sex toys.

This is a safe and plain lube that women can use without any need for gimmicks or tricks. Whether it be for sex with your lover or preparing yourself for your adult toy play, a water-based lube like Pjur Woman Aqua that is scentless, plain, and perfectly clear is all you require. I like that in a lube. I don’t need engineered smells or tastes meddling with my sex play. It’s a basic yet rich lube. It has no added substances, additives, parabens, or glycerin, so it is a great choice for individuals whose skin is delicate to fragrances or moisturizers or truly anybody worried about putting engineered chemicals on their private parts. It is easy to use and requires not detailed instructions and after use it is so easy to clean up as it is water-based.

Pjur Woman Aqua also lasts.  Many water-based lubes dry up in minutes and you are constantly reapplying to reignite that lubed up effect but with this personal lubricant only a little goes a long way and for a long time.  It really will take care of your sex business.  It applies on extremely well and spreads effortlessly.  It is a pleasant lubricant that feels ‘right’ when applied.  This is a lubricant that can be used by beginners to experts in the sexual lifestyle category.


Pheromones & Fragrances

JO PHR Body Spray Men Men Pheromone Spray Image

The pheromone discovery story:

I could afford to take a lady to a fancy restaurant whilst being fun and romantic. I even had the beautiful sports car and fancy suit to take her there. I thought that if I was successful enough women would be all over me, so I worked for success. After all, what girls would really want would be a stable relationship and a nice guy to spend the rest of her life with. Money was never the problem for me. Sadly, money never guaranteed me getting a date. The problem was my confidence. Without confidence, I just couldn’t get anywhere near a women. I even struggled to flirt and come up with pick up lines on the spot

I had this firm belief that, there are more women than there are men so I shouldn’t really worry about getting a date because I am bound to have one, eventually. Statistically this information is true but it never got me a different date every weekend or even a date a month. I started to panic, when this guy who works at my office came into my office and handed me a wedding invitation. He was this introvert type of guy, everything about him was geeky.  He actually asked his future wife to step inside the office and meet me so they could personally invite me. This lady is, way out of this world beautiful for this guy i said to my self. To my surprise, i actually was not able to come up with an excuse not to attend the wedding. I realized that the couple, left me a small box with my name on it. I opened it and it had a couple of eye of love pheromone sprays inside it.

I have enough knowledge about pheromones sprays but i was too skeptic to even want to try. So i went to attend the wedding, as a skeptic, I really didn’t wear that scent because i didn’t want to have a “uniform” smell thinking everyone would be on pheromone sprays. The groom approached and asked you tried the pheromone sprays? Even before i could come up with an excuse like i must have left it in the office, he handed me something from his pocket, smiled and walked away. So i went to the bathroom and well, put it on me.

What happened after i had it on, women started approaching me! I came across the most important weapon a man could ever use to overcome natural inhibitions with women, pheromones. We all have pheromones in our body that we use to repel or attract other people, I just needed to help enhancing my natural pheromones.



What is a pheromone?

Pheromones play a critical and imperative part in sexual correspondence. Animals and Humans discharge masses of organic chemicals in tears, salivation and sweat. These aromas hand-off data of inclination, yearning, status, drive, well-being, vitality level and so on to the opposite sex at the subliminal level. The overwhelming male will radiate more pheromones and will hence pull in the consideration of their docile female partners.

Pheromones are transmitted to the recipient by means of the Vomeronasal Organ (VMO) situated in the nasal path. When a pheromone is detected, the mind continues to discharge neurotransmitters that tempt a particular feeling in light of the kind of pheromone got (loose, openness, trust, sexual yearning, arouser, sentimental feeling, sentiment rivalry, dread, fascination and so on). In spite of the fact that the body is currently responding to the impacts of the neurotransmitters, the individual won’t deliberately realize that he/she is affected by a pheromones. This clarifies why you discover certain individuals especially appealing however is not able to evaluate or advise what’s pulling in you to the individual. This likewise clarifies why you will often find certain individuals bothering without knowing them or them doing anything strange. We are, truth be told, under the impacts of pheromones more often than not when we are with other individuals, the level of the impact are dependent on each individual.

A pheromone is a substance emitted by a person that influences another individual of the same species by smell. Human pheromones are steroid atoms, made in the skin that scatter into the air and influence those close us. “Pheromone,” got from Greek, signifying “I convey energy.”. Every one of us have a little sense organ in our nose, not the same as the feeling of smell that identifies pheromones. This specific organ is genuinely an intuition, that tangible structure, called the “vomeronasal organ” (or “VNO”), it recognizes human pheromones yet not pheromones radiated by different creatures. Everybody radiates pheromones. Individuals artificially correspond with one another constantly by the emission of pheromones. Though because of our showering propensities, large portions of our pheromones are always being washed away in a shower or covered with creams and aromas. Thus, a scent particularly intended to radiate pheromones is vital to influence others.

Amazingly enough, pheromones are totally scentless. Clinical exploration has demonstrated that with an expanded measure of pheromone discharge, a more prominent propensity for physical and sexual fascination exists. Since Yes Cologne offers the finest mix of concentrated, human pheromones available, there is no wonder why stunning results have happened. Envision expanding pheromones by more than one thousand times that of the ordinary human efficiency. This is precisely what Yes Pheromone Cologne will accomplish for you. Be arranged for fantastic results. Yes Cologne is really Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

How do fragrances effect people?

Perfumes have been the juggernaut of the present day sexual arousal. It’s the fragrance which can cause magic. A mere fragrance can make a person forget his or her existence. It takes to a different world which is mostly out of our conscious. There are females who go crazy over men due to certain odor and fragrance which tend to come from the bodies of men. Females apply perfumes which can make men lose their senses and totally get attracted to the women. An unusual, pleasant and desperate desire for love making develops inside the male which ultimately leads to sexual acts and foreplay.

Popular Adult Smart pheromone sprays:

  • Luz De La Riva, Lily Pheromone parfume – Sweet Cherie: A long lasting fragrance imparted from lily with natural aphrodisiacs by which the body releases the hormone named as oxytocin which is known to be the “Bonding” pheromone. It works best if it is applied on the most sensitive parts of the body. The skin gets protected and relaxed by the lily. Lily is considered to be the extremely distinct and has incomparable divinity. Lily takes a person to climax with much ease. You can carry the bottle anywhere!
  • Wet Pheromone Alluring Body Glide: A light textured, water based, pheromone, lubricant that is pleasant tasting with an exotic fragrance that is safe to use on your skin, tongue and lips.  This lubricant is also available in different textures: silicone or natural water. It provides the most natural lubrication that is light, soft, pleasant and enjoyable which is fully compatible with latex condoms and can be used for anal sex.  Totally edible, it will give a very sexy, spicy and tasty in your intimate relationships. Ideal for couples to enjoy exchanging flavors and new experiences! Scientifically prepared to make the females and males feel more erotic and horny. It stimulates the most sensitive parts of the female and male sexual organs and gives the person utmost pleasure. This product has got special chemical composition which keeps both the male and female sexually aroused for a very long time.
  • Connubial For Him Pheromone Cologne: The manly aroma is pheromone-based to furnish you to standout amongst the most valuable and intense powers of nature. Connubial For Him is a prevalent human pheromone attractant cologne that delivers extraordinary results when out on a first date or to use as an icebreaker. Upgrade your regular pheromones with Connubial Pheromones For Him. Intended for Men to draw in Women this arousing mystery weapon will tempt any objective you seek!
  • Doc Johnson, Yes Pheromome Cologne: Since it has been defined from male human pheromones, it can likewise help to build enthusiastic yearning from the same sex. Yes Pheromome Cologne is solely made for the Doc Johnson Company and who knows more about longing and sexual desires than Doc Johnson? This to a great degree attractive and erotic detailing can last up to eight hours. It is a completely fundamental item for any male who needs to draw in individuals from the inverse sex.

All of these great pheromones are available at the adultsmart adult shop!