A Beginners Guide to Cleaning and Caring for your Sex Toys Part 1

sex toy cleaning

Whether you’ve just purchased your first ever sex toy or your 100th, knowing how to care for these products is paramount to not only their longevity, but also your intimate health. Make sure to clean your toy thoroughly at least once before using it for the first time.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to determine the material of your toy, considering the large array of options when it comes to this, I’ll narrow it down a bit for you. Sex toys generally fall into one of two categories: soft or hard. By this I’m not referencing the flexibility of your toy, soft toys are generally made of; silicone, TPE, TPR, rubber or some type of hybrid material such as silaskin or super-skin, all of which are flexible on their own but many act as a barrier between you and the motor/internal hardware of the toy. While, in contrast, hard toys are made of materials such as; glass, ceramic, wood, steel (stainless or surgical) or a hard plastic such as ABS, hard toys are a lot less likely to absorb any bacteria and are generally easier to clean, most soft toys will also have a handle made of a hard plastic for increased usability, such as Fun Factory’s entire range.

There are also several other aspects to consider when it comes to cleaning and caring for your sex toys, are they electronic in any way? If yes, are they battery powered, rechargeable or plug in? What’s the intended purpose of your toy? Is it made specifically for anal use? Or perhaps it’s not meant to be inserted at all. Overall, there are a multitude of defining factors that influence what we can and cannot do with our toys, especially when it comes to something as rudimentary as cleaning and storing.


First things first, PLEASE DON’T PUT YOUR TOYS IN THE DISHWASHER, I understand why you’d think that to be a good idea but not only is that where you wash dishes, cutlery and other food related items, it will actually melt or severely compromise the structural integrity of most toys.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s begin with non-electronic toys, these products can be made from any soft or hard material, or a combination of both, the main defining factor is of course that they have no electronic or mechanical components. It’s important to note that most poseable and thermoreactive toys will fall into this category. Let’s start with the easiest materials to maintain; steel, ceramic and glass, these toys are both hypoallergenic and non-porous so bacteria is completely unable to penetrate the toy on any level. Because of their extremely high melting point, you’re able to boil toys made solely of this material to completely remove any bacteria, but if you’d prefer to keep your toys out of the kitchen you can also use an antibacterial toy cleaning spray or foaming wash, but make sure to rinse off your toy completely before using these. They are designed to sanitise your toys as well as be both toy and body safe, I cannot emphasize enough that you shouldn’t be using any type of household cleaner on your toys, so please be sure to pick up a toy cleaner and not use Dettol wipes or any type of spray ‘n’ wipe.

After the aforementioned toys, silicone is the most hygienic, and a medical grade silicone is the golden standard when it comes to soft toys. Any toy made of 100% medical grade silicone that is non-electronic, can also be boiled for up to 2 minutes (similar to a menstrual cup), although you’ll find that many lower quality toys will say they’re made out of silicone, be sure to check it’s 100% silicone before purchasing and medical grade before boiling. For lower grade silicone, toys made of a hard plastic and any other soft material toy DO NOT BOIL, the best way to clean these toys is by using an antibacterial toy cleaner (either spray or foaming), after rinsing. Surprisingly enough wooden toys aren’t in a whole different ball park when it comes to cleaning, these products are generally handcrafted and given a medical grade polymer coating or some type of other varnish to ensure the wood won’t absorb any moisture or bacteria. And because of this coating, we can clean them the same way we clean our hard plastic toys.

Part Two Sex toy Cleaning

Madison is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Nature’s Wonders for Sexual Health

Earthly Intimate

So a week or two ago we got a good lesson in store in terms of lubes, specifically Intimate Earth’s Defense Protection Glide. Now this was a great lesson about how Intimate Earth has healing and protection properties which includes (but not limited to): helping thrush, preventing thrush, and protecting against HPV.

While these points absolutely excited me because there are so many women out there who suffer constant thrush, and having an extra layer of protection for HPV – which is the virus that causes cervical cancer – I’m a sceptic at heart and this sounded very *essential oils will cure my life*, plus I’m a sucker for a good science deep dive… And I’m talking hours long.

So here’s how my journey went from “That sounds fake” to “Oh my god, Algae is a miracle”

Now Intimate Earth is great for the fact that it’s Vegan and cruelty-free, including great organic ingredients, being glycerin free (glycerin is okay in the right formulas, but that’s rambling for another day!), and paraben free; but these aren’t the winners for me. Defense Protection Glide has 2 ingredients that get me very excited now and those are Guava Bark, and Carrageenan.

We’ll start with Guava Bark, this plays an enormous part in traditional medicines across the globe, the study I read was specifically related to rural India, due to many factors the struggle to access good health care means many are still using traditional medicines to this day.
Studies have been able to show that Guava Bark is effective in fighting:

  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Malaria
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Oral/Dental Infections
  • Skin Infections
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Fevers
  • Liver Problems
  • Kidney Problems

And on top of all that it has amazing antimicrobial abilities having efficacy against 34 bacterial species, 19 fungal species, 6 protozoal (little single cell organisms) species, and 4 viruses.

“But what does this have to do with my lube?” Great question! Due to the vaginal being such a delicate little thing, you can look at it the wrong way and bam a little bit of thrush/yeast infection has begun, this ingredient is exciting due to it’s ability to kill off the overgrowth of the fungus that creates them (yes, it’s really a fungus, it naturally occurs but thrush/yeast infections happen when there is an overgrowth)… There is so much history behind guava bark being used as a douche, treating BV and thrush, being used in a Sitz Bath for post pregnancy or any kind of relief of pain around the genitals.

As someone who has had her fair share this ingredient makes me do  a little happy dance thinking about how good this can be for all vagina havers out there. Not only is there years of traditional medicine showing the uses, but for those skeptics like myself there is studies dating back to the 1940s that show it’s effectiveness (not saying years of culture and traditional medicine means nothing if not backed by western sciences, I just like to know the ins and outs of everything, like the nosey person I am).


Here we are moving onto Carrageenan, I had no idea what this was until I did my research (couldn’t even pronounce it, but that’s just the blonde in me coming through). This ingredient is derived from red edible seaweeds and is often used as a thickener in foods and gels. “Why do I care about a thickener?” well you see, algae lack an immune system so they’ve developed these really elaborate chemical defense compounds against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These compounds have been shown to be effective against infectious and pathogenic microbes, and show promising results fighting some human diseases.

So the key excitement with carrageenan being included in Defence Protection Glide is the protective properties it has, this ingredient can prevent this bind of HPV virions to cells, lowering your chances of getting the virus. This excites me for various reasons (including the link to cervical cancer that HPV has) there is an estimated 291 million women with a HPV infection at any time and there’s believed to be a similar amount of men too and while most of these infections don’t cause noticeable symptoms persistent infections with some HPV strains can lead to cervical cancer or other anal/genital cancers+, so including carrageenan in a lube is such a genius move to try and protect us all against something so common within the communities but the ability to be so serious and life changing at the same time.


While there has yet to be clinical trials to show all of this there is quite a lot of evidence pointing towards all benefits and no downsides yet, I will happily be using Defense Protection Glide in the future knowing what I know now, and hopefully you will be too… Because there’s nothing sexier than looking after the health of you and your sexual partners! ?

Get Wicked!!

Wicked Lubes

Wicked Sensual Care is your go-to brand for all things lubrication and more. Be it water-based, silicone, hybrid or flavoured, Wicked has a great range to satisfy even the most discerning buyer.

Wait, Wicked? Like Wicked Pictures? Yep, one and the same. That company that releases Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex educational range of movies, so you just know this brand is serious about all things sex.

But with so many different varieties of lubes on offer, where should you start? Well that’s precisely what this is guide is here to help you pick the right one just for you.


The Basics

Bringing extra lubrication into your sex life can be for a number of reasons; adding extra pleasure for vaginal intercourse, adding delicious flavour to oral sex, always required for anal sex, or to address problems with vaginal dryness. Because let’s face it, the wetter the better is definitely apt when it comes to sexual activities.

What’s great about Wicked lubes is they are all paraben free, cruelty free, vegan, keto friendly and diabetic friendly. Above this, except for the Ultra line, they all contain olive leaf extract which of itself comes with a huge range of benefits including; antioxidant, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial, which can help treat herpes. Olive leaf extract is also immune stimulating.

Another thing I love about Wicked Sensual Care bottles (not the Toy Love or Jelle varieties) is that although their packaging is a super slick looking black, when you hold it up to the light you’ll find it is actually transparent! This means you’ll know exactly how much you’ve got left in your bottle. Also, these bottles have a quarter-twist lid, so no more spilling of lube into your toy drawer or worse yet, into your suitcase!

As a general rule of thumb, water based lubes are great for an easy cleaning option that won’t stain sheets, and is used for all toys as silicone lube can ruin the silicone on toys (except, obviously, glass and steel toys). Water based lubricants don’t last as long as their silicone cousin, as it is slowly absorbed into the pores of the skin.

Silicone lube on the other hand, is long lasting and typically super slippery. Silicone lubricants can stain your sheets and require a little more clean up than water based products.


Wicked Hybrid

Designed as a middle ground between water and silicone based, Wicked Hybrid contains less than 10% silicone, so it’s safe to use for all intents and purposes, including on toys. Easier to clean than straight silicone lube, longer lasting than water based, Wicked Hybrid may just well be your new, most reached for lubricant!


Wicked Ultra

Wicked’s silicone offering is the Ultra line, comprised of Fragrance Free, Ultra Chill and Ultra Heat. The latter two offer some new sensations to your lubrication play, while the regular fragrance free Ultra is a long lasting, silky smooth silicone lube with amazingly, only two ingredients (the lesser the number of ingredients, the better chance of escaping irritations).

Just as with all Wicked lubes, the Ultra Chill and Ultra Heat uses a high performance, sleek formula that is never heavy, greasy, or tacky.


Wicked Aqua

Wicked’s water-based range of personal lubricants is exhaustive, and amazing. If you want super easy clean up, then this is for you. I tested this out the other day by rubbing some Wicked Aqua between my fingers, and it washed off by simply dipping my fingers into a glass of water. I love it!

Beyond their classic Wicked Aqua, they also have a Chill and Heat version, just the Ultra line, to add to that sensation play. But my favourite in their Aqua range, is definitely their flavoured lubes.

There are two main distinctions between Wicked flavored lubricants and other brands. Firstly, as you may have noted earlier in this guide, this product is made with stevia (see, keto friendly) instead of sugar like other brands, which means these flavoured lubes are completely safe to be used vaginally!

The second point of difference, and probably the most important, are the great range of flavours on offer, and their quality. Less of a sugary ice-cream topping flavour, the Wicked Aqua line is more like a gourmet dessert, with far less calories. Pink Lemonade is by far the most popular, followed closely by some of the fruit flavours: Sweet Peach, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry and Pomegranate. Cinnamon Bun (or as I call it, Cinnamon Donut) tastes exactly as it sounds, as does Mocha Java. If you like things super sweet, look no further than Candy Apple and Cherry Cordial while old favourites like Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel to round out the rest.

And of course, mixing two together will create a whole new flavour. Mixing Strawberry and Pink Lemonade will give you something closer to a Strawberry milkshake, while Mocha Java and Cinnamon Bun is about as close as you’ll want to Tiramisu. Yum!!


Wicked Jelle

The Wicked Jelle range is an amazingly thick, super concentrated and long lasting gel, perfect for all your anal play. Of course, as with any good lubricant, Wicked Jelle is without desensitizers, as while it might sound helpful, the potential to feel pain during anal play is a sign something’s not right.

As with the Ultra and Aqua lines, Wicked Jelle also has a Chill and Heat version to spice things up a little and add a whole new experience to your anal play.


Wicked Toy Love

Similar to the Jelle range, Wicked Toy Love is super thick and will stay where you put it. So no more lube drops from your toys, just an amazing glide to further enhance your pleasure. Mix things up with Wicked Toy Breeze or Wicked Toy Fever to get a little extra tingle with your favourite toy.


Wicked Creme

For those with a penis, welcome to Wicked Creme. This lube is like no other masturbation lube out there, applying like a white sunscreen before lathering into a luscious, non greasy liquid lube. This vitamin E enriched creme will give you the perfect glide and deeply heighten your sensations.


More than Just Lubricants

Wicked Sensual Care has two other products definitely worth a mention, Over Time for him, and Awaken for her.

Over Time is a delay cream formulated to reduce hyper-sensitivity to the penis and assist in delaying ejaculation. What makes OT stand out from other delay sprays and gels, is that it is applied like Wicked Creme, similar to white sunscreen, but will become translucent once it has absorbed into your skin. Which means no more washing off sprays before intercourse or transferring the numbing sensation to your partner, as you’ll know exactly when you’re good to proceed.

Awaken is a gel designed to get your clitoris buzzing! Sure, you’ve seen or used plenty of other clitoral drops that offer the same, but Awaken stands out by being a gel instead of an oil. Awaken can be used internally as well, so feel free to rub some into your g-spot, or even on his p-spot! But if that wasn’t enough, due to its herbal blend of botanics and aphrodisiacs, prolonged use of Awaken will increase your libido. This little bottle of love is just all win win!!!


Hope all this info helps you sort out your lubrication (and more) needs, but i strongly recommend heading into your nearest adult lifestyle store to taste test all those flavored lubes (trust me, totally worth the trip).

Prolong For Better Sex – Get A Smiling Dick!

Premature ejaculation slogan

There are hundreds if not thousands of premature ejaculation (PE) devices, sprays and potions available on the web and in adult shops claiming that they can delay orgasm and prevent PE in men.  How many of them can actually say that the results are proven by independent clinical studies? Or that they are an approved medical device with the FDA and TGA! Well now there is such a device that was launched globally at the beginning of May this year.

Erectile dysfunction aid
Image: Prolong Prolong Climax Control Training Device Front View

It is a fact that 88% of men surveyed indicated that they would love to have more control over how long they could last during sex, which means it is a universal solution for men, and not only the one in four that suffer with PE. What is even better about this program is that there are no drugs or herbal remedies to take. There are no side-effects. It is a pain free solution with long lasting results requiring no prescription or referrals. It is a totally natural method for training the penis using a ‘stop-start’ technique.

When Prolong is used according to the training program it will increase the times between arousal and ejaculation by taking advantage of the vibrating and stimulating effects of the patented device.  With an investment of just 6 weeks, following the Climax Control Training Program men will be able to last 3 to 8 minutes longer.

Premature ejaculation aid
Image: Prolong Climax Control Training Device Size

Who backs the Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

These are not just pie in the sky claims, they are backed up by The Journal of Sex And Marital Therapy (2013), Independent Clinical Trial (UK 2013) Start-Stop Technique and the Independent Study Department of Psychology and Logopedics (Finland 2013).

Many media outlets have published articles backing this amazing device including premature ejaculation by news.com.au, Prolong gadget by daily mail uk,  innovaDerma sex claim by the australian financial review and penis climax control by GQ magazine.  Hard print coverage of Prolong will be coming out in GQ, Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan magazines.

So what is the Prolong Device?

The Prolong Device is a male climax control penis pad with a 3 volt battery powered vibrator that is ergonomically shaped to cover the ‘sensitive trigger zone’ of your penis.  After years of scientific studies and independent research, the device has been developed into an approved medical device that will delay the male orgasm by using the proven ‘start-stop’ method.  It is white in color with ridges that are used to tame your sexual timing.

Erectile dysfunction device
Image: Prolong Climax Control Training Device Texture

As part of the training program purchase, you receive a patented Prolong water-based lubricant for better sex.

Premature ejaculation device
Image: Prolong Climax Control Training Program

Prolong comes with a 100% money back guarantee

All Prolong Climax Control Training Programs come with a 100% money back guarantee if a marked improvement is not seen after completion of the full six week program.  You cannot get more assurance that it works than that!

My test and review of the Prolong Climax Control Training Program

So after waiting just one day of being contacted by our great friends at InnovaDerma to do a product review the product arrived in a plain discreet cardboard box.  The box was filled with plastic air bubble packing to ensure that the product or box was not be damaged during shipment. I opened the attractive black packaging to find the Prolong device and personal lubricant enclosed.  An A4 instruction manual was included that had an easy to read description of the item, an introduction, instructions, warnings and technical specifications.

The actual device is made from medical grade silicone and is a sterile and clean white.  It measures roughly 4 cm in width and 5 cm in height with a power switch on the side that simply slides across to switch the motor on or off. There is one speed only and the motor is removable for when cleaning under water. It is powered by 2 x 625A batteries like the ones used in cameras. When I turned the motor on I found that the vibrations are strong but not overly so.

After reading the instructions I was really pleasantly surprised that over the training period it is suggested that it be used no more than 3 times a week. Most of these supposed training methods whether they are for penis enlargement or delaying ejaculation ask fo you to do it once a day, sometimes even twice a day. 3 times a day over 6 weeks equates to only 18 days in 42 which is more than manageable.

Unfortunately for this review I wrote this prior to the 6 week expiration date. However, after achieving an erection by masturbation I took the device out and I found it comfortable to hold with one hand, I applied the lubricant generously to it and under the head of my penis.  Then I switched it on and placed it just below the underside of the head of my penis. As the device is pliable I began to constrict and release the pressure of the device with the vibrations that caused an intensely pleasurable sensation.  

Continuing this for a few minutes I felt like I was about to cum so I removed it from my penis and waited for the sensation of ejaculation to subside and then replaced the device again to under the head of my penis.  I repeated this a number of times. This is the ‘stop-start’ technique as explained in the instructions. After four times of doing this I allowed myself to ejaculate. It felt bigger and harder than a normal orgasm and I guess that is because of the orgasm denial that I had experienced.

The device is really simple to clean up and I only sprayed it with toy cleaner and put it away.  I would imagine after a few uses you would need to fully wash it in warm water – but since that requires the removal of the motor (and probably batteries – the instructions were not to clear on that) it would not be something that I will do every time.  Antibacterial toy cleaner will suffice for most uses.

There is no reason to doubt the validity that this device and training technique works as it is fully legitimized not only by the independent studies but by the fact that it is classed as a medical device by the FDA and TGA.  Those stringent government bodies make applicants run through hoops to get approvals.

Will Prolong be a popular device?  

You bet! In recent surveys by Censuswide (21-23/3/18, polling 2,026 males and 2,003 females in Australia and the US) more than 77% of the people surveyed want a man to be able to control or lengthen how long it takes to orgasm during sex. Add this to the fact that it has zero side effects from use, it’s the first medically approved solution to premature ejaculation with guaranteed real results that are delivered in short and a realistic time frame and improves sexual satisfaction for men and their partners, why would it not be a product in demand?

The Prolong Device will be available through the Smiling Dick website at AUD $299.00 and for a limited time with free shipping.

Win 1 in 3 Prolong Climax Control Training Programs

Adultsmart is proud to be able to offer three giveaway competitions offering the Prolong Climax Control Training Program in conjunction with InnovaDerma and Smiling Dick valued at AUD $299 each. Anyone can enter by simply commenting on, or liking the Giveaway Offers that will be drawn:


Smiling Dick has given products to review prior to launch and these are the testimonials that they have received thus far.  We expect many more to follow!

“2 minutes to 15 in 6 weeks.  My gf is very happy” – Lukas, Berlin

“Getting results.  Will definitely keep going.” – Dominik, Bremen

“Finally feels like we can have sex like a normal couple” – Arielle, Brittany

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Elizabeth, Manchester

Want to buy a Prolong Climax Control Training Program?

Adultsmart, InnovaDerma and Smiling Dick have partned together to bring to you a 10% discount code which works on any Prolong Climax Control Training Program purchase.  Hurry, the discount code is only available for a limited time!

Website: Smiling Dick

Discount code: ADULTSMART

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A Fun Cup For Your Fun Factory

Fun Factory Fun Cup celebration

Exactly two years ago to the month (insert X-Files theme song), Adultsmart published an article on vaginal odours and menstrual cups. The article I wrote began with this bold statement:

 “If you have a vagina, or you know someone who has a vagina, you/your friend with a vagina, NEEDS a menstrual cup. Or, let me start with a less bold statement – you/your friend with a vagina needs to consider not using tampons”.

It’s been two years and by God I stand by my proclamation.

When I first got my period, I jumped straight to using tampons for convenience. My mum used them and she said that they were easy, comfortable, you could swim with them in and basically everybody uses them. For years I suffered from extreme discomfort during menstruation with severe vaginal itchiness, dryness and hotness. As I got older, things got worse and it became impossible for me to self-lubricate during sex. My vagina was a hot mess, literally, and it took me years to piece together that tampons were the problem.

When you Google “side effects of using tampons” a number of alarming words and sentiments are scattered through the results page, such as; severe irritation, made with harsh chemicals, increases risk in serious diseases, linked to cancer, can cause vaginal infections and so on. It makes me question, why are tampons so highly recommended over other menstrual products with ZERO side effects, which have better consequences for the environment?

What if I told you that you could buy just ONE product to use while on your period, that you would not have to replace for years to come.

Cue, the menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups have been around for 80 odd years, but the truth of their excellence has been lost in the current throw-away society, which has consumers purchasing one use items that are designed to be used once and then tossed away. Menstrual cups are a small, typically flexible silicone cup, that fits up inside the vagina to catch menstrual blood and are designed to be reused for many years.

Benefits of using menstrual cups

  • ZERO discomfort or vaginal irritation during use (if made from high quality medical grade silicone)
  • Can be worn safely for up to 12 hours
  • They cost less than tampons in the long run: one cup can cost you anywhere between $30-$60 (depending on the brand) and can last you up to ten years. The cost of tampons could be broken down to (based on my menstrual… abilities?) = 1 tampon every 4-5 hours x 4 tampons per day x around 7 days of a menstrual period, equals around 28 tampons per cycle. Times 28 tampons by the average amount of menstrual periods in a lifetime (456 periods), that equals 12,768 tampons. At around 32 tampons per box, that’s 399 boxes of tampons. Times that by the average fee of a box of tampons, which is around AUD$8.00, that’s $3,192 in just one person’s life time. JUST ON TAMPONS.
  • They don’t end up in landfill or in our oceans
  • Little to no odour as the menstrual blood is not exposed to oxygen due to the suction of the menstrual cup on the vaginal walls
  • Sexual intercourse is possible, and less messy
  • Great for people who define themselves as non-binary
  • Perfect for travel
  • Easy to use

There’re many menstrual cup companies which are available to use around the world. I started with Australian made and owned ‘JuJu Cup’, which was great, until I tried the Fun Factory Fun Cup. It’s no secret that I love Fun Factory. I have written many a review on Fun Factory’s expertise and capabilities in sex toy manufacturing, but I was genuinely impressed to see them take on the task of creating a cutting-edge menstrual cup. And they’ve done it.

Watch this short promotional video to see the cups in use! Not literally, get your head outta’ the gutter!

The Fun Cup comes in two sizes. Genius. Not every vagina is the same size or bleeds the same amount of blood, duh. So Fun Factory have created the ‘A’ cup and the ‘B’ cup.

Fun Factory Fun Cup
Image: Fun Factory Fun Cup Sizes

The A cup is smaller in size and holds 20ml of blood while the B cup is larger and can hold up to 30ml of blood. Fun Factory recommends the A cup for people with a lighter flow, or for people who haven’t given birth, while the B cup would suit a heavier flow and for people who have given birth. I know what you’re thinking… What if I buy the A cup but it’s not suited to my flow or is the wrong size ergonomically for my body? Well that’s the genius thing. Fun Factory has created three options: The A + A kit, where you get two A cups, the B + B kit, two B cups, and the Explore kit, where you can get one of each cup size. GENIUS.

I happily use the A cup as my cup of choice during menstruation. I was hoping to be able to use the B cup, as I do have a heavier flow, though the size wasn’t quite right for my body (okay Fun Factory, you were right). But that’s the great thing about the size kit – you know 100% when buying it that one of those cups will fit your body and work best for your period. For me, on a bad first day, I can wear the A cup for around 4 hours before needing to empty it. But from usually the second day onwards, I can go all day or all night before needing to change my cup. I wake up in the morning, empty the cup, rinse, put it back in and can leave it until I go to bed. Care free. ALL DAY.

Fun Factory’s Fun Cups are made with the same non-porous, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone that Fun Factory uses for their sex toys. You can totally tell when you hold the cups in your hands that they’re made from top quality materials. They’re flexible, but sturdy enough to bend and pop back into shape in your vagina.

To insert, you bend the cup into different shapes to easily insert it into your vagina, though the three most popular folds are shown in the below image. The more you play around with your Fun Cup, the quicker you’ll realise what method is easiest for you to quickly and seamlessly insert your cup. I personally prefer the C-fold.

Fun Factory Fun Cup diagram
Buy Now | Fun Factory’s sexual wellness products

Once you’ve inserted your cup as far as you can comfortably insert it, for it to be correctly inserted you should be able to feel when you run your fingers around the base of the cup that the cup is popped out all the way and suctioned completely to the walls of your vagina. If there are some folds or the cup hasn’t quite popped out right, you can fix it by using the sturdy base of the cup to twist and shuffle the cup around to encourage it to pop out.

What’s great about the Fun Cup is that the bottom of the cup is made from hard, firm silicone which is easy to hold onto inside your vagina to twist the cup into place or to use it to remove the cup. My JuJu cup had a long string-like piece of silicone, similar to the image above but thinner, which when you pulled would stretch out like an elastic band. Once, in the early days when I was trying to remove my cup, I pulled the silicone string and it stretched out and then flicked back up into my vagina like a cruel, unforgiving slingshot. Thankfully, the Fun Cup’s solid base does not stretch out and is a great base to hold onto to remove the cup. It also stops before turning into the flexible cup so there is no accidental grabbing of the cup leading to over-spilling when trying to remove it.

Tips and tricks to securing your Fun Cup

  • Lubricate the circular rim of the cup and it will slide straight in and pop into shape perfect, first go
  • Pinch from the bottom of the cup when inserting the cup so that you can propel it into your vagina and allow it to pop into shape without your fingers being in the way
  • Twist and shuffle into place, rather than removing the cup and re-inserting
  • According to Fun Factory, the fun cup A holds FOUR TIMES the amount of blood a tampon does, allowing for the coolest thing (in my opinion), which is being able to easily measure how much you bleed in an average cycle and what the average consistency and colour of your menstrual blood is; which is actually pretty useful information if you ever need to see a doctor about suspected menstrual abnormalities.

Once you want to empty your menstrual cup, you squeeze and pull from that little anchor point at the bottom and pull the cup out. You can pour the blood into the toilet bowl, or ceremoniously dump it if that’s more your style, and then flush it away. All you need to do to keep your cup clean while on your period, rinse with water or wipe with toilet paper before re-inserting.

Once your period has finished, it’s highly recommended that you boil your cup in water to correctly clean it. In the Fun Factory video, it shows you somebody doing this over the stove in a pot… I’m super lazy, or super-efficient depending how you look at it, and have a dedicated ‘period cup’ which I pour boiling water into from the kettle and let the cup sit in that for around 2-3 minutes before storing it in the antimicrobial bag that comes with the Fun Cup’s. The antimicrobial bag means that you can keep the cup on you at all times in a safe and clean bag, ensuring the cup is ready to be used whenever you need it.

One of my FAVOURITE features of the Fun Cup is that it’s opaque (non-transparent). My JuJu cup is made from a see-through silicone, which after two years is looking a bit… grotesque. The colour is now a sort of dull-yellow, whilst cleaned correctly after every period, the stains still remain. My Fun Cup appears to have never been used, even when I pull it straight out of my vagina. The blood seems to not adhere to the silicone, somehow, like those sprays you use to keep your new shoes clean, when rinsed the blood comes straight off.

On top of being better for your body and better for the environment, Fun Factory also markets the Fun Cup as being a great product for anybody who menstruates, not just cis-gendered women. The Fun Cup’s packaging is non-gendered, and the colours of the cups are also androgynous. But not only that, the Fun Cup allows menstruators to live with their period in an easi-ER fashion.

Making the switch from tampons to a menstrual cup like the Fun Cup, could save 12,768 of your tampons from going into the ocean or into land fill. When you think about how many people globally are menstruating, that’s a lot of tampons, and your small switch to a Fun Cup, can make a big difference to the environment. Overall, I was super happy with the design and ergonomics of the Fun Cup and had no troubles in using the A cup. Whilst I did try to conquer the B cup, the B cup conquered me, granted, it is recommended for use in people who have had children. The Fun Cup is easy to insert, easy to remove and easy to clean and I can say that I have more than happily made the switch from my beloved first menstrual cup. The only downside of a Fun Cup, is that it makes you one of those annoying friends who constantly tries to force their friends and family into purchasing one also.

Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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