What A Way To Spend A Weekend – Lelo Ida Review!

Lelo Ida Review

Well what a way to spend a weekend in! Doing a couples sex toy review on the Lelo Ida a pleasure object that is designed to be used with your lover. The first thing is how does it stay in place during couples play? Part of it is worn on the inside of the vagina whilst the other half with is ultra-flexible from the base of the device. Once inside it fits snugly but firmly unlike the we-vibe that tends to more a bit. I found it more comfortable to wear as it did not pinch, move about or have any gaps that caused me discomfort and funny noises. It self-adjusts and the inserted arm has a curve that goes upwards and presses against the G-Spot.

It vibrates both on the G-Spot and on the base so your clit as well as your G-Spot get a work out. As the base is of a reasonable size it is also very comfortable and as the rumbling vibrator does its trick it takes almost no time at all to achieve an orgasm. Literally I came before my boyfriend had even thought about entering me.

As it is a couples sex toy, and certainly having warmed up we had sex with the Ida in and it was certainly more than a satisfactory appearance. As the Ida has SenseMotion as our bedroom antics gains momentum so did the vibration waves from the Ida Sex Toy ending in a climactic experience for my lover and I. It was a two thumbs up experience and after the first try am seriously considering packing my we-vibe away for the Ida as its replacement.

My concerns from the outset were that it would not remain in place during sex but it did. That it was too large to accommodate both my beau and I but it was not – however in saying that it certainly did fill me up and any larger and I don’t think I would have liked it. I loved that it self-adjusted.  Speaking with my boyfriend he said that it certainly made me feel tighter and you have to love that. He said that he had to use extra lubrication initially but once he got going it was very comfortable and the vibrations on the arm added to his intercourse experience. As he thrust inside me I also noted that the amount of vibration on my G-Spot intensified so it was a win win for us.

It’s definitely going to feel tighter, and we know that guys always love that. My boyfriend’s reaction was very positive once we got past the initial:

“Oh no, what if it doesn’t fit!”

stage and readjusted. We did use lube to start (water-based because it’s a silicone toy) but I am also the type to be naturally well lubricated once things get going. He did not experience any of the discomfort he had with the We-Vibe. This is partly because of the intelligent design of Ida and also the ultra-smooth silicone it’s made of. The way the rotating arm is shaped ensures that it’s not going to batter his penis or compete with it during thrusting. It works with you, rather than impeding things. He really enjoyed it and once we both got used to it, sex was great, during position changes, and different thrusting tempos and intensities. The toy did its thing and he loved the additional stimulation as well as seeing my reactions. It’s definitely something he said he wants to try again. Next time, in the shower, since Ida is waterproof.

As the toy has a wireless remote it can be used as a solo toy that can be controlled by either you or your lover and it is a couples sex toy that I would rate a 9 out of 10. This is my Lelo Ida test and review and next I will let you know all the different sexual positions that you can use it with.

As the toy has a wireless remote it can be used as a solo toy that can be controlled by either you or your lover and it is a couples sex toy that I would rate a 9 out of 10. Next I will let you know all the different sexual positions that you can use your Ida from Lelo.

Lelo being an innovative sex toy company that it is has created a visual instruction guide as to all the different positions that you can use the Lelo Ida in. These instructions also come in a booklet that comes with the Ida should you purchase it. Never be worried about thinking of positions when they are mapped out for you in this easy to use and read guide.

Buy Now | LELO pleasure objects

LELO Ida lover’s guide

More sex toy companies should think outside the box and supply resource material such as these to guide lovers to having better couple sex. So this is the LELO Ida lover’s guide!


Tease and explore before nestling Ida™ in place, as the man slides in beneath to share the vibrations and rotations within.

Image: LELO Ida Missionary Position

Doggy Style

Ida™ rotates against the underside of his penis while massaging her G-spot, bringing new sensations that lead you both to the most intense climax imaginable.

Image: LELO Ida Doggie Style


With her in the driver’s seat, Ida™ lets you both build a rhythm that matches the rotations; a perfect position for sharing simultaneous orgasms.

Image: LELO Ida Cowgirl Style

On the Dance Floor

Take your sensual secret out on the town and switch between the modes of Ida™, as you both dance to a whole new rhythm of pleasure.

Image: LELO Ida Dance Style

Tease Him

Add a touch of water-based lubricant and wrap Ida™ around the base of his penis to let him share the rotations and vibrations, as you tease him to the point of climax.

Image: LELO Ida Tease Him

Legs Over Shoulders

Allowing him to control the pace and tempo, each thrust intensifies the vibrations on the clitoris, while enabling more intense rotations right to the G-Spot.

Image: LELO Ida Legs Over Shoulder

Her on Top

With Ida™ nestled inside, this position allows her to control the rhythm and watch as he melts into ecstasy, overcome by sensations he has never experienced before.

Image: LELO Ida Her On Top

Tease Her

He turns Ida™ on and runs teasing circles around her clitoris to simulate oral pleasure before applying intense vibrations to lead her to the point of climax.

Image: LELO Ida Tease Her

Date Night

Head out together for a romantic night and surrender the wireless remote to him so he can surprise you with an instant burst of pleasure at any time.

Limitless Possibilities

Sharing the pleasures of the Ida™ couples’ massager promises an exciting new journey to explore together. Be bold, experiment and let your imaginations run away with you.

So here is hoping that the Lelo Ida review has helped you learn more about Lelo Pleasure Products and couples sex toys. I hope it helps to make your love life more fulfilling and enjoyable.



Get Your Pleasure Mate With The Tango Collection!

We-Vibe Tango

Sincerely, does the We-Vibe Tango require any presentation or hard-sell?  It is, point of fact, the strongest, rumbliest, most sought after bullet I have ever come across. For that matter, it is actually the highest ranked bullet within the adultsmart community which says a lot of the product!  Especially since from what I’ve heard is a common consensus among all our experts and readers who personally have used it.

We-Vibe has taken the Tango and placed it into the Pleasure Mate Collection.  I really didn’t think you could make the We-Vibe Tango any better, but they updated the original Tango and it is even better than the original. So now I am here introducing you to the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection, it contains attachments that you insert onto the Tango. The attachments send out the strong vibrations through their silicone attachments so that you can play with the Tango in away you never were able to before. This product is not at all like the other sex toys that are out there on the market today. It appears that the connections were made for me! I was totally over the moon, an experience out of this world!

The packaging is decent; simply a genuinely plain cardboard box with pictures of the items on the cover with pink watercolor style enumerating on the sides. Impeccably blessing commendable. Inside are the toys settled in a frothy supplement and beneath that you will discover a USB charging link, manual and a sleek white stockpiling pack. I effectively own the first (now stopped) variant of the Tango, so I was excited to figure out how the new one could enhance an officially magnificent toy. The new Tango is a little more than the first, and the inclined tip is some more characterized, yet that is essentially is appearance-wise.

Pleasure Mate Collection

I was enchanted to find that  the new charger is a million times better than the old one. Not just is USB good, instead of mains-just like the old one, the magnet is really sufficiently solid to stay joined for a full charge! That may not sound like much of an accomplishment yet genuinely, the old charger was so dreary with its consistent separating that I would have furnished a proportional payback a long time back in the event that it wasn’t so splendid separated from this. So yes, the accusing issue is settled of this model and I’m SO satisfied. Likewise, when the battery is beginning to get low, a light at the base of the We-Vibe Tango begins blazing orange to caution you that it needs connecting to. This can be a bit irritating amidst the night all things considered its an extremely valuable capacity as my old Tango was everlastingly biting the dust mid-utilization.

It takes around 90 minutes for it to completely charge which is genuinely standard for most rechargeable toys. The Tango has four settings of steady vibration and a couple of examples which I never utilization. It, annoyingly, still has the “memory” capacity (it “recollects” the last setting you utilize and whenever you turn it on it will be on that setting), which I think is futile as I generally need to develop to the higher speeds as it is extremely serious (and really very excruciating) on the off chance that you put it straight on to the max. The vibrations are practically the same power as they are on my more established model. Possibly a little stronger as my old one is tired out now, yet they are way quieter (I’d say in regards to as uproarious as my LELO Mia 2) which is dependably a change.

Using the Tango all alone, I can undoubtedly attain various climaxes in one session. I really dealt with three consecutively without expecting to utilize the fourth, most powerful consistent vibration setting. On the off chance that you battle to get off with a general shot, hunger for profound thundering vibrations and pin point incitement over more extensive incitement from a wand, then the Tango is completely the vibe for you.  This is what makes the We Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection The Best Couples Sex Toy Kit.

I hear a resounding “Yes!” from all the people who love clitoral stimulation.

By Brittney from Robina


Make Your Bed Bondage With Sportsheets!

Sportsheet bondage Sheets

For quite some time we have toyed with the idea of getting a bondage sheet for our bed to take our relationship to the next level and a few weeks ago we took the plunge and purchased The Sportsheets Bondage Bed Sheet. On its arrival we were stoked it came discreetly as promised and that the packaged when opened was nice. It clearly indicated what was in the box.

We took the sheet out and were surprised to find that they were super soft and comfortable. As good as an everyday sheet and we opened it up and saw the wrist and ankle restraints. I must admit seeing these and how they were going to be used on me caused a nice tingle to happen inside my body. So we fitted the sheet onto our bed and went about the business of tying me up. I lay down on my stomach and a blindfold was placed over my eyes. It was an unusual experience to be unable to move but my senses more acute due to sight sensory deprivation.

Sportsheet Bondage

We really had a lot of fun. My husband brought out a feather tickler and slowly began stroking my back and other areas. It was intense when he removed it as my body would be full of electricity wondering where he would place it next. To be quite honest I had a little orgasm whilst he was doing this but I didn’t let on. After a little while he positioned me which was really easy as the Velcro Cuffs can be moved a multiple of way and also to different parts of the body.

I could feel how turned on my husband was getting, being in total control of me and I must admit that it was quite a pleasure having no control and submitting to him. He was very sensitive and gentle to start with. Just when I was about to climax he pulled out of me and went down on me. I was needing to orgasm so badly. You have no idea the juices that flowed from me onto the bed. I came again and again on his face.

Finally when I thought I could come no more he entered me and placed a choker around my neck cutting off the air. Immediately I started to come again with a fury that I had never felt before. I squirmed and thrashed but could not pull away from him and after a few moments collapsed onto our new bondage sport sheet. As I lay there recovering, he removed the choker, mask and cuffs from me a smile spread across my face as I thought of the different way we could use this product. He caressed my as it began to relax.

There are many accessories for the sheets, such as the Dildo Anchor Pads and the Hump Bump and Vibrators, which having now purchased them add lots and lots of naughty fun!  What I found about the product is that the queen size sheet fits snuggly to your mattress with the help of elastic straps and elastic bands. It does take a little time to get the sheet on and snug but it is well worth it. The sheet is made of a soft washable fabric that other Sportsheet accessories “attach” to. With this sheet comes 2 pairs of cuffs that are anchored to a base of very sticky Velcro. You can put the cuffs anywhere on the sheet so you can bond your partner in very interesting positions: which makes for great sex play.

Once the cuffs are placed on they are virtually impossible to get out of: by pulling against them: but are easily removed if a corner is lifted. The adjustable cuffs are made of a soft rubber so they are very comfortable when in use. They also have play in them so you can easily reach the corner of the base to lift it and get it loose from the sheet: having the cuffs attached flat on the bed makes bondage games very comfortable: which is the key to having mind blowing orgasms. If bondage is your game this will take it to the next level and I highly recommend The Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet.



Erotic Ida Can Save The Day!

lelo ida

I think we can all agree that making love and sharing intimacy with those closest to us is a satisfying experience but what if those pleasure could be even more fantastic?

If you can enhance pleasure

to be on a whole new level why not give it a try with a luxurious brand like Lelo?  What if those more fantastic pleasures could be felt equally between both partners? Sounds pretty good, right? These are the questions we had in mind when designing Ida™, our newest Pleasure Object that is the world’s first-ever massager to not only combine rotations and vibrations, but also to offer enhanced sensual pleasures equally between both partners. A tall order, we know, but after taking a few minutes to learn the ins and outs of LELO’s latest, you’ll see that increasing sensations is so much better when they’re shared. With the Lelo Ida a women can insert it into her vagina and a man can have sex inside of her at the same time, so both people will feel the pleasurable vibrations.

Lelo Ida Clitoral Vaginal Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Ida


So what is it, exactly? Glad you asked what the Lelo Ida is. Right away, you’ll notice the Lelo Ida design is very unique among sex toys; this is because Ida™ has been designed from the ground up as a totally new pleasure sharing device that promises even more pleasing sensations for him and her during lovemaking.

Ida for him:

The thin, elongated portion of Lelo Ida™ is worn within the vagina during lovemaking, where it moves in a circular motion while leaving enough room for him to slide comfortably inside. Depending on the position, the rotations and vibrations create incredibly unique sensations as they make contact with the shaft and base of his penis. . Additionally, the tighter fit of him and Ida™ together brings the man to intense climax without the need for rigorous thrusting. It’s an entirely new way to share an intense and satisfying orgasm.

Ida for her:

The widened disc-shaped portion of Ida™ houses a best-in-class powerful motor that rests against the clitoris, while the larger surface area makes its suitable for a wider range of body types. The rotations meanwhile provide thrilling pressure on the G-spot when worn during lovemaking, particularly pleasurable with the woman on top or during doggy style. As a foreplay device, Ida™ moves around inside and out for totally unique feelings of pleasure unlike any you’ve felt before. If you want, you don’t have to have sex to use this device, use it when your alone and what to relieve some built up sexual tension.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

Your couples massager by definition take a little time getting used to; different body types and different rhythms change the experience from person to person, but the rewards pay back the efforts time and time again. As an all-new pleasure concept, every couple is going to have to take time to explore the potential it offers, so the simple tips below should ensure that Ida™ lives up to expectations.

  1. Take some time to familiarize yourself with wearing and controlling it with the wireless remote. Discover which vibration pattern and strength may suit you best, so you’re not confused on how to control the couples massager in the heat of the moment. Exploring the features together can build anticipation and could be the best precursor to more conventional foreplay you’ve ever had.
  2. When you’re ready to incorporate the Lelo Ida™ into partner play, take it slow. Don’t simply jump in to your normal sexual routine, but feel your way into the new experience. Use Ida™ to tease and entice, and adjust the positioning of Ida™ as he enters to make sure you are comfortable to enjoy the pleasures it offers.
  3. In positions where he is in control of the pace and strength of thrusting, he should be mindful to proceed slowly, and let you both share the pleasure more fully. A more relaxed pace will better allow you both to feel the rotations and vibrations as they add a unique twist to your lovemaking.
  4. With your partner, consult part one and part two of the Ida™ Lover’s Guide to get some sensual inspiration and ideas on how you both want to share all those soon to be discovered pleasures in store for both of you.




Strap On Dildos

Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit Sex Toy Image

Strap on dildos make it easier for couples to get heated up action in the bedroom! Those who have experienced climaxing with this sex toy would be able to tell you that they have experienced some of the best sex of their lives. The world is demanding people be more romantic and sexy in the twenty first century. And because of the huge demand for couples to be satisfied with each other there are many products and recommendation on how to improve their sex lives.  A lot of adult toys and erotic tools have been added to the world of sex and because of the way everyone can now easily achieve pleasure and satisfaction with the accepted use of them.  Now, more than ever, it is easier to control the tempo of your sexuality and lifestyle choices.

In case you’re searching for an approach to switch things up in a room, look no more further than the harness and strap-on dildo from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Sydney, Australia. The use Strap-on dildos executes a different approach to your sexual encounters which will send your darling over the moon as you infiltrate him or her. In the event that you need to figure out how to make your sexual partner shout out in delight and implore you for all the more, then you might be rewarded by looking at a strap on dildo in your bedroom play. When you’re the one entering your man, rather than the a different way, you a sentiment power. You get the opportunity to give the delight. Pegging additionally functions admirably with force trade and subjugation, since you get the opportunity to fill the predominant shoes. More tips on ruling here.Dildo Strap On Tantus Curve Kit

Obviously, strap on sex is an incredible route for you to give prostate incitement or even for the many nerve ending in a woman butt. The prostate is a walnut-sized erogenous zone inside a man’s butt. Look at this aide for more tips on prostate play. Despite the fact that you don’t have a prostate, you may have delighted in butt-centric sex, so envision how great it can feel for him with an extra sweet spot! On the off chance that you need to give your man back-angling, toe-twisting, shouting climaxes that will keep him sexually fixated on you, then you can take in these all the more capable sex methods in my private and careful bulletin.

Wearing a strap on can even make for an extraordinary picture. When you look at your waist you’ll see a harness with a dildo swinging  around. The event will make the room feel electric. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to take an attractive photograph or two? A strap on is an awesome prop to add to the photograph shoot, and can be sent as an indication of a decent time. There are additionally “strap-ons” with no straps by any stretch of the imagination. Formed like two-sided dildos are embedded into your vagina and bend around your pubic bone, so you can enter your lover. If have particularly solid pelvic muscles you may at present have the capacity to throw away your most loved harness and have sex with the strapless dildo. Harnesses will always give a more secure fit but strapless is enjoyable too.

It’ll be much less demanding to figure out how to use a strap on when you pick a harness that fits your body and tastes. Size is essential with regards to your new sex toys selection. A harness that is too substantial will get in the way and not permit you to peg your lover fully, an outfit that is too tight will cut off your circulation and make marks into your ski, getting to be uncomfortable and ugly. Most harnesses are measured by hip and sometimes it is advisable to get one with a stretchy material or that allows customization to the outfit and will allow for a bigger reach in sizes. Try to check size guides since sizes change between makers. While most strap ons are worn around your groin, so you will be able to really thrust that dildo into your partner.   For instance, you can buy strap ons that you wear on your hand, head, thigh and even your lower leg! Not everybody will be into these one of a kind strap ons but it is always a case for different strokes for different folks.  Imagine your lover grinding onto your thigh!

Clearly, the type of strap on will decide the dildo choices available to you. Any dildo with a flared base ought to work with an O-ring. You’ll have a lot of choices from production companies, for example, Fun Factory or Tantus. Stay with body-safe silicone, stainless steel or glass. Harder materials will feel more extreme amid use, so you can be sure to have a choice that feels right for you. Heavier dildos will tend to hang lower in an outfit, so you may need to alter the snugness of straps as you’re figuring out how to adjust it perfectly to your situation.



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