Hair Or No Hair? That Is The Question…

A woman waxing her pubic hair for sexual health

The way my mind works is a little bit bizarre, with the things keeping me up at night being slightly different than your average person. Lately I’ve had a few questions in mind in regards to pubic hair and I am so grateful to have an outlet where I get to bring these strange internal queries to an audience. They go something like this;

When did the presence of pubic hair in pornography become a category of its own? What is the importance of porn? How does porn impact sexuality and body image? Are we really living in a time where the natural way a woman’s body is created is something to trim, wax, shave and primp? Is there anything wrong with the bald hair style trend? Or should we be embracing a full bush like they did pre-1980s?

Body Image In Society, Culture & The Media

It is most definitely not a new concept that women have felt the need to modify their appearance, with females dating back thousands of years changing their bodies using a range of methods – corsets, tattoos, piercings and feet binding are just some of the many practices women have implemented over time to change their appearance.

Since I can recall, for the most part, I have been exposed to images in the media and in pornography that almost denies the fact that women have hair on and around their genitals. Do not get me wrong, I am all for women doing with their bodies whatever they wish. I do however question whether clipping their nether regions is an empowered choice women make or if over time they have been made to feel that it is not normal to be a la natural.

Some people believe that there is something unclean with women who have pubic hair, with this a false idea. Pubic hair is normal, and it is womanly.  I think Hank Moody from the series Californication said it best

“While I’m down there it might be nice to see a hint of pubis. I’m not talking about a huge 70’s Playboy bush or anything. Just something that reminds me that I’m performing cunnilingus on an adult.”

Woman with heart designed pubic hair
Image: Heart Shaped Pubic Hair

One of the concerns I have regarding the inundation of portrayals of hairless women is the effect it may have on young women coming into puberty or women who do not desire to remove their pubic hair. Just like the possible impacts of seeing only size 6 models on Instagram may have on a curvaceous size 14 woman, I fear only being exposed to women in porn who have no pubic hair may make women with hair feel less than comfortable with their bodies. The lack of representations in mainstream pornography of women with all different hair styles gives the impression that everyone is hairless or needs to be to be considered “normal”!

I have heard of many women who absolutely must have clean shaven genitals otherwise they won’t be intimate with anyone – this is based on what they fear the person they are being intimate with will think if they are not. It frustrates me hearing things like this because

  1. I think it is absurd that women feel they can’t experience pleasure without somehow changing their bodies and…
  2. Women get so preoccupied thinking men care so much when they really don’t!

What Do Men Think About Pubic Hair?

I have spoken to many (good) men and the consensus is, they are just so grateful to be intimate with a woman, they do not actually care about her pubic hair! I think perhaps the ideas we have about men being swayed towards baldness as opposed to natural is because of the portrayals in pornography, without this being the case in every instance. Sure, there are some men and women who prefer no pubic hair and that is a completely valid preference to have. Preferences and differing desires is what makes human beings unique and I encourage people to stick to what truly feels good to them.

Different designs for pubic hair
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Changing Your Appearance Is A Personal Choice

I accept the fact that women have complete choice in what they do with their bodies and how they change their appearance and I in no way wish to condemn women for choosing to go hairless. I merely bring up this query as a way of getting women to think about why they shave or wax. Is it for aesthetics? Comfort? Pleasure? Or perhaps it is just done because it seems like the only option.

A partner who does not expect you to be anything other than your most authentic self is the only person worth being with ladies so I encourage you to look at your hair styling habits and decide what is right for you. It could mean that you keep on keeping on (aka shaving or waxing) but you may in fact discover that natural feels best for you. Mix it up and try different things, don’t just do something because everyone else seems to be. Maybe a landing strip or lightning bolt is your style, or perhaps keeping your bush neatly trimmed is your cup of tea. Trust yourself, honour your true desires and feel empowered in however you wish to treat your body. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is sexier than a confident woman who respects and feels good in her body, hair or no hair!

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing






Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.

The Secrets Behind Period Sex

Period Sex

My head feels foggy, I feel sick yet want to eat everything in sight, any desire for sex is nowhere to be seen, my emotions are chaotic and what I want more than anything in the world is to curl up in a ball and sleep until the end of time. Before you ask-No I did not drink any alcohol last night! I am perfectly well and healthy but I am a woman and these experiences can be a somewhat common occurrence on the days leading up to my period. I see it as perfectly ok & as best as I can, will completely honour my need to rest and nourish my body. This has not always been the case.

Years ago, when I would experience pre-menstrual symptoms, I would have pushed through these feelings, expecting the same output of energy in order to get through my days. This ultimately resulted in some pretty awful consequences including lots of angry outbursts to the people around me and feeling completely exhausted.

Many women I speak with are unaware of the different phases that occur during their cycle. I believe this is such a shame as this knowledge can eradicate much of the confusion and emotional disturbances that are often experienced by women. Societies awareness of and openness with the menstruation cycle is significantly greater than previous generations yet I still see that there is a long way to come in terms of how we relate to this process that occurs monthly for most women.

The Menstrual Cycle Consists Of Four Distinct Phases:


Menstruation occurs when the broken-down lining of the uterus flows out through the vagina. Menstruation generally lasts from three to seven days. Some women regularly have periods that are shorter or longer than this. The length can also differ from one cycle to the next. In addition to blood, menstrual fluid is made up of several components including endometrial cells, cervical mucus and vaginal secretions. The amount of menstrual fluid lost varies between women and from one cycle to the next, but a woman generally loses about 50-100ml of fluid each time she has a period.

The Follicular Phase

During this phase, the pituitary gland releases follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which causes between 10 and 20 follicles (cells that contain immature eggs, known as ova) to begin developing in the ovary. They produce the hormone oestrogen, which causes the lining of the uterus (endometrium) to become thick in preparation for the possible embedding of a fertilised egg. Usually, only one follicle develops into a mature egg. This follicle moves towards the surface of the ovary, while the others break down and are reabsorbed by the body. The follicular phase begins on the first day of menstruation and ends with ovulation. It can vary considerably in length, depending on the time of ovulation.


The term ‘ovulation’ refers to the release of a mature egg from the ovary. During the follicular phase, the rise in a woman’s oestrogen levels causes gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) to be released from her brain. This in turn causes the pituitary gland to produce increased levels of luteinising hormone (LH). The abrupt rise in LH, known as the LH surge, triggers ovulation. Following ovulation, the egg is swept into the fallopian tube and moved along towards the uterus. If fertilisation does not occur, the egg disintegrates within 6-24 hours.

Luteal Phase

During this phase, the remnants of the follicle that released the egg (now called the corpus luteum) release large amounts of the hormone progesterone as well as some oestrogen. These hormones contribute to the further thickening and maintenance of the uterine lining. If fertilisation does not occur, the corpus luteum breaks down and progesterone levels decline, leading to the disintegration of the uterus lining. During the luteal phase, women may experience physical and emotional changes including tender or lumpy breasts, fluid retention, bloating, mood swings, tiredness or anxiety.

Period And Menstruation Joke
Image: Menstruation Cycle

As you can see, the menstrual cycle is an extremely complex process, with a need for women to be respectful and understanding of their bodies for going through this every month.

Sexuality, sexual desire & relationships can be notably affected by the menstrual cycle, with women and their partners benefiting greatly from knowing where they are at in their cycle in order to have greater compassion and understanding of what is occurring for the woman (i.e. emotions, desires).

During menstruation, some people will choose to not be sexual with their partners for different reasons. Some may believe it to be unclean, others do not like the feeling of having sex when they may be experiencing an increase in pain or sensitivity.

Sex during menstruation is not unclean but can be messy if certain precautions are not taken. I would recommend getting outdoors or in the shower for some lovemaking during this time if the mess part is an issue. Sex can be great for easing menstrual cramps, with many women even claiming they have the highest sex drive when they are bleeding. Everyone is unique and it is important for every woman to get to know her body and what it likes.

Intimacy does not need to cease just because intercourse may not be desired during menstruation. Connecting with your partner during this time may mean kissing, touching and massaging one another. Feel into what you or your partner’s body desires and communicate this clearly.

Be mindful that certain contact with the menstrual blood of a woman whose sexual health status is unknown increases the risk of sexually transmitted infection and blood-borne virus transmission- safety is paramount.

Menstruating And Sex
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Many women will report an increase in sexual desire after menstruation in the time leading up to ovulation. A perfectly easy way to understand the reason for this is that the days leading up to ovulation is when a woman is the most fertile-her body is made to want to conceive a baby hence orgasms are more easily attained, she may feel more extroverted and her desire for sex is high. Enjoy this time, however, know that the chance of conceiving a child is in this period is greatest. If a child is not on the cards for you & your partner, take precautions to minimise the chance of unwanted pregnancy.

After ovulation, there is a dip in sexual desire for many women & it is not uncommon for them to experience times of intense emotions and uncomfortable physical symptoms. Often this may mean that sex is the last thing on a woman’s mind. Women need to be kind & patient to themselves and should expect the same treatment from their partners. Instead of projecting emotion onto your partner, let them know what you’re feeling and take some time out for yourself if needed. Sex can be a great way to connect with your partner if the desire is there, just ensure that desire is there for both of you.

A woman becoming aware of her menstrual cycle can be a really great way of predicting best times to participate in certain activities (I personally would never participate in a marathon on the first day!!!) and gives her a chance to have a closer connection with her body and the incredible process it goes through every month. It’s also amazing for partners to understand what is happening to their woman as best as they can-this way, among other things, you’ll know when bringing home dark chocolate and red wine is going to be most appreciated!!

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing



Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.

The Raw Truth About Miscarriage

What Is A Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a topic that hits home pretty hard, and for me, it was more mental than physical trauma that I struggled with. Sex and intimacy after miscarriage is a pretty controversial topic, it comes with a million different personal beliefs as to what the right way to do it is, as well as the correct time to wait.

Truth is there is no specific time and there is no way to do it, there are guidelines and recommendations but not one rule that fits everyone.

Miscarriage is rough and personal, it’s mentally draining as well as physically, and really unless you go through it you have no idea how you will cope or how you will react.

I will shed some light on my story and maybe a few of you will be able to understand and can benefit from it. October 2016 I fell pregnant, it wasn’t planned but there was nothing stopping it either, four weeks later something felt different, and my monthly period did not arrive. I took a pregnancy test (a clear blue digital) and those words “pregnant” came up on the little digital screen. I was happy, I was hopeful, but I was scared, my partner and I had spoken about this but I knew he wouldn’t be happy. At the age of 24 I did not think I’d have a miscarriage, I had never been pregnant before and honestly I didn’t even know if I was able to fall pregnant. What I did know was that since I was a little girl I definitely wanted children, I always wanted to be a mum.

Breaking the news to him was hard and those words he uttered stuck to me, he wasn’t happy. The weeks went along and other “options” were brought up, these options have never sat right with me and were something I was most definitely was not comfortable with. Finally, I went for a thirteen-week scan, I was excited, he came with me and the time came to finally see my little baby. I laid down the technician put the jelly just above my pelvic line and pressed on with the machine, I waited for him to turn the screen so I could see! He never did… I just kept staring at the ceiling because I knew in that moment something wasn’t right. He walked out of the room and told me he had to go get a doctor, I sat up slightly and looked at my partner, I could tell by his face something wasn’t right. The doctor came in to look at my scans and to take his own, I was then told to come back in an hour, I knew what I was going to be told and I was devastated.

A Patient Who Had A Miscarriage
Image: “Probably the single saddest, most gut wrenching moment of my life” – Miscarriage Association

An hour passes and I walked back up alone to the waiting room, a few moments later a doctor and nurse came out to speak to me and handed me my scans. They apologised and the nurse handed me tissues, that moment was raw, that moment crushed me, I was told to go to the doctors straight away because my body had not recognised that I had a miscarriage, well, in this case, a missed miscarriage. The nurse walked down to the car with me and watched me cross the road safely and I sat in the car and just cried, and spoke the words “its dead”. From then on it is a blur, I called my doctor they fitted me in straight away, I was then told to go to emergency, I went to St-George emergency, they took blood tests looked at my scans spoke to me and told me to come back in the morning at 7.30am to the early pregnancy unit.

I walked in with my partner to the early pregnancy unit they admitted me and sent me for more blood tests I walked back up to the rooms and went through my options with me. I had barely processed what had just happened let alone what the best way to deal with this was. I was given three options, a) I could be given medication to take home with me and see if my body would do this naturally at home, b) I could be induced at the hospital and wait a few hours, or c) to have an operation. Now I have had a fair few operations in my past so I wasn’t keen on that idea, I chose option b. they were slightly worried about me because of my past operations and how far along I actually was. They admitted me for safety precautions and to monitor me, I was given the inducing medication and then it was a waiting game. It was a long wait and I ended up telling my partner to go home and rest, then 3am the next morning the inevitable happened. After hours of contractions, it all started.

It was intense, traumatic and heart wrenching, gushes of blood and clots came out of me, I couldn’t think I pressed the button for the nurses and did as they told me and tried to collect everything in the bucket like thing they had given me. The bleeding, however, did not stop and they were worried, all of a sudden 3 doctors and 5 nurses were in the room with me removing my clothes, trying to “scrap” me out and using gauze to stop the bleeding. I then felt a bigger clot, it was, in fact, my baby, my doctor cleaned it up for me and asked if I wanted to look. I didn’t think I just tried to sit up, I was then presented with this perfectly formed little human that was no bigger than my pinky finger, with arms, legs a body a head and forming of a face. My heart at that point melted.

After that all I remember was being rush wheeled up to an emergency operation because I had lost over two litres of blood, what felt like five minutes but was actually about forty-five I woke up from my operation and was in the recovery room. The empty feeling is indescribable, but for a very long time and still, now I don’t feel complete.

Coming home I was still bleeding slightly which is pretty normal, but I was terrified of anything going near that “area” after what has just come out of there. For nearly three weeks I was petrified it would hurt or it would start bleeding again, not to mention every time I went to the bathroom I was too scared to look down just in case there was blood. Now I have no issues with blood but with this I did, and it was a horrible feeling.

Fast forward three weeks and I finally plucked up the courage to try something. Thoughts were running through my head like if I don’t try and force myself my partner is going to look elsewhere if I don’t give him something soon! My doctor had told me to wait two weeks to allow my body to heal, he also recommended waiting three months before trying to conceive again. Now, this is different for everyone but at the end of the day, it’s completely up to you and your own personal feelings. No one truly knows how well they will cope and when they will be ready. Never force yourself it’s more damaging than helpful!

Sad Couple
Image: Love

It is scary and intimidating and extremely personal! But if you are comfortable try out gentle things first, go slow and make sure your partner understands that you are scared, and communicate! I cannot stress enough how important communication is, in this situation but also so many other situations! It’s not something you can just google to get the right answers, everyone is so different and everyone reacts and copes differently. The best advice I can give is to go slow and talk, don’t rush into it and if it doesn’t feel right now it doesn’t mean it won’t always feel that way. Time is your best friend, and there is no shame in waiting. The body is extremely personal, and even though everyone is made with the same parts it does not mean everyone uses or reacts the same with them. This is the reason why intimacy is so personal and the reason why everyone likes different things and feels different ways, you cannot give a blanket description to what everyone will like let alone what everyone will be comfortable with after a traumatic event. Words and body language are a powerful tool that needs to be used more frequently. This is also the same with using sex toys in the bedroom, that “area” is tender and firmer or large sex toys that were once comfortable and pleasurable may not be now or for a while.  Listen to your body start slow and small and build up to a level that is comfortable for you. There is absolutely no shame in starting off slow, small, gentle and working your way up.

Miscarriage Statistics
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Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Although relatively young Morgan has lived a life filled with experiences that have made her grow as a person. She has completed and is a product and interior designer who is a strong believer in equality between sexes and speaks out against violence. Working in the adult industry has allowed her to grow as a person and come out of her emotional and sexual shell.

The Real Power Of “SLUTS”

A Photo That Fights Against Rape Culture

Slut, a word that is packing so much punch behind it, a word that we have all seen and probably thrown around with little regard! Slut, it’s just a string of 4 short letters and yet the impact it has had on so many is immeasurable.  This word, Slut, struck a chord amongst anyone who stands for equality, when a member of a particular police force addressed a crowd of college women and expressed in his opinion (which sadly is agreed with by other misogynists and bigots), that if women didn’t want to be “sexually” harassed, assaulted or raped “shouldn’t dress like Sluts”!

The statement made by this officer sparked a movement to take back ownership over one’s own body. This is exactly what the SlutWalk aims to do.

The Amber Rose SlutWalk is a non-profit event that is beginning to play a monumental role in the movement towards social justice, ending body shaming, gender equality, ending rape culture and a huge one in my opinion victim blaming, fueled by this mission, the Amber Rose Empowerment Weekend was born. Amber Roses SlutWalk has a global impact with a presence in over 200 countries.

LELO Fights For Gender Equality
Photo: Maggie West Photography For SlutWalk 2017

Amber Roses Slut walks bring thousands of people across the gender, sex, race, age, class, education, and professions together for an unforgettable experience.

There is no “type” on what someone involved in the Amber Rose SlutWalk would look like. You DO NOT need to come from an activist background or know anything about these issues, just be open minded. Their mission is serious, and on this day of dressing up, strutting your stuff, and standing up for gender equality is filled with fun, laughter, and a community to support a tremendous cause. The SlutWalk is about self-expression, unity, shedding stereotypes, and supporting one another.

Celebrating its 3rd year running the Slut Walk was joined by Adultsmart and Oh Zones good friends at LELO as the walks premier sponsor. I couldn’t have thought of a better pairing for this event. Both of these entities pride themselves on breaking barriers and opening up ideals to include healthy and happy sex positive lifestyles. LELO’s CMO Steve Thomson and the Slut Walks innovator Amber Rose both recognise that the fight for Gender and Sexual equality is the fight of our generation.

LELO fights against sexual harrassment
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LELO not only got behind helping the Slut Walk with Branding etc… LELO went all out for this event. Providing their luxury brand toys for giveaways and prize packs. You can find pictures on the Slut Walks Instagram of ring tosses onto LELO’s Soraya Vibrator… This would have been so fun, if I do say so myself.

On top of the giveaways and prizes LELO provided they also sponsored Visual Artist Maggie West and her installation at this year’s Walk. Maggie’s Photography work captures the true power in the female form, her combination of lighting and body positioning demonstrate sexuality and sexual empowerment. It’s like a 3 way match made in heaven.

With the combined forces of Amber Rose and the Global Brand LELO the Slut Walk has real potential to bring empowerment to those in marginalised groups. Amber Rose and her public presence has already done so much to empower women within their own skin. She is unapologetically her true self, expressing herself in an honest manner whether you agree with her lifestyle or life choices, she is to be commended for her passion to create equality. And LELO began their venture about 15 years ago with a plan to change the way buyers see sex toys. As a world leader in adult pleasure LELO have created a packaged product that is not only easy on the eyes but enticing to any potential buyer, and even for those who didn’t know they were looking.

The Slut Walk for 2017 might be over but you can still show your support at The Amber Rose Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Amber Rose. Rose started this foundation to support her personal mission of uplifting, empowering, and enhancing women around the world. The funds raised through donations will help bring future events to life, with on-site services, like HIV testing, sexual awareness booths, food vendors and merchandise vendors. But more importantly, donations will go to support groups and organizations for women who’ve been subject to slut shaming, a lack of implication of double standards, sexual assault, and rape.

No More Sexual Violence

No More Victim Blaming

No More Derogatory Labels

No More Gender Inequality

For more information about LELO sex toys, vibrators and products read Adultsmart’s VIP interview with Hannah Holmes.

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human SexualitySave



Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology – Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings.

Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

The BIG Deal With Bodily Fluids?!

Cameron Diaz With Mens Ejaculation

Does anybody remember the Sex & the City episode where Samantha is sleeping with a man who has, as she so eloquently puts it, “the funkiest tasting spunk?” Or the scene in There’s Something About Mary where Ben Stiller’s character has his semen dangling from his ear when met to go on a date with Cameron Diaz – who then uses it as hair gel? I also recall a scene in Superbad where one of the characters is dancing with a girl who is menstruating and is completely disgusted when he gets her blood on his pants. There seems to be a bit of a fascination present in popular culture with bodily fluids, and it’s mostly portrayed in a comedic way that sees semen, blood or vaginal fluids as something to be repulsed by.

Without trying to sound too dramatic or serious, I feel that showing bodily fluids as something unnatural to be avoided doesn’t do much good for people when it comes to their sex lives. I feel this because, quite simply, there’s no avoiding some form of bodily fluids in one way or another when being sexual with someone. If having sex is accompanied with something that we have been taught to be grossed out by then whether we are conscious of it or not, there’s a part of us that is grossed out during sex. The same thing can be said for smell as this is something that many people go to extreme measures to attempt to cover up and conceal.

Many of us carry so much shame when it comes to the way we smell and taste. We are sold products that promise to eradicate all our smells and keep us “clean”. From deodorants and perfumes to scented feminine hygiene products & genital cleansers, we are constantly inundated with the message that something about our bodily functions is wrong and to be avoided.

Woman With Bodily Fluids And Sweat
Photo: Woman Who Is Sweating

Talking with lots of people over the years all from a range of different backgrounds, I have come to see that many people carry some very negative feelings when it comes to their own or another’s fluids and smells. Many women are disgusted to kiss their partner after he goes down on them, many men claim to avoid kissing their partner if she has taken his cum in her mouth, and almost no one enjoys performing cunnilingus on a menstruating woman. I understand that this aversion may be for legitimate reasons when risk is involved (i.e. sexual health reasons) however with our most intimate partners when safety is guaranteed, I believe that it can be healthy to overcome this aversion.

When it comes down to it, we humans are animals and have instinctual primal tendencies that dictate our sexual behaviours and attractions. Pheromones are chemical messengers that are emitted into the environment from the body where they can then activate specific physiological or behavioural responses in other individuals. Whether we are aware of it or not, these pheromones can be what innately attracts us to our partner so for this reason, I say enjoy the tastes & smells as it can be an incredibly sexy bonding experience.

Just like I would encourage people to become familiar with solo self-pleasuring to get to know their own body before being intimate with someone else, I suggest that people give their own bodily fluids a try. Tasting your cum does not make you “gay” gentlemen (as I have heard many times from many men) and you are not going to be harmed from kissing your partner after he performs cunnilingus on you ladies.

It is an interesting thing to notice how people are often ok for their partners to swallow their cum or lick their pussies yet are not ok with the taste themselves. I recommend looking deeper into these aversions and questioning whether it may be something you wish to overcome because nothing compares to having a partner who loves the way you taste & smell!

Funny Sex Meme
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I would not be a responsible sexual health educator, sexologist and sex blogger if I didn’t discuss safety & sexual health in the same article as discussing getting comfortable with bodily fluids so here goes. Sexual health screening is vital to ensure effective treatment and/or reduced rates of transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) & blood borne viruses (BBV’s). Certain contact with bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal secretions and blood can lead to transmission of some STI’s and BBV’s. Fluid bonding (i.e. sharing bodily fluids) in relationships between people who are known to be STI & BBV free means risks are significantly reduced however it is important to remember that exchanging bodily fluids with someone who’s sexual health status is not known carries risks. Exercise caution and use safe sex prevention such as dams and condoms when sexual health status is unknown. (See below for link to sexual health services).

It is so interesting to see how conditioned us humans have become believing that something about our natural state is dirty.  When safety and health are prioritised above all else, I say abandon the belief that our bodily fluids are something to be ashamed of and embrace the magnificence of all that our body does!

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing





Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.

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