How To Cheat at Relationships And Get Away With It

School of Cheaters

It has been like a song, everyone singing it from every part of the world, cheating! Cheating! Cheating..! It is not only a few times that we hear of cheating issues in relationships. Unfortunately, it has led to breakages of families and not just that but the hearts of many as well. Among some couples, it has reached such heights of being cautious and curious. They always want to know where their partners are at any given time, what are they doing and with who.

Few lucky people however cheat but never get caught. I think I have learned their trick. This, I have to whisper; read through the following discussion on how to easily get away with cheating.


Save your side piece with a different name in your phone

Using a name your partner won’t be suspicious about can help you play this game right and win. If your side piece is a man, you can save his number with a lady’s name and vice versa. Also, these people should not be the kind who text and call all the time. They should know what to say on texts as well as when to send them or call.

Look for a side piece who understand

When deciding on who to be your side piece, pick only those who may not want more than secret sexual affair. Some of the side piece people are crazy. They may decide to inform your partner about it all. Hence, you must find that person you trust will not want more and can keep your secret a secret. Sometimes, I do tell myself sex dolls are the best for this, there are different sex doll types, but none will never say a word about what you do let alone the high-end models which are smarter.

Avoid multiple sign-ins

You will have to log out from all other devices except the one you are using. If you are chatting on messenger via your phone yet your account is active in your home computer, it could be a considerable risk. A suspicious partner might log in and see what you’ve been texting and to who.

Clean up your charts and call logs

Cleaning up your chats with your side piece will keep you safe from suspicion by your partner. Remember, do not delete all the conversations in your message folder. That may raise questions as to why? This strategy as well applies to calls. Ensure you delete their call history. Using one platform to communicate will so much help with this tactic. Decide whether it will be SMS through Facebook and let it remain so. So many media might raise chances of forgetting to delete some of the nude pictures you saved and other nasty chats.

Keep it a secret

Telling everyone around you of your side piece may land you into severe problems with your partner. Not all of your friends you can trust but only a few you believe in. Be careful who you share with this secret otherwise, they will expose you.


Cheating is immoral. I do not support it. Why should you marry in the first place if you want to cheat? It is more of disrespecting your love partner. Sometimes, embracing Sex Dolls Love maybe a better option than cheating with a real person. You risk so much; heart brakes, stress, bad reputation, pregnancy, and others that maybe even worse.

8 Things to Discuss with Your Partner before Engaging in Strap-on Sex

strap-on sex

This probably isn’t your first time having sex with your partner. But it is your first time talking about strap-on sex. It’s great that you’re interested in exploring different sexual activities, but it’s also important to talk to your partner beforehand. Not everyone likes surprises, and when it comes to sex, those surprises won’t necessarily end well. Talking to your partner before trying out a new activity in the bedroom will give them time to process and decide if it’s something they’d like to do. Sitting down for a strapon chat is crucial, but what are you going to talk about? Here are eight topics to discuss with your partner before having strap-on sex.


Have they tried it before?

Unless you ask, you don’t know. Maybe your partner has already tried strap-on sex before. If so, ask them how they felt about it and their experience. Their past experience has a lot to do with how they feel about strap-on sex in general. If they had a negative experience, then they may not be up to try it again. Knowing their history with strap-on sex will give you a better idea of how to approach the subject.


Do they want to try strap-on sex?

Before you even think about anything else, you need to get their consent. Is your partner even interested in strap-on sex? Though you may want to give it a try, it doesn’t mean they share the same interests. Before ordering your strap-on kit, sit down with your partner, and see how they feel about this. Enthusiastic consent is essential. If they’re not excited to try it, then don’t push the subject further.


Their thoughts about it

You need to know how they honestly feel about trying it out. Your partner deserves a chance to express their feelings. Yes, you brought it up, which is courageous, but if this is an equal relationship, then they need to be able to speak their mind. Who knows how they feel; perhaps they’re curious to give it a try, but they’re scared. Or, they could be entirely on board with the idea.


What are their boundaries?

Remember, sex is different for everyone. Though you may be more open about strap-on sex, your partner may not share the same feelings. If they’ve agreed to give strap-on sex a try, then the next step is discussing the boundaries. Since they’ve never tried strap-on sex before, their boundaries may not be solidified. But, there may be some acts which are off-limits for them. Regardless, a safeword should be picked beforehand; giving both people an out if one of you reaches a discomfort.


Why you want to try it

There are many reasons why people want to try strap-on sex. Some are curious, others are interested in a role reversal, and others want to try a sexual taboo. It doesn’t matter why you want to explore strap-on sex, but you should explain your reason to your partner. It’s very easy for people to assume the reason their partner wants to try strap-on sex has something to do with their lack of sexual performance. Make sure your partner knows exactly why you want to give strap-on sex a try.


Talk about the fears involved

Up until now, strap-on sex was seen as a taboo. This is because there are a lot of myths surrounding it. For example, men who enjoy strap-on sex are gay, strap-on sex is really painful, if a woman likes it she’s secretly a lesbian, and so on. So, your partner may be curious to try strap-on sex, but these myths may be preventing them from trying it out. By talking about these fears and discussing them with your partner, you’ll put these fears to rest.


The importance of communication

Even though you’re excited about trying strap-on sex, you’re probably a little nervous as well. And this is completely normal when trying something new. However, the difference between a positive and negative experience is communication. If your partner is interested in giving it a try, then you two need to agree on communicating during the experience. If you’re not expressing what’s feeling good or bad, it can ruin future experiences.


Respect their boundaries

If your partner isn’t into strap-on sex, you need to respect their decision. Sometimes people just need space to think it over, in that case, give them the space they need. Strap-on sex could be overwhelming for them as well, try to start off with small sex toys such as butt plugs or your finger to let them test it out.


Strap-on sex can be a great sexual experience, but only if your partner is interested. This is why it’s crucial you sit down with your partner and talk about it. No one said the conversation was going to be an easy one. But regardless of the answer, you’ll be able to learn more about your partner, and vice versa.



My Wild Newcastle Orgy

Newcastle Orgy
Hi!   My name is Peter B. and I’d love to contribute my experience in this adult lifestyle blog.
I have always had an extreme interest in sex, A few years ago I separated from my wife of 20years , I have been busy fulfilling my group sex fantasies ever since,.
By far the best thing so have ever done to advance this was to Join a group called NBO (nude bi orgies) I was lucky enough to find them through my extensive internet research on swingers, swinging, nude partying, and all things related to casual sex for fun. I’m a nudist and always been excited about being in a group of nude group that have the same  or similar desires for group sex, as a guy it’s not possible to show that your  aroused in a nudist situation , However in group sex ,swinging environment it’s completely different ,as a guy you’re free to be as aroused as you want , I can “show off” “look how big and hard my cock is” and move freely among the other players.
That’s what I found when I attended my 1st NBO, It was a couple of days after I separated from my Wife ,the party was held on a private acreage deep in the forest near Newcastle , The event is called NBO “orgy in the woods “ .
This party is held a couple times a year usually in spring and again in late summer.  They have others in  Brisbane ,Gold Coast ,Byron Bay ,Sydney ,Canberra ,and Melbourne .
I joined the group through their website
I was sent an invitation, I replied and was given information,  I was given very  strict instructions not to  divulge any of the location or dates .
It wasn’t easy to find, but I arrived early anyway, it was a magnificent place deep in the forest, a clearing in the thick forest with a cottage and lots of space to play, I was greeted by the security guy who was nude except for his high vis safety vest . Lol.
I figured I had found the right place and gave him the password I had been sent, He directed me to the parking area, I was among the 1st day stayers,  The campers had already arrived earlier , For an extra $30 you can camp the night arrive early Saturday morning and stay till Sunday morning, there were lots of tents, and camper vans on the site.
I was so excited, I had already seen the photos from the previous parties, yahoo adult groups have an NBO blog
It gave me an idea of what it would be like later in the evening, but atm most of the gang were either still setting up camp or just relaxing around the camp site having a chat, a drink, catchup with people they know from previous years,
I couldn’t wait to nudieup! , I got my gear off and I went over to the main area where Pete, (NBO Director)was sitting up for the nights activities,  lots of lounges cushions pillows mattresses and stuff layed out on ground sheets under the  Pagola that was covered with some tarps, a big open ended tent , a big dance floor, Plenty of bedding on the ground to provide everyone a comfortable place to play.
I introduced myself to Peter who was nude , He was so friendly and really made me feel welcome, said I could walk round nude and  show off my cock, and introduce myself if I like .I grabbed a beer from my esky and wandered around the property, It was the most liberating feeling I have ever had, my cock had never been harder and I felt so free, thinking “I’m boned up in front of all these total strangers and it’s beautiful, they all completely cool with this”.
I saw a few girls that I would be definitely looking for when the action starts.
I met the owners of the property, beautiful couple, the wife gave me a tour and we had a great chat about it.
I went to the shower area, grabbed a seat by the fire pit, more couples arriving and some using the hot shower they set up. Sitting there having a beer I had a great view of the shower.
9pm  approached the place begin to fill up , before I knew it there are over 200 people and  the car park area was full .
Many of the guests had also decided to get undressed early, I approached a couple Id seen earlier setting up Their campsite ,  they were walking over to the main area , she was young ,twenty something with light strawberry coloured hair , she was short but slim with nice tits and a round little arse, best of all she had no pants on,.
I said to her , “you look like a dirty little slut walking around here with no pants on” she said “yes , I am a dirty little slut” by now I was fingering her cunt and her man was just standing by watching, I kissed her neck squeezed her big tittles, and said  “I want you to suck  my fucking hard cock you dirty slut”
Next thing she was sucking my cock like it had never been sucked before.
Just then another girl with beautiful big tits walked past me , and older girl with black tight ringlets ,I had to get the 1st girl  off my cock , I Wanted those tittles”
Her name was Joan, I sucked her nipples, stuck my tongue in her mouth , squeezed her beautiful big tits, rubbed my rock hard cock all over her ass cheeks , while a couple of other guys were also making good use of her fun bits..
we had all been told on arrival that the play was not to start until after the briefing at 9pm, but many of them were ignoring that rule.
I saw a girl earlier arrived with a guy then he went off on his own, she walked over near the toilet area where some gay/bi guys were getting busy giving head to each other, she was sucking a bunger, I went over to her to try and have a grope of her, she backed away and said no, I’m just having a smoke, I apologised and went back to the main area, I’ve seen this girl at  all the NBO events I’ve attended, she doesn’t play, I’ve had a pleasure talking to her since, at the Easter party in Sydney, held at our secret spot swingers club Surry Hills ,I sat with her and we got along really well, at the same time this gorgeous blonde girl was giving me a BJ,( there is a photo of this on the yahoo group blog,)
About 9pm we all gathered to here Pete give his briefing, I noticed a cute blond moving around near me, so I introduced myself, she said he name was Eva , she had a German accent.
She was beautiful, blonde hair ,pretty face , nice big tits with  big nipples.
Soon everyone was nude and fucking all over the place.
I got to know Eva a bit , and had a good feel of her, it was getting hot, So I went down and licked her clit till she came a couple of times, I moved to the dance area, where a cute girl with a tight little body and small titties was playing with a few young guys, I recognised her from blog photos from previous years events,she saw my cock and wanted to suck it immediately, she said I love to fuck you but I think you are to big for me, I told her I’d come back later with a condom and we could try.
I saw a girl, she was young, 18years, 20 at the most, slim big tits long dark hair fair complexion only wearing thigh high black boots, the most perfect tits, she was an absolute knock out and she knew it, I devoted way to much attention to her, she was wasting valuable time, the other guy she engaged in this was a lot younger than me, bearded, chubby, & had bad bo. I gave up after half an our of stupid conversation about crap, someone told me later the stinky guy with a beard got lucky, go figure.
I played a bit of stick my cock in this girls mouth , and that girls mouth, watched all kinds of rooting,  A beautiful girl in the crocheted white dress with her nipples showing through the holes, and not long enough to cover her Vaggiene, It’s was a  “Norah head  Dress “ (It’s up above  “The Entrance “) was bending Over a chair and being fucked in the pussy from behind, she fucked for hours , as one by one guys took turns pounding her pussy.
I’ve left out so much of the details , I could be writing about that night for ever, In the end my cock was swollen, I’d had a hard on from early afternoon till midnight and I was wearing a cockring , so it was enormous, finally Eva the girl I met at 9pm gave me the most amazing blow job, I’d built up the most enormous load of cum, she  swallowed  down every drop.
I climaxed that hard  I almost passed out.
I thanked her, gave her a hug and said goodbye
I drove back to Sydney that night

How to get out of your sexual rut and be the deviant you used to be!

Sex Stud

Have you ever hit a stage in your sex life where you do the same thing over and over again? Have you ever asked yourself is there more to just missionary, doggy and cowgirl? Can I really last longer than 5 minutes? and actually be excited for sex instead of using the “I’m tired” line? Majority of people don’t like to acknowledge that they are in a sexual rut. Defined in the dictionary as “a habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change” a rut in your sex life can be very detrimental to your overall being, your relationship and your health. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you a few strategies to break down your rut and get you back on track to being the sexual deviant that you and your partner deserve you to be.

When you finish my 30 day sexual challenge, you’ll go from “Babe, not tonight I’m tired” to being able to execute a 4 minute quickie while you have the kids downstairs in front of the tv listening to Baby Shark Do Do Do on repeat, whilst the washing machine about to start beeping because your 30 min quick rinse is done and the roast in the oven is 3 minutes away from belonging on masterchef to being relocated to the bin.

Now, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You have to use these strategies for a month before you quit on me and go back to your rut. If you don’t quit on me, then say thanks by just passing this article on in your email chain, whatsapp group or at the local bbq with your friends.


Kiss your partner and then do 20 to 50 push ups and 20 to 50 squats.. Break them down to 4-5 sets. So your doing at least 6-10 per set. Why the fuck am I doing push ups and squats? Giving you that burst of energy in the morning will set your tone for the day and give you more energy you need. It will also shock your body and get you in the habit of doing things straight away. Working your legs also boosts your testosterone levels.

DRINK 6 bottles (be smart, buy a reusable bottle, use your savings for lingerie or sex toys) a day. Water is used to keep you hydrated which also keeps your energy levels higher and also helps boost your libido.


Sit them down and explain to them that you feel like you guys are in a bit of a sexual rut and you want to actively (Key word thats why I made it bold) work on improving the pleasure for the both of you. If you feel like she isn’t being an effective sexual tango partner, explain to her honestly and opening how you feel and work on ways that you both can improve.

The art of the SPONTANEOUS QUICKY is like jump starting cables to get your batteries charged. Want to charge the batteries? Have a quickie or a hot make out session with your partner. Make sure you do this at least once per week. Consistency is key so don’t think you can skip a week and be like no I will do 2 next week. NO. Every week, at least once.


Let her know how sexy you find her. Let her know that she is what Cleopatra was to Mark Anthony. Even supermodels have insecurities. So build her up. Let her know that what she sees as an insecurity, is actually a turn on for you. She doesn’t like her stretch marks? Well you tell her that tigers are one of the most exotic creatures in the jungle.


Your thoughts become your actions. The more you tell yourself that you are a sexual deviant the more likely you will become one. You have George Cloony swarve with Hugh Hefner sex drive. Repeat to yourself daily: I am full of energy. I love having an active and healthy sex life. I love making love to my partner. Say this 5 times per day and watch your world change in front of your eyes.


into the bedroom! Some people freak out and think that by introducing sex toys, you go out and by a 10inch dildo and scare the living day lights out of your partner. Go online and make sure you read the descriptions of the toys. It’s a marathon, not a sprint so make sure you start small. Boys, don’t freak out either, she won’t replace you. Start off with a cock ring or a little cliteral vibe and some massage oil. Once you guys have had your fun and are more open to exploring and using toys, build your collection with more premium toys such as Lelo, We-Vibe, The Rabbit Company, Womanizer and more!

Follow these 7 steps for the next 30 days and you will find a significant improvement to your sexual rut if you have one by the end of the month that is. Remember, the grass isn’t greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it so make the effort to improve your sex life daily. Go get them tiger.


AJ is a consultant at the Adult Lifestyle Center.  Talk to him about your adult needs.

Here’s How You Can Spice up Your Sex Life with the Right Bedroom Practices

Vintage strap-on sex

We all need a bit of fun and playfulness in the bedroom, and the less uncomfortable we feel about discussing it, the more stimulating and pleasurable it can get. Of course, communication is key, being able to tell your partner what you want to try out and what your kinks are is in fact quite liberating and can lead to a great and fulfilled sex life. Sex toys and roleplaying are a great part of this conversation as they can help you explore your own sexuality as well as that of our partner. With that in mind, let’s browse through this article together and see what you might find interesting.

Choosing the perfect bedroom aids

If you lack experience when it comes to choosing the right toys for your bedroom activities, you can always do a bit more research as to which one does what. There is a wind range of offers from those suitable for her or his pleasure only to those that can stimulate both partners at the same time. On the other hand, if you are quite clear regarding your preferences, it will be much easier to make a choice. And in case you don’t have a willing partner to participate in this exploration, you can always find someone with a similar proclivity by browsing through strapon personals or similar niched options so as to fulfill your specific bedroom needs. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable regarding the use of certain aids and that you can relax and just enjoy the ride.

Introducing some drama into your bedroom

No no, not the negative connotation of this phrase. More like some actual theatre.  Roleplaying can be a powerful aid when it comes to unleashing your innermost desires. This is mostly because we feel freer doing certain things as someone else. So, by opting for some quality role-playing, we get to explore both our own sexuality and that of our partner guilt-free, and more importantly, shame-free. Feeling shame over some things that we want to try in the bedroom is not a good sign. It means that we are suppressing our true desires, and with role-playing, we can get over that feeling and simply make our character do or say exactly what we need at that particular moment. Now, you can always go a step further and introduce fun and interesting costumes to help you and your partner get into character even more.

Change the location

Yes, it can be as simple as that. Breaking the routine of always making love in the bedroom can do wonders for your sex life. For starters, explore different locations within your home, just make sure you are all alone, and no guests are expected. Shower or bathtub can always be a fun alternative, and the water can be quite stimulative. Another option is the kitchen and various surfaces there, this can also lead to some interesting position changes that you both might enjoy. The next step is completely leaving your home and finding an alternative spot, a hotel room, perhaps. This option can be great if a bit of roleplaying is added. You can also explore the great outdoors if you feel comfortable with it. Remember, feeling relaxed and comfortable is essential for this change of pace to work.

Enrich your movie selection

This can be an interesting option, not only as a way to spice up your sex life but also as a window into your partner’s specific interests. Yet again, you need to feel assured that your partner won’t judge your particular interest when it comes to pornography, and you shouldn’t judge theirs either. Instead, discover what it is that has that stimulating effect on you when it comes to a selected genre of movies. This way you might discover more about each other’s needs and by doing so enrich your sex life. So, start by discussing what your interests are when it comes to pornography and then select movies that can combine some or all of your listed preferences. Then, just relax and enjoy the rest of the intimate evening in each other’s company.


This guide should give you something to consider when it comes to spicing up your sex life. The options are limitless, all you need to do is feel comfortable, first with your own desires and wishes and then with those of your partner. That way you can explore everything together, trying out different things and simply enjoying each other to the fullest. Remember, the truth will set you free in this case, so be open as honest as you possibly can and you will reap the benefits of such a relationship, both in bed and in life.

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