Flip From Zero To Hero With Tenga

Orgasming with Tenga masturbators

So, I must admit when I was told I was going to receive the new Tenga Black Flip Zero (0) I thought to myself “how an earth am I going to do this?” I don’t have a penis and this is a masturbator for guys! I was sort of freaking out trying to work how I was going to write this review on something that I cannot use on myself and without it sounding like a high school essay where I inform you about all the material components that will inevitably bore you to death.

Tenga masturbator
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition

And don’t worry I can hear your thoughts already and I completely get it, reading a review from a girl about a men’s adult toy is hard because well I don’t have a penis so obviously one would assume I’m spinning wild and amazing loads of bullsh*t in order to tell you how amazing this product is for guys.

Truth is I love Tenga as a brand and I love selling this brand, I will tell every male customer that walks into this shop that they need one in their life! I have three favourite brands in this shop and it’s not because of how popular they are or how they feel it’s because of how much effort, thought and consideration they put into their products!

Unlike its counter partners Tenga uses stimulation that has been researched thoroughly, usually when I am comparing brands to customers I explain that the others are basically made to look like a vagina on the outside with some bumps in a long hole on the inside. More effort and thought are put into how realistic the outside is rather than the feeling and stimulation of the inside, which is the part that matters.

Tenga stroker
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition Case

Upon opening this product, I have to admit I got penis envy, the black just makes this toy ooze sex appeal. The matte black is so sophisticated and alluring, and the fact it has the semi translucent components means you really get a good visual of the action going on inside. First thing I did was stick my fingers in it… yes it only heightens my penis envy as I couldn’t experience the entire length of the device. So as any mature person of my age would do, I squeezed down on the pressure pads causing the internal vacuum technology to create an interesting sound which one could only describe as penis envy pleasure. The vacuum pressure inside would be incredible, and as a bonus feature the way that this is designed is with minimal leakage of lube due to its seamless insertion.

Tenga masturbator features
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Pressure Pads

After I had my fun with that I began to read the instructions now all I can say is god damn! They really went all out with this design, and men think women get all the fun toys pfft. The internals of this device blow my mind. Each and every nook and cranny is designed to heighten pleasure and the ultimate over all experience.

Check out the internal structures of the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition!

Tenga masturbator texture
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition Internal Structure

What’s inside the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition package?

Now for some information to bore you for a bit, don’t worry I’ll be quick! In order for me to give you the full experience of this review I need to explain what Tenga does differently and what comes in this tight and neatly packed package. So what do you get in this delightfully delish package (no pun intended) and what are the features of the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition.

Tenga stroker features
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Tenga boasts this device is bursting with stronger sensation and I can see why! They have used firmer materials in the Black Edition compared to the Flip Zero White, they have described the internals as being a new structure that provides stronger stimulation and bolder details, which also means the stronger materials provide maximum squeeze and suction within the device. For a comparison, be sure to read our Tenga Flip Zero product review. Also, as with the original Flip Zero the seamless insertion point is the reason why the suction is so strong, and it also reduces lubricant leakage. The stand out feature of the Tenga Flip Zero and Flip Hole ranges are the flip style design which makes washing and drying a breeze, and a very cool feature I noticed when opening up the Tenga Flip Zero Black was that the base was magnetic, so it doesn’t just balance it has a firm attachment while drying out!

What materials are used in the Flip Zero

  • Case and Slide Cap: PC
  • Internal sleeve: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Pressure pad and transport anchor ring: Silicone
  • User manual holder: GPPS

How should I wash the Flip Zero?

  1. Remove the Slide Arms and flip the item open.
  2. Wash under running lukewarm water.
  3. Place on the Slide Arms to air dry.
  4. Once completely dry, close and replace Slide Arms for storage.


  • Wash with cold or tepid water.
  • Use only neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material.
  • Do NOT wash with alcohol or other cleaners.
  • Please ensure the product is completely clean and dry before storing to help avoid mould and other build-up.

What is the different between the Flip Zero and the Black Edition?

Firmer materials inside and new internal details are the biggest stand out and difference between the two models. The Flip Zero Black is designed to provide stronger suction and more intense stimulation.

So, weather you’re a guy looking for a new masturbation device that is more personalised and has more stimulation, or you’re a partner wanting to buy a new present to spice up your love life look no further! Because contrary to popular belief it’s incredibly fun to add this kind of device into your usual sex routine, guys deserve wild amounts of stimulation and pleasure as well and guess what? If it used regularly it will also increase stamina and there are no complaints with that advantage!

The NEW Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition will definitely not disappoint! This is definitely my most favourite male masturbation device to sell and recommend to customers and it’s not hard to see why!

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

KM Produce Creating A World Of Meiki!

Porn Star Kokomi Naruse

First off I would like to give a big thank you to our Japanese friends at K.M. Produce (KMP) for sending us sex toy samples to review.  Generally most adult product manufacturers send us one or two of their most recent releases for us to do a review on but I think KMP sent us their whole range of sex toys for men so this review will be covered in a couple of parts.

First off, let’s talk about KMP as I am sure there are many Westerners out there that have no idea who or what they are.  It was not until I did a bit of research that I found out that they are massive in the adult business.  The more I read up the more intrigued I became that such a popular company in Asia had not yet brought their product into other markets.  It could be a language problem or perhaps they were more than happy with the successes that they have achieved over the years.

JAV Producers
KM Produce JAV

KMP started in the adult industry in 2002 buying the Million label a Japanese Adult Video (JAV).  Previously this label had been owned and used by Digital Media Network (DMN) and all video content produced by them was now sold by KMP through their shop.  KMP wanted to make the Million label more exclusive and they began to recruit and contract the Million Girls.

In 2003 the exclusively contracted Million Girls consisted of the extremely popular Nao Oikawa, Ran Monbu, Saori Kamiya and Hitomi Hayasaka.  In 2004 they contracted Miuuki Uehara, Asuka Sawaguchi, Miyu Uehara, Asukak Sawaguchi, Miya Sugirura, Nao Oikawa and Kyoko Nakahima.  In 2005 they added to that list Akane Sakura, Nah Ozawa and Karen Kisargi.

Nao Oikawa, Ran Mobu and Hiteomi Hayasaka formed a group called the Million Executive and were contracted in 2004 and 2005 for that label.

In 2009 KMP affiliated with Media Station and Real Works Station. In April 2011 all videos produced by Real Works and Media Station became the property of KMP. Both of their company website were integrated into the KMP online presence as well as a third JAV website Super Shiroto.  In 2011 after the takeover of these companies KMP was producing more than 35 videos per month.

In 2016 KMP’s head office that was situated in Shibuya-Ku listed 27 full time employees at this location with an annual turnover of about 19 million USD.    KMP is presently investing heavily into VR content.  It is not quite clear when they started making sex toys  but they seem to have either affiliated or have them produced by a Japanese sex toy manufacturer named Nippori Gifts (NPG).  NPG are a famous manufacturer specializing in male sex toys and believed to be the mastermind behind the Meiki range.

The Meiki range of sex toys are extremely popular in Japan, Korea and many other Asian countries.  The word Meiki has become Asia’s most famous pseudonyms for ‘fake vagina’ and ‘fake pussy’.  The literal meaning is ‘famous tool’ when the first two products were launched under the brand the Meiki Up and the Meiki Down.  They feel and look realistic when compared to a true vagina and they revolutionized the way male sex toys were produced in Japan.  The materials used were super soft, whilst the interior channel of the Meiki is ribbed and ridged to provide a very realistic sexual experience.

Due to the success of these original designs NPG continued the innovation with new lines based on real women. JAV stars launched Meiki No Shoumei and the most popular in the series the Meiki Maria Ozawa a popular product now sold worldwide.

After the overwhelming success of the release of the Maria Ozawa vagina in 2008 Meiki  began releasing more versions including those based on Nao Yoshizaki, Saki Ootsuka, Rui Saotome, Aoi Chihiro, Sarah, Natsuhara Karen, Meguru Kosaka, Kasumi Risa, Miyu Hoshino and many others. Non JAV actresses also received the Meiki treatment including “the most online searched female beauty in China” Zhang Xiao Yu and Taiwan’s “betel nut beauty” Yen Yu Yi.

Shortly after 2008 the new Meiki products were given technological innovations including their proprietary ‘clone skin’ and in 2010 introduced products that incorporated a thin inner layer made with harder material that provided men with more stimulating experiences whilst remaining ultra real in feel and look.  Finally, dual layered models were constructed.

The popularity of Meiki sex toys made by NPG is rapidly spreading around the world and other countries, like Korea are producing their own lines of Meiki incorporating vibrations, rotations and sound effects and producing love dolls, plush dolls, real hips, masturbation sleeves, realistic vaginas, strokers and Meiki Japanese Onahole masturbators. The Meiki Japanese Onahole masturbators are externally realistic vagina replica toys that have revolutionized sex toys in Japan.

Meiki are designed to feel like skin to the touch and to stimulate just like a real vagina! If you like Japanese girls or Japanese porn — or just girls and porn in general — then this series of masturbator toys will blow you away! Whether you are a fan of JAV or not, Meiki are clone adult toys that go way beyond most masturbators. They will give you a realistic pleasure session you will never forget! Do you want a virgin girl? A large hole with hips? Or a choice of two holes? The Meiki Series has them all!

Meiki clone technology involves scanning the vagina, clitoris and/or anus of the actress.  From this scan a mold that replicates the actual anatomy of the actress is then made.  Another mold is made for the internal canal that will include ridges, lumps, nodules and rings.  The patented soft, skin-like materials are undoubtedly the closest any artificial material will come to feeling like a real human’s skin and body.  A skilled artisan then creates a clay mold for the external shape of the masturbator whilst the internal configuration and private parts are set.  The mold being anatomically correct can be to true sizing or scaled down for onaholes and the like.

The KMP website as of today is ranked 106,000 in the world but is around the 10,000 most popular site in Japan.

Review: KMP Meiki Tsubomi

Tsubomi Porn Star
Image: JAV Star Nozomi Tsubomi

So after all that the first product I will review is the Million Series 5 JAV Star Meiki Tsubomi Vagina Masturbator.  Tsubami who is also known as Nozomi is a Japanese porn star who was born on December 25, 1987 in Yamaguchi prefecture, Ube, Japan.  She is 160cm tall and her measurements are US 33-23-33.  Over the span of her 12+ years she has appeared in over 1000 porn movies averaging over 100 videos per year.

From the Manufacturer

  • Mold of JAV actress Nozomi Tsubomi
  • Strong sucking power
  • 3D interior and realistic looking design
  • Full of folds and lumps inside the tunnel, which provides tight and exciting pleasurable suction during usage
  • Extra gifts:
    • 1x love lotion 100ml
    • 1x waterproof mini poster
  • Gross weight: Approximately 620g with a total weight of approximately 780g
  • The full length measures 15cm with a width of 7.8cm
  • Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.
  • Made in Japan

Tsubomi’s toy is from the acclaimed clone Meiki series, a bestselling brand of masturbators that take our idols and replicate their you-know-where’s into handheld heaven. This onahole has been created with a 3D spiral passage sequence that grabs you tight and squeezes until the pleasure is too much to bear.

Tsubomi Vagina
Tsubomi Package
Tsubomi Meiki Sex Toy
Tsubomi Stroker
Meiki Textures
Texture of Tsubomi
Tsubomi Mieki Internals
Inside Tsubomi

My Review

Kanzen Meiki Tsubomi Masturbator, is a collaboration between KMP and NPG. The Kanzen Meiki Tsubomi is molded from the famous JAV star Tsubomi private parts and then scaled to a smaller size to suit the onahole body. It is made of body safe material and is soft and elastic to touch made from a proprietary real feel material. The 3D tunnel is formed by flesh fold and nubs, allowing excellent vacuum stimulation with your every movement.

Taking the onahole from the sealed box I found the masturbator to be in a separate sealed plastic bag.  Included was a poster of Tsubomi on a plastic waterproof sheet and a bottle of lubricant.

One can not help marvel at how soft, stretchable and sensual the material of this product is.  It is a testament to the technologies that have been developed to produce something that feels so realistic.

The real and glamorous design is very erotic and both the replicas of the anus and vagina are perfect.

On opening the onaholes up one can see the net like mucosal materials that are wrapped along the toy as well as the standard bumps and nodules.  It is quite amazing how lifelike the internal structures that have been created.  When looking at the holes they are quite tiny and it is amazing that they can stretch to accommodate a fully erect penis.

After liberally applying water based lube to myself and in the holes I began entering the vaginal passage.  At first it was quite tight but once the head of my penis penetrated the shaft easily followed in.  Immediately I could feel slight pressure on my penis from the tightness of the tunnel but also intense multi-directional sensations that were pleasant.  It was not overly tight and I could increase the feeling of tightness by gripping the onahole harder in my hand.

Deep inside there is a slight curve that adds to the sensation and when my penis was fully inserted it hit the end of the tunnel where there is a wall made of the same human like feeling material. ‘Bottoming out’ was euphorically sensual and I had to slow myself down in case I ejaculated to quickly without testing it out thoroughly.  The complicated texture of the internal left me trying to figure out which sensation I liked most, it was totally intense.

I then entered the anus of the onahole.  This was much more basic and more what I have previously experienced with a stroker.  The hole was slightly tighter and the passage smoother.

As these onaholes only have one entrance and no exit it will give you a very strong suction feeling. When ejaculating this experience helps you to ejaculate harder and for a longer period of time.  It really is a top notch sexual experience.

Having finished unfortunately was clean up time.  These sex toys are not the easiest to clean and you can read the best way to clean Mieki here.

Review: KMP Kimika Ichijo Onahole

Meiki Kimika Ichijyo
Image: JAV Star Kimika Ichijyo

Next up for review is the Kimika Ichijo masturbator.  Also known as Noriko Sawajiri this Japanese MILF porn star only began acting in 2012 at 48 years of age.  Born on April 11, 2914 in the Chiba prefecture, Japan she stands at 160cm tall with measurements of 35-24-32.   She has big tits and in her short career has starred in 187 movies.

From the Manufacturer

Love Kimika Ichijo? This gorgeous clone masturbator is made for her fans – so they too can enjoy her beauty and secret places. A well-designed masturbator with a great internal tunnel and easy grip exterior. It is soft and easy to handle, but tight enough for the pleasure you deserve. This product comes with pheremone-based lotion and a waterproof poster.

Product size: 17 cm width with a diameter of 9 cm

  • Mold of Kimika Ichijo, age 51. She has a perfect face and body!
  • Closed hole masturbator
  • Soft but elastic silicone that is reusable
  • 3D tunnel with flesh folds and nubs that provides excellent vacuum stimulation when you use it
  • Extra gifts:
    • 1 x love lotion 100ml
    • 1 x waterproof mini poster
  • Full length measures 15cm with a width of 8cm
  • Gross weight: Approximately 620g with a total weight of approximately 780g
  • Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product
  • Made in Japan
JAV star Ichijyo
Kimika Package
Kimika Masturabtor
Kimika Vagaina
Ichiijyo Storker
Ichijjyo Vagain
Ichijyo Size
Kimika Size
Kimika Ichijyo Texture
Kimika Ichijyo Opening
Meiko Kimika Ichijyo Texture
Meiko Kimika Ichijyo Internal

My Review

The front of the Meiko Kimika Ichijo’s product box has an image of the JAV Milf porn star on it. The box is shrink wrapped sealed so when you receive your product you can feel secure in knowing that it has not been opened or used.  Even though I was unable to understand Japanese writing there is a fair bit of writing printed on the box with some images of the adult actress and of the toy.  Upon opening the box there is another stronger brown box that has been inserted to ensure that the box or toy does not get damaged in transit.

I then removed the masturbator from the box which again was contained in another sealed plastic container.  Also in the box was an image of Kimika that had been printed onto a plastic like material that would be waterproof and I gather it is so one can masturbate over it and easily clean up the mess.  The final item in the box was a bottle of lubricant.

The masturbator was in the shape of a mini-body that went from the neck to the top of the hips.  There were two miniature openings one representing the vagina and the other the anus.  This being a clone product the openings should be a true representation of her love parts but just miniaturized.  There was no opening on the other end that with Fleshlight and other popular brands would allow for easy cleaning.  What I did find a bit odd was that the color of the material was Caucasian skin going a little bit to the pinky side whereas the skin of Japanese ranges from yellow to light tan.  Other masturbators color the material to match the race of the actress the package represents and I would think that this could have been done bearing in mind the JAV theme.

Removing the miniature body from the bag I could not help but to appreciate how soft and flexible the material is.  Really, it has to be felt to be believed, there is no comparison to Fleshlight or any of the other big Western named brands.

I then grabbed the lubricant that was supplied and started applying it to my dick but for me it was too thick and I was worried so I rinsed it off and used one of my favorite water-based lubes. I applied the lubricant liberally to myself and inside the two passages of the sex toy.

After a few minutes of watching some JAV porn with Kimika Ichijo in it I was ready to give her a bit of a test run.  As I put the torso in my hand I could not help notice that it was well-balanced, it has been designed to fit snugly and grip in my hand.  As I entered the vaginal passage my cock was encased by the real feel skin like materials and as I inserted it further it only took moments before the lubricant and toy came to body temperature.  The internal hole was tight enough to keep me stimulated and aroused.

Experiencing one on one action in Kimika’s treasured love cave allowed me to move it to slightly different positions where I was able to feel the high internal textures and patterns.  As I became more aroused I began to pump the masturbator causing every inch of the onahole to feel like it was coming to life and my member was enveloped in warm lubricant.  I am just over 6 inches in length and was able to ‘bottom out’ when my dick hit the end of the tunnel and this was extremely arousing.

Removing my hard cock I entered the butt part of the toy.  It was much tighter than the vagina but much smoother.  It was a more relaxing and less intense feeling inside.

The beauty of the Meiki is because they are so soft and pliable you can make it tight by the simple changing the pressure of your grip – and this can be done at any point along the tunnel.

All in all the Kimika Ichijo was fantastic.  However clean-up was a bitch.  Because of the cleaning issues I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Review: Yu Asakura KMP Meiki Onahole

Yu Asakura Mastubator
Image: JAV Star Yu Asakura

Next Up is Yu Asakura also known as Maiko Yajma, You and Yuko Asai who has starred in 299 movies.  She stands 160cm tall and her measurements are 33-22-33.  She was born in Shizuoka, Japan on December 24, 1989.

Manufacturer Description

Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura is molded from AV Actress Yu Asakura and has 2 holes. It is super soft, skin-colored and a 3D structured masturbator. Now, you can enjoy her pussy and anal with this clone masturbator, Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura Masturbator from KMP and NPG.

My Review

Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura from KMP comes in a heat sealed box that has images of the JAV star on it.  On opening the package I found a image of the actress on a plastic like sheet I imagine it is provided as a source to excite a male to erection.  The plastic type material I imagine is for easy clean up and to allow one to live out their bukkake fantasties by blowing their load all over this stunning Japanese porn star.  Also contained in the package was some free lube and the onahole itself.

Getting straight down to business I unwrapped the masturbator. I lubed it and myself up with the water-based lube supplied.  Entering the vagina portion of this sex toy the opening was quite tight but once penetrated it was easy for the rest of the shaft to slide inside.  The tunnel of the vagina was amazing with so many textures and sensations provided by the webbing and bumps.  It quite literally was pleasant torture trying to contain myself on this sexual adventure.  One thing that was quite noticeable that was different from other masturbators and strokers I had used was the strong suction.  It was extremely pleasurable and the soft skin like material enveloped my penis giving it a warm and sensual experience.

The onahole was easy to grip and it was easy to tailor the pleasure experience by tightening and loosening the grip on it.  It is dual layered for extra stimulation and when closing your eyes and using your imagination it feels as good if not better than a real woman’s vagina.

I then entered the anal passage and although not as intense it certainly was quite agreeable with ridges and bumps (but no webbing) that provided a strong suction causing me to experience a super-sonic ejaculation.

Meiki kokomi Box
Meiki kokomi Package
Kokomi Vagina
Kokomi Pussy
Kokomi Fake Vagina
JAV Kokomki Meiki
Kokomi tunnel
Kokomi Canal
Internal Kokomi
Kokomi Inside

Review:  KMP Kokomi Naruse Meiki Masturbator

Kokomi Naruse Masturbator
JAV Star Kokomi Naruse

Kokomi Naruse was born on March 3, 1989 in Niigata Prefecture of Tokyo. She made her JAV debut in 2009 and made movies until late 2013.  Her other stage names are KyoukoNaruse, Emi Watanabe  and Cocomi. Kokomi Naruse stands at 147cm tall but with a E cup bra size.  In 2014 she began a career in alternative music joining a Japanese rock band called Mezcolanza.

From The Manufacturer

Product Features

  • Super soft, skin-colored masturbator
  • Features the top AV actress of 2012 Kokomi Naruse
  • Realistic internal molding and feeling
  • Made in Japan

Product Details

  • AV Model: Kokomi Naruse
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Color: Skin-Like
  • Length (Product): 145 mm (5.7″)
  • Width (Product): 80 mm (3.1″)
  • Weight (Include Package): 847 g (29.86 oz)
  • Length (Package): 230 mm (9″)
  • Width (Package): 140 mm (5.5″)
  • Thickness (Package): 105 mm (4.1″)

My Review

The bountiful fruits of JAV porn star Kokomi Naruse can be experienced with the KMP Meiki Onahole cloned from her pussy and ass.  Kokomi is a sexual star in her own right having appeared in over 500 porn movies.  On entering the Meiki the first experience is the tight entrance followed by a straight tight passage with webbing that twists and turns.  There is so much going on in there with the sole purpose of stimulating your cock whilst you stroke it with the Meiki Kokomi it left both my heads spinning.

The real feeling experienced is unbelievable and the accuracy to details beginning from the molded lips shows the pride Japanese have in their work and products.  I experienced an intense sucking sensation when using it which will bring you to a super climax that you probably have never experienced before.  It literally shits on Fleshlight and some of those more expensive brands.

The closed-hole design gives a slight suction feeling when you squeeze the air out as you enter the hole. The inside of the sleeve is full of realistic skin like folds and crevices. Complete with lotion replicated from her own pussy juices, this onahole will twist you right around until your member can take no more and you go off with bang whilst dropping your load.

These Meiki onaholes are worth every cent if you want ultimate erotic adventures with perfect fake vagina’s.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Meiki!

Manga Rei

First off we would like to thank our Japanese friends at KM Produce for sending their outstanding range of Meiki Onaholes.  There will be some more reviews in the coming days.

By far some of the best masturbators on the market are the Meiki sex toys jointly manufactured by KM Produce and NPG (Nipori Gifts).  The material is the most realistic ever manufactured and the textures of the inside tunnels are amazing to say the least.  However the one thing that the manufacturers have not really nailed is the cleaning process.

JAV Producers
KM Produce JAV

These onahole male masturbators consistently get 5 star ratings for their price and performance however cleaning and maintenance can be another story – especially when you get the miniaturized versions.  Unlike Tenga or Fleshlight where you have a hole that runs right through from one end to the other allowing relatively easy cleaning by running luke warm water through it to clean up any residue.  In order to clean out your Meike you have to open it up over your sink and pour water in it and then move it around to remove any gunk that is trapped inside or stuck.  This is easier said than done and if you do not clean it properly it will end up being unhygienic, smelly and last only a short time before having to dispose of them.

When opening your Meiki up you have to cautious not to do it too far as there have been many reports of disheartened men who tore the material at the openings.  You should never turn the whole thing inside out as many have done as doing this will only give a short life span to your treasured tool.  When it is spick and span lay it on a dry towel and allow it to air dry.  Depending on the temperature this can take anywhere from an hour to overnight.  Once your Meiki is fully dry you can add some toy renewing powder that will prolong the life of it as well as ensure its hygienic and ready to go the next time you need it.

There are some unusual methods that I have read about for fans of Meiki to clean their sex toys after use.  One indicated that he used three tooth brushes that he had placed a spring on that once entering the hole opened up making it easier for him to clean (as he only needed one hand to hold the toy under the tap).  Another purchased an anal dilator/speculum that he would use to open up the toy for easy cleaning.  And I am sure there are many other methods fans are using.  So where there is a will there is a way to make things easier.

Often men go for cheaper options and are disappointed with the masturbatory results that they achieve.  I say this because many Meiki masturbators sell for close to $100 in the United States.  This is a pretty hefty price tag when considering the branded products available and will in some way explain why these toys are not available abundantly in the Western World.  In Japan they sell for around the $50USD mark however as there is no-one really bulk importing and the packaging and design is geared up for the Asian market it is understandable the price difference.

In saying that you get what you pay for.  You have probably tried Tenga and/or Fleshlight before if you are reading this and throwing in my 2 cents there is no comparison as to the feel you will get.  Meiki make the best god damned masturbators on the planet with the most realistic of feeling you could possibly imagine.  They are soft on your tool and the sexual experiences created by the simulated vaginal and anal openings will amaze.

So without further ado let me review a couple of the KM Produce/NPG onaholes –

Rei Mizuna Meiki Onahole

Adult Star Rei Mizuna
Rei Mizuna Japanese Porn Star

Rei is a JAV porn star who was born in Tokyo Japan on May 20, 1984 and stands a diminutive 153cm tal and has also appeared under the following nick names Rei Miduna, Rei Makinami and Shizuka Satonaka.   Her first porn film was in 2008 and is still performing and weighs in at 45kg and her measurements are 32-22-34.  She is an asian hall of famer and has appeared in many hundreds of films.

From The Manufacturer

KMP has released a new series of sleeves called Kanzen Meiki featuring some of the most popular Japanese AV actress in Japan. This is the eighth version featuring the innocent looking Rei Mizuna just in time for the end of the year 2017.

Kanzen Meiki 08 Rei Mizuna is a hand sleeve with a realistic looking vaginal entrance. The interior tunnel has a wavy pattern with tiny rib textures for stimulation with a tight fit at the end of the tunnel. The hole entrance is a small hole. This helps with lotion retention so be sure to place lotion inside the hole for use.

Kanzen Meiki Rei Mizuna is molded from AV Actress Rei Mizuna. Now, you can enjoy her pussy with this clone masturbator, Kanzen Meiki Rei Mizuna Masturbator from KMP x NPG . Kanzen Meiki Kokomi Naruse has a soft and elastic touch, with her autograph on one side. A huge G spot is placed near the entry, her passage is lined with ribs, middle part has a pit with flesh ridges, plus tightening area at the end always providing stronger suction!

KMP includes a “Rei Mizuna’s Pheromone Lotion” sample with the sleeve. As an added visual bonus, a water-resistant mini poster is included of Rei Mizuna in a uniform cosplay for you to “bukkake” or finish over. Made in Japan of quality material and featuring the cosplay loving Japanese AV actress Rei Mizuna on the package.

Rei Mizuna Container
Rei Mizuna Box
Rei Mizuna Onahole
Rei Mizuna Twat
Rei Mizuna Artificial Vagina
Rei Mizuna Meiki
Rei Mizuna Canal
Rei Mizuna Texture

Our Review

Are you looking to upgrade your pleasure drawer? If yes, you are definitely in the right place. Your intimate accessories should boost your solo or couple sex life. I’ve had my fair share of sex toys but the Rei Mizuna Meiki easily takes the top spot. Cloned after the Jav pornstar Rei, this goddess pussy provides you with the perfect feel of her physical beauty. Rei is an adult film star who stands at 153cm tall. Featuring in many films, this hall of fame is the epitome of pleasure. Her first movie was in 2008; she continues to perform excellent videos.

The Onahole has a worthy tribute of an autograph that complements the realistic skin finish. What’s the best part? The Rei Mizuna has a beautiful and realistic entrance that always gives me a tingling sensation every-time I’m about to use it. The visual acumen is quite clear from the first sight. It has hooded clitoris with the slightly open labida in smooth skin that provides premium masturbation.

The interior tunnel features a wavy pattern that has a tiny rib texture. It gives me high stimulation owing the tight fit designed at the tunnel end. She is a masterpiece of work created with a great range of your stimulation needs. She always envelopes me in the most significant vacuum pleasure with the thick outer layer that improves the quality of experience. Considering the tight fit design, a spritz of lotion will provide you with the retention required for movement.

If you are looking for ultimate enjoyment, this clone masturbator has an elastic and soft touch that increases the degree of stimulation. What really stands out for me is the strong suction that she provides with the tight sections and fleshy ridges. During the initial purchase, you will get a sample of the Rei Mizuna lotion with your package.

For a more significant visual bonus, the package has a poster of Rei Mizuna that is water resistant. She is beautifully displayed in a uniform cosplay that quickly helps you during masturbation and completion.  The Rei Mizuna Meiki is constructed with the most realistic material that has a premium feel on your skin. The inside tunnel for me is the most amazing part to say the least. One thing for sure is that the manufacturers of this product nailed it with its cleaning process. It has excellent performance and price combined with the fastest maintenance needs.

When cleaning my Meiki, I only have to open it up over my sink area and pour water into the hole. I move it around until all the gunk gets off.  This sex toy has provided versatility for my pleasures. Using it has aided great success with the best penis stimulation vibes. It’s safe to say that this is one sex toy that I have gotten the chance to enjoy premium stimulation’s. The best part about the Rei Mizuna Meiki its affordability combined with incredible stimulating textures. You can use it in different positions on your hand to spice things up with the sensations.

Kanzen Meiki Ayu Sakurai Onahole

Pornstar Ayu Sakurai
JAV Star Ayu Sakurai

Ayu Sakurai also known as Haruku Kato and Manami Sakai is a japanese pornstar born in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan on April 15, 1991.  Her adult acting career started in 2013 and she is still appearing in movies.  She stands 162cm tall and her measurements are 32-23-32.

Product Description

Ayu Sakurai Box
Ayu Sakurai Package
Ayu Sakurai Ass
Ayu Sakurai Pussy
Ayu Sakurai Stroker
Ayu Sakurai Masturbator
Textures of Ayu Sakurai
Ayu Sakurai Tunnels

The Kanzen Meiki Ayu Sakurai by KMP is a little (but hefty) gem to be added to the collection of any fan of the AV goddess. This double-hole clone onahole offers a life-like reproduction of Japanese adult star star Ayu Sakurai’s own flesh, ready and waiting for your beckon call.

The Kanzen Meiki Ayu Sakurai offers a complete rear and front entrance experience for any Ayu fan who wants to try both of her holes. It’s so authentic it even has her autograph engraved on the side. Even better, Ayu Sakurai’s breasts are also recreated in miniature on the top of the masturbator, which will keep your hands busy while your member explores her inside. As well as the Ayu Sakurai love juice lubricant, the final touch is the waterproof bukkake poster with a perfect image of Miss Sakurai waiting for you to unload.

The Kanzen Meiki Ayu Sakurai Onahole features:

  • Double hole
  • Total length: around 16.5cm (6.5″)
  • Weight: around 523g (18.4 oz)
  • Includes Ayu Sakurai lubricant, waterproof bukkake poster
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

Our Review

With all those males sex toys out there in the market, the Ayu Sakurai onahole by KMP is something that gives a whole new experience of masturbating. I was skeptic before getting this for getting this masturbator for review and was actually confused as to how to approach the AyuSakurai meiki,  it has been truly worth it.

This product is a complete package and well you wouldn’t know until you just hold it to give that push. Well going by my experience, this is where Ayu Sakurai Onahole could be one of your hot favorite drilling devices. Does that sound mechanical? Think of it literally and enjoy the ride.

Double Hole Gives You More Options!  While you push inside to get that feel that drives you nuts, this toy gives you an added option of being able to get deep in both of Ayu Sakurai’s holes. The tight pull, the grip,and the texture just add to the crazy sensation and I bet this is by far the best that comes from something of this range.  The two holes are made to give a separate push sensation and you can take her the way you like it, making your experience less monotonous and more exotic. As they say the more the better!

Breasts That Feel Like Real!  Well, what’s that you miss the most in average toys? Not everything is about just jerking down under. Here, you get something for your hands to hold while you are on a devastating spree in that little tight tunnel.  The breasts give a great hugging sensation and make your sessions with this sex bomb more gratifying as in you get a more realistic feel. This is important and I don’t need to say what those big soft swellings do to you.

Layers Of Stimulation Makes It A Real Deal!  Here we come to the real deal and of all the things that add to the stimulation the layers are the most important. Why would anybody just want to prick her deep and get no feeling of how deep he is? These layers are a defining feature of Ayu Sakurai’s onahole and it is really crafted very well. What knows what level of experience their makers had. Not to sound funny but for me, these layers were the ones that made me enjoy to the fullest. With every inch, you’re in her 6.5 deep get a whole new sensation with each push.

Lubricant For Better Sliding Feel  One thing which I noticed is that it is really tight to start with. The deeper you go the more tighter the grip gets. So to get smooth at her their lubricant works just fine. It makes it easier to pick up that speed and keep going harder as you wouldn’t want to stop, at least not in that time when you are actually your fantasies for real.  Smoother the better and coupled with the layers for added sensation this is something which you would really long for once you have fathomed her depth.

The Realistic Feel  This is one of the features where this piece stands out from the rest. Be it the texturing on the sides of the tunnel or the entrance which is carved and curated to allow you get in it with no matter what speed or intensity. The ribs inside feel like for real and the sensation drives you crazy. Also, the material is firm enough to sustain those pushes of immense satisfaction before you end up in your Sakurai Onhole. All the features including the lubricants, layers, the breasts and inside ribs will give you a great realistic feel not to mention the satisfaction you get with this is actually satisfying.

Haruki Sato Onahole

haruki sato porn star
haruki sato jav star

Haruki Sato began her career as a JAV porn star in 2011 and also performs under Haruji Satoh, Harukichi and Haruki Satou.  She was born in Kumamoto Japan on December 1, 1991 and is famous for her cream-pie scenes.  She measures 35-23-35 and stands at 160cm in height.

Kanzen Meiki Package
Kanzen Meiki Box
Kanzen Meiki Pussy
Kanzen Meiki Vagina
Kanzen Meiki Masturbator
Kanzen Meiki Body
Kanzen Meiki Tunnel
Kanzen Meiki Texture

From The Manufacturer

KMP has released a new series of sleeves called Kanzen Meiki featuring some of the most popular Japanese AV actress in Japan. This is the ninth version featuring the pretty Haruki Sato just in time for the end of the year 2017.

The mischievous looking Japanese AV actress Haruki Sato is the inspiration for this onahole.  It has a realistic onahole with a non-linear tunnel path.  It has a thick and tight interior design, with  layers of stimulation. From the front you can clearly see is a complete copy of Haruki Sato, with a gently poked glamorous labia and a realistic clitoris.

The design gives the user a tight hugging sensation during use. Lined on the tunnels are flesh-like texturing. The entrance is designed for a faster and easier insertion. The material is firmer than other Meiki products on the market but at the same time it is very springy in nature not seen in many other products.

Kanzen Meiki 09 Haruki Sato is a hand sleeve with a realistic looking vaginal entrance. The interior tunnel has a tiny ribs textures throughout with several points of tightening points. The hole entrance is a small hole. This helps with lotion retention so be sure to place lotion inside the hole for use.

KMP includes a “Haruki Sato’s Pheromone Lotion” sample with the sleeve. As an added visual bonus, a water-resistant mini poster is included of Haruki Sato for you to “bukkake” or finish over. Made in Japan of quality material and featuring the pretty Japanese AV actress Haruki Sato on the package

Our Review

Has your hand gotten too boring? Is it killing you from constant overuse? Well, then its high time you upgraded to a sex toy that helps you reach your ultimate orgasm. Each time I visit the world wide web to search for some sex toys, there is always something different that pops up. It’s exciting and all but which one serves as the best? One of my absolute favorites is the Haruki Sato Onahole.

Named after the famous adult film star Haruki, this toy has made me weak in my knees while putting me in new words of pleasure. It guarantees the best orgasms. The onahole is a clone masturbator of Haruki Sato, a JAV porn star. She started performing in 2011 until this date. Haruki stands at 160cm measuring 35- 23-35.

Considering the various sex toys available in the market and all those I have had the opportunity of testing, the Haruki Sato onahole has provided me with a different experience during masturbating. It has a realistic structure designed in a nonlinear tunnel path. The interior design is by far the best feature that provides thick layers of stimulation.

From a frontal display, this onahole is the perfect clone of Haruki that features her glamorous and gently poked labia with a masterpiece clitoris. From testing it, the Haruki Sato onahole gave me a gently hugging sensation during use. It is structured with a closed hole design that ensures slight suction when thrusting as you penetrate the hole. The tunnels are lined efficiently with flesh-like textures that give you a fast and easy insertion.

The soft and stretchy material makes sure that the sleeve accommodates all penis sizes. For intense stimulation, the Haruki Sato has a swelling on the G-spot. The vaginal tunnel has an s-shape that significantly highlights a great replica of the adult star. The hand sleeve also features a fleshy, smoother, softer and fuller membrane.

Compared to other products in the industry, this specific onahole has a firm material while being springy at the same time- not very common for most products.  The excitement of this hand sleeve is definitely accredited to the realistic vaginal entrance. If you are looking for something that grasps every part of your junk, the Haruki is lined with several sections of tightening areas fitted with little rib textures. The ribs nub you at the point of entry that changes into a complicated path with sensual walls.

The hole entrance proved to be small, it really helps if you used some lotion for easier use. Lucky for you ! the package comes with some Haruki Sato lotion sample. Besides, the sleeve also has a water-resistant poster of Haruki Sato that helps you to finish. This hand sleeve is in my good books due to the intense orgasms that it delivers. Before you immerse your self into its great pleasures, make sure you apply some lubrication and later and submerge yourself into the world of pleasurable sensations with lifelike bumps and ridges.

The Haruki Sato onahole provides a new and different twist of masturbation. This is something that you should try out.

Meiki Shelly Fujii Onahole

Shelly Fujii Pornstar
JAV Shelly Fujii

Shelly Fujii started her career in adult films in 2008 and still appearing in them.  Born on February 18, 1990 in Tokyo Japan she stands 157cm tall with measurements of 34-23-34.  A very good looking woman that is famous for her squirting scenes and was a KMP exclusive contract girl for the Million brand in 2008.

Shelly Fujii Onahole
Shelly Fujii Box
Shelly Fujii Twat
Shelly Fujii Pussy

From The Manufacturer

Imagine the perfect woman descending in front of you, with this beautifully modeled masturbator. Choose your hole, and enjoy a realistic skin-like texture both inside and out. Superior interior material intertwines your penis and draws you to the pleasure of your ideal fantasies.

Our Review

I have tried many male masturbators before, but none left a lasting impression like the Meiki Shelly Fujii Onahole. Well to begin with, I am a sales person by profession. As such, I am constantly on the road, travelling from one country to another, promoting different products. For those of you who have such professions, you will understand that this keeps me away from the tender and loving hands of my fiancee. Being a man, this meant I was constantly left feeling sexually deprived. Being the faithful type of guy, I didn`t want to cheat on my fiancee with prostitutes. However, when I opened up to her about my situation, I was surprised when she suggested I buy the Shelly Fuji Onahole.

For those who don`t know, the Meiki Shelly Fujii Onahole is a male sexual toy. It`s the male version of a dildo. It`s crafted to mimic all aspects of the female vagina. Yes, the Shelly Fuji is so perfect you would mistake it for the real thing. It`s a product of KM Produce and NPG (Napori Gifts). It brings the best out of Japanese engineering technology. To be honest, this sex toy beats all the other competitors in the market. It`s well priced and it`s performance is just impeccable.

For a reasonable price, however for those living in the US, the price might be a bit high due to custom duties and other shipping costs. The Shelly Fujii comes in a neat package. It contains sexual appealing pictures of Japanese porn actor Shelly Fuji. She is a hot actress who has featured in many porn films. The Shelly Fuji sex toy is modeled in the very likeness of Shelly Fujii’s actual vagina. Accurate to the last centimeter.

Inside the box, you will get the Shelly Fuji sex toy, user manual and lubricating lotion. It feels very soft to the touch, kind of like the actual skin. Depending on the type that you ordered, you can get one with both the vagina and the rectal holes or just the vagina. Being a bit pessimistic, I decided to take a peep inside and check it out for myself. To my amazement, the virginal hole is perfect. It is tight and the walls are lined with soft velvet like material. It is designed to hug your manhood, creating the perfect sensation of pleasure and stimulation. Its build in a narrowing design, such that the deeper you thrust, the tighter it becomes. The sensation created makes your world explode in pleasure and ecstasy. The best part, is that you can use this device with your partner. Sex is no longer the same old boring stuff, with this device, you can spice up your sex life to a whole new level.

But what about cleaning? To be honest, cleaning the Meiki Shelly Fujii Onahole can be somewhat tricky. But with the correct procedure, this one of the easiest things you can do. I prefer opening the vagina up with a plastic speculum. This allows you to reach the deepest parts of the toy, and using a soft toothbrush, one can wash out any residue inside there. Once you are through, rinse your device and leave it to dry.

Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Onahole

porn star Shiori Kamisaki
Shiori Kamisaki jav star

Shiori Kamisaki was born on August 25, 1990 in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan.  She is a JAV star who began her career in 2011.  She stands 161cm tall and has measurements of 36-23-34.  She has large breasts and wear a G cup size.

Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Box
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Package
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Vagina
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Pussy
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Masturbator
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Body
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Channel
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Tunnel
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Gape
Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Inside

From The Manufacturer

Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki is molded from AV Actress Shiori Kamisaki. Now, you can enjoy her pussy with this clone masturbator, Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Masturbator from KMP x NPG .

Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki is made by high standard technique, to present Shiori’s hole realistically. Soft and nice entrance with tiny flesh bumps at the front, big bumps at the end creates great helmet stimulation, experience fantastic pleasure with Kamisaki Shiori’s hole.

Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki is molded from AV Actress Shiori Kamisaki. Now, you can enjoy her pussy with this clone masturbator, Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki Masturbator from KMP x NPG . Kanzen Meiki Shiori Kamisaki is made by high standard technique, to present Shiori’s hole realistically. Soft and nice entrance with tiny flesh bumps at the front, big bumps at the end creates great helmet stimulation, experience fantastic pleasure with Kamisaki Shiori’s hole. A waterproof poster and 100ml lubricant are included.

Our Review

There have been a lot of sex toys in the market of late. There is nothing more enjoyable than that solo session where you can fulfill all your sexual desires. With so many toys out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best toy that fulfills all of our wildest fantasies. Most of us have tried all sorts of toys. When we think that we have found the perfect toy, we discover later on that it has a glitch. You may buy a masturbator and find that the material is so hard that your solo session is more painful than it is pleasurable. Some masturbators have holes that cannot stretch easily. Again, this leads to a very painful ordeal.

Before you completely give up on your search for the perfect sex toy, let me introduce to you the Meiki Shiori Kamisaki JAV Star Onahole. The masturbator was manufactured by Meiki sex toys. The company is among the best sex toys manufacturers worldwide.

The Meiki Shiori Kamisaki is molded from Shiori Kamisaki. Kamisaki is a JAV actress who was born on 25 August 1990. She began her career in the year 2011 and has risen to be one of the top-rated porn stars in Japan. This sex toy from KMP and NPG gives you a chance to have a taste of the sweet hole of the stunning actress.

Have you ever bought a masturbator, and looked at the hole, and you were left wondering why it looks… fake? To some people, the aesthetic appearance of a masturbator is not crucial. However, some of us like our pussy to look enticing and edible. Meiki must have known how important this little detail is, as the Shiori Kamisaki masturbator is made from a technique that makes the holes look and feel more realistic. As you sink deep inside the masturbator, the texture of the toy will engulf your penis leaving you feeling intense pleasure. The toy gives you the feeling of being inside the one and only Shiori Kamisaki.

The entrance of the masturbator is very soft. It has a skin-like texture that enables you to enjoy the whole solo session. With this sex toy, you don’t have to worry about experiencing pain later on. The only thing you will experience is an immense pleasure.

The masturbator has big bumps located at the end as well as small bumps that are located at the front. These bumps enable you to experience intense stimulation with every stroke you make. This further intensifies your experience with the Meiki Shiori Kamisaki masturbator.

The toy is made from high-quality material that makes it more durable than most of the masturbators on the market. The material is soft and stretchable to enable your penis to fit comfortably inside the hole. The sex toy also comes with a 100 ml lubricant that you can use to reduce friction during the session. Additionally, the masturbator comes with a waterproof poster.


Meiki Shiori Kamisaki enables you to fulfill your fantasies by intertwining your penis and leaving you fully satisfied. This unique sex toy is made of high-quality material and has great features that will leave you wanting for more.

1 Way To Masturbate With All The Holes

Man who used a mens masturbator

I do not have a penis and I am fine with this fact, however being sans penis makes it really difficult for me to write about men’s sex toys, and because of this I have steered clear of them for the most part. Instead, I choose to write about toys I could give a firsthand experience of. But as more and more men kept coming into the store to ask about them I thought, penis or no penis I need to know what all the fuss is about.

Now while I do not have a penis, the person I married does and he, being the open minded sexually informed dude he is, was more than happy to play sexual guinea pig to my curiosities. I started by having him pick one out, I was interested in why guys go for the sex toys they do.

His Choice? The Tenga Flip Hole

Mans masturbator for big penises
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Tenga is a sex toy manufacturer from Japan that makes mainly male focused toys, masturbators and lube. The difference with the whole Tenga range is that they do not look at all like a “sex toy” the Tenga range doesn’t even attempt the realistic game, they instead go the exact opposite way choosing a super futuristic geometric styling that helps the toys hide in plain view. My husband and I were discussing what else we thought the Tenga Flip Hole could be confused for, we both said a Bluetooth speaker.

Why Did He Pick The Tenga Flip Hole?

I asked him why he picked it and for him it was a combination of this non-realism style (he has had a Fleshlight in the past, so he wanted a different experience) and the ease of cleaning. The Tenga Flip Hole systems splits completely in half opening the entire toy so when you are finished you can really get in there and give it a proper clean. This is important as the Tenga is made from a TPE type plastic that can harbour bacteria and germs (most masturbators are made from this material or the genuine feel rubber that has similar issues). With the use of a sex toy cleaner these products are perfectly safe to use but cleaning needs to be a priority.

The Tenga Flip Hole Experience

The Flip Hole feels like a piece of high end technology.  When opening it, it feels like you are opening a Google Home or a new iPhone and that is the experience they want for their customer. It makes the product feel more like a tool than a toy and I think for some men (my husband included) they appreciate that.

We got it home, opened it and started playing with it together. The Tenga comes with three hole lotions (lubes) and for our first turn with the masturbator we used the mild, to keep it basic and see what the masturbator on its own could do. The first thing he noticed was that it felt a little snug on him. Now my husband won’t mind me telling you that he is an average sized guy in that department, so for it to feel a little sung on him made him wonder how a well-endowed guy would go with it. But after playing with it for a while we figured out that even if you couldn’t insert the whole way it makes a pretty excellent head massager/stroker.

He described the feeling as very intense and I wasn’t surprised, when you look inside the flip hole you are greeted with texture on top of texture on top of texture. While most masturbators will keep it pretty simple with a bump here and some grooves there, the Tenga guys go nuts! Each part of the toy has a different texture and sensation which means that the toy can be used in very different ways depending on what you like. If you have a head focused penis, keeping the penis inside the Flip Hole with the head of the penis pressed against the head of the massager then spinning it in place can be crazy. For the dudes who are all about the fucking, the opening of the toy and its seam are covered in the same soft TPE that is inside the toy because of this you can really go hard and you won’t hurt yourself if there is a slip.

Mens non-phallic masturbator
Image: Tenga Flip Hole In Red

Using The Tenga Flip Hole With The Hole Lotions

After our first session with the toy I asked my husband to use it a few more times with the different Hole Lotions and in different ways (with porn, without porn, In the shower etc.) and here are his findings:

  1. The lube makes a big difference. The Wild Hole Lotion was my favourite because it also had a slight warming effect to it and that improved the experience.
  2. Cleaning is awesome, being able to open and clean the toy made it really easy. Plus it comes with its own stand to dry on, perfect lazy guy toy.
  3. It is better with porn (big surprise there).
  4. It can get a bit sloppy but this isn’t a bad thing.
  5. The buttons that activate different sections of the toy to provide sucking sensation are a nice touch but not something I would use often. The texture of the toy is enough most times.
  6. I like that it wasn’t trying to be a vagina. In that I mean it wasn’t trying to simulate a real sexual experience, Tenga is going for something else and I like that.

What’s The Different Between A Fleshlight And The Tenga Flip Hole

I then asked him if he had to pick between the Fleshlight and the Tenga which would he pick, but apparently it isn’t that simple. They both provide very different experiences, the Fleshlight is softer, more realistic while the Tenga is like a fun sex experiment that you want to keep doing. His eventual decision; Buy both, then you won’t have to choose.

Unsurprisingly when buying a masturbator, like when buying any other adult toy, it is always up to the individual’s preference. Some people will not like the Tenga, they will miss the real feel and the lifelikeness, Tenga knows this and they are ok with it. They are more focused on innovation and really exploring what all the new technology and techniques can add to sex. If you are looking for a masturbator that is as cutting edge as it is stylish Tenga is your toy… well according to this guy I know.

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

This Fleshlight Is Going To DeStoya!

Stoya adult film actress

Fleshlight masturbators are staple pieces in any man’s masturbation collection, I would know because I absolutely love them. The Forbidden Sleeves are a realistic sex toy that replicates the feeling of what it is like to have penetrative anal sex. The Forbidden Sleeve is made with a textured interior that has three different main areas of stimulation.

Let’s Talk About The Textures

The first area is the entrance which measures around 2 centimetres long, it’s a tight and straight tunnel that has absolutely no texture. This is perfect for the feeling of entering someone at the beginning of sex before they have fully warmed up! It’s give that body-hugging sensation that can provide you with just the right amount of stimulation. The second area is just after the entrance and is 3 centimetres in length, it features ridges that are closely positioned one after the other. This style of texture is known as cross-ribs which will provide some pleasurable stimulation as you push further into the sex toy. The third area is around 14 centimetres (5.5 inches) in length, it is a tunnel with gentle waves that will give you just the right amount of stimulation.

Anal sex men's masturbator
Image: Stoya’s Fleshlight Forbidden Sleeve

How The Fleshlight Forbidden Is Molded

These sleeves are molded directly from a porn stars back-side so they look incredibly just like the real thing. There are many Fleshlight Girl’s who have their very own version of this sex toy, so it is with delight that I had found that Stoya has her own range of Fleshlights and I couldn’t help myself but I just had to try her out!

My Personal Experience

You see, I already had a Lotus which replicated her vagina. Stoya’s Lotus is beautiful with her vaginal lips delicately opening up like a butterfly. This makes it easy to imagine fucking her especially if you watch one of her DVDs at the same time. I have used this Fleshlight a countless amount of times but I had a growing lust to have a sleeve for anal so I purchased the Forbidden Sleeve.

With great delight I opened her up, the sleeve and mold were almost perfect. I salivated at the chance to experience what anal sex with this amazing porn star would be like. First, I generously lubricated her and my erection with some water-based lubricant. I entered her, I could not help but enjoy how snug and tight it was. The feelings were astounding as I experienced the ridges and waves that lined her canal. Using her this way whilst watching her DVD was almost voyeuristic and a real turn on.

Porn star Stoya in lingerie
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It felt like I was fucking Stoya, America’s darling of porn as she is commonly referred to. She is said to be known for her confidence and pride. Judging by her movies it looks like she can handle any sexual encounter regardless how lewd or dangerous it may be. Stoya is a natural brunette and her beauty is enigmatic, she is a no bullshit, get what she wants kind of girl. Lately, I have noticed that she is getting more risqué! She is known to frequent BDSM and fetish forums and groups on the internet.

She is no bimbo either having written articles for the New York Times, The Guardian and Esquire Magazine. To top that off she is active on her personal blog. She claims to be a bit of a naturalist which helps me to day dream about her in the kitchen sashaying along butt naked.

Stoya’s Forbidden Sleeve will make you hard really quickly and makes you feel like your orgasm is only minutes away. The ribbed and smooth anal canal feels so pleasant that it’s very difficult to not blow your load after simply two or three minutes of jerking off. The climax is SO intense to the point that it can be difficult to stay inside that ass during climax however it feels so great that you will do everything in your will not to stop. It is one of the best Fleshlights out there and all the customer reviews I have ever read are positive.

Even if you are not a fan of Stoya like I am, it is worth the purchase price to experience the closest thing to anal sex that you can, without being in the real thing.  Remember to take care of it and it will take care of you. Another one of my favorite men’s sex toys is the Katsuni Lotus but that discussion is for another time!