You Are What You Underwear!

Blue Boxers And White Granny Panties Image

Boxers/Granny Panties

If you’re the type of person who chose to put this atrocious piece of fabric over your most intimate bits, you my friend are asking for cuddles from your pillow. Your choice of undergarment is a clear indication of how you’ve given up on yourself as a sexual being. You don’t see yourself as sexy, nor do you want to be seen as sexy by anyone else. Please think of the paramedic or hospital staff that have to cut your pants away if you are (Heaven Forbid) in an accident of some kind. They deserve some eye candy on their 12- 14-hour shift. Forget the skinny jeans, no chance of squishing all that fabric into them. If you are wearing boxers or granny panties it is a good idea to read up on how body image and self esteem impacts mental health.


Coolflex Tagless Brief Image
Image: Coolflex Tagless Brief

To be blunt, you’re a bad ass with clear intentions. You’ve put on this pair of underwear that so perfectly draws attention to your smooth curve line body. You want eyes on you as you undress. You’re not ready to meet someone’s parents, but you are ready to let someone get to know you, for a brief period! If this is your everyday underwear, you’re most likely the leader of your group, confident and sure, always ready for a good time.

(Men’s Thongs- DONT DO IT! It’s just wrong unless you’re modelling for a fitness competition.)

Boxer Briefs

Andrew Christian BLOW! Boxer Image
Buy Now | Andrew Christian Mens Designer Underwear Store

You are a true blue loyal kind of person. The one all your friends turn to for help or advice. You never let anyone down. You live a carefree yet very responsible life. Forget the little things, you’re in control. Forget dating games and the “Chase” you want meaning and depth. None of this 3 am booty call or the back room of some dive bar for you. Always a lover, not a fighter. But just because your choice of underwear is relaxed doesn’t mean the sex will be. Watch out, when this relaxed underwear comes off the wild tamed beast is unleashed!


Envy Micro LowRise Logo Elastic Trunk Black Image
Image: Envy Micro LowRise Logo Elastic Trunk Black

You sit between style and comfort. Most likely you work a solid 9-5 every day and want to be comfortable but ready for after work drinks that just might lead elsewhere. Your job is not your dream, you’re always dreaming of being elsewhere. It’s not that you’re a lazy person, it’s that you have bigger aspirations than the mundane life you are accustomed to. You’ll probably never quite your 9-5 job and move to that tropical dreamland, you’re just too comfortable. Change is unsettling, but you won’t stop dreaming or bigger and better things.

Tighty Whities/Boy Shorts

Tighty Whities And Grey Boy Shorts Image
Image: Tighty Whities And Boy Shorts

​Taking it back to a simpler time, when very few people saw your undergarments. You’re still living in your childhood. You’ve never left that high school gym class. You’re afraid to step outside of your shell and be the person you want to be. You think because a very very small group of people think this underwear is sexy that it’s perfect for you. You think it says you’re above caring what others might think of you, but it just screams of a child trapped in an adults body to afraid to develop a sense of self.


Coolflex Arrow Jock And Fence Galoon Thong Image
Image: Coolflex Arrow Jock And Fence Galoon Thong

​Wearing these it’s very clear you enjoy the company of men. They can also help to raise your body image and self-esteem.

You have moved past the wanting to look sexy for others. Everything in your life is hyper sexual and it’s empowering. You know how sexy you are and want to dress for you. You enjoy the sexy feeling in your skimpiest underwear. This is not just your “special occasion” underwear. You’re more than proud wearing this to the grocery store. You exude confidence and are the life of every event. You’ll try anything twice and never back down from a dare. Not because you have something to prove, but because why not?


Painting Of Man And Woman With No Underwear
Image: Painting Of Man And Woman With No Underwear

If you regularly go commando, you’re the person who thinks because you read in Cosmo or Maxim magazine in the 00’s that it’s healthy for your bits to get some air. You’ve thrown hygiene out the window. If we went into your house I’d bet the smell of last Friday night still lingers. Your fridge has a potentially out dated milk and a few condiment bottles. Your supplement and vitamin game are probably strong because you think that’s the key to a healthy life.

I can only hope you’re doing this because your house caught fire? Maybe going to or from the gym? Even then, no! Unless your intention is to show off that VPL (If you have a P)? If so please show away!

Whatever your underwear choice is, wear it with pride. You’ll never be judged for your choice with us.

Check out the amazing collections we carry at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres nearest to you or at a trusted online sex toy store. We have all your favourite brands in all styles, we might even have something you’ve never tried so give it a chance!

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Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology - Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings. Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

Introducing Demoniq Lingerie!

Demoniq Shibari Collection Image

Demoniq lingerie is a cutting edge front runner in designer lingerie with a wicked twist.  Founded in March 2013 by Mariusz Senger who brought together a group of creative designers to deliver an erotic fashion brand. Each item from every collection is created by hand in the company’s factory in Łódź Poland making them an exquisite piece of wearable art.

Adultsmart Blog is proud to have been offered pieces of the amazing collections for review by Mariusz Senger.  But before we start publishing the reviews we wanted to firstly summarize the collections and then ask some questions from the creator himself.

Shibari Collection

Anyone that knows a thing about bondage or restraints knows that Shibari stands for the Japanese art of Rope Bondage. For those into Shibari as an art-form they know how dedicated you must be to perform it.  Demoniq lingerie have created the Shibari range that is original, authentic and compliment practitioners of the art form. It is also a unique and gentle way to introduce people to Shibari.

A Shibari master who is known as Gunraptor was consulted during the design process. He also made an instructional series explaining Shibari which features the entire Demoniq Shibari lingerie range.  Shibari ropes are included in every lingerie box.

Demoniq Mistress Collection Image
Image: Demoniq Mistress Collection

Mistress Collection

The Mistress Collection has been made with the view that every woman likes to break barriers sometimes with something a little taboo, it also highlights the individuals erotic tastes.  The collection is inspirational, stimulating to the senses, is uncompromising in beauty, takes courage to wear, are a little on the dark side but always sensual when worn. It was made with particular focus was used to accentuate the beautiful lines of the female form and explores eroticism daring the wearer to cross the boundaries of their erotic imagination.

Demoniq Dark Desire Collection Image
Image: Demoniq Dark Desire Collection

Dark Desire Collection

For those that like to explore the darker side of eroticism the Dark Desire Collection confronts sexual taboo. Its inspiration come from classic erotic literature like Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, as well as modern works like the graphic oeuvre of Guido Crepax and the Christian Grey trilogy by E.L. James. Practicing something that is deemed to be forbidden creates sexual excitement, it’s daring and never gets boring.  With black flexible fabrics designed to mirror the wearer’s sensual form and emphasizes the wearer’s femininity at its rawest moments.  Wearing any piece from this predatory lingerie collection will explicitly express their personal sexual desires.

Demoniq Elegant Angels Collection Image
Image: Demoniq Elegant Angels Collection

Elegant Angels Collection

The Elegant Angels Collection was created to focus on the excitement of intimate moments. Elegance displayed in both visual and active fields create a sophisticated form that increases desire. The Elegant Angles Collection uses black lace, embroidery and mesh to allow a perfect fit to the sensual shape of the female body. The collection may surprise you with its stunning look and aura of mystery that will take you on a journey through your intimate emotions, bringing your desire to a whole new level.

Demoniq With Love Collection Image
Image: Demoniq With Love Collection

With Love Collection

When women want comfort whilst feeling and looking beautiful, Demoniq’s With Love Collection delivers. The lingerie wraps around the most delicate parts of the female form, creating feelings of elegance and sensuality. The sweet and seemingly innocent bras, garters, briefs and g-strings will hide any imperfections. Wearing these flattering pieces will make you believe that your wildest dreams can come true. The collection is made from a variety of vivid color options to create the feminine allure.  Transparent materials silhouette the female form accentuating its beauty and provoking imagination.  This is a best-selling line from Denomiq.

Demoniq Black Rose Image
Image: Demoniq Black Rose

Black Rose Collection

For those that appreciate deep dark black materials with silver accessories the Black Rose Collection underlines sex appeal on the dark side.  With wet-loom materials that are flawlessly designed to add energy, luster and sparkle to the wearers look and their bedroom games.  Play sophisticated erotic games with this fusion of flexible fabrics of modern design that simply look amazing.









Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

VIP Interview with Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian Photo

Andrew Christian creates designer men’s underwear that are all made in America from environmentally friendly material. Andrew started designing clothes from the young age of fifteen. When he was nineteen, he moved to Los Angeles, California to follow his dreams and attend fashion school. In 1997, he created his own men’s underwear range named “Andrew Christian” that is now available to purchase worldwide. This is a VIP Interview with Andrew Christian and sexpert from The Adultsmart Health and Sexuality Blog, which will look into who he is, what inspires him, what he is most proud of and much more!

Tell me about yourself

I have been designing ever since I can remember. I created a lot of my own designs in high school for myself and my friends. At the age of fifteen I knew that design was my passion and what I wanted to do for a living.

What are the most memorable quotes that inspire you?

There are so many quotes in Sex=Power=Freedom that I find inspiring. One of my favorites is

“Total sexual power is complete control over yourself and the freedom to make your own choices.”

Another one of my favorites from my book is

“Love is the only way to invoke positive change.”

I think about both of these a lot when I’m creating new designs.

Who is your role model?

I have been a huge fan of Madonna since I was a small child growing up in Fresno, California. Growing up in a small town where I didn’t quite fit in, Madonna was my connection to the outside world. I knew that there was something bigger and better for me if I pursued my artistic vision for design. Madonna is an inspiration because of her constant drive to innovate, create, and never give up. When I was starting my company it was really difficult at times — there were many times I wanted to give up, but I thought to myself:

“What Would Madonna Do?”

This gave me the courage to continue and achieve the success I have today.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

The Sex=Power=Freedom book is a passion project of mine. It’s something that I’ve wanted to undertake for several years, and I am extremely proud of how it turned out. I knew that now was the right time to publish my book because of the political climate that America is in right now. Sex=Power=Freedom gives voice to the beliefs that I hold dear in my heart. I’m glad that my book can also lift people up and that I can be a voice for them.

Sex Power Freedom Image
Banner: VIP Interview with Andrew Christian – Sex Power Freedom

What is the company story behind the inspiration, creation and development of Andrew Christian products?

I find inspiration from many places, including my own wants and needs in a pair of underwear. I also like to take into consideration my customers’ lifestyle and needs and how my products can be most useful to them. My models are also a big part of my inspiration. They give me feedback on how the items fit their bodies and their lifestyles. I spend a lot of time with them professionally and personally — I guess you could consider them my muses.

What does your company value the most?

My goal is to make people feel sexy and confident about themselves. It is always so gratifying to meet people who proudly wear Andrew Christian underwear because they like the way they look in them. The fact that I can bring happiness to people in that way is really gratifying to me.

How does your company define and measure success?

We at Andrew Christian want people to like our underwear. It is always my hope that each new collection will do better than the last. We’re one of the top underwear companies in the business right now, and I am always grateful for that. I measure my success based on how people feel about my collections.


FUKR Advertising Image
Banner: VIP Interview with Andrew Christian – FUKR


How many pieces of underwear have you sold? What locations around the world do you sell them?

I’ve sold countless pairs of underwear since I started designing in 1997. I sell my brand in hundreds of stores all around the world. Besides our own boutiques, I also sell in luxury department stores like Nordstrom, Selfridges, and Kadewe.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

Andrew Christian has a little bit of everything. We have so many different collections that cater to so many different people – gay or straight. I’m constantly going outside of my comfort zone when I’m designing new styles, and it’s something that I think makes us stand out among other underwear designers out there.

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about the Andrew Christian underwear range?

One of the most memorable quotes I ever heard was from a fan/customer I met in Seattle a few years ago. He said:

“Andrew Christian Underwear changed my life”.

He then further explained that he used to weigh 300 lbs, and he had lost 120lbs just so he could fit into Andrew Christian Underwear. It’s a true honor that I could have a positive impact on someone’s life and health through my designs.

If you could pick just two pieces of underwear from your product range, what would you choose and why?

My favorite pair of underwear is the Almost Naked brief. I have them in so many colors in my closet. You would be amazed to see my underwear drawer at home. Other than that, I would have to choose the new FUKR slick brief. They’re so different than the Almost Naked. They’re so different than anything that I have made before. They stand out on their own.










Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

Corset Types Explained

Gabrielle Corset Photo

I was exceptionally happy to find out that our sex toy shop Adult Smart also sells lingerie, in particularly they high quality corsets at affordable prices ranging from as low as $25. I found this out when I was looking at the Adult Smart 50% off sale for Leg Avenue’s lingerie, costumes and corsets.

I have found that there are a multitude of Corset Types which include:

  • Structured Corsets
  • Under Bust Corset
  • Corsets with Tails and Skirts
  • Synthetic Leather Corsets
  • Bustiers
  • BDSM, Restraints & Fetish Corsets

A structured corset is made with boning to create a perfect figure for the wearer. The Burlesque Bustier With Lace Trim by Ella Bidoe is an absolutely classically styled corset. Featuring blue and gold flourish detailing. It has black trimming with lace ribbon. It is being sold at half price at only $38.50.

There is a Corset Type that is called an “Under Bust”. The Under Bust Corset leaves the breasts exposed, for added allure you can sexily cover your nipples with shimmering nipple pasties which will send anyone who looks at you into erotic shockwaves. My favourite Under Bust Corset is the “Satin Underwire Cupless Corset”. The Satin Underwire Cupless Corset features a halter neck top made of silky purple ribbon. The under bust is made structured to shape and hold your breasts. It has a tassel fringe of black which is pulled together between the breasts with black ribbon. The corset itself shapes you into a figure 8 due to its silhouette boning. The corset leads into a layered tail at the back detailed with purple and black stripes and lace trim. The bottom of the corset has a garter that you can use to attach thigh high garter stockings. It is being sold at half price at only $55.

I am equally excited to learn about the Corset’s with tails or skirts. The corsets that have tails or skirts are sensual, provocative and charming. You not only get to see the striking structure of a corset but you also acquire the benefit of additional elegance which completes the design. A charming corset that has a skirt and tail is the “Lola Corset with Support Boning” by Leg Avenue. The corset is a classic style with silky black ribbon straps that tie up into bows on the tops of your shoulders. The corset is designed with silky pink material and black ribbon that outlines the body contours. The bottom features a ruffled black skirt with a pink tail. It is being sold at half price at only $40.

I love the Gabrielle Corset that features the support boning with a garter to attach thigh high stockings. It has a long tail that is made from sheer black material. The material is coloured a silver and black colour. To give that additional touch of sexiness there are silky black bows on the bottom. It is being sold at half price at only $45.


Satin Underwire Cupless Corset Photo
Photo: Leg Avenue Satin Underwire Cupless Corset


If you are a fetish fanatic we have synthetic leather corsets that are skin tight. Whether you are a submissive or a dominant these corsets are so erotically charged you will either be a really good girl or a really bad girl. My favourite corset is called “Elvire Black” that comes from the brand Demoniq. The Elvire Black is a V-neck singlet style corset that runs down to connect to thigh high stockings. The tightness of the synthetic leather will push your breasts up into the perfect rounded shape. It features fishnet patterning. What I love most about this corset is the modern styled, trapeze cut out at the back. This corset is one of the higher priced ones priced at $94.95.

One of the most common Corset Type is the Bustier. A bustier has less structure than a corset but provides the same appeal. My favourite bustier is the “Fence mesh bustier Purple” by Seven ‘Til Midnight. This bustier is made from a sheer style of material with balconette cups that are underwired. There are adjustable straps for maximum comfort. The rest of the bustier is made from see through fishnet stylised with two triangle cut out. The triangle cut outs have pull together bows. There is a garter to connect thigh high stockings. It comes with a matching G-string. This corset is priced at an affordable $29.90.

If you lover corsets but wish they were functional to use with BDSM activities. There is a sex product called the “Sex & Mischief Elastabind Corset Restraint Kit” by Sportsheets. This corset is made from stretchable as it is made from PVC fabric and is elastic. The corset has a section for your lower waist with added arm restraints on either side. It features a lace up backing that adjusts the waist size. Use the Sex & Mischief Elastabind Corset Restraint Kit to gain complete control over your submissive lover.

I recommend having a look at the brand Leg Avenue. Leg Avenue is a lingerie, costume and stocking company which has been in operation for 19 years. They sell their adult lifestyle products worldwide. Their products are known for their affordable prices, high quality and high fashion. Leg Avenue make long lasting product’s that continue to enthuse, tease and fulfill your fantasy. Turn your fantasy into a reality. Corsets are an instant way to make you feel super sexy. Adult Smart is having a 50% off sale for all Leg Avenue lingerie, costumes and corsets.




Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

6 Ways To Wear Costumes

Elle Liberachi in Stocking Red Gloves

Dressing up in costumes or lingerie can enhance the way you look to make you feel foxy, alluring and luscious. This article will outline 6 ways wearing lingerie and costumes can effect ourselves to enhance peoples lifestyles.

Use The Science Of Attraction: There have been researches that have found that people with symmetrical features to be more attractive and to have good genes in our bodies. Even though people like symmetry, most people aren’t perfectly symmetrical. For example, If you take the left half of your face, and mirror it on the right side, it will make an image of a completely different person then to who you are now. To make your body appear more symmetrical, you can buy structured lingerie which is made already symmetrical. Structured lingerie is made to provide more support to your body, it won’t cling to your body and make you feel uncomfortable. Structured lingerie is normally made from slightly thicker material. Inside the bra or corset you’ll find an underwire which will support your breasts to elevate them to the same level. Clothes that are made like this tend to last longer to!

Enhance Your Natural Attraction: Peacocking is a verb that means

“to draw attention”.

An example of this is in the animal kingdom when a male peacock utilises his beautiful, long, blue and green feather display to sexually attract a mate. Peacocking will fulfill your personal need to stand out to enhance your beautiful body in away that reflects your personality, this will definitely grab their attention from anything else that is distracting. Find luxurious lingerie or costumes that will work with your body. Find something made with your favourite colour, material and texture. You can also be adventurous and have some fun with it.

Change Your Psychology: As William Shakespeare once said

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women, merely players”.

When people dress-up in different costumes or lingerie it can change can make them feel freer. It can also change their mind frame to behave in away that suits what they wear.  Being in costume or lingerie will help you act slightly differently to how you would in day to day life, you can end up being more open and intimate. Start by asking yourself the question

“Who would you like to envision yourself as?” or “How would you like the character make you or your partner feel?” or “What is something that your partner is interested in?”.

Red Lingerie at Adult Smart
Lingerie: Baci


For example, If we dress up like a seductive nurse, it will put as in the mind frame to act as if we can sexily take care of someone or if we dress up like a authoritative police officer, it will put as in the mind frame to act as if we can handcuff someone and be in control. Some more costumes ideas include:

  • A chaotic mafia boss
  • A romantic captain
  • A chivalrous masked Spanish hero
  • A hardworking sailor
  • A bewitching wizard

Use Our Subconscious Attraction: There is a theory called the “red dress effect”. It appears our brains subconsciously appear to be hard-wired to find red clothing sexually appealing, whilst other coloured clothes are less appealing. In a study made by the Psychologists at the University of Rochester in New York found that men find women wearing red more attractive because they send out subtle messages about how receptive they might be. So if your stuck for colour choices, try wearing a red lingerie set.

Reduce Your Problems: If you naturally feel self conscious about what you wear, you will probably find intimate moments with someone scary or frightening because you are already thinking about other things to worry about! You can wear lingerie or costumes that will make you feel attractive or comfortable and decrease your reasons to anxiously think about what can go wrong. You can take “self conscious” off your worry list and now focus on doing your best with thing’s like intimacy.

Wear Lingerie For Yourself: There really isn’t a better reason to wear lingerie but to wear it for yourself. No one else has to know you are wearing the sexiest, daring and provocative lingerie underneath your clothing attire, it can be your own secret.

About the Author: Elaine is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.
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