Young Travelers at Orchid Island, Taiwan

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After studying in the UK for more than 5 years it was the first chance that Minerva, 28 years old, was able to go anywhere on her own.  An overprotective mum, limited time and budget had never allowed her to travel anywhere by herself. This was her first chance and she wanted to make the most of it.

Orchid Island is a little known tourist destination 2.5 hours by boat from Taipei and her Aunty was waiting at the dock when she pulled up in a local boat.  It is also a surfing destination and after settling in, surfed for the first two days but on the second day she had an accident and knocked herself out.

Hanzi came to her aid and after one thing leading to another it was not long before they were having sex on the beach.  Discover this tale of seduction on Orchid Island a Taiwan Erotic Story…..

The Sexy Mermaid Found at the Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan

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Cheng-han a local fisherman for the Shan-Hair fishing village found her on the shore.  Unconscious for three days when she finally opened her eyes she was shocked to find that she had legs.  He thought maybe she was a bit crazy from the ordeal.

She remained, cooked and looked after him as he had her and began to feel warm and fuzzy whenever he stole a glance at her.  She had insisted that he not contact the authorities but now found herself wide awake of a night thinking of him.

It was apparent to both of them that they had fallen in love and he was more than happy for them to consummate their love in a cave on the shores of the Heng Chun Peninsula

The Virgin Traveler in Yilan County, Taiwan

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Lex is 24 and has lived with her grandmother for most of her life – doted on she never got around to having sex.   Having lost a lot of weight, she now found that the opposite sex was interested in her but he did not really know what to do or where to take it.

Landing in Taipei she met up with Claire – a girl she had met in the Philippines but also had gone to college with at UCLA.   Claire was her best friend in the whole world and they had many adventures to reminisce over. Right now they were headed to the Shangri La in Yilan county.

It was not long before she noticed him.  Ruggedly handsome Jason was everything she imagined she wanted physically in a man.  An unexpected accident made her T-Shirt we and he was chivalrous in trying to assist her.   It was not long before they were in a room together and after setting aside her reservations she lost her virginity.

Read how this virgin lost her virginity in Yilan County

A Taste of Paradise at Guguan Hot Springs, Taiwan

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Elvian was the most incredible woman he had ever known so an impromptu invitation to visit her at the Guguan Hot Springs was something that definitely should not be dismissed.  She was tall, athletic and sweet – something that every man would desire – but she desired me to make love to her.

Upon arrival the weather at Guguan Springs was fine but when he saw her familiar figure walking from the lobby it drove him crazy.  Remembering all the nights he had visualized just such a moment when alone in bed. As she approached him he smelt her fragrance – inviting – it was killing him being so controlled.

Going to the restaurant to catch up seemed a chore.  He could not even taste his food as his gaze fell to her cleavage and the outline of her nipples showing on her white top.  As dusk approached and the meal was finished he rushed her to the room and they experienced all forms of sexual paradise in one hell of a Taiwan erotic story…..

Love at a Sunset of Fort Zeelandia, Taiwan

Fort Zeelandia was a remnant of the dutch colonisation of Taiwan from yesteryear.  But there are many tales that have originated from this iconic structure. None so as the sad love story fo Cheng-han a local Chinese laborer and Adrianna the daughter of a rich dutch official.

Their love was doomed from the start, but Cheng-han was so infatuated by her beauty that he thought he had already died and gone to heaven.  As chance had it they met and spoke and from their first touch knew that their hearts were bound to each other. Even though they did not speak the same language the universal language of love was understood,  Each evening they met and exchanged passionate kisses.

Whether their taboo love was the reason or not but unexpectedly Adrianna was placed on a departing ship to return to Holland with no explanation.  As the ship departed Cheng-han in despair jumped in after it, but having never learned to swim soon began floundering and drowned. Read this sad Taiwan Erotic Story…..