The Engineer and Stripper Hook-Up In Taipei!

Taiwan Dance Club And Night Life Scene

Night-clubbing in Taipei surprisingly is just as noisy as anywhere else in the world.  One would think with all the restrictions the Chinese government imposes that would not be the case.  So when this truckie visited the China city he was in for more than he bargained for.

Attending one of the up-market clubs in the Xinyl District he saw her across the room – with a dress that left nothing to the imagination – an Australian girl – Giselle.  She was a stripper working at the club and perhaps was the most perfect female specimen his eyes had ever encountered. He could not stop looking at her which eventually brought her over to his table.

Something in her eyes showed that she reciprocated his carnal desires and it was not long before both of them could not contain the passion they felt.  Get all the details on the dirty sexual encounter between the Engineer and The Stripper in Taipei.

The Kavalan Whisky Affair!

Kavalan Whisky produced in Taiwan is considered one of the best whisky’s in the world.  Amazing fact considering most only consider America and UK as the premiers whisky producing nations.  So when Richard Block carved out his career in 2005 by taking on the mammoth task of creating one of the best distilleries in the world in this ‘warm’ country many people had laughed at him.

Some years on, after becoming a world-wide name this goofy smiling exec was desired by many women due to his charm and undeniable success.  He is a driven man letting few things distract him from his goals but when she came along he could not help but sucuumb to her charms. Initially it was just emails and texts but finally when they met and became lovers it was all the talk of the town.

Read all about the sexual adventures of the Kavalan Whisky Affair…..

The Stranger of Shifen

Blonde Woman Standing Near Rocks

Shifen a small village in the Pnigzi Area of Taipei is generally not thought of as a sexual hot spot and is more famous for things like the Sky Lantern Festival.   However, when she took a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and walked to the Shifen waterfalls she saw him. A stranger in Shifen.

Together they gazed upon the magestic falls and an intimate magic formed between them.  It was not long before her gaze fell upon him and she realized just how handsome he was and how much she was attracted to his essence.

Animal desire between them had them looking for a private area where they could release their passions.  It was so intense that behind a large tree they found some privacy and unleashed an afternoon of passion.  Read this erotic tale about the stranger of Shifen.

The Cherry Blossoms of Yangmingshan Park

China Sex

Being from New York, Tyrell our African American tourist thought he had seen it all.  A well-built man both muscular and sexually he landed in Taipei International Airport after an erotic dream whilst flying.  Coming to he was caught in that moment between dream and awake state.

After checking into the Eastern Star Hotel he wasted no time to go to the one tourist destination he would have time for in the great country of Taiwan – the Yangmigsham National Park.  There the cherry blossoms were blooming and people were actually walking with umbrellas to halt the steady rain of pink flowers falling to the ground.

The rain began and so he ran for cover in the trees and that is when he saw her.  White T-shirt wet and plastered to her skin so he could clearly see the outline of her asian nipples.  But it was a set up – she knew who he was and what he was there for and would use all her feminine powers to ensure that her brother got the sneaker contract.

It was then that he experienced sexual pleasure like never before under the Cherry Blossom Trees…

Taipingshan’s Haunted Cypress Tree’s!

Evil In The Cypress Trees

Morgan and Emily were always going to happily ever after.  High school sweethearts they had always been there for each other and unlike other couples valued their alone time together.  Their love of camping had them travelling to the Taipinshan National Forest in Taiwan is famous for its massive cypress trees.  The Taiwanese have always believed that there are spirits of the dead, the Atayui tribe, still present in and amongst these magnificent trees.

It had been a perfect holiday – they had been to the Taipinshan Hot Springs that had relieved all stress and tension in their bodies – when they got the terrible news.  Morgan had cancer – inoperable – terminal.

After his death Emily revisited the Taipingshan and camped under those Cypress trees, but something was different.  She imagined someone was calling her, could it be Morgan? And then she saw him – pale, unwell but filled with an insatiable desire to have her, enter her – she felt drugged by the desire to be with him.

Months later Michael and Ian came across the tent.  Inside was the body of a woman. Reporting it to the authorities they were hit with a gag order never to reveal what they had seen.Read all about the Haunted Cypress Trees of Taipinshan and the supernatural erotica that befell Emily….