Jonas And Mistress Eve – Chapter Two – Releasing The Old

Cuckoldress Mistress

Continued from chapter one – A Cuckolds Tale

Jonas went directly home from Mistress Eve’s gothic style home silently after being picked up by an Uber ride.  The drive home took about 30 minutes and he thought long and hard on each of them as to what had just occurred. The ramifications as to the changes in his life being a cuckolded man would be.  In short, he knew that his life was going to be turned upside down – starting with right now arriving home.

It was a little past 9.30pm when the car pulled up outside the house my fiancée Grace and I had shared for the last three years.  We really should have been married by now but something always ‘came up’ and we always were going to do it ‘after’ something or another.  As I exited the car I saw her standing on the veranda with a very worried look on her face. This was the first time since we had been living together that I had gone somewhere alone at night.

Let me tell you a little about Grace.  We had been living together for the past three years ‘waiting’ to get married.  I met her whilst we were in university where she was majoring in accounting whilst I was completing my honors degree in banking and finance.  She was 21 and I was 24. She was and is an absolute knock-out coming from a Persian background her skin was the color of caramel with straight, long dark hair that fell to the small of her back.

She was the object of desire of many of the students and lecturers alike.  You would just fall into those deep dark oval eyes that always had an inquisitive look about them.  It surprised me that she even knew I existed as I was not the Alpha male type, more the nerdy man with glasses that was always shuffling papers.  I almost died the day she asked me for out for a coffee and until the last month felt blessed every day that she was in my life.

Her shoulders were in perfect symmetry to her body, her breast small but perky, a slim athletic figure were features of envy for many women.  She had full and beautifully formed lips, an exotic nose and her teeth were perfect and white. But for all her style and beauty she was not ‘into herself’ in any way and had always been a caring and thoughtful partner.  She was the total opposite of Mistress Eve!

Persian hot girlfriend
Image: Persian girlfriend

As I walked up the garden path Grace said, “What happened?  Where have you been?”

I looked up at her and said, “I told you on the phone I had to go to a meeting.”

She said, “I rang the bank and talked to Steve there.  He said you just disappeared straight after work. Nobody there had any idea where you were and it had nothing to do with work.”

I said angrily, “Why did you ring the bank?  Don’t you trust me? Why are you checking up on me?”

She said in a concerned voice, “Jonas, it’s not like that.  I am worried about you. You have not been the same person this last month.  And then. Now this. Please tell me what is going on.”

I could not look into her deep concerned brown eyes.  Instead, I ran inside saying, “Leave me alone. I need some space.”

As I brushed past her running to and locking myself in the bathroom I sat down on the toilet seat, putting my face in my hands and began to cry.  What sort of a mess had I gotten myself into.

I heard Grace walk slowly to the bathroom door and softly tap on it.

I yelled, “Go away.”

She said, ‘Jonas, I need to ask you something?’

“What?’ I spat out.

She said, ‘Did you mean what you said?’

I said in a more controlled manner, ‘About what?”

She said, “About needing some space.’

I said, “I don’t know.  I can’t think at the moment.  Please just leave me alone.”

I heard her say quietly, “Wrong answer.”

I heard some footsteps and shuffling, whilst I hid in the bathroom and after about five minutes heard the front door close and the unmistakable sound of our Mercedes start up in the driveway and then drove off.

For another ten minutes or so I waited in the bathroom and finally when I opened the door I saw a letter sitting on the floor with my name written on it in Grace’s handwriting.  I walked over to it, opened it and read it.

‘Dear Jonas,

I have been really worried about you this last month.  Your violent mood swings are so out of character. When I suggest seeing someone or asking what is happening you either get angry or sad. You have avoided being intimate with me and rejected any advances I have made except the once. And then it was worse than not having it as ‘YOU’ were not really there and it was over in minutes.

Something is different, and it is obvious that you no longer feel the same way about me that you once did.  Life is too short to live like that. I am leaving you. I am taking the car and staying at my parents house until I find a flat to rent.  We can worry about finances after but for now I would prefer that you do not contact me for at least a couple of weeks so that I too may readjust my outlook on life.

Love Always,


Although feeling somewhat sad, I also felt liberated and happy.  It would not be up to me to break up the relationship – I can always say that it was her choice. She need not ever know about Mistress Eve. Really, I should have manned up but I couldn’t.

That weekend I stayed home and it was pretty uneventful.  Although the phone rang incessantly I didn’t pick it up. I just needed to be alone.

When Monday morning came along I was quite excited by the possibility that Mistress Eve would ring with the words she had used echoing in my head.

‘I will contact you sometime next week by phone at the bank’

Monday turned into Tuesday which turned into Wednesday and I was becoming quite distressed and distraught that my personal life was in total limbo.  It was more than just good Grace that noticed something was not quite right with me, I was making many out of character mistakes.

Finally on Thursday morning my receptionist put a call through to my office from Mistress Eve.  I almost jumped through the roof in excitement,  ‘Yes, mistress Eve’, I said.

She said, ‘Jonas, have you been missing me?’

Woman who cuckolds men
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I said, ‘More than you can imagine.  Why did you take so long to call’,  I replied.

‘Jonas’, she said, ‘You are forgetting your place again.  Never question me about what I will or will not do or how I do it.  Do you understand?’

I said, ‘Sorry mistress’.

She said, ‘Now, I want you to listen carefully.  Tomorrow you will take a sick day from the bank and come to my home at 4 pm sharp.  Do not be late!  You will bring with you an overnight bag.  In it you will have a casual change of clothes and clothes you wear for the bank.  You will be staying with me over the weekend and I will allow you to leave for work on Monday morning.  Bring essential toiletries nothing more.  Have you got all that?

‘Yes, mistress Eve,’ was my responce.

She said, ‘Good.  Now, how are you going to break this to your precious (in voice imitating me) ‘I’m not married’ (her regular voice) ‘partner that lives with you at home?’

I said, “How did you know I lived with someone?’

She said, ‘Jonas, I am getting very impatient with your questions but on this occasion I will answer you.  On my first visit to your office I saw many pictures of an exotic looking woman. It was obvious that you were together and many were at the same house so putting 2 and 2 together, means you have a long-term relationship with this woman and you share a common home.’

I said, “I broke up with her.”

“Ha’ she laughed. ‘You broke up with her! You are a spineless creature. Broke up with her!  When did she leave you Jonas?”

I said, ‘Sorry Mistress Eve, I did not mean to deceive you.   She left me on Friday of last week.  After I had met with you.”

There was a long pause, then she said, ‘Where did she go?’

I said, “Mistress Eve she told me she went to her parents house.’

She said, ‘Where do they live Jonas?’

I said, ‘Why?”

She said, “Jonas, for a supposedly smart banker you do not learn quickly do you? You will answer my questions or you will not hear from me again.  All your impertinence is having me doubt whether you will in fact be suitable for the cuckold training that lies ahead.’

I said, “Yes, Mistress Eve, I am sorry’.  With reluctance I provided her with details of Grace and her parents.

Mistress Eve said, ‘Remember 4 pm sharp at my home.  Tomorrow night will be a night you will never forget’.

To be quite honest I cannot recall ever having a sick day – but after the conversation I decided it would be best if I feigned illness and went home.  That way it would throw any suspicions that I was taking a convenient ‘Friday – long weekend sickie’.

It was 2 pm when I finally left the bank and headed  home that Thursday afternoon.  My mind was buzzing with what was to come on Friday.  A night I would never forget.   My enthusiasm with this whole set up was now boiling over and I felt electrified, aroused and alive all at the same time.  In fact I had never felt this thrilled about anything previously in my life.  The clock was ticking and I was a willing participant.

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Excerpt:   Mistress Eve said, “Jonas.  I want you to understand that this is one night only.  The one night when you will be able to taste all the exotic and forbidden fruits, to experience the treasures of seduction, to sample me each and every way you want to.  To have me, to control me, to expel every last drop of desire into me until you are spent and satisfied.  To understand that you have experienced a once in a lifetime episode of total erotic satisfaction. I will be submissive to my dominant mistress.’

I looked at her in her stunning black corset and fishnets and said with passion, ‘I understand Mistress Eve.’

She said, ‘Tonight only you may call me Eve.’


Mistress Eve calls Claire to see the chained up Jonas.  Claire and Mistress Eve get it on in front of him.


Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Jonas & Mistress Eve – A Cuckolds Tale!

cuckold lifestyle

CHAPTER ONE – Meeting Eve

My name is Jonas!   I was in a cuckolding relationship and want to share my story with you.  It began almost ten years ago when I was in my early thirties. Having a successful career in banking and a fiancee whom I intended to marry, everything seemed to be going along swimmingly.  Deposit on a house, owned my own prestige car, plans to have 2.4 kids. You know the story! A safe and secure existence.

Then she came along.  Even now, four years since our relationship collapsed I find it difficult to use her name.  Let’s just call her Eve!

Eve came into my bank one afternoon looking for a loan and was referred to me because of the ‘unusual nature’.  Ushered into my office by my secretary she sat on my leather banker’s lounge in front of my executive desk. I dismissed my secretary and she left the office.

Now let me tell you about Eve.  She was an Amazon standing 5 feet 11 inches tall with blonde hair that was parted on the side and fell to shoulder length.  Her eyes were a grey blue that pierced your sold – it was like she could see right through you when she looked at you. Her pouted lips had bright red lipstick applied which stood out more because of the white foundation applied.  Her nose was straight and perfect.

She was wearing a leather corset that accentuated her hourglass figure and size 36DD breasts.  The top of the corset had two straps that attached to an O’Collar neck and she was wearing leather gloves that came up to her elbows.  The pale skin on her bare shoulders and upper arms showed that she was muscular without being overly so. The skin tight shiny black pvc pants she wore left little to the imagination.

mistress for cuckolds
bdsm mistress

The sight of her took my breath away.  Generally I am not a nervous type but seeing this beauty had me feeling like a school boy in front of the head mistress.  I stammered, “Hello Mrs Eve. My name is Jonas and I am the bank manager here. The loans department informed me that you have come for a loan but that it does not fit into their categories of eligibility.  May I ask you the purpose you wish to make your loan application?”

She paused, looking right at me for what seemed like minutes but was actually only seconds.  It was like she was scrutinizing me, finding my measure and it felt like I had just been found wanting.

She said, “Certainly!  You may call me Mistress Eve, Jonas.  I need a load to make a dungeon.”

I recall that I was taking a sip of my coffee when she answered me and the shock of it made me splutter and some of the hot liquid spurted and landed on my shirt and table.  I flushed red with embarrassment.

She said, “Look what you have gone and done now Jonas. You wife is not going to be at all pleased with you.  If you were my husband let me assure you that this would not be tolerated at all.”

Instead of putting her in back in her place, instead I blurted out, “I’m not married.”

She said, “Is it any wonder?  You cannot even drink a coffee without spilling it on yourself.  Surely you must see that you need someone like me to take care of you as it appears that you are having difficulty doing so yourself.’

I blushed, got angry, was embarrassed and weirdly turned on by this scenario that was playing out in the place in my life where I supposedly had the most power

I said, ‘Eve, it is irrelevant to you how I live.  You have come to me for a loan. A loan that is quite different from anything I have ever been approached for before.  To be quite honest I believe it is impossible as it would go against our moral guidelines.’

Eve said, “Jonas!  I am aware of the banks moral guidelines.  It covers adult shops, sale of pornography, brothels, prostitution, pedaphilia, beastiality and non-consentual sex.    Nowhere does it mention a Mistress wishing to upgrade her dungeon.’

I said, “Isn’t being a mistress the same as being a prostitute?’

She looked at me with those piercing blue/grey eyes.  The look on her face made me want to hide underneath the table.  It actually brought fear into my soul. She continued to look at me and eventually spoke to me, in a slow measured voice, one that was like that of a parent chastising a child and said, ‘Jonas, it is obvious that you have lived in a bubble.  Ha, lived, I should say existed and you know little if anything about the real world and what is in it. Your idea of excitement would be to watch an action movie or go to a theme park – but be too scared to go on the roller coaster. Who are you to firstly make a statement of something that you know nothing about?  Comparing being a mistress to a prostitute is like comparing a collapsible tent to the foundation of a house. There is nothing wrong with being a prostitute. But a mistress is not a prostitute.’

I apologetically said, “I’m sorry Eve’.

She said, ‘You can call me mistress!  Jonas your apology is not accepted and I would appreciate it that when you talk to me you only talk about things that you actually know about or things pertinent to this loan application.  I will explain to you that a mistress does not have sex for money. A mistress accepts gifts from clients that she looks after. A mistress takes control of her clients and does what she feels is best for them, that will give them a better and higher quality life.  She allows them to relinquish control and thereby giving the freedom to live their wildest desires. A mistress will choose whom she will have sex with and when. The sex will be to please the mistress and often she will never have sex with a client. Do you understand Jonas?’

As she said this last sentence she got up from the lounge and moved over to my side of the table and sat on the corner facing me, towering over me.  Her presence was electric and overpowering.  I could not help but feel an insatiable lust and wanted to take her here and now on my desk.  These erotic thought circled my brain and my cock stood to attention and began to throb.

Sex on desk
Office Desk Sex

I answered, ‘I understand Miss Eve.”

She said, “Call me mistress Jonah.  I can see down there that you have become aroused by my closeness to you.  Let it be known that nothing is going to happen down there until all this banking business if finalized.  Do you understand me Jonas?”

I said, “Yes mistress.”

She said, “Now about that loan.  If you can get your secretary to get all my details, I will be on my way. I expect it to be approved and the funds available by the end of the week.  As a bank manager you are allowed to approve a loan up to a million dollars in house and the amount will be well under that. You do not have to concern yourself about the amount or repayments – everything will be in order.  It always is with me.”

I called my secretary in and gave her instructions and she and Miss Eve left the room. Watching her rounded ass in those tight shiny pvc pants as she sashayed out of the room had my cock standing to erection again.  The lust I felt made me feel really alive for the very first time.

Everything went to her plan, the loan was approved and funds transferred at the end of that week.  I did not see her again for four weeks. Patiently I waited, hoping she would come in to thank me, to see me, to speak to me, to be with me, but she never did.  Each day passed I became more depressed, I could do nothing but think of her and the comments she made about ‘down there’. Trying to have sex with my fiancee now became a joke at best – if I could get it up I would blow in seconds – she began to ask me why.  What was I to say?

Everyday I would go to the toilet at home and at work and fap away thinking of Mistress Eve.  It was the only joy that I could derive in life. My concentration at work began to fail, I was making mistakes.  Everybody around me was concerned for my well-being as I was not functioning the way I had before – something was missing.

At the end of the fourth week I had made up my mind.  It was imperative that I meet with Mistress Eve, Her address was on the loan application as was her telephone number.  Should I ring or just turn up. I could make out that I was just checking up on the renovations and had some additional paperwork for the loan.  Going to my computer and opening her account I could see that everything was in order. She had made her weekly loan repayments and the paperwork was in order.  My decision was made – I would visit her after work and with a superfluous document I will say required her signature. That was it – the plan was hatched for me to see her again.

Ringing my fiancee to let her know I would not be able to meet up with her that evening because ‘something had come up’ proved to be a difficult conversation.  Nothing ever ‘came up’ in our relationship we led a measured and what I now know to have been a boring existence. I could come up with no excuse except that it was an important meeting I had to attend to.

As I left the bank I opened the uber app and requested a pick-up.  Within minutes I was in a car headed to the home of Mistress Eve and thought to myself ‘what the hell are you doing?’.  You have only met this person once in your office and you are now going there unannounced to her home of an evening. Second thoughts were entering my mind.

The car stopped and the uber driver said, “Your destination sir.”

I got out of the car and my mouth dropped.  The address was an old church that had been converted to a house.  It was surrounded by large trees on both sides and the rear. The front fence was metal picket with ornate patterns.  There were two concrete pillars on either side of the entry gate that stood about 8 feet tall. There was a intercom and camera on one of the concrete pillars and I pressed the intercom buzzer.

Church Conversion
BDSM Church

The church was gothic in design and substantial. The bell tower and spire reached skywood and I could not help but take in the solid double timber doors that allowed entry into the building.  These doors had stained glass windows on either side and above and I could see a gentle light trickling through.

The intercom crackled to life and I heard Mistress Eve’s voice say, “Yes, who is it?”

I said, “Mistress Eve, it’s Jonas from the Bank.  I have a document you must sign.”

There was a pause and after a minute or so she said, ‘Can it not wait until Monday?  I can come into the bank then.’

Gaining courage I said, ‘It is quite important.’

She said, “Alright then, come in.’

The gate then buzzed releasing the electronic lock and I walked towards the front doors.  A sweet pungent unmistakable smell of jasmine came from the garden. As I walked up the five steps to the doors I again heard a buzzing sound of the electronic locks from the front door disengaging it.  Another surveillance camera was directed to this entry vestibule. My courage was waning but I continued on. As the doors opened I was greeted with the huge open plan of the living area of the church. Towards the rear of the church a second level had been built that I assumed would hold the bedrooms.  Underneath this was a huge galley kitchen with concrete bench tops, breakfast bar and lots of stainless steel appliances. Mistress Eve sat on a bar stool at the breakfast bar and I walked towards her across the vast expanse of the open living area. It must be a similar feeling to a dead man walking as she seemed to look at me with feigned interest.  It made me feel small and insignificant.

Finally, I stood before her.  She said nothing, she did not offer me a chair or a drink.  Just sat there looking at me and it seemed like she had a glint of amusement in her eye.  Like when a cat is playing with a mouse. I said, ‘Mistress Eve, there is a document that my secretary failed to get you to sign.  Sorry for the intrusion but the loan was, may I say, a little unusual, and I do not want this getting back to head office for obvious reasons.’

She continued to look at me.

I said, ‘So if I just get you to sign the document here!”

She continued to look at me, without moving.  Finally she said, “Jonas, you and I both know that there is no document that needs signing.  Everything is in order as it always is. You have realised that your pathetic life is meaningless and have come here in the hope that perhaps I can bring meaning into your life.  That you will find a real purpose and to experience more or at least something.’

I broke in, “I assure you….”

She spoke sternly, ‘Jonas do not speak whilst I am.  You will listen to what I have to say without interruption.  After I have finished if I wish it you can respond. If I do not you won’t.  Do you understand Jonas?”

I said, “Yes Mistress Eve’.

She said, ‘Okay then.  I knew you would come. It was unclear when but I could see your life was meaningless and you sought direction.  Up until now I have been thinking if I should help your pathetic existence or not but as you did get me the loan I figured why not – it should be a challenge.  I want you to become my cuckold. My previous one I disposed of a few months ago and I am desirous of having my cuckold look after me. Do you know what a cuckold is Jonas?”:

I said, “No, not really.”

She said, “I am not going to go in details now as I have a client waiting for me in the dungeon right now as we speak.’

Feelings of jealousy and anger went through me knowing there was another in the church with us now.

She laughed, “Your face is easy to read.  What did you think that I had been waiting for you and only you.  You are pathetic!”

I said, “How can you say…”

She said even more sternly, “ENOUGH!!  Did I already not tell you to speak only when asked to?  You are not giving me confidence in your insubordinate start.  Anyway continuing on, in short a cuckold is a man that serves his mistress.  His mistress will control him and choose if and when he is allowed to have sex or in fact even please himself.  Do you want me to be your mistress and you be my cuckold?”

Without thinking of the repercussions I immediately said, “Yes, mistress.”

She said, ‘Good, so listen carefully as I am only going to say this once.  A cuckolds life is not always easy so in order to make sure that we can make this relationship work we need you to undertake some cuckolding training.  If you complete your training successfully we will enter into a mistress and cuckold contract. This contract will protect you and I in this relationship. In the meantime you should prepare to get all your affairs in order as after we enter into the contract you will have to move in here with me.  Your old life will be no more. Do you understand this?”

The impact of what she said hit me.  My life would be totally different and eagerly I embraced it.  I said, “Yes I understand.”

She said, “Leave now then.  I will contact you sometime next week by phone at the bank and tell you when your cuckolding training will commence.”

I said, “Of course mistress” and left.


Jonas needs to be free from his fiancée so that he can undergo his cuckolding training.


Mistress Eve gives all of herself to Jonas for one night only.


Mistress Eve calls Claire to see the chained up Jonas.  Claire and Mistress Eve get it on in front of him.


Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

A Tickle Torture Virgin’s Cuckold Session

Sexy french maid in costume

If bondage and submission is what gets your toes tingling then have you ever tried tickle torture?

What Is Tickle Torture?

Tickle torture is the use of tickling to abuse, dominate, harass, humiliate or interrogate an individual. The victim laughs even if he or she finds the experience unpleasant because the laughter is an innate reflex rather than a social conditioning. Tickle torture can either be consensual or forced, depending on the circumstances.

Does it intrigue you to be completely suspended and incapable of movement as you give somebody else the power to do as they wish to you?

Then have I got a story for you!!

My Erotic Tickle Torture Story

As a sales consultant at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I was given a gift to review called the Zumio. It looked like some sort of pen, I had to admit I was a little confused. I began to read the box…..

  • Invented by and designed by women
  • 8 speed settings to adjust the intensity
  • Slender ergonomic design for comfort
  • Quiet operation
  • Vibration free handle
  • SpiroTIP revolution technology
  • Designed for solo and partner play
  • Washable, waterproof and durable
  • Made with medical-grade silicone and ABS plastics
  • Water based lubricant safe
  • Induction re-chargeable by USB
  • Long lasting battery life
  • 1 Year Warranty

After reading all of this, I now realise this is perfect for my partner as she loves a quite intense vibe play and the Zumio has the option for insertion. I feel I could be holding her new favourite sex toy…

Later that night once I arrived home I showed her this new sex toy. As I pulled a box with classy packaging out of a black plastic bag, I could see that her eyes began to wonder what it was. She began to read the box and I could see her mind taking in all the information on what this device could be capable of. She smirked at me, threw it at me and told me to “Open it up then!“.

Opening up the box, I could see how perfect it was designed to be packed away and charged, it is an amazing portable clitoral stimulator. The recharging unit uses any android charger to power it as the Zumio sits inside. I took it out of the box and showed her how intense the vibrations were and how quiet the device was. She was stunned and just as curious as I was to how it would work. I couldn’t wait to try this out on her, the idea of her tied up with her legs spread with no stopping me from forcing her to reach total climax was too much.

She smirked at me and said “Get upstairs, take off your clothes and wait for me to come up” I looked back at her with excitement as I begin to dart upstairs to get ready. I grabbed the ZUMIO, she stopped me and said in a firm voice “No, no! This stays here with me. I’ll see you in 10 minutes. You better be ready!”

Confused but intrigued I turn around and ran upstairs. I lit a few candles to set the mood and undressed myself. I lay there naked and waited for her, it felt like the longest 10 minutes of my life! The door swang open and there she was. She stood there in a skin tight black latex dress and bright red heels with an extremely large whip that I had never seen before.

Dominatrix with a submissive man
Image: Man Restrained On Bed

She ordered me to lay on my stomach. I rolled over *Whack!* I felt a hit from the whip send a sharp sting that tingled a cold sensation throughout my body. I heard the sound of tape being pulled out. My legs are pushed together and I felt her tape my ankles together. She then taped my knees together. After she’s done wrapping me in tape she flipped me over, held my hands above my head, and taped them together to the bed head. She looked at me with a smirk and said “I’ll be back soon”. She placed a blindfold over my head. I could hear her heels click on the floor as she left the room and slammed the door!

After about 10 of the longest minutes of my life I heard her heels come back up the stairs and the door opens. She said in a sarcastic voice “Aww… look at my helpless little pet“. I squirm to test the tightness of the tape she giggles “Your definitely not going anywhere are you?” As I begin to reply the moment my mouth opened I felt something get stuffed into it. She then wrapped tape around my head at least 4 times. I hear her giggle “Do you like the taste of my gym socks?”. I muffle as she laughs “I’ll take that as a yes…”

I hear a vibrating sound…. she began to tell me “I know you brought this toy home for me but as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it” She laughed. At this point in time I felt a little bit of fear as to what she has planned for me. I am currently helpless with my ankles and knees tapped together, wrists taped to the bed head with a dirty gym sock jammed into my mouth. There is nothing I could possibly do to stop her. She asks me if I’m scared. I nod my head. She laughed “So you should be! We’re going to have some fun tonight…. Well, I guess I am!”.

I can hear a quiet vibrating sound. It sounds no louder than the vibration of a mobile phone call in your pocket. Then I felt the vibration of the ZUMIO on the arch of my foot. I scream as loudly as I can but all you can hear is a muffled scream. She giggled “Aww, baby! Does that tickle? Just tell me to stop if it’s too much for you okay?”

I was on my knees, the Zumio is held on my feet. I screamed and am going insane but nothing is coming through this sock gag. She said “You don’t seem to be having fun.. But yet you’re not telling me to stop” she laughed. After a constant 10 minutes of vibrations on my feet it became unbearable. She stopped and said “Do you think you’ve had enough?” I nod my head telling her yes as I am unable to speak but she replied “Use your words like a big boy”. She begins to tickle some more…. I scream under the gag. I can try to escape.

She removed the blindfold and jumps off me for a second and says “If you really don’t like it then why is your dick so hard?” Dripping in pre cum I was about to explode she began to lightly touch the Zumio against the tip of my shaft. The vibration is too intense to hold back my orgasm. She can see how close I was getting. She whispered in my ear “If you cum without my permission I’m going to soak it up in my other gym sock and swap it with the one already in your mouth and leave you like that to sleep the night! Is that what you want?” I shook my head trying to beg for no more. She moved the ZUMIO towards the tip of my cock, I begin to cum….. As soon as my orgasm begins she takes the ZUMIO off and watches the cum squirt out of my cock dripping down and pulsing she laughs and said “Aww baby! Did I ruin your orgasm” I nod my head to reply yes. She replied “But did I say you are allowed to cum” I look at her in fright as she wiped the cum up with her other gym sock and placed it next to me while I am still tied up.

Man wearing BDSM blindfold
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She picked up her phone and ignored me for about 5 minutes she then tells me that her girlfriends are having some drinks at a friend’s house down the road. She starts the Zumio back up, puts a condom over my cock and taped the Zumio around my leg pressing it up against the shaft of my cock and whispered in my ear “Let’s test out the battery life and see how long it will keep running for… I’ll be back later you better not cum again and if you do your only filling this condom for me” With a wink she grabs her jacket and puts on some lipstick. I look at her with puppy eyes which beg her not to leave me here like this. She slapped my face and showed me the cum filled sock and said “Consider yourself lucky this isn’t in your mouth!! You better not cum otherwise you’ll have a full condom to enjoy when I get back” I hear her laugh as she left. The door slammed shut, I heard it being locked with a key from the outside and the clink of her heels as she walked away….

The Experience

Compared to the soft tickle of a lace teaser or from the hands of your partner the Zumio will take you to an indescribable level of tickle torture to have such a strong vibrating force from such a small product that can fit into some of the most torturous places. I guarantee you are in for some fun. To anybody that is into the tickle torture scene I highly recommend this women’s sex toy for your next torture.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

I’m A Cuckolded Man

Baci Lingerie Woman with Whip

My mistress has observed and recorded the number of my climaxes from the very first days of our dating. She has never allowed me to cum without her consent and there is a calendar on which she has indicated the days of the years that she will allow me to ejaculate, whether by masturbation or sex.   She has some lady friends she meets with on the side and they are also allowed to note which days I am allowed to cum should they be so interested in using me. It is a very rare event indeed that I should be allowed extra days although that promise is always there for my exceptional behaviors.

During the month of April each year my sissified training is undertaken. During that month whilst at home I am allowed only to be dressed in women’s clothing and the only sex allowed for me is when I am pegged by my wife or any of her friends. During this month I can be fucked at any time but never allowed to cum. Should I cum strict punishment will be inflicted upon me.

In the past I have cheated by masturbating secretly but was caught by my mistress whom then placed a male cock cage on me pretty much permanently on my for three months. During that time I was not drained once and have learnt my lesson to never cheat on her again (and I ever attempt to, to make sure I am not caught). Over that three month period of abstinence my mistress humiliated and degraded me continuously and I now never want to displease her as that punishment was very difficult for me to cope with.

After my male chastity device was finally removed my mistress told me that she would allow me to climax however it was only to be done if I could fit the biggest black butt plug I had ever seen totally into my ass. Then and only then would I be allowed to masturbate myself to orgasm. It was very difficult to put inside and even completely lubed up it took me upwards of half an hour before I could stretch my ass big enough to take this massive sex toy up my orifice. Finally though with deep breathing and relaxation techniques I managed to get it all in there and blissfully masturbated in front of her. Within seconds I was blowing my load all over myself and around me – never before had I spurted so much cum from my testicles and when I was done I was totally spent. I was so spent that the butt plug was still up my ass and it was ten to fifteen minutes before I could muster the energy to remove it.


RIANNE-S Booty Plug Anal Sex
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My mistress then commanded me to clean myself and the mess up and once I was showered and cleaned she again put my male chastity device on letting me know that we were back to our calendar days but until I showed her that I could be totally trusted she would leave the chastity device on. This remained the status quo for some six months before I was given the reward and freedom to wear it on only special occasions. Wearing the chastity device allowed me to control my erections as anyone that has been encaged in such devices will know that getting an erection can be extremely painful. This I believe has empowered me somewhat as now I do not get erection, even whilst asleep, unless I mentally allow it to happen.

My mistress will often derogate me in front of her female friends and will make me take my pants off to display what she calls my pee wee cock. She tells me that my cock looks like an overgrown clit and perhaps I would have been better off as a woman. Sometimes this embarrasses me but more often than not I am thankful that she stays with such a little man as me. Sometimes when mistress and her female friends drink a little something more than tea she will say to me ‘Slave present yourself to me!’ With that command I will pull my pants down and get into the doggie position. Then my mistress and her friends will take turns in butt fucking me with various sized strap ons. Funnily enough this does not really embarrass me, rather it invigorates me and is a treat outside of the set times I am allowed to cum.

My mistress often gets me to do not so nice tasks on her and her friends and one of those that I find most distasteful is she showers on Thursday night to go to work on Friday and then will not shower again. Then on Sunday evening she will make me go down on her and lick her pussy and ass that have not been cleaned in three days. Sometimes the stench makes me dry retch but I know this is one of the things she enjoys. She will say to me, ‘Lick my dirty ass hole clean you non man. This is all you deserve you retched cuckold. This is your position in our relationship. You are no more than my ass wipe’.


Sometimes these words hurt but I know how lucky I am that she stays with me and I will do anything to please her. Often she giggles after having one of these sessions and reinforces how lucky I am that I am allowed to even lick her dirty asshole and I agree being the HOT WIFE that she is.

When I was first in training my mistress was very cruel to me. She had told me initially that I was never going to be allowed to put my cock into her pussy ever again. Although being a man put in chastity in some ways appealed to me what I did not know was how far she would go to show how little she needed my cock. She laughed at me one night early in my cuckold training and said “I feel the need for a bit of dicking.’ At that particular time she had me in a hells couture surgical steel chastity device but she pulled out a massive strap-on. She the ordered me strip and then placed the strap on and commanded me to use it. She knew what was going to happen and laughed and laughed as I began to pound her beautiful pussy.

Seeing that juicy pink meat started a tingling down below and my male chastity training took a whole new level of pain as I began to get an erection inside the confines of my chastity device. I started crying like a little girl as she ordered me to continue. The pain was so excruciating it felt like my cock was being grated like a piece of cheese. The more I cried the more she laughed and came and came again. Finally she was spent and ordered me off her.

I lay in a fetal position for many hours after that cradling, my damaged manhood and not being allowed to treat it. Eventually after about 4 hours she came up and unlocked the device and I could see it was bruised and discolored with some lacerations to it. She ordered me to bath and rub some balm on it. I felt that at that moment she felt pity for me and perhaps thought she had gone too far and that made me love and treasure her all the more. I came to the realization at that time that I was her slave, her cuckold, her man-servant to do with as she pleased.

But now coming back to the present years later. Our relationship is still always changing at her command that my mistress makes me do things that otherwise I would never do. I know it pleases her which in effect pleases me but I am scared as she has told me that she wishes to experiment electro sex anal toys. She has already purchases a bondage rack that she has placed in the garage that can be moved to accommodate multiple positions whilst keeping me in place

She has also purchased a bipolar powered (two channeled) butt plug and discussed using it with her friends on me. I was hoping someone out there has used one and could let me know what I am in for as to be prepared I have learnt will often help me overcome the anxiety of what is to come. I will do this for my mistress, I would walk over hot coals for her. Can anyone help me with this?


Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

The Cheating Housewife!

Wife Cheats on Husband

As a sexpert on adultsmart blog, be warned to buy your wife flowers on mothers day and pay more attention to her. This is a anonymous letter we received from one of our blog readers:

Opening the Mother’s Day card a year ago from my husband David my heart sank. We’d been married for over 10 years, and I was the mother of his kids yet he hadn’t even thought to purchase me some flowers or anything. From reading the short writing on the card, he had made a small attempt as this really frustrated me as it was not the first time it had happened. I was scared of becoming a house wife whose husband would never buy her anything special. I saw on television a story on the news about peoples husbands who would cheat on their wife with prostitutes. The men said

“using prostitutes saved my marriage”

and the prostitutes were receiving very expensive gifts. They were receiving Chanel, Gucci and Tiffany products, which I had never received from my husband – how unfair.

The entire run-up to Mother’s Day had been disappointing. It made me feel old and like I was losing my sexiness. My marriage was trapped in an endless cycle. We’d gotten together when I was fresh out of college. Things were incredible at first however they began to come apart when our children arrived. David is just 34, but acts like he is in his 80’s — he’s always irritable, drained and unmotivated. We have sex about once a week however I never climax and it’s like he simply makes

‘just enough’ effort.

The day after Mother’s Day this year, I set up a profile on Tinder.

I’d had a bit to drink and was feeling mischievous, so I wrote about how I was a busty brunette looking to have an unsanctioned romance. Within minutes, I had matched with a few men, including a man called Michael who had a wife and five children. He was 42, a Doctor and his marriage was significantly more useless than mine by what he was saying. He wasn’t sleeping with his wife at all.

Flower Present
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I met him a week later for lunch, at a cafe about 40 minutes away from each of our homes. We wound up having a lots of fun, drinking wine, and getting to know each another. We continued to message each other, and met up again for coffee. Two weeks later we ended up under the covers of a bed in a Hotel room. It was romantic and lovely, he’d had flowers and champagne set up in the room before I arrived. The sex was extremely close and enthusiastic however despite everything I never orgasmed. Truth be told, I never have. However the second and third go I think I came closer to one than I ever had before.

Despite the fact that it was a major thing for me to have an affair I didn’t feel like I was doing the wrong thing. I finally felt alive and I was feeling sexy again – my husband had lost interest. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my closest friends. It felt great keeping the secret and mystery all to myself. I also felt like a better mother, because I wasn’t as frustrated at home or with David.  He could be awkward and moody whilst I breezed through feeling sex and desired.

Thing’s got a little more interesting late last year with Michael as we delved into a bit of bondage play, I found out that I love to be being blindfolded. Michael and continued to meet up for sex about once a month for six months, but after a while he began to go missing on me, cancelling last minute and giving me excuses. After 6 months of sleeping together, i had developed passionate feelings for him. I never let him know, because I knew that despite the affair, his wife and children were what mattered to him. Inevitably, we stopped seeing each other.

After Michael, I have since met and had affairs with two other men because of my profile On Tinder, and I’m currently talking online with a couple of other guys. David and I, despite everything are still married and continue to have sex once a week. The sex with David hasn’t made any improvement, but now that I have my other relationships, it doesn’t trouble me as much. If I have gained anything from these affairs and the whole experience, it has taught me that mothers need to spoil themselves and have more fun, and if they aren’t getting it at home, they should get it somewhere else! I don’t feel like a bad wife for cheating, if anything, cheating on my husband has made me a better wife.

Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.