Sperm Stoppers Are Cumming For You!

Cum stopping

A sperm stopper is a type of penis plug with a glans ring. It is the most famous popularly used penis plug around the world. The plug makes you feel really horny during insertion. The glans ring helps me get a stiffer penis and it also makes it look awesome. This stainless steel stopper is designed to make your experience with urethral sex toys a great deal of fun. It is suitable both for novices and more experienced people. This stopper on the top, blocks the top of the urethra and it stops the stream of sperm going through. The act of stopping sperm encourages the wearer to masturbate for longer. It makes for some new and remarkable sensations that you will want to experience without a doubt!

A sperm stopper is often designed with a glans ring. The glans ring goes around the penis’s head to secure the plug in place. The feeling of the glans ring on gives extra excitement to the wearer. Attached to the glans ring is the sperm stopper. Most sperm stoppers are made of 316LVM surgical steel, which means it is surgical grade, body-safe and tough.

Sperm stopper
Image: Glans Ring & Cum Stopper

This sex toy is often worn for the way it looks as a piece of body jewellery. A lot of people love to wear it for that reason alone as sometimes their is a sparkly gem on top. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to have a pierced penis to wear the sperm stopper. Keep in mind, sex toys for men like glans rings and cock rings are lovely to wear but they also are worn for enhancing and upgrading sexual experiences.

Alright, we should begin off by dispersing some myths

This is NOT a chastity device, it can bring a man to climax and it won’t stop you ejaculating. At any rate, the sperm stopper is a mix of two items in one. It’s a cock ring that connects to a “sperm stopper”, which is a little stainless steel metal sphere on the end of a steel tube. Other than the plug, it is luxuriously made from tough surgical steel.

Sperm stopper
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How I use my sperm stopper

Slipping on the sex toy is simple, yet I’d suggest testing it out a little. It’s made so the glans/cock ring rests with the pivot against the frenulum (the sweet spot on the underside of the penis). It’s almost effortless to slip on when semi-hard. If you are excessively flaccid it may tumble off, if you are excessively erect then it may hurt.

When placing the penis plug at first place it gradually onto the urethra. I personally don’t have to use lubricant as I generate a lot of ‘pre-cum’ but I do understand that the majority of men need medical grade personal lubricant. In case you’re uncertain, use lube! On a side note, in case you’re putting this on an uncircumcised penis (like mine), then you may need to draw the foreskin back first. It’s not vital, yet for me it feels better.

Once set up, the sensations are stunning. I initially attempted this with my lover and when I slipped the plug on, every touch of hers was exceptional. Touching the head of my penis when I’m wearing it feels interesting (in a pleasurable manner) and stroking the shaft made my head grow which in turn increased the sensations. The blended stimulation made my eyes roll back into my head. After playing for some time, when I was building a climax, it felt distinctive, yet in a pleasing manner. I was extremely conscious of the metal ball on top of my urethra, however the mix of that and the glans ring appeared to heighten everything that was felt. I use it all the time now, all alone and with my lover, and both experiences feel amazing. My first time using a penis plug of this nature was very enjoyable.

Are there any drawbacks?

Not by any means, despite the fact that on the off chance that you or your lover are excessively energetic then it may fall off. Consequently, I’d be careful about penetrative sex with it on. I haven’t attempted it and wouldn’t suggest it. Other than that, it’s incredible. It’s a finely crafted and body safe sex toy that’s simple to clean and great fun to use.

What I will say is that using this has made me want to try out other types of adult toys that are similar and comparable nature. I now need to attempt a few more glans rings (one specifically that focuses on stimulating the frenulum) and I additionally need to attempt doing some urethral sounding as I’ve heard that being stroked whilst using a sound is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced before. In the event that you’ve never attempted this sort of masturbation before, a sperm stopper is a decent place to begin.

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Sounding: Pushing A Rod Up Your Urethra!

Sex was once, to me, a superstition. It was something I found out about from schoolyard friends who’d never done it or from folks who knew little about it and clarified it in a mindfully calm manner. It was something I saw in scenes from terrible films, and it was there in the counter-intuitive syrup of sitcom shows and in music clips of almost every pop tune that I loved. If I put all of this together, it leaves me with the uncanny impression of how sex ought to be, before I ever thought I knew enough to encounter it. When I at long last started having my own sexual encounters my expectations of what sex should be left me feeling like I was missing something even while there was nothing particularly disappointing about any specific experience.

For some time, I started to think about whether something about my penis kept me from giving me the pleasure that I thought I deserved. I thought it might be holding me back from climbing the delightful stepping stool to sexual fulfilment. At whatever point a lover moved her head in joy or snatched a fistful of bed sheet while arching her pelvis upward, I asked why my own arousal never made me do any of that. Sex motivated my suspicion that there were shockingly better types of it that I would need to go outside of myself to find. Which is the reason why I came to be sitting in my room one night, sliding a long metal tube into my penis.

That’s when I started to masturbate with urethral sounds

Urethral sounds look like a moderately strong and threatening individual from the sex toy family. For the most part urethral sounds are made with a long and slim metal chamber intended to slide into the urethra to dilate the urethra in a pleasurable way. Sizes range from 4 to 17 millimetres in circumference, however there is a large variety of sizes. The urethral sounds arrive in an assortment of shapes, some have a gentle S-formed bend, while others have huge barrel shaped dumbbells on their tips. Some are made with different experience levels in mind, others are made with rectangular closures, some have round edges, and of the most threatening looking ones have serious fishhook bends.

Urethral sex toy
Image: Euro Zone Penis Plug

It’s difficult to follow the definite causes of why people began to use urethral sounds, however the act of urethral sounding has been seen throughout history in numerous societies. As indicated by Robert Lawrence, a psychologist and board member from the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, there is proof that doctors in old China utilized a tube which they inserted into the urethra to sample fluid for examination and therapy. In antiquated Rome, catheters, tubes, and tests were utilized to investigate the bladder and expel blockages from different channels and openings. In the most recent century, on the other hand, the act of sounding for pleasure appears to have gotten to be progressively common, with cases of men having used almost everything from pens to weaving needles which are all unsafe methods for sexual stimulation.

The tissue in the urethra is embryologically the same as the labia minora, and it’s loaded with nerve endings all the way down. Simply moving a smooth, decently lubricated urethral sound along these tissues can be pleasurable, there are more profound ways to stimulate through sounding. The urethra has four sections that unite the bladder to the penis, the final one runs through the prostate which is an organ that is integral to the ejaculatory experience amid climax for men. Sudden dilation through the urethra of the prostate can trigger discharge and is very pleasurable.

When compared to most other sex toys, urethral sounds have a high level of daredevilry attached to them and shouldn’t be used without genuine consideration and readiness. The size of the urethral sound makes them best used only by the most experienced urethral sex toy users. The urethra is sensitive and if you are inexperienced and use urethral sounds it can lead to painful tearing and cutting. The urethra is thin and delicate especially against bacteria and disease from outside microorganisms, which is the danger of inserting unhygienic items into it.

Cleaning the sound before every use is very important. This can be done by boiling a surgical stainless steel urethral sound in water for 30 minutes. Be sure to let the urethral sound completely cool down before use.

Before using urethral sounds, it is also very important that you thoroughly wash your hands and the penis. Make a point not to touch anything that hasn’t been washed before insertion. Many people recommend drinking a glass of cranberry juice just before you start, which serves to protect you against unhealthy bacteria developing in the urinary tract. Additionally, antibacterial surgical lubricant must be used with urethral sounds which can act as one final layer of insurance against bacteria being brought into the urethra. After use, the sound must be completely washed to prevent rust and the person who uses the urethral sound should urinate to flush out the urethra. I read a detailed urethral sounding guide before my very first experience.

What other people thought of urethral sounding

When I looked into using urethral sounds, the vast majority of my male friends drew back with dismay, either overpowered by the thought of painfully hurting the penis or the thought of receiving a chlamydia-test by inserting a Q-tip into the urethra and sending it to a lab to be tested. The lack of accessible data about urethral sounding appeared to heighten the confusion. One review of more than 2000 men found that approximately 10 percent who performed urethral sounding likewise reported higher STI rates. Another study, from the University of South Florida collected the data collected of patients going by the doctor’s office after they had placed items in their urethra including a ballpoint pen and a speaker wires. This study noted that all the patients had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. These articles have been found to be biased, which makes it look like using the urethra for stimulation to be out of this world. Another study asked “why would you do that?” and one of the replies was “It felt great” but this answer couldn’t in any way, shape or form defend the drawbacks.

Stainless steel urethral sex toy
Image: Uretheral Dominator Grooving Sound Ribbed

In my neighbourhood in Manhattan, there are various sex-toy shops and peep show venues. Thick dark window ornaments hung over the front entryways with a threatening “NO MINORS” sign making the scene feel like a universe of danger, where going in to any shop may guarantee some type of risk. These shops appear to be one stage away from liquidation with cramped walkways and police sirens heard in the distance.

As I began shopping, I perceived that each urethral sound in sight was alarmingly huge. Indeed the littlest one I could see was marginally bigger than a pencil, it looked like something that would be difficult to get into my urethra without some genuine dilation. I inquired as to whether they had any littler ones that may be more receptive for a beginner. He let me know that I could by a range of urethral sounds in a set which work their way up from beginners to more experienced users. He showed me all the different types of urethral sounds. With the urethral sounds he showed me, he said that it would be best to start not with the thinnest one but with one that was similar in size to the opening of my urethra. A thin urethral sound in unexperienced hands can evidently slide and slip around, making them less secure which can lead to potential tears or punctures. The thicker ones stays in place but can prevent them from masturbating too rapidly. I picked the littlest one among those sparkling torpedoes and brought it home with some surgical lube in one of those slim, dark plastic sacks that just ever appear to come from an alcohol store or the sex shop.

What really happened when I began using urethral sounds

Utilizing the urethral sound reminded me of the first time I stroked off. I wasn’t certain what I was doing then either, however I took some time and got used of it. Soon a confounding warmth went through my body. I had controlled my body into doing something it shouldn’t have been made to do. The translucent glob of cum saturated my rug was an indication that something new had been broken inside me, in the same way a pool of fluid underneath a car in the parking space is an indication of something beginning to go into disrepair.

I placed the urethral sound in a bubbling pot of hot water to disinfect. I thought about how my right hand would hold the pole and touch nothing else, while my left hand would do the work: get some lubricant, lift the cover off the bubbling pot of water, open and close my door, turn on some porn. It took near to an hour to set up the whole experience.

Urethral sound
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When I at long last shut my room door and grasped the sound, an excess of clear lube coagulated around its narrowest half, I considered the way that I was presently going to be fucked by a manufactured item. The vast majority of the sex toys I’ve known were fetishized impressions of another human body part in some conceptual way. Dildos and Fleshlights were direct copies of genitalia, while vibrators evoked in some way what someone else may do to you. At the same time I was all alone with the urethral sound when I felt the metal spread open my penis. There was no anticipation; I was pleasing myself with a bit of metal.

I chose it would be simplest to begin on the off chance with an erection. The pole went in delicately and easily, the whole five centimetres was effectively inside my small opening (which had resembled a vast, eyeless mouth as I gazed down on it). There was no pain, nor was there any huge joy. The main feeling I was aware of was the unbendable hardness of the metal pole, and a thick, moderate moving wetness some place inside me. I slid it up and down. Everything happened gradually. It was like the inverse of sex, with its impacting surfaces and musical spells. I had never been touched so profoundly, and I started to feel something like a blazing sensation inside, a typical reaction that happens during a first encounter. It was an inaccessible feeling, it was a new sensation from a piece of my body that had no memory of being touched.

I went in as deep as I could, around three inches. When I moved it is far as, I hauled it out and afterward inserted it back in, squeezing somewhat more profoundly around it with my hand. I shook it in and out, tenderly and gently as I was worried I’ll break something inside. I hauled it out once more, placed it on the towel, and stroked off to the porn film. In the long run, I came.

I spent the accompanying days in an industrious fixation as to what happened to me with the urethral sound. It brought me a great happiness. Anyway something had been inside me and whatever I could feel now was the new inadequacy that it had cleared out. I needed to be touched again, however every time the idea came up, it was joined by the dissuasive memory of the amount of time and consideration must be spent on making the arrangements.

It was the farthest thing from a climax or, rather, it was the modified picture of it. Once I discovered it, I wanted to discover it once more, again and again. Possibly next time there’ll really be someone else there too.

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

The A-Z Sex Toy List For Women!

sex toy expert

The A to Z of Amazing Sex Products for Women

Adrenaline Spikes by Fifty Shades Darker-Pinwheels are incredible toys for sensory play. This is really intense when used with a whole range of different sensory objects whilst blindfolded.

Sensory BDSM

BVibe Novice-Silky silicone and powerful vibrations, this but plug is perfect for anal newbies. It even comes with a remote control.

Calexotics Lovers Tape-Bondage tape is an easy way to restrain your partner, with this tape sticking to itself rather than your skin to avoid the excruciating rip when taking it off.

Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles-Warm wax dripping on your body when you least expect it is a thrill when restrained. These candles come in red, black and purple.

BDSM Candles

Eva Dame– A hands free clitoral vibrator, this cute little toy sits in between your labia so no need to hold onto it when having sex with your partner. It has 3 levels of intensity which is more than enough to have you experiencing a tonne of pleasure.

Electrifying Sex – Find out the A-Z guide!!!

Fun Factory Stronic G– The latest in Fun Factory’s pulsator line, this toy is incredible. If you’re yet to discover your G-Spot, give this toy a go and then we’ll talk.

Games-Nookii is a sexy game for couples to play to generate a steamy night together.

Hot Octopus Atom-The vibrations on this bad boy are deep & intense. This is so important when it comes to a cock ring because weak, ticklish vibrations defeat the purpose of your man wearing one in the first place.

Icicles No. 69– I swear I didn’t mean to pick this number as my favourite, it really is an awesome glass dildo! With ribbing and a unique curved shape, this toy is sure to be a winner.

Je Joue Mimi– A plush, compact vibrator with rumbly vibes. I love using this for clitoral stimulation during sex. If you haven’t checked out the vibes of Je Joue toys I suggest you head into an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre pronto!

Kegel Exercisers. Ok so I use way too many to pick one so I’ve decided to rattle off a couple of my favourites. The Lelo Luna Beads, Je Joue Ami & Aneros Evie are all Kegel exercisers I recommend for unique reasons. Check out more in depth reviews on these toys.

Lelo Gigi-This high-quality vibrator is one of my favourites, with the bulbous head perfect for G-Spot stimulation. I sell this toy to many vibrator first times because its small enough to use for clitoral stimulation as well-just in case they discover that it’s more their preference.

Mini plug by Nu Sensuelle- A great but plug with strong vibrations at an affordable price.

Nu Sensuelle

Nu Sensuelle Petite Egg. The vibrations can be controlled through a remote and are really powerful. A great companion to take out on a hot date to spice things up with your partner. I especially love the aqua colour of this toy!

ON ICE Arousal Oil. Prior to trying these products, I thought that the warming oils would be my preference for sure. It was a surprise to discover that the cooling products are my go to. I love using this when I’m yearning for different, heightened sensations during foreplay & sex.

Pjur Nude for Women Water Based Lubricant. I’ve used thus lubricant for over a year and it continues to be my favourite Water Based. It is never stick or tacky like many others and doesn’t require constant reapplication. I also love that it is free of preservatives, parabens & glycerine.

Queen Bee by Hot Octopus-Using Pulse Plate Technology, this toy brings about an orgasm like no other toy

Rabbit Company Beaded Rabbit. Gone are the days of battery operated TPR plastic rabbits that don’t stand the test of time. This silicone vibrator has a 5-year warranty and induces incredible orgasms through the rotating beads and head.

Satisfyer Pro 2. What can I say about this toy that hasn’t already been said? It’s one of my favourite bath companions, with the stimulation likened to a mini spa jet for my clitoris. It’s an affordable toy that is sure to become your best friend.

Tenga Egg-Ok these are technically for men with penises but that doesn’t mean I don’t get fun out of them. I love using these to edge my partner to climax.

Satisfyer sex toy

Underwear-More specifically, lingerie. Wearing lingerie throughout your day will mean you’re probably half way there when you enter the bedroom in the evening

Verge by We Vibe– Again, a toy for men but if you don’t enjoy seeing your male partner in pleasure then something is not quite right. The feedback I have from this toy is great, with the powerful vibrations around the cock & balls and on the perineum leading to more intense orgasms.

We Vibe Wish-I reviewed the Wish over a year ago and it remains one of my favourite We Vibe vibrators. The plush exterior along with the deep rumbly vibrations makes for an incredible external vibrator. I love how the shape of this toy makes it perfect for pleasure all over the vulva, not just the clitoris.

X-Rated-For the life of me, I could not find a sex toy that begins with X…use your imagination with this one!

Your Hand– At the end of the day, our hands are capable of being a great source of pleasure. There are so many amazing toys out there but at the end of the day, nothing will ever compare to skin on skin.

Erotic Hands

Zumio Caress-If you’re seeking a toy for high intensity clitoral stimulation then the Zumio Caress is perfect for you. The silicone covering on the tip of the Caress makes it slightly more comfortable compared to the original, with no sacrifice on the quality or intensity.

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Phthalates: What You REALLY Need To Know!

Toxic chemicals and infertility

Phthalates are used all over the world. Phthalate esters are toxic chemicals added to make products more malleable. Research has shown that they can actually be harmful to the human body since they can give off toxins that can react to skin and hormones in the body. This has a proven negative effect on fertility.

Toxic materials
Image: Chemicals known to disrupt brain developm

It is in just about everything that is manufactured from sex toys to cosmetics, engine oils to disposable gloves. Interesting enough it is against the law to sell children’s toys that contain phthalates. The reason being children may put them in their mouth. Well, I don’t know about everybody, however, I do know sex toys can go in the mouth as well as in other orifices we have.

So why not ban toxic materials in sex toys?

Unfortunately, there is little research available on the effects of phthalates in sex toys. The sex toy industry is not highly regulated. You see on the back of most packaging, sex toys are often labelled as:

“Sold as a novelty item”.

Meaning it is a gag gift. This is a huge loop hole that needs to be closed. I believe this is because of the shame associated with the product. To a certain extent we still hide our sex toys and our sexual preferences. Thus resulting in a catch 22 situation.  Because of our “shame” and “embarrassment” some sex toy makers take advantage of this and continue to use materials that are potentially dangerous. Granted we have come a long way however we still have a long way to go. Consumers must be protected when it comes to our sexual health. Embarrassment or false taboos should not stop consumers getting the information they need and quality checks being done on sex toys.  It is not illegal to sell toys made with phthalates.

Manufacturers have become aware over the years that we don’t want it any more. The popularity of these sex toys has been decreasing. However to be safe stay away from jelly like, vinyl or PVC toys. If you do have toys made with phthalates place a condom over the toy. To wash simply use toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Only use water based lubes on these products.

Body safe sex toy materials

Now, let me talk to you about sex toy materials that are considered to be body safe.


Adult products made from silicone are considered to be latex free and phthalate-free sex toys . They are odourless and have no taste. Many silicone toys are waterproof, despite having batteries or rechargeable insides. This means you can take them into the shower knowing they are safe. The only drawback is you can not use them with silicone based lubes.

Silicone is considered to be one of the safest materials on the market. It is non porous, this means it will not collect dirt or bacteria inside the material. Silicone is used in medical instruments all over the world.

One drawback is that silicone toys can attract dust and hairs very easily, I recommend keeping your toys in a plastic bag or a toy case. Personally, I buy 100% cotton pillow cases to store mine in. 1 pillow case for 1 toy. It works.

If your toy is 100% silicone you can actually boil it on the stove or wash it in your dishwasher to keep it crystal clean. If your toy is not 100% silicone please use sex toy cleaner or soap and water in the shower.

Silicone should feel smooth have no smell or taste. If your toy is 100% silicone, it is 100% skin safe. I buy silicone for peace of mind and the luxury feel.


I find glass to be one of the cleanest toys around. Most glass sex toys are made out of borosilicate glass.  Basically, like nannas Pyrex baking dishes. When purchasing glass look for a toy with no joins. Glass should be poured in 1 piece. This helps the toy from breaking when dropped.  Glass is smooth and hardy. It can be used in temperature play.  To warm put it in hot water, to cool put it in ice. Please don’t overheat or freeze as this may cause injury to the user. Glass is safe and has no side effects. Please always keep your glass stored in a bag. If your glass toy gets scratched not only will it feel nasty and become a dangerous toy to use the germs can breed in the scratches. Glass is non porous and can be boiled, put it in a dishwasher or use some sex toy cleaner. Any of these options are good. The good news is that you can use any lubes with glass.


Easily one of the more recognisable and hardy toys. Metal toys are usually made with medical grade stainless steel. You can tell by the quality of the finish. Look for toys that are seamless and are in good condition. Keep your metal toys in material bags. This not only keeps them clean, this stops them from getting scratched. This could result in injury. Be aware of some toys that are combined with nickel. Usually, you can tell as they have some discoloration. Some people are allergic and this can cause a nasty reaction. Metal toys are safe, have no smell or taste and are very easy to clean. To clean they can be boiled, placed in a dishwasher or simply washed and sprayed with some sex toy cleaner. Metal toys are very safe for personal use and last forever. The good news is that you can use any lubricant with metal toys. Like glass, metal can be used in temperature play.


“Wood?” I hear your question.  Whilst not the first material you think of when it comes to sex toys, there are a few I have seen and they are impressive. These toys actually have the same feel as glass toys. Smooth and cold. Depending on what wood is used the toy can vary in weight.  The toys are finished off with a coat of non-toxic resin. So they are safe to use.  To clean use water only. You do not want to break down the resin as this will break down the toy. Look for seamless toys that have a high quality finish. You can use any lube with wood.

Real feel

Real feel materials are often referred to as Cyberskin, soft skin or ultra-skin. Most masturbators are made of this as well as cock extensions and cock rings. The material is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It has a very soft dense feel and can hold warmth once it has been heated. You can heat these toys by putting in hot water or simply by using the products.

These materials are very flesh like and are soft and very flexible. Due to the soft dense like material any vibrations that accompany the toy are usually weak. Whilst TPE has been claimed as a safe material, it is porous. You should watch out for any colour change. This can mean mould is growing on your toy and should be discarded immediately. Due to the personal nature of the toys TPE toys should be changed every couple of months or so. You can only use water based lubricants on TPE. Silicone and oils will break your toy down and leave it feeling sticky and dirty.

I hope this list helps you pick out body safe products the next time you go sex toy shopping!

Author: Leonie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Jelqing Exercise: A New Trending Activity

Trending jelqing methods

Often physical activities get to be widely accepted in society for the benefits that it does bring the participant.  Of late, there has been a greater stress or emphasis on taking to exercises that are very physical in nature than at any time in the past.  No doubt, there are advantages to the person participating in an exercise but over and above the near term benefits there is a need to conform to the popular trend being followed.

There are principally two aspects to the jelqing exercise.  The first is the obvious physical aspect and the second or more subtle part is the need to conform to the popular notions being held in communities and groups across the world.  It would be pertinent to discuss in brief the two parts to the jelqing activity as it would throw a light to more young folks taking to the jelqing exercise more than ever.

Improving the physical ability

The most important feature of the jelqing exercise is that it can only be done by the male members of society.  It is every man’s vision of himself to be rather hard built even if the person might not have any need to use the physical strength at any time in their lives.  But the well-built person is bound to attract the attention of the opposite sex easily and even the admiration of the other men that they come across in their daily lives.

Thus the typical jelqing exercise has to be seen as an attempt to improve the constituent of the male phallus more than anything.  Although the typical man would not need an introduction to what is jelqing exercise, it should be noted that the very method used to stimulate the muscle group does have a direct bearing on the final outcome of the jelqing activity most of the time.

Jelqing exercises motions and movements

Most of the jelqing exercises fall into a broad range of motions and the most basic of movements are as described below.

The pump

This is essentially the thrust that is made by the person onto the shaft of the penis.  It is said that by using a good strong pumping action, the thickness of the member can be bettered.  There are those folks that try to sustain the pumping action but this is more of a personal preference than a standard procedure mostly.

The twist

When the thrusting action is done along with a torsion twist, then it is the twisting pump.  This would be for the hardcore exercisers that do not find the necessary development after some time performing the jelqing exercises.  But for those wishing to have a quick result, the twist can be used to have an intense workout.  It would be advisable to exercise caution when the twisting action is being done as it is easy to cause a tear in the muscles if done for extended periods of time on each occasion.

The wave

The usual wave jelqing exercise is when the phallus is moved from side to side with the strong thrusts being done.  This could be seen as a variation in the usual procedure that has been found effective in a number of people.  The noticeable effects on muscles are when the exercises are done for sufficiently long periods of time and with different variations to the procedures.  The wave action could be one of the variants possible to the exercises.

The role of peer pressure in taking to the jelqing exercises

As mentioned in the start of the write up that a lot of men take to jelqing to conform to certain image types prevalent in the society.  There are times when folks keep performing the activity to keep within the peer groups and this can be a strong motivating element in the practice of jelqing.

Often when men perform jelqing exercises, they really do not think far ahead as to what is a jelqing exercise.  It is possible that the more sexual overtones to the exercises could negate the actual need for the exercises.  There have not been instances of the activity being addictive although the detractors of the exercises would try to portray this as such.  Then there are always the very righteous people in the society that would frown upon any kind of muscle building procedures and more if they involve the more intimate parts of the man’s body.

To a lot of people, jelqing exercises can prove to be a relaxing activity.  In addition to the obvious increase in member size, the exercise does over a period of time increase the hormonal levels for some people but there is really no logical reasoning for this to happen most of the time.  It is more about the nature of the person taking to the set of exercises.

Trending jelqing exercises
Image: Jelqing growth

The slow nature of the jelqing exercises

A feature of the jelqing activity is that it is one of the least responsive of exercises around.  It might be that the body part concerned is of such a nature that people have to persevere with the activity to bring forth results.  But on the positive side, the growth that is had with the jelqing practice tends to be more permanent than the typical growth due to exercises seen in the other parts of the body.  Thus there would not be the usual loss of muscle tone as soon as the exercise is cut out from the daily routine. There are also products available to perform jelqing exercises.

With the jelqing exercises, the results are rather subjective in nature.  So it would not be right to compare results between two proponents as each person’s body tends to react in different ways to the exercises.  So the typical habit of the bodybuilders to take measurements and to make comparisons to each other’s progress must be avoided at best. For more information be sure to read the jelqing and clamping guide.

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