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Vegetable and fruit sex toys by Emojibator
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It was only a matter of time!  Who would have thought and Emoji based sex toy called the Emojibator.  The company’s catch-phrase is:

“Go Fuck Yourself.”

Literally! So of course I was interested in what these adult toys were about and gladly accepted them for review. We received the:

  • Eggplant Emoji Vibrator
  • Chilli Pepper Emoji Vibrator
  • Banana Emoji Vibrator

So let’s start at the beginning.  Many say that the emojibator creation was as a result of the #FreeTheEggplant campaign as emoji failed to register the eggplant as an emoji character as eggplants were often used as a visual indicator of the male sex organ.  This campaign reached its social media peak in January of 2016.

These emoji sex toys were finally created in Philadelphia by a team of sex toy enthusiasts Terri & Sandy and that wanted to promote a product that evoked sexual health qualities for women.  Combining high quality materials with humor the infamous eggplant emoji was created and made available in August 2016 – just over a year ago.

The team were not prepared for the overwhelming publicity that they were to receive that included the lead story in Cosmopolitan Magazine August 2016 edition, New York Times, The Guardian, New York Magazine, Buzz Feed, Mashable and many more overloading their site and accumulating more than 16 million impressions shortly after its launch.

The Emojibator empowers women with the ability to climax without the need for an accompanying phallic sex toy.  It is a playful and perfect gift, supporting a vegan lifestyle allowing self-pleasure without guilt or seediness.  In response to this global phenomena the red hot chili and banana were soon launched together with a handy travel case and promotional T-Shirts.  Finally the gap between a male’s and woman’s sexual freedom was finally bridging.

All Emojibators are made from 100% body safe silicone material which means it is phthalate-free and non-porous.  Most silicone sex toys are easy to clean and hygienic. The Emojibators are smooth to touch with a matte finish surface.  Storing this toy I was surprised that it did not pick up dust or fluff which is a real plus as I hate it when I draw out one of my trusted sex toys to see that it looks a little like my cat.

The Emojibators are powered by 4 watch batteries (which are included) and have 10 different stunning modes and levels of vibrations.  To turn it on you simply touch the nodule that protrudes from the green twist off cap, and touching it again cycles through all the vibrations modes and levels.  To turn the vibrator off simply hold down the nodule for a couple of seconds.  The nodule is very responsive. The manufacturer claims that the emojibators are completely waterproof but anything that screws on I would be hesitant to submerge in water.  The diameter of each of the toys is 1.22 inches and the length is 4.94 inches.  The insertable length is just under 4 inches.  I must say that when I first saw them in images they looked larger than they actually are.

The Red Chilli Emojibator

So I took out the Red Chilli to start with.  The toy is tapered and slightly curved being largest at the base and slimmest at the top.  It is ergonomically shaped, this sex toy is perfect for clit-centric stimulation or to lie and massage the clit and vagina.  I turned on the vibration and it was pleasant without being overly strong and was certainly quieter than most vibrators I have reviewed which is odd as generally I have found the smaller the vibrator is the louder that they are.

Testing the Chilli I found it as I had thought to be perfect to get my clit firing.  Going through all the vibration modes and levels I found it to be ample in power.  However when using it to stimulate both the vagina and clit simultaneously it lacked a bit.  I was not comfortable to insert it.

Chili vibrator by Emojibator
Image: Chili Pepper Emojibator

It is a small vibrator as I mentioned before, so it is more suited to external stimulations rather than being insertable.  Although curved I do not think this is a sex toy that’s big enough to reach my G-Spot and if it was I would be worried that I would lose it up there.  It really is a cute teaser of a vibrator and perfect for a novelty gift but when it comes to satisfaction I would prefer larger vibrators with some levels that pack a punch.  All in all, cute factor 10 out of 10, performance 6.5 out of 10.

A Recent Customer Review Of The Chilli Emojibator

“Hilarious! I bought it for my bachelorette party and everyone loved it. Cute, soft, and does the trick.”

The Eggplant Emojibator

Next I opened the flagship Eggplant Emojibator and again the vibrator was curved and tapered but unlike the Red Chili this was tapered so that the base was the thinnest and the head the thickest.  The shaft was purple and the base green.  It really is a cute little sucker and I decided to try out this waterproof claim myself and so took it in the tub with me.  Although worried I had not screwed the cap on tight, these fears were quickly allayed and I switched the baby on and laid back.

For me this was a perfect addition to my bath-time relaxation and gently used it to stroke my clit and vagina.  Being a bit wider and relaxing in the warm water I inserted it and found that it was adequate without being powerful. This was definitely my favorite and suited my body.  Again cute factor 10 out of 10, performance 7.5 out of 10.

Famous eggplant sex toy by Emojibator
Image: Emojibator With Cat

A recent customer review of the Eggplant Emojibator

“It’s smaller than I expected. Its sold as a vibrator so, I didn’t think to search for the dimensions, I expected something bigger. Size wise its more like a bullet. Its cute, good for foreplay and teasing but sadly it’s a bit weak. Unless you’re really sensitive down there’s I don’t think you can get off with it alone, I don’t. Like I said its cute and good to get us in the mood. My only other issue is the battery size. Most of my toys are AA, AAA or have a rechargeable battery. This little guy takes 4 tiny batteries that seems rather inconvenient. I bought this purely for how cute it is, so I’ll be keeping it.”

The Banana Emojibator

Finally I opened the Banana Emojibator which was all yellow, curved but the shaft is roughly the same size from the base to the shaft.  As far as visual excitement goes the Eggplant and Chilli I feel are both more desirous.  Again the curve screams ergonomic design.  I was emojied out by this stage so did not test the banana but the cute factor on this one dropped to 7 out of 10 and I would imagine the performance would be roughly the same so will give that also a 7 out of 10.

A recent customer review of the Banana Emojibator

“Bought as a gift. Funny, well made, super easy to clean. Can’t recommend enough. Would purchase again.”

Vegan friendly sex toys by Emojibator
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My opinion on these sexual Emoji’s is that they are cute, a novelty and I understand why they are so popular – especially when given as a gift.  As a sex toy they are innocuous and one would not be embarrassed if someone found them in your drawer.  However if you are a regular sex toy user I believe you may find them too small and the vibrations a little left wanting.

Win An Emojibator Gift Set Valued At $65 USD ($85 AUD)!

The gift set includes:

  • 1 x The Banana Emojibator – Valued at $29 USD
  • 1 x The Chili Pepper Emojibator – Valued at $29 USD
  • 1 x GYFL Travel Case – Valued at $7 USD
Eggplant designed travel case
Image: GFYL Travel Case

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The competition closes on the 1st of January 2018! Get your entries in quick!

VIP Interview With Joe Vela CEO & Founder Of Emojibator

Founder of sex toy company emojibator

Emojibator took the world by storm when they released a vibrator in the shape of an eggplant. An incredibly brainy social campaign mixed the humorous sexual innuendo that people were using all over Facebook. One of the reasons why people love Emojibator’s womens sex toys so much is because they actual look extremely discreet. If a person were to simply glance over your room, they would most likely think you have a funny eggplant shaped item in your room and they may bring it up as an interesting piece in a conversation!

In 2011 as soon as the eggplant was released as an emoticon on Facebook, the emoji turned into the phallic symbol of raunchiness of the male genitalia but some people also use it in reference to a dildo. No one quite knows why the Eggplant turned into a sexual innuendo but everyone knows that it is one. The common consensus has lead us to believe that most people believe that the eggplant appears to look a lot like a penis. When you compare this vegetable to the sweet potato, carrot and corn cob the eggplant shape always comes out on top!

It was surprising to find out that when Swiftkey a keyboard company had done a massive study on which emojis were used the most. Swiftkey noted that the eggplant was used within the raunchy category on Facebook so much that is was no longer labelled in their study as a food item. It was considered so much a sexual related icon that Instagram had removed the eggplant emoji tag from their searches!

This is a VIP Interview with Joe Vela CEO and founder of Emojibator.

Creator of Emojibator
Image: Founders Kris Jandler And Joe Vela From Emojibator

Tell me about yourself

My name is Joe Vela and I am the CEO and founder of Emojibator. When I’m not slinging sex toys, I play music professionally across the U.S. I have a background in tech and digital marketing and was an early employee at the visual ecommerce platform, Curalate.

What inspired the creation of Emojibator?

Being a musician is a labor of love. I set out to create an additional form of income, and I was brainstorming several ecommerce product ideas. I told a friend about the eggplant emoji vibrator idea as a joke, and she encouraged me to pursue it seriously. I bought the domain for almost instantly.

Sex toy vibrator the Eggplant Emojibator
Image: Eggplant Emojibator

Being an artist, what do you love about art, emojis and the adult lifestyle industry?

I love art because it’s an outlet to express oneself. One piece of art has the potential to affect a massive number of people or maybe never be shared at all. Emojis are an incredible development in communication and I believe they bring the world closer together, as a universal language. The Digital Revolution has been characterized by people speaking with images instead of text and emojis embody this. The adult industry goes deep and I think I’ve only scratched the surface. Everyone I’ve worked with has been open-minded and loving, like people I’ve encountered in art and music, and accepting of new ideas and concepts and I think that’s why Emojibator has been able to flourish.

How did you take your idea from paper to product development?

I moved really quickly from idea to development becauses I was lucky to partner with an amazing and reputable adult toy manufacturer in China that I met online. Luckily, they were already making vegetable vibrator molds, so the concept was easy to implement. Their engineers are able to work on product developments we have, and we’re continually making small improvements to our products based on customer feedback.

Sex toy in the shape of a pepper
Image: Pepper Emojibator

Why did you choose the eggplant emoji?

The eggplant emoji has become the ubiquitous phallic symbol in the emoji world–I cannot take credit for that though. The eggplant entered unicode emoji in 2010. It’s hard to say the first mention of the eggplant as a penis, but we can only presume groups of teenagers on Twitter and Instagram had started the trend almost immediately. In 2012, uses of the emoji on Instagram and Twitter were even banned from search.

Why do you feel that the eggplant is a phallic symbol?

Maybe it’s because there was no cultural association with the eggplant prior to the emoji revolution—it was a perfect euphemism. The eggplant had vegetable blank slate. How many people regularly eat eggplant, let alone harbor deep personal feelings about them?

How did you find people responded to an eggplant vibrator?

The response has been incredibly positive. We sold out of our first 1,000 units in less than a month from launch and our story went viral. I think the product has wow-factor and is certainly surprising to see and feel. I love making people laugh and turned on at the same time.

How would you describe your product range?

We’re creating cheeky sex toys that empower females. Our goal is to make affordable and unique products that please and surprise. From vibrators to pasties to gift cards, I think we are doing what we set out to do. We recently launched the Banana Emojibator and the response has been huge.

Vibrator in the shape of a banana
Buy Now | Vibrator Shop

When and why do people love wearing nipple emoji’s?

I think people like wearing pasties because they are fun and sexy, and they send that message. A lot of festival goers, party-goers and dancers are using our emoji pasties. It allows them to be naked, but barely. My business partner and CMO, Kristin, was decked out in pasties at the Venus Conference in Berlin and looked amazing.

Nipples pasties
Image: Emojibators Marijuana Nipple Pasties

What materials are your products made out of? Are they body safe?

Yes, Emojibator vibrators are made of medical grade silicone, safe for bodily insertion, and are 100% waterproof.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re expanding our product line with new Emojibator products as well as products from other vendors. We want to continue to astonish our audience and we’d like to get to know our customers better so we can create products just for them. We recently attended Venus Conference in Berlin and are working to expand our retail presence overseas. You can contact us at if you’d like to work with us.

Win An Emojibator Gift Set Valued At $65 USD ($85 AUD)!

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The gift set includes:

  • 1 x The Banana Emojibator – Valued at $29 USD
  • 1 x The Chili Pepper Emojibator – Valued at $29 USD
  • 1 x GYFL Travel Case – Valued at $7 USD

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When Does The Competition End?

The competition closes on the 1st of January 2018! Get your entries in quick!Save

Fleshlight Australia GiveAway – Brent Corrigan Fleshjack Boy!

Brent Corrigan Fleshlight Boys
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With the upcoming Sydney Mardi Gras super event at 2/44 Park Street, Sydney featuring Sister Roma, JJ Knight and gay icon Brent Corrigan Fleshlight Australia have come on the scene offering four of Brent’s Bliss Signature FleshJacks.  Not only will you be entertained by these super stars of the adult industry but free giveaways from FleshJack, Swiss Navy and Falcon will be happening throughout the event.  Free autograph cards have been prepared for JJ Knight and Brent so rock up and meet these stars and give them the Sydney Mardi Gras reception they deserve.  Chi Chi LaRue will also be popping in to say hi!

FleshJack Free Promotion
Free Brent Corrigan FleshJack


Brent Corrigan Stats –

Hometown: Lewiston, Idaho
Birthday: October 31st
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 132
Eye Color: Brown
Penis Length: 8.75″
Penis Girth: 5.5″
Position: Versatile

Fleshjack Bliss internal texture was inspired by the palm trees of California. The name was inspired by the utter joy you’ll feel inside of it.  Fleshlight masturbators are the number one selling male sex toy in the world for good reasons.  Available for purchase at the event will also be the FleshJack Squeeze, Swallow and of course the dildo.  All of these are exact replica’s from Brent’s anatomy so you are definitely getting the real deal.  Not only can you meet this superstar, you can ask him to sign your FleshJack that you can then take home and f..k!!  Think about it meet, greet and then take home the next best thing to Brent himself.  The anatomically correct replica of his ass, mouth or dong.

Fleshjack Boys Masturbators have been specifically designed to enhance, excite and stimulate gay guys. Fleshjack male masturbators are the top selling gay male sex toy in the world today and once you try one for yourself you will find the reasons why.  If you are a gay male looking to experience Fleshjack sex toys for the first time then you may be a little confused whether to try a standard Fleshjack or choose a popular gay pron icon mould. Most men who have purchased a FleshJack will come back and buy another so whichever you choose it will be right for you!

So come along and meet Brent with JJ Knight, Chi Chi LaRue and Sister Roma. Swiss Navy will be giving away adult lifestyle gifts to everyone who attends and of course your chance to win a Brent’s FleshJack Bliss Signature masturbators.  Brent will also be promoting his UltraFan video as well as looking for participants in his Australian model search where the winner will receive a photo shoot on DNA and the opportunity to star in a NakedSword or Falcon Studio movie.

FleshJack Event Sydney
FleshJack Australia Promotion
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