20 Dating Tricks You Wish You Knew

Dating troubles

Whether you are new to the dating world or hopping back into the dating pool for the…? time, the water is always cold and cloudy to start with. It takes a bit of time to find your feet but sure enough before long you’ll be off and running.
It doesn’t matter if the date is with someone you’ve met online that you have been chatting with for months or a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Going on dates can be a tad overwhelming. The whole premise of dating is to be vulnerable and let someone get close to you, this alone is enough to make someone apprehensive for whatever reason. On top of the emotional factors, there is always physical risks and I’m not just referring to a potential assault; but also transportation etc.

Over the years from personal experience as well as countless hours being a shoulder for “girl” friends, mates or the random drunk crying person at the end of a night out. Through all of these experience and conversations, I have compiled a few tips that I think can help to make the dating experience smarter and safer.

These tips are in no particular order and should be taken at face value. These have worked for me and for others, please use them as you will, change and adapt as you go. No two people go through the dating world on the same path. Find out what works for you and don’t be ashamed of it.

I hope you find some use in the tips below, just remember to date safe and smart!

1. There’s more to life and happiness than a relationship!

It’s great to want a relationship but obsession is not a good look on anyone.

2. You gotta like single you!

If you’re unhappy with yourself and your lifestyle, how is someone else supposed to want to spend time with you, little own make you feel better about yourself?

3. Date yourself a bit!

If the whole idea of planning a date seems overwhelming, take yourself out a few times before jumping into the dating pool. Find out what you like to do, know your limits.

4. Dating isn’t about proving your worth to someone! (You already are worth it!)

It’s about finding someone you can be comfortably yourself with. Someone you can spend ridiculous amounts of time with doing NOTHING!

5. Stop worrying about being “rejected” for being “too fat”, “too short” or whatever!

You may have had to reject them later on for having not seen Pretty Woman or the Latest DC movie. Everyone has their own “fit” of personality traits in a relationship they would like their lover to have.

6. When someone says “I’m too damaged” or “I have too much baggage”, believe them!

Forget low self-esteem and self-deprecation. This person does not need you to pick them up and put their pieces back together.

7. First dates are not interviews for marriage (Save that till you meet their mother)

While first impressions count for a lot, give these things time, that’s what getting to know someone is about.

8. Make the first few dates public and use separate transportation.

This reassures a sense of independence and safety for both parties.

9. Turn off your phone!

How do you expect to open up to someone or for someone to open up to you when there is a glowing screen between you?

Man waiting for his date
Image: Waiting For Date

10. Avoid the “ex” conversations.

An ex is in the past, leave it there.

11. Action dates are best to start with!

Most people already sit at a desk from 9-5, try planning dates that get you up and out. Move around and try different things. This is a sure way to instigate good conversation.

12. Don’t be afraid to google!

It’s 2017 almost 2018… if you’re about to go on a date with someone you’ve never met and share no mutual contacts… try giving them a google search, it might save yourself an awkward bombshell.

13. Limit the boozy beverages.

One before to calm the nerves, one to start the meal and get the conversation going… And see how you feel from there. You should always be in complete control of yourself.

14. Eye gazing tells you a lot.

Researchers have found that when someone is romantically “into” another person their gaze tends to land on and around the face. When the feelings are more sexual their eyes wander around the other person’s body.

15. $20

Always have $20 tucked away. $20 may not get you home, but it will get you $20 closer to home!

16. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Don’t say you’re going to call unless you really intend to call!

17. Don’t be afraid of the second date!

Unless the first date was a nightmare give the second one a go, perhaps you’ll both be more like yourselves?

18. Consider pulling someone out of the “Friend Zone”.

Friends are friends, but perhaps there is a certain person you just haven’t looked at in the right light. I mean they’re in your life for a reason?

19. No guilt for moving on!

If you don’t feel any sort of something from date one 2 or even 12, know it’s ok to move on. Not everyone is going to be a fit.

20. No games!

Forget the 3 days or 48 hours no call rules or whatever you’ve heard. Be yourself, call or text when YOU feel appropriate. (Just remember obsession doesn’t look good on anyone!). Unless they are adult games you would like to play!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA Psychology Human Sexuality

Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology – Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings.

Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

Target Practice For Your Heart

Solution For Heart Break

“To know whether something is meant to be yours, let go of it. If it returns, it has always been yours to have. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.” ~ Celestine Chua

I’m feeling reflective and a little concerned about many people’s theories about moving on from a relationship, although I haven’t been in many relationships I have been in two full on ones.

One was a mental jail, one in which I was consumed by control and abuse. The other is still an incredibly complicated topic.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis Smedes

Different Types Of Relationships

I categorise relationships into “high school” and “adult”; high school relationships are ones where there is only the good parts – dates, movies, photos, love, sappy messages and phone calls. Adult relationships there are bills, work, children, life, love, homes etc. These to me define a relationship and the deep connection a relationship brings. I have had my “high school” relationships and to be honest I thought they were pointless, they went nowhere and I’d rather quickly moved them along… It was the “adult” relationship I drove for, the kind of relationship where you could be completely you, on every level possible. There was no hiding from it, you were just your raw vulnerable self always.

A Relationship After Abuse

I dislike getting into a new relationship, which is probably why I invest and spend so much time going overboard making my relationship work, even when it’s already broken. A relationship after abuse is hard, not so much in the sense of trusting the person but more in my own actions. I dislike being touched, hugged and any physical contact really until I feel comfortable with that person. There has only been one person so far that I have felt instantly comfortable with, I am talking within the first 30 seconds of meeting them I was strangely calm, relaxed and have never felt that way before. 99% of people including my family members I physically cringe when they touch me, including those who feel the need to touch me on the shoulder or shake my hand, there is physical pain written all over my face!

Self Sabotaging Relationships

I sabotage my own relationships which is my biggest issue. I get into my head that I am not worth it or that I am not good enough, these are the excuses I make for the way I am treated by others. I reject myself before I can be rejected – this is my coping mechanism. Truth is I am never rejected; I make myself so emotionally unavailable that the person who is interested is pushed away, the person doesn’t see “us” going anywhere so they themselves move on. I have walls so big that an atomic bomb couldn’t blast through until I choose to let them down, defensive or what!

How To Cope With Heart Break
Image: Man Heart Broken

What I Have Learned

What I have learned though is to give everyone the same respect and opportunities; I don’t bring negative experiences from past relationships onto the next and I do believe everything happens for a reason. Someone can treat you with love, respect and be the most caring person you have come across but not to be in a relationship with you. My hardest hurdle in relationships has been thinking I cannot be treated well unless they love me and have committed to me.

Basically I keep all my walls up and essentially wait for them to hurt me so I can move on, this is the completely wrong way to go about relationships whether they are friendships or relationships. I am sincerely appreciative of that one person who has showed me the cliché “not all men are the same” but truly when you have never been treated that way before it is a huge eye opener! It really does show you that you deserve to be treated well no matter what happens!

On the flip side overcoming heartbreak can be so damn hard! And let’s be real, when we are so focused on what went wrong and question ourselves about every tiny detail how could we really heal? One of the best things I had learnt is to focus on myself, not love myself before anyone else could love me or blah blah blah…. But to focus on myself, take notice of myself and make myself happy. Your wellbeing is a priority and you are important! Never forget that!

You have to make choices; you either deal with it head on or forget about it and move on, you can’t distract yourself or overwork yourself you need to make a choice and put yourself into it completely. Rising up to the challenge will allow you to be free from the pain; it will take time but that’s all a part of healing. There is no room for guilt either, if you had made a mistake you need to accept it and move on, ongoing guilt is a killer. You can’t be hard on yourself in this process of healing, you need to feel your emotions and acknowledge them. Suppressing them is the easy way out and it only ends up hurting more in the end. Go through the motions its normal, it’s a part of being human! The human mind is a very powerful tool, you can either use it to help you move forward or they will keep you in a state of fear, sadness and regret! Take each day as it comes and remember only you can choose your attitude and that will uplift you!

“This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.” -Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Quote About Heartbreak
Image: Many Hale Quote

There are so many ways to heal and recover after you have felt the paralysing effect of heartbreak, but the most important thing for you to know and for anyone to tell you is that IT IS POSSIBLE! Hardship can be overcome in so many wonderful ways and life has a funny way of giving you solutions when you least expect it, but you have to be wiling. The only way to be happy and have a mended heart is if you truly want it and seek for it. A good way to reconnect with a lover through passion is to use adult products like massage oils, intimate fragrances and romantic games.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Although relatively young Morgan has lived a life filled with experiences that have made her grow as a person. She has completed and is a product and interior designer who is a strong believer in equality between sexes and speaks out against violence. Working in the adult industry has allowed her to grow as a person and come out of her emotional and sexual shell.

Top 10 Myths Of Happily Ever After

Relationship misconceptions

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that many of us hold on to the common relationship myths we are told, whether we are new to relationships or seasoned veterans! Breaking down relationship myths can be tough! Expectations that we gain from these myths are what drive relationships beautifully into the distance while the sunsets perfectly over the hills or straight into a wall as it pouring down with rain.

It is easy to put your sole focus on only the wonderful side of being with someone, you may look back and think meeting that person was the best thing to ever happen to you! Truth is we are not mind readers for each other, arguments are a fact of life, babies do not fix problems and people don’t change!

It is these misconceptions that make us look at our relationship with a fine tooth comb and cause us to question our partnerships. We forget that every couple is unique and you can put a “blanket” set of rules on every single relationship expecting them to be all the same.

A quick flick through your Facebook news feed reveals articles like:

“Quizzes for your perfect man!”

“What it means when he…”

“Men are secretly looking for these 9 things in their ideal woman!”

And guess what? We read these!! We hang on to the knowledge, we criticize and critique our relationships because THIS is what we are being told are the traits to a perfect relationship or perfect partner!

The truths behind these common myths that we hear and read in everyday life may help to look at your relationship in a different light.

Myth 1

“He/she just needs to change (fill in the blank) and then I will be happy.”

In relationships there is give and take but ultimately you can’t change someone or make them change, making compromises on the other hand are healthy and normal. Forcing someone to change is never a good thing and typically never works. A person has to want to change and put effort into self-improvement.

Myth 2

“Couples in good relationships don’t argue.”

Anyone can tell you it’s not about if couples argue, it is about how they argue! Arguments that avoid escalation are productive and result in resolutions through problem solving. Couples should learn to argue productively, they should not let it get out of hand and practice the relevant skills if they want to change how they deal with conflict; there should always be a resolution and different ways to overcome a certain situation.

Myth 3

“I am only jealous because I love her/him.”

Yes and no! Obviously jealously means you care about that person, but more than usual it stems from deeper issues within the relationship or within yourself. Not trusting your partner and having self-confidence issues are harmful to the relationship. You need to take a step back and evaluate the reasons why you are jealous. It could be because of your own self-confidence issues, it could be because your partner is baiting the jealously. You need to assess each situation and work out the exact reasons behind them and if you can, you might need to make some changes.

Myth 4

“Couples should have sex X amount of times a day, week or month.”

This is one of the most common myths EVERYONE has an opinion about! If you are told that having sex ATLEAST three times a week means you have a healthy and thriving relationship and you are NOT can cause you to have faulty expectations of your relationship. You might also be convinced something is wrong!

The frequency of sex will always depend on the sex drive of both partners and more so the situation of each individual couple. Everyone is different and everyone’s situations are different, some might work night shift, some might have kids and some might have stressful jobs. You never know someone else’s circumstances and asking friends is just pointless and misleading! This is something you most definitely need to discuss with your partner!

Myth 5

“Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage.”

The fact is this never works! Children bring challenges and complications. Bringing a child into the world doesn’t just magically fix a broken relationship.

Dating Expectations
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Myth 6

“If you are truly in love, passion will never fade.”

This lovely myth is popular thanks to all the movies and romantic novels that we read. We then assume that there are always constant never ending passion and sparks in a relationship! If the passion and sparks disappear in a relationship people assume the relationship is doomed, in trouble and failing. Truth is passion naturally diminishes in all relationships; daily routines and life are the basic culprits. Playfulness can boost passion, intimacy, adventure and exploration. All these things shouldn’t cease in a relationship, love is a constant journey!

Myth 7

“You should be able to read your partners mind and vice versa.”

Spending time with your partner does help to sometimes anticipate his or her wants and needs but being in a relationship doesn’t make you a mind reader. The more time you spend with your loved one you will eventually get to know what they like, what they don’t like and even their preferences. But I’m sorry sciences have not yet proven the existence of telepathy in relationship, reading their mind will never happen! Regularly expressing what you’re feeling and thinking will encourage the same treatment back, this is a type of healthy communication that is needed in a relationship which helps to avoid disappointment, anger and sadness.

Myth 8

“Never go to bed angry.”

It is always a better to resolve conflicts before going to bed but it’s not always realistic. There are always circumstances that prevent this from always being an option. What you should do if you can’t resolve an argument before you go to bed is to decide mutually to resolve it at another time. This does not always work as some people do need time to get over the issue and settle down. You need to give them some space, calm down and work it out when you both have a clear head.

Myth 9

“Relationships must be 50/50.”

It is tough to split a relationship down the middle and keep it 50/50. Keeping score of efforts made in the relationship is also dangerous. When you feel yourself tally up who wins, who loses and who’s done what, you need to remember that you are a team! You need to acknowledge your partners contributions and remain open to his or her needs.

Myth 10

“No one will love you just as you are.”

Unworthiness is a feeling that stems from unresolved experiences in the past, this can lead you to believe that the only way to form a relationship is to change. The total opposite is actually true; the strongest, truest bonds come with transparency and honesty. There is no doubt that you will feel most comfortable when you know the other person is seeing the real you, knowing they are accepting the true you and who you really are. This brings the intimacy and unconditional love we all crave.

After reading these do you have a different view on relationship myths?

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Although relatively young Morgan has lived a life filled with experiences that have made her grow as a person. She has completed and is a product and interior designer who is a strong believer in equality between sexes and speaks out against violence. Working in the adult industry has allowed her to grow as a person and come out of her emotional and sexual shell.

A Mind Tearing Apart With Borderline Personality

Bipolar mood swings

So I have been writing about finding my feet working within the kink world and trying to put a comical spin on it. There was a much darker struggle going on in my personal life as my professional life developed.

Personal Relationships And Working In The Sex Industry

I was with my first partner for nearly 5 years. We were engaged and we had planned our life together. We had named the children we were going to have one day. She did the make-up and hair styling for my photo shoots. Within the first year of starting out just as a hobby we were both working professionally in our respective fields. It really looked as though we had our lives figured out. There was excellent money to be made covering weddings and we were well and truly on the track to working one day a week, 24 weeks a year.

I got my first professional job assisting a wedding photographer and shortly after that I was also working in a chain studio in shopping centres doing mostly family portraiture. My partner followed me to both jobs and was soon working alongside me and also doing very well for herself. My work sharpened up very quickly, I was headhunted to work for another very busy portrait and glamour studio in the city. I also started freelancing heavily in commercial and fashion photography. At the time, I was also working nights shooting privately for many of Sydney’s escorts and exotic dancers. Updating portfolios for websites and helping newcomers to the industry get a foot in the door. I WAS BUSY.

Exotic dancer on a pole
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I buried myself in work because I was hiding from the emotional wreckage that was the failed relationship that I know we both felt totally trapped in. See, my partner was an amazing girl. She was also totally crippled by the medication she was on for anxiety. It caused weight gain which made her depressed as she was severely self-conscious. This caused a vicious spiral of eating disorders, self-harm and self-medication.

I tried to help but I soon learned, you can drag someone down but you can’t drag them up. It’s almost too easy to make someone miserable but it’s really difficult to make someone happy permanently.

I faced daily accusations of infidelity. I was confronted with “evidence” consisting of social media messages, text messages and emails between friends and clients, all of which were innocently discussing kinky subject matter.

I was photographing fashion lines for a large importing company. I was paid $250 per campaign and could shoot anything from two to ten campaigns a day. I had been working for this company a few days a week casually while their head photographer was off sick. It was made known to me that he wasn’t coming back and the position was mine if I wanted it. I wished for years after that money solved problems because I turned them down.

My partner was no longer fit for work but was not eligible for disability whilst living with me. I remember the conversation like it happened 5 minutes ago.


“I’ve made it. We can move to the city and start our family.”


“I don’t want to have children with you anymore.”

I grew up poor, my Dad stopped working when I was 13 and I started working shortly after. I didn’t want my kids to go without. I wanted them to have everything. The deal was we waited to see if working as artists was going to pay off. If not one of us would work and the other would get an education. When the opportunity to work professionally as an artist came up, I was the most excited I had ever been. I wouldn’t be working for 6 different clients on a weekly basis. I could settle into a routine and provide for a family. We had problems and I know in retrospect that I was avoiding them but at the time I thought the money would fix everything.

So I turned them down, cut my workload to a bare minimum and decided I would properly try and help her through whatever she was dealing with. Over the years she had refused professional help at every turn. Hospital visits following self-harm were regular. It was like taking a scared dog to the vet. I hate talking about it that way but that is the best metaphor I could come up with to properly illustrate the process.

See, my partner was suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness and our situation couldn’t have been more toxic for her. If she had sought out professional mental health help sooner we could have handled our relationship so much better. I know we wouldn’t have stayed together. Our values had drifted apart. We were no longer on the same journey together but we both could have dealt with the fallout without the collateral damage.

We eventually got back on speaking terms again years later and she had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder. She was still dealing with the same issues but was much more settled into life. She was still unable to work but hadn’t had a manic episode.

I won’t go into too much depth about these disorders now. However…

Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder Are As Follows

  • Feeling empty
  • Low self-esteem
  • Paranoia or emotional detachment
  • Anxiety about relationships
  • Making efforts to avoid being abandoned
  • Impulsive and risky behaviour
  • Self-harm
  • Threatening or attempting suicide
  • Anger, moodiness and irritability

She literally was a textbook case. Professional diagnosis and help provided immediate improvement in her quality of life once she finally went out and got it. This is not always the case for mental health issues but so many people suffer in silence.

In our relationship, I would literally be her personal Jesus at breakfast and the bringer of the apocalypse at brunch. A high paid job designing a website for a pro Dominatrix must mean that I am cheating on her. Doing a shoot for a friend means there must be indiscretions. There were many times where we would work on a shoot together and then a few days later the accusations would start. I would be questioned on behaviours that TRULY HAD NOT OCCURRED. Things I had and had not said were examined for deeper meaning. She was caught in the crossfire of a mind tearing her apart and a life that couldn’t have been more triggering.

Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder
Images: Borderline Personality Disorder

SO… Why Is All This Important?

I was going on a journey of sexual awakening alone in my professional career. I turned down massive opportunities regularly. I stayed because I felt guilty that it was all really an illusion. I wanted so badly for the picture of our lives that we had made together to become a reality. I was never unfaithful. I was working with burlesque performers, exotic dancers, pro doms and subs, escorts and more. I also learned that sex is really, really good.

And yet… I had NEVER given my first and only partner at the time an orgasm and felt guilty even asking her to participate.

The medication she had been on since she was child for depression had made her completely numb. It was just a fact of life that it was never going to happen. She was 5’8” with gorgeous long black hair, a Gothic look and… not that it’s important but a very full F cup bra. She was a makeup artist. She was ALWAYS outright stared at in public because she was breathtakingly stunning… and we weren’t having sex. Like ever.

I discovered with other partners later what a wonderful journey sexual exploration is for two people who are truly willing. This was some time ago, the leaps and bounds I have seen for help that is available for people in these situations is amazing. NO MATTER how perfect things look on the outside. If something is broken. FIX IT. SEEK HELP.

Here is the thing, I should have left her. YEARS prior but I stayed out of obligation. I should have looked for help for my own mental health and wellbeing. My own happiness had not been important for years. I had only superficially enjoyed what was an amazing rollercoaster ride of a new and exciting career.

“I don’t connect with my life partner on any level”

It was a real problem that I ignored because I didn’t know any better either.

JJ Maher has been a professional photographer since 2008 covering all facets from shiny glamour to wedding photographs. As he progressed in his career he began to specialize in portraits of people with particular interest in adult erotica and those living outside of the norm in society. His magnificent portfolio speaks for itself and we welcome his insight and stories of his shoots, how he meets his subjects and the interesting tales he has to tell. Oh, and he is also right into music !

Navigating A Relationship’s Emotional Roller Coaster

Managing your emotions with communication skills

Lately I have been particularly interested in witnessing the ways people behave in intimate relationships. Relationship dynamics fascinate me and seeing how people are with their partners – what works well, what is destructive and where people are thriving- allows me an opportunity to reflect on my own behaviours and values when it comes to the relationships in my life.

Good communication skills, presence, mutual respect, passion & love are just a few of the qualities that are vital in a romantic relationship. I also believe a significant aspect of what makes a relationship healthy & functional is an individual’s willingness to take ownership of the emotions they experience.

Upon a quick google search, I found an emotion to be defined as

“a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”

I find this definition encompasses the most important notion I support and that is emotions are our own. They can be affected by others but they ultimately are ours alone to feel.

How To Manage Emotional Projection

Many people go about relationships blaming the occurrence of certain emotions on their partner’s actions.

“She did this and that made me feel angry.”

“He doesn’t put effort into our relationship by making sex romantic with massage oils and sexual health aids!”

“He didn’t want to have sex with me so he made me feel unattractive.”

As well as being a disempowering way to go about life, this kind of behaviour can really cause chaos and disconnection between intimate partners.

It is usual that emotions that don’t feel good are usually the ones we attempt to offload onto our partners however the same can be said for feelings of joy & pleasure. The other day whilst experiencing gratitude for my partner, I told him how happy he makes me. As the words came out of my mouth, I felt my power slipping away with them. It did not feel true and authentic because I know that happiness is of my own making. I feel so much joy and happiness with my man and I love how I feel around him but he does not make me feel anything. Sure, he can behave in a way that triggers certain feelings & emotions within me but they are ultimately my feelings. By believing that he makes me feel a certain way feels dis-empowering for both of us.

Buddha Quote About Anger
Image: Buddha Quote

Expressing ones’ emotions without projecting them onto another is not usual practice for many people. It requires a level of self-awareness to feel your emotions and a dedication to step away from projecting them onto someone else-instead expressing them in a non-destructive and healthy way. Some healthy ways of expressing our emotions can involve bashing a pillow and getting out any anger that we may be feeling before communicating to our partner when we’re feeling frustrated or having a good cry, expressing our sadness and pain without blaming them for making us feel that way. When expressing our feelings to our partner, I also recommend speaking your own experience. It may look something like

“When you did this, I felt sadness and frustration”


“I felt really insecure when I saw you checking out that man.”

Communicating in this way is taking ownership of our own experiences instead of playing victim to them, whilst also acknowledging the fact that how your partner behaved played a part in how you felt. This brings me to my next point…

Buillding Strong Relationships With Communication
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Taking Ownership Of Your Feelings

What I believe is really important to understand is that when I speak of ownership of feelings, I don’t mean to say we can go around doing whatever the hell we want with little regard for the repercussions we may have on our partner. This person we are choosing to be with deserves our utmost respect, love and honouring when making choices in life. If you don’t feel this to be the case then it may be time to reassess your intentions & values in relationship. Actions we take in life that are done in full integrity and alignment may mean our partners do experience emotions that do not feel so great. It is not our job to change that or live in a way where we make choices based on fearing how we feel they may react. The best thing we can do is encourage the most authentic expression of the people we love, allow them the time and space to speak their truth and feel whatever emotions they are feeling-all this without feeling a need to fix anything or take it personally.

Growing up, males are rarely encouraged to feel & express their emotions and females are usually taught that being an emotional person is burdensome or somehow makes them crazy. Letting our partners know that we encourage them to express themselves and feel whatever they are feeling without judging them for it is so important for both men and women in relationships.  I feel it is about time we shift these inauthentic ways of being so that we can feel our feelings and express ourselves in any way we see fit without causing harm to those we love.

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing







Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.

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