Sexpo Adult Exhibiton Perth 2013

Sexpo Perth

Sexpo Perth 2013 is coming soon. Its on again. Sexpo is at the Perth Exhibiton and Convetion Centre, Mounts Bay Road in the beautiful city of Perth  The venue is within easy walking distance of the city’s major hotels, business, restaurant and retail  shops. Sexpo’s aim is to make an exhibition that is fun for all adult people to enjoy and access information about all things adult and sexual.  Sexpo 2013 Perth gets adult performers and adult stars both national and international starlets to take the stage and bring light adult entertainment. Previous special guests include Adult Film Stars, Adult Film Companies, Sex Toy Developers, and local strippers and strip shows for both men and women.


Perth Sexpo 2013 Event


Sexpo, deals with all things sexual and it will showcase some new products on the market as well as fun favourites. If you’re looking to expand your sexual knowledge, and maybe even explore sex and sexuality in a fun and light setting then maybe sexpo is the place for you. Sexpo visits capital cities around the country on a yearly or bi-yearly basis and it’s a fantastic and light hearted way to bring fun to couples, single gals and boys and everything in between. You can even make it a girls day out as you explore the sexual world and visit a few shows! There’ll be plenty of ass on display and you’ll be overwhelmed with choice.  There is guaranteed something for everyone with tons of exhibitors displaying their wares.

If you are looking for fun or just for something a little different come along. Buy a ticket for a friend, or organise a group of your closest friends or even work colleagues and bring that someone out of the closet  of conservatism and open your eyes to the lifestyle choices around you. Rather than be intimidated by walking into an adult store, or trying to shop online where you can’t accurately see things – you can try exploring within the setting of Sexpo.  So many exhibitors means there are all types of sex toys for sale and many will be at bargain prices – and they’ll be heavily reduced on the final day (assuming they still have stock) because they might not want to have to go to the hassle and expense of taking everything back home with them meaning that the final day is the best day for some awesome bargains.  Heavily discounted adult toys will make this a discount shopping experience and allow you the get a catch of the day as well as learning what’s new in coming out, or maybe what is about to come out.

Although not nearly as large as the Home Expo Sexpo is still a good time, or at least a good time come adult show bag venue. You must be open minded to attend as it is a literal adult free for all.  If adult material or things a little off centre offend or take you out of your comfort zone, then you may want to stick to the Royal Easter Show. There  is kinky stuff with fun to be had, regardless of persuasion and leather and B&D fans will love it. Dont come in with an empty wallet as it is a veritable adult super mart;. Some of things that wont cost you more than the entrance fee ar; live performances by comedian Russell Gilbert, hypnotist Mark Anthony, Miss Suzie Q, Boylesque, and Badboys Australia.  Stands like lelo are there for the adult toy connoisseurs.

There  is still stuff keep you enthralled apart from the Sex Train which is over-rated and priced. Activities like BodyLicious Body Painting, and Carnal Carnival, are great for simple entertainment, but what really rises to the occasion is “Penile Artist”, Prickasso. An artist that paints using the most personal brush,  …. well, I am sure you know what I mean.  Prickasso art is available for sale and he is happy to create a unique portrait for you. Entertainment is guaranteed to please and each year they conduct the world famous amateur strip show with fantastic prizes to the winner/s.  Mix a bit of socialising with shopping and have a unique day out.

The event is full of surprises whether you are after a psychic reading or dancing entertainer it is all under the one roof.  Famous comedian Russell Gilbert will be running around MC’ing the show and Jewell, Trinity Porter and many other porno starlets will be running around doing signings or guest appearances.You never know who you will meet or who you will tweet.  Just ask Kevin Rudd who got invited by tweeter to the last Sexpo in Melbourne.  Carnal Carnival is open to the more adventurous all you can get some help on relationships with expert Tamra Mercieca having a stand. Tickets area available at the door or online and VIP tickets can be purchased for a few dollars more.  Opening Dates June 14 to 16 inclusive are and as the event organisers like to say, ‘This show will increase your attractiveness and sexual drive. It contains beautiful women, hunky men, nudity and crackin’ entertainment. No children allowed.

Listed below are the porn star signing times:

14th June, Friday

  • 11:15AM-2:00PM – Alexis Texas
  • 2:00PM-4:30PM – Lexi Belle
  • 4:30PM-7:30PM – Angela White
  • 7:30PM-10:00PM – Alexis Texas & Lexi Belle
  • 10:00PM-11:45PM – Angela White

15th June, Saturday

  • 11:15AM-2:00PM – Lexi Belle
  • 2:00PM-4:30PM – Alexis Texas
  • 4:30PM-7:30PM – Angela White
  • 7:30PM-10:00PM – Alexis Texas & Lexi Belle
  • 10:00PM-11:45PM – Angela White

16th June, Sunday

  • 11:15AM-1:15PM – Alexis Texas
  • 1:15PM-3:15PM – Lexi Belle
  • 3:15PM-6:15PM – Angela White
  • 6:15PM-7:45PM – Alexis Texas & Lexi Belle

Body Painting at Club X Sexpo

Sexpo Banner

Body Painting at Club X Sexpo is new as well as most exciting event. The world’s biggest grown-up roadshow slid into Sydney on the weekend for the nineteenth year in succession. In the midst of the licentious procession of twerking strippers and vibrating thingamajigs were a progression of sex workshops that guaranteed to show participants something helpful. Here a couple of coital titbits that raised our aggregate eyebrows. Here you will get the leading body painting artists of Australia who are able to make your naked body much more gorgeous than ever and look fully clothed with body paint. You will get talented artists paint your body making it much more sexy as well exciting and attractive. You will experience the spectacular colorful artistry that will transform a normal body into something special. The artist will come each day until the SEXPO exhibition has finished and if you want you can transform your body into a magical piece of art.

Body Art Painting Makeup

Just go to the SEXPO Club X Event and you can have a about the type of body-painting that will make your body the best piece of painting canvas according to your personality and your body shape. A considerable measure of their customers are hitched couples who need to enhance their sexual life with quick brushstroke. But if you want something very special then you can come with a photo of a painted model and it can be replicated. They will create the same style on your body. It is actually fun and you should not miss the chance to join this opportunity of getting colorfully painted. You will get a list of options and you can choose which style you want from the list. It is the celebration of your favorite color, style or theme. It will make you much more sexy. Do you want to know the advantages?

  • You will look awesome!
  • You will look different from others!
  • You will look gorgeous!
  • You will feel far more sexy!
  • Your partner will love it!
  • It will remove your inhibitions!

This body painting is extremely sexy and fun. It is a simple technique, which can create everlasting images. It will be a memory which you will have forever. You can look back and say to yourself “Yes, I was crazy enough to do that”! You will love yourself for it. It will increase the beauty of your body. You will feel the difference when you have your body painted. There is no reason to hesitate or delay it is the time of fun. You can also take sexy photos with your body exclusively painting. Just remember you will never get this awesome opportunity at any other event. You will get exclusive events and displays at the Club X Sexpo and itis the perfect place to fulfill you wants of sexuality.

Here you will get different types of art work. Just for example: clothing as well as lingerie and also much more. You will also be able to see live models. You can see them choose sexy paint for themselves too. Actually the club X Sexpocomes with a lot of fun. It cannot be described in words. This is real fun to make us much more naughty. Here you will be able to fulfill your naughty desire. The environment of the exhibition is very much welcoming qne that automatically will make you feel much more sexual and start to make you love these sexual events.

The x club Sexpo events will assist you to to know different types of fun opportunities. This will probably improve ones existing relationship lifestyle and it can be fantastic to learn at. You may become captivated through most of these fantastic brand spanking new workshops. The most wonderful thing will probably be that here you’ll receive all these guidelines at absolutely no cost except for the modest door entry fee. Here you’ll receive the very best advice from sexual professionals.. You may find solutions to your intercourse problems and there is certainly the possibility that here you’ll receive more than one solution in a short time that may also increase your sexual enjoyment. So go to the Club X Sexop and you will do more than just paint your body.

What is Club X Sexpo?

In the field of sexuality the Club X Sexpo is a very infamous brand. People that attend these events find out about all things regarding sexuality that they have been searching for. This is actually a kind of exhibition where you will find all of those things which are related to sex fun. It is meant to be and is actually a great fun event. So many sex toys to choose from, writhing porn stars and a man painting representations with his penis. Yes, it’s the wacky universe of Sexpo and it pulls in scores of Australian’s every single time it is on. This year, coordinators are anticipating that 50,000 will go.

So why do individuals run to this yearly sexuality and way of life tradition? We made a beeline for Sexpo to discover. As it turned out, inspiring anybody to consent to have their photograph taken ended up being a significant test. Pardons extended from “I don’t need my supervisor knowing I skipped work for this” to “My better half doesn’t know I’m here” to “God no, I don’t need anybody to know I’m here”. Fortunately, a couple fearless souls uncovered why they came to Sexpo. Look at the photograph display to see their reactions and after that head to the remarks to let us know about your Sexpo encounters. The aim of Sexpo is the open awareness to health and sexuality in a positive way that may influence you to enjoy yourself more. Here are the aims of the program:

  • To improve the sexual understanding
  • To Improve the sexual relationship
  • To have great fun
  • Understanding sexual liberty
  • Understanding sexual equality
  • Understanding sexual rights
  • To know about the positive and sensational cultures that exist
  • To flourish sexual relationships

Sexpo Club X Pole Dancing


At these events you will get different kinds of program for males as well as for females. All the programs are very interesting and exciting. You will be able to enjoy the fun of sex in a non judgmental environment. Here you will see all the hottest guys and sexiest woman together. You will be able to enjoy your time with them. They are ready to flood you with the fun of love and sex. It is more amazing than any other event you may have been to.

If you are a regular guy then you will love to enjoy your time with the hottest ladies. They will uncover themselves in front of you. They will make you feel fuzzy and warm. On the other hand you can ride the sexy train and journey through the Oh Zone. You will enjoy it most with the hottest sexy ladies that are there. All of these are fun. Different programs are set to give pleasure to both men as well as women.

If you are a woman then you may also be able to see erotic dancing with the hottest guys. They may massage your body if you want. You can also have photos taken with buff guys. All are fun! Men will come in front of you and make you feel like the most desired girl in the world. Enjoy the naughty attitudes with the hottest party environment. No one will judge you can enjoy as much as you like. AS long as you are over 18 whatever your age it does not a matter. You can enjoy this party at any age and learn more about sexuality.

Adult Comedians are a major center of magnetism throughout these events. They are divided between doing adult jokes to dressing up as a penis or set of boobs. There are videos to watch and adult games to play. There are places to have beautiful men doing lap dances or meeting porn stars. Stripping away from their clothes will increase your enthusiasm for the event.

Just imagine. There is nothing to be shy about. No one is going to judge you. You will become sexually empowered and learn new and exciting things that may improve your sex life.  There is no other place like the Club X Sexpo where everything sexual is under one roof Here you will get all the sexual programs together. So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the Club X Sexpo.

Club X Sexpo Melbourne

Seductive Women Sexpo Club X

Club X  is the name of the fantasy in entertainment Australia and Club X Sexpo is In Melbourne. As Director David Ross explained “It’s great to walk into a room and look around at 4,000 people and think, well I’m not the only one who is interested in finding out about my sexuality,” Ross says. “You see people of all ages and persuasions; I’ve seen Muslims walking around with headwear on, and older people – it’s a melting pot of all kinds, and it’s a bit of fun. Sexpo may change someone’s life this year: the compère search could offer a great start to anyone who thinks they have the gift of the gab. “We’re looking for submissions from people who have some experience in emceeing and compèring, and we’ll have our professionals to walk them through,” Ross says. “We’ll fly these people to our Melbourne show later in the year and the winner will be the major compère in the Brisbane show next year.”

Sexpo Exciting

Lets see some of the exciting functions at this event include:

  • Boylesque: This is a wonderful event which is only for the ladies that is arranged by the club. This sexy as well as very hot Bad Boys of Australia are able to attract the ladies with desirable dance workouts, steamy very hot showers, as well as washboard sexy obese and super hot figures. These astounding eye candies can get you very hot under one’s collar and also send tremors lower your spines using their delicious activities. Get ready to brace yourself with an extraordinary ride down the particular sexy street as these kinds of tanned hunks bare it all to deliver the final experience associated with lust with its very best. You also can view the Gals Lounge as well as also obtain an in person autographed diary or breeze an image or two while using sexy guys. If you are lucky, then you may able to score a wonderful lap boogies.
  • The Amateur Strip: A good unique levels of competition, the most exciting Amateur Strip Tease competition. This level of competition will help the patrons on an unsurpassed connection with this club. You are invited to look at the middle stage as well as also perform your strip show. Always remember, bare as much as you will dare, is actually the the mantra and you are free to take down everything with the exception of your shorts or your knickers. Not for that faint hearted guys, this show almost always is an exhilarating experience for that one who really dare. For you to participate, you have got to turn way up at least sixty minutes prior to show as well as also have to register the interest with all the crew. Each and every amateur participant actually will receive  adult DVD with their performance in addition to absolutely free underwear. The winner of this competition will really be awarded with a prize.
  • Club Sexologist: If you are actually searching for the best advice about your sexual life on spicing up your love life or perhaps planning for taking your partner on a holiday to the wonderland connected with sensual delight. It will refresh your body as well as your mind and also help to know how you will be able to increase the sexual pleasure. The Sexologist Medical professionals are going to be lending a new helping hand in resolving your complete dilemma and also answering your complete questions concerning the sleeping quarters. Through several free making love seminars, the illustrious sexologist Medical professional will endeavor to teach the patrons of club by utilizing her prosperity of information as well as acumen about everything and also anything about sex. So keep behind your inhibitions and also pose your complete burning questions to this oracle about sex.

Club X Melbourne is very popular due to its exciting sexual events which are arranged for all visitors. These events are very exciting as well as helping in sexual health and wellbeing. So if you want to enjoy then just come and visit the show.


Stripper Rules at Club X Sexpo

Sexpo Male Female Stripper

Club X SEXPO is an adult event that chiefly entertains whilst teaching people about sexual health and entertainment. Male and female Performers frequently stay on stage a the event and dance, gyrate or perform according to the custom or arrangement that they are permitted to do. As a stripper you’re paid to be hot and almost bare. There are different types of profits that can be made from stripping. Particularly in these intense times, is progressively engaging.  The strippers are able to effortless dance and entertain making it appear to be flawlessly normal as they have trained in their profession for years to become the best of the best.  The strippers are enchanting, fun, intelligent and attractive.

In spite of being a widespread explanation that can go any which way, there are exact limitations to these kinds of organizations when it comes to the sexual experience. The local agencies that rule the area have a lot rules concerning what contact that they can do. These rules are in place to keep the business run safely without any emotional or legal repercussions. Some businesses have illegal routines and formats that they do not promote or allow to be unleashed at SEXPO.


Unleashed at Sexpo


There are three essential kinds of contact that performers can do. The types of contact include full nudity which is not allowed by topless and bikini revelations are the customary formats that are allowed at Sexpo Australian events. Full nudity is self-explanatory but can be compromised by the use of pasties or other clothes and trimmings that barely cover. Topless means only the top is taken off during the presentation and allowed anywhere at the event. Bikini exposure involves the player wearing something else and stripping down to an enlightening bikini.

There are guidelines and licenses that need to be protected in order for the event to operate. Services that are allowable within the venue are public entertainment and there are very severe rules concerning what is allowed between the customer and the performer. Many of these laws forbid services that end up as sex between the performer and the client, particularly within the premises of the SEXPO venue. In some cases there have been preparations that have been made that allow these activities outside of the venue and premises with the knowledge of the event holder for example where they are advertising a legal brothel that customers can access.

Full nakedness, topless and bikini exposure are also generally restricted to stage performances that are overseen by the executives of the event and watched by the governing agencies. Strippers and entertainers that do not conform to the home agencies policies may have their booth closed or performers asked to leave. Undercover monitoring agents might also be in attendance at some event to ensure nobody infringes governing laws.

These three arrangements can be joined with any other routines that the  SEXPO organization may announce . A subject might be running for some exhibitors that may alter themes frequently. Themes may include everything from the Wild West, outer room and aliens, girly material, Sex Train, Dickasaurus, Wheel of Fortune and many others that the executives or owners think may entertain or have benefit to their audiences. Themes can change per event or at any given time depending on the whims of the event owners and managers. Stripping may walk a fine line between validity and illegalities. There are times when they try to satisfy their customers and clients too much and may approach under fire from the administration agencies that rule them however the SEXPO event administrators will always seek legal advice to ensure that they comply with their entertainment before it is unleashed at Sexpo.

To keep Sexpo safe, please talk between the stall holders and supervisers to find out what there rules and regulations are. Remember to have as much fun as possible, you can learn about sex in a safe environment, where there are truck loads of sydney-siders, melbournians and a load of Australians that regularly flock to see the best of the best. There is always something new to see, aswell as new sex toy technology released, and many community members to meet that you can join and socialise with.

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