Rating the Sexuality of Bridgerton

With Lock Down extended, and a vast collection of assignments and reports calling my name I couldn’t help but venture back through some of my best loved Netflix Hits while at home (maybe procrastinating) and low and behold one of which was Bridgerton.

I did indeed love this series when it first appeared on Netflix, for many reasons; I love period dramas and this one was a fresh spin on the genre. It was colourful, it was sassy,it was scandalous and the music score was sensational! Also- the sexual tension was amazing.

I am hoping by now you have all watched it because there will be many spoilers in this. Released Christmas 2020, Bridgerton was a most anticipated show during COVID and it lived up to the hype. What I really liked about it however was the way it addressed sexual encounters and scandals in it. There were some parts that I took issue with too, but I felt like it was a good show that opened up an array of healthy conversation regarding sexulity as a whole; good and bad. This is always a positive as far as I am concerned.


It is a scandalous intrigue indeed that the Main character Simon indulges Daphne when she asks him about pleasure. When at first she doesn’t understand Simon candidly tells her “When you are alone, you may touch yourself. Down there.” and basically gives her a very Regency Era-esque run down of the basics of masturbation. Of course Daphne is both shocked and stunned and a little bit fascinated by this. Simon is- amused. So later on, Daphne indeed tries, she fantasises about Simon touching her, removing a glove, kissing her and it is insinuated that she orgasms. There are many websites, articles and chat rooms that will argue “Oh impossible-the fastest orgasm for a first timer” or “She would not have cum that quickly her first time” haters gonna hate. What do I see? I see someone who is discovering self pleasure for the first time and enjoying herself. And it is good and satisfying. I often advocate that sex, masturbation even self pleasure should not have the end goal of an orgasm. So I loved this scene.

For the die hard literary/film buffs who like seeing the attention to detail, I also really enjoyed the use of symbolism that she had the white rose next to the bed symbolising purity blooming as she finds her pleasure.

We get another positive view of masturbation on Simon and Daphne’s wedding night where the two talk about when she did masturbate, and Simon asks her what she thought about, not only that, but he asks her to show him how she touched herself. I am a big fan of mutual masturnation so this was sensational to see in the screenplay! Top marks.

Sex as pleasure:

Before I go down the dark road of casting negatives on this amazing series, lets talk about the pleasure. The sex scenes in Bridgerton I found were sublime and not simply about finishing or orgasm. It was nice to see a show that took into consideration that sex is not all about the end orgasm and instead focussed on the pleasure felt by both parties in their detailed montages.


Even the scene on the stairs with the delectable display of cunnilingus, which focuses on Simon bringing Daphne to riveting throws of bliss; this focuses on her pleasure. Yes it is a scene that ultimately Simon does not wish to continue because he is mad at her, but cannot resist her, he still brings her pleasure.

Attention is also given to asking what the other likes, what pleases them. I think this is beautiful because it is not often drawn attention to in sex scenes or romances where couples can ask their partners what the other likes. They don’t need to instinctively know or be the best straight off the bat, it should be normalised to ask what the other person likes. It is afterall, the quickest and best way to find out how to please your partner.

The Pull Out Method:


Simon tells Daphne he cannot have children in an effort to derail her from marrying him (It is more the point that he refuses to have children to spite his dead father and end his family line with himself.)

Daphne, who has not been told how babies are made, and how a man reaches orgasm and his sperm through ejaculation is what impregnates an egg and that is how babies are made (at least in the Regency Era) She doesn’t know this.

So Simon-Who by the way is labelled a RAKE meaning that he is a notorious womaniser and has slept with many many woman in his life- has sex with Daphne (and these other women) but pulls out before he orgasms and ejaculates beside her, in a cloth or somewhere that is not inside her womb.

Pause for dramatic effect and eye rolling.

The pull out method is not a great birth control method. It is approximately 78% effective, 22 in every 100 women still get pregnant, let’s break that down further approximately 1 in 5 women still get pregnant using the Pull Out Method. Why? Because pre-cum can still carry impregnating material, because even pulling out, some swimmers might swim out a little early before the majority of the load. Let us not even get started with how much more fertile people were back in the Regency Period. Daphne was a Debutante – historically that would make her roughly 16years old give or take. Lets just say- very fertile.


Ah yes- The controversial consent scene. Daphne puts a few things together and interrogates her lady’s maid about how sex is supposed to go and how babies are made and relaises the error in the Duke’s semantics. Instead of confronting him about it, she seduces him, rides him and they have amazing all passionate sex which looks amazing until Simon says “Stop.” and Daphne does not and rides him until he orgasms inside her. At which point, she hops off, he looks at her shocked, betrayed and accuses her “what have you done?”


There is a lot of controversy online and in person about this scene, some people seem to think that because Simon lied to Daphne she had a right, others feel that differently. Simon should NOT have lied to Daphne. Very true. Daphne should NOT have kept going once Simon said stop. That was forcing his hand (penis) and his wishes past a point that he was comfortable. As an effect, this distances them from each other, puts up walls and creates animosity. Trust was broken on both sides, and no one can tell me differently. It was handled very poorly.

Sex Parties:

I loved this so much.

Several sex parties made it into the series and not only that, but it was discussed with one of the other characters whose wife had been one of the consensual participants of the Bridgerton’s escapade. So not only were sex parties openly discusses but so too was non monogamy as an option for the couples of the era. Building on this discussion, the two male characters were in discussions and the husband was open in his insinuations of being bisexual and polyamoruous. He was in love with another man and his wife was aware and guarded his secret. I thought this was amazing and I loved it and I loved that it was addressed as an alternative way of living for the Bridgerton brother.

Gender Identities:

Two of the Bridgerton siblings frequently have the discussion in passing how it is unfair of what is expected of them based on their gender and sometimes even their birth order. They don’t get to explore this too much, but there is a second season so maybe we will get to see that play out. But the fact that they even discuss it is enough for me. I am grateful to see these kinds of conversations just because it shows a variety of different perspectives of people and ensures that viewers are made in a way that not everybody needs to think the same.

I enjoyed that Eloise very vocally stood up for her views at every point in that she didn’t want to be like her sister, she didn’t want to “come out” into society and would often say “if I were a man” because she would not have had the expectation of coming out into society as a debutante and finding a husband. Her Best friend Penelope criticised her at one point, rebuffing her by saying that she did not have the luxury of thinking like that.

Say what you will, whether you loved it or hated it, Bridgerton is a whimsical smutty delight for lockdown and I am looking forward to seeing how it inspires season 2.

At your Service,



OhZone Sales Consultant, Educator and Smutty Romance Buff

Adultsmart Click & Collect: A Great Success

Adultsmart Click & Collect: A Great Success

With the latest Covid-19 pandemic affecting our daily lives, rough times have come and different changes have modified our lifestyle. This is why many alternate solutions were devised to give people the convenience and security for them and their family. One of these solutions is shopping using

Click & Collect

What is Click and Collect?

Click and collect is a new trend made by different companies for the convenience of the consumers at home. It is designed to give consumers the freedom to shop and avail their needed goods without the hassle of going in and out of a store or a supermarket. It is an online service that serves as a personal shopper for the consumer so that they may be able to just pick out the things that they shopped and clicked.

How does Click and Collect works?

Using the Click and Collect feature of a retail store like Kogarah Adult Lifestyle Centers online store Adultsmart, you can easily pick out and pick up your goods securely and swiftly. Here are the steps on how the Click and Collect works:

* Pick. Customers get to click and select the items that they need and want on the retail or online store.
* Select Click and Collect. This is where you are going to choose the delivery and payment option.
* Authentication. You will receive an SMS message or e-mail that will inform you about the status of your order and if it is ready for collection.
* Collect. Taking the printed receipt or SMS and proof of identification, you can now go and pick up your items within the time specified by the retail or online store.

Quick and easy right? This is why many cities are now using this alternate solution to secure the safety and convenience of their community and people. The company Adultsmart is successfully using and still uses the Click and Collect as mandated by the New South Government CoVid Restrictions Policies,

Australian government.

Adultsmart Click and Collect success

Adultsmart is one of the leading distributors of items that take care of your sexual health and lifestyle essential needs. It is an adult store catering to the sexual needs of people from all sexual orientations. With its wide variety of different items and lessons for those who seek education for sexual health, this is the place and store for you.

Benefits of using the Adultsmart Click and Collect option in store:

Confidentiality. Some people are not confident in going into such stores and ask for the items that they want to avail themselves of. By using Click and Collect, you can now have the privacy that you want in availing such pleasure items.

Staff. Some staff in such stores can give you the most judgmental and awkward looks whenever you go inside their store to buy some stuff. With the help of this new feature, you can now avoid the intimidating looks of the sales clerk and other staff of the store. Though this is a problem in other sex stores, you can guarantee professionalism and a judgment-free environment in Adultsmart stores.

Perfect Items. With the wide arrays of pleasure toys and items that can enlarge your experience and lifestyle, you can guarantee the high quality and affordability of these exotic and life-changing items.

Convenience. With just a few clicks you can now have the items that you want and order them online. With a personal shopper, you don’t need to go to the store to choose the item that you want. You can pick up your item after the shopping period and during the time allotted by the store.

Adultsmart.com.au the online presence of the Adult Lifestyle Stores would like to give people the pleasure and education that they need for a better sexual experience and lifestyle. They want to end the stigma that sex is “dirty” and shouldn’t be a big deal. By having the Click and Collect option, Adultsmart can give excellent service to every people who need it.

Pandemic and diseases should not be a hindrance in having positivity in life and maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle this is why people are coming up with the best ideas and solutions to stay alive and happy. We just have to trust the process and obey restrictions.

For more questions, queries, and to order via Click and Collect, visit adultsmart.com.au to place your orders or get further details.


Proudly servicing the greater Sydney with a Click and Collect option during the current CoVid Restrictions.

Standardising Sex toys

There has long been speculation and arguments about Standardising Sex toys. The adult toy industry was roughly worth AUD$44.69 Billion worldwide during 2020 and it is projected to grow to AUD $69.61Billion by the year 2028 (Grandview Research, 2021).

LBTQ Sexual Wellness

Acceptance of LGBTQ+, sexual wellness and acceptance, sexual experimentation, even Fifty Shades of Grey and lets not forget COVID, the global sex toy market increases to grow and expand. All of these reasons and more can be attributed to the rise of the purchase and use of adult toys. But with the increase in mainstream use and attention.

At this point it is important to note that it is an unregulated corner of consumerism. That’s fine and well for me to say, but what does that mean? Simply put, anyone can make an adult toy and sell or market it as such. It does not have health standards to meet or safety standards. That alone is pretty scary though, because I mean, these toys are more often than not, going near our nether regions where we have sensitive, delicate organs that are very important to our everyday function as well as for pleasure and sometimes for reproduction. These organs aren’t even all external, some are internal which brings a whole new spin to the question “do you know what you’re really putting in your body?”

So we immediately think and agree that we need to put good quality if not premium quality grade materials in or out of our body during our pleasure time. And that is a great consensus. A brilliant, amazing solution to the aforementioned problem.

But then there is the cold hard grossly more concerning fact that is the problem without regulations.

Anyone can state an adult toy’s materials is one thing, on the packaging, and nobody, no regulation, no standard or government body can stop them or pull them up on it. Yes, they cannot say that a dong is made of silicone when in actual fact it is made of pvc. But it does not need to be 100% silicone, for a company to label an adult toy “silicone”. Factories are legally able to add fillers in and cut corners and costs to produce more and cheaper toys, bringing in a bigger revenue or convincing you that you can get away with a cheaper product when in fact, that material is no better for your body than if you chose a product that was made with “bad” materials in the first place.

Even tags such as BodySafe or MedicalGrade are a little bit dependent on who has deemed it so. BodySafe silicone for instance is deemed body safe in each individual factory or lab, therefore will have different and varying grades across the world.

So how do you pick!

All is not lost and there are safe toys out there. The best way to ensure that you are using a quality product is by investing money in a product. Yes it may seem like a bit of money but we consider things such as shoes or a car, the money we put into them is the quality we often see in return. When we skimp on these things, we aren’t surprised when they don’t work, or they break or we end up injured.

Buy from reputable brands. While we may not have regulations, there are reputations. Not having regulations has not stopped some pretty amazing companies from developing products that are safe, made from high grade materials and amazing for your body. Least of all forgetting the literal orgasmic nature of them. These big companies have worked hard on their reputations to bring you products that will last a long time, and be amazing and work hard in improving sexual wellness at the unprecedented incline that the market is working at.

Not sure what makes a reputable brand? Talk to our sales consultants. This is all part of our job. We extensively train with representatives from companies and research the companies that are being sold in our stores to ensure that we can give you the best information regarding the safest product experience for you and for your body.

Warranties. Another good indication of quality is a warranty. If a product doesn’t have a warranty, give it a wide berth. When a company puts a warranty on their products it’s somewhat telling you that they have faith in their product.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long though, with so much traction, popularity and exploration within the world with adult toys it was no wonder that soon there would be a consensus that adult toys needed standards.

Swedish Institute of Standards

Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) approached the International Standards Organization (ISO) and in 2019 a committee was created for discussions surrounding this. ISO/PC 325 Sex toys – Design and safety requirements for products in direct contact with genitalia, the anus, or both. Standardization in the field of sex toys This document  will specify safety and user information requirements relating to the materials and design for manufactured products intended for sexual use. This will cover only manufactured products that are intended to come in direct contact with genitals and/or the anus.

So how will this change the industry? It can only mean good things for the industry! Or at least, for our health and safety. Unfortunately, yes it will mean that adult toys and products will most likely become more expensive because not every man and his dog can make them any longer. It will also mean that companies will be held liable for producing safe and good quality products for “consumption”.

Already, there are a number of “admittance’s” to hospital or medical related issues that have come down to materials used in cheaply or poorly made toys that unfortunately can not be liable followed up on or known for absolute certainty if they were the cause. Currently, American law dictates that only serious injury or death as a consequence from a product can warrant investigation and prosecution. With standardisation this will be a thing of the past.

These are yet again why it is so important to shop in store, to be able to ask the relevant questions regarding material composition with our sales consultants and discuss the differences between the companies and factory origins of individual products to ensure that you are getting and putting the best companion for your body to make for the ideal play partner.

I can only imagine that having a set of standards to abide by will also drive the industry forward to be more innovative and produce more specialised products that are improved in both material, design and functionality. I think the amount that the sex toy industry has already changed and evolved so much since the 90’s I for one cannot wait to see where these next decades will take us, especially with an introduction of standards that are there to work for us as consumers.


At your Service


OhZome Sales Consultant, Educator and Standards Advocate.

Covid Safe Adult Shopping NSW 2021

covid safe adult shopping

Covid Safe Adult Shopping In Greater Sydney 2021


Adultsmart Kogarah Australia’s premier online adult store will continue to service and dispatch online orders throughout Greater Sydney and Australia. Adultsmart also offers a click and collect and phone in advance services from it’s shop and warehouse at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah. Contactless purchases are allowed and collection of purchased items is available outside the front entrance of the shop/warehouse.
From 11.59pm on Saturday 17 July A raft of new restrictions have been announced for NSW after the state recorded 111 new local cases of COVID-19.
These include Retail premises (including adult retail stores) will be required to close (‘click and collect’ can still operate). It is with sadness that we announce that both the Caringbah and Penrith stores will be not trading until July 31.
No customers will be allowed to enter the store.


At first, we were unsure how to face the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have already had our fair share of challenges. However, we have learned how to adapt to the situations that CoVid-19 has created. We have adopted new habits that keep us safe from Covid. In NSW, it has not been an easy journey, especially now that Sydney is on lockdown at least till July 30 and beyond.

However, it does not mean that people in NSW cannot take part in online shopping and goods will either be delivered to their door or they will be able to click and collect from our adult warehouse at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah.

After July 30 subject to current Covid Restrictions being eased people can do their shopping, so long as they ensure that they safely conduct their shopping for specific items and they are not just browsing. To do that end, one has to follow the Covid safety guidelines laid out by the government. These guidelines are;

Wearing a mask

If you are in NSW, you must cover your nose and mouth using a mask when in certain areas. When you are shopping, taking a plane, travelling, in beauty parlours, and in other outdoor centres where you face the risk of Covid infection, you should wear your mask. The only exceptions to this general rule are children under the age of 12 and any other person who has a mental or physical condition that makes wearing a mask unsuitable.

Spitting and coughing

Spitting and coughing are some of the ways how Covid is rapidly spreading. Under the government guidelines, one guideline is that you should not use cough or spit or cough at a public official or worker intentionally. You should note that even though the government only talks about public officials or workers, one should never spit or cough at anyone intentionally as it may lead to the spread of the virus.

Working from home

If it is practicably reasonable, all employers should ensure that their employees work from home. The rule does not apply to Sydney but applies to the whole of NSW.

Stay at home rules in Greater Sydney.

In Greater Sydney, people are expected to stay at home unless they have reasonable excuses. These good excuses include;

• Getting food, goods, and services- Only one family member should go to get food or goods, and browsing shops is not considered a reasonable excuse.

• Getting to work or accessing education if doing it online is impossible.

• One may also exercise outdoors in groups of not more than two persons, and these recreational activities should be done within ten kilometres of where you live.

• You are accessing medical supplies, including the Covid vaccine.

One should always follow the government guidelines concerning Covid to stay safe amidst the pandemic. When shopping, you need to be on high alert on how you conduct yourself in public and from which shop you get your food and goods. Only choose a shop that offers excellent service, support while taking care not to spread the virus to its customers.

One characteristic you need to be on the lookout for is a contactless and counterless system. At our shop, we provide this as we understand the importance of safety in the current situation. We offer a flawless design, and in the shop, you need not worry about following the restrictions since we are here to help you.

In our shop, we do not accept cash but accept credit and debit cards only. Our system can be broken down into the following steps;

i. You come into the shop, select the items you want to purchase and take them to the counter.

ii. A staff member responsible for scanning your items will check them using fresh gloves.

iii. After scanning, the friendly staff member puts the items in the bag and places them on a pickup table.

iv. You pay the due amount using your card, and after paying for the items, you can pick your items.

The system has proven to be effective, and our customers give us outstanding reviews and recommend their friends to try out our shop. Do not be left out; try out our shop now.

Bottom Line

Covid has changed the way we live, but we are now adapting to new habits that keep us safe. One needs to follow all the rules set out by the government since they are sanctions put in place and one does not want to be caught breaking these rules. Being safe is an individual’s decision, and following the rules and selecting a suitable shop for your shopping activities is one way to start.

Oh Zone Safe Contactless Purchases During COVID 2021


From 11.59pm on Saturday 17 July A raft of new restrictions have been announced for NSW after the state recorded 111 new local cases of COVID-19.

These include Retail premises (including adult retail stores) will be required to close (‘click and collect’  can still operate).  It is with sadness that we announce that both the Caringbah and Penrith stores will be not trading until July 31.

Adultsmart Kogarah Australia’s premier online adult store will continue to service and dispatch online orders throughout Greater Sydney and Australia.  Adultsmart also offers a click and collect and phone in advance services from it’s shop and warehouse at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah.  Contactless purchases are allowed and collection of purchased items is available outside the front entrance of the shop/warehouse.

No customers will be allowed to enter the store.

Oh Zone Safe Contactless In Store Purchases

Though Greater Sydney will remain in lockdown until 11:59pm on Friday 30 July, that does not mean that there aren’t safe and socially distanced ways to purchase essential goods. A contactless counter checkout option is exactly the way to do this, so we’ve dedicated time and effort into making sure our new checkout system works safely and efficiently.

We understand that this is still a very challenging time for our customers and team members alike, but we want to continue to do our bit for the community by providing a convenient way for you to shop for your essentials while respecting the current COVID-19 guidelines.

We have made every effort to ensure that our store is adhering to the COVID safety plan as laid out for retail establishments by the NSW government. This means that we have been providing staff with information and training on COVID-19, including the importance of masks, social distancing, and cleaning, and also preventing staff and customers who are feeling unwell from entering the premises.

Our capacity will also not exceed the greater of one person per two square metres of space in the store, and we will support 1.5 metre distancing and aim to avoid congestion wherever possible. We have hand sanitiser at key points around the store, keep our bathrooms well stocked with soap, disinfect frequently touched indoor surfaces, and open windows to increase the circulation of fresh air. Our record keeping is also up to scratch so we can inform staff, customers, or contractors within a 28-day period should a COVID-19 case be brought to our attention.

Oh Zone Store Locations


1/322 Kingsway, Caringbah 2229 NSW

Mon – Sun  New Covid  Hours 10am-8pm (02) 9524 1170


12 Production Ave, Kogarah NSW

Mon – Sun  New Covid  Hours 8am-10pm  (02) 9553 6995


1/478-482 High St, Penrith 2750 NSW

Mon – Sun  New Covid  Hours 10am-8pm  (02) 4732 4475

New Contactless Check Out System

Ultimately, our main goal is to keep our business running smoothly while also ensuring the good health of our customers and staff alike. That is why we have introduced contactless pickup in store, as well as items that can be purchased online as well as install. This new checkout system will keep things running at a good pace so that the chances of congestion and a break in social distancing are severely limited.

This new contactless counter is only available to those with in store N.B. credit and debit cards, and the process is very simple. You may select the items that you want to purchase as you normally would and then bring them to the checkout table near the counter. Here, one of our friendly members of staff will scan your items for you and place them in a bag on the pickup table. And rest assured that our team will all be masked and changing into fresh gloves before touching items brought by the next customer.

The ‘contactless’ part of contactless counter refers to the quick and easy way to pay at this station. Simply tap your card or mobile card app onto the reader to complete your payment, then pick up your items and depart the store. This system not only allows you to pay using the contactless option, but also greatly minimizes the need for contact between the customer and staff member. And though both will be wearing masks and our staff members wearing gloves, a contactless interaction when purchasing items is the surest way to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe.

It must be reiterated that we are only open to servicing essential adult needs in order to adhere to all COVID policies. We want you to be able to get everything that you need during this lockdown, but we are prioritizing the safety of our community above all else. We aim to provide relief and aid the wellbeing of those who have been further isolated by this lockdown, so know that you can rely on us to provide any essential items that you need as well as a safe, sanitary place to shop for them.

We hope that you will find our new contactless counter checkout system to be useful and that it makes your shopping experiences quicker and easier in these still uncertain times. It is a relatively small addition to our store but one that we think fits perfectly in the current climate of social distancing. We are doing everything we can to aid our community and support both customers and staff on the road back to normality.

Click & Collect Shopping CoVid Safe Shopping At Adultsmart

Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South.  The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Sunday.

Click and Collect Services allow you to order and pre-pay for your purchases online.  You can browse at your leisure when visiting an online store and choose the items that you could otherwise not do in store because of Covid restrictions.  It also allows contactless purchases if you choose to utilize a service like the Adultsmart Contactless Click and Collect Option,