Boosting Sexual Satisfaction In Couples

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Boost Sexual Satisfaction

The pandemic changed our lives completely, especially our sexual practices. While some of us staying with our partners got too much time for action, others staying without them missed all of it. And unfortunately, following the safety guidelines, there is no way even to get sexual satisfaction from the best hookup sites. However, irrespective of the current relationship status, gender, and even age the sexual satisfaction remains the topmost concern for most people. Hence, a discussion about the subject grabs attention without any effort. So let us dig in deep into the wetlands and find out the secrets of sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness with the following tips:

Tip 1: Foreplay Has More Power Than You Believe For Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from sex alone. It is the build-up of arousal that makes the release so pleasurable. So, instead of doing it like a duty, enjoy the process the way you did initially in a relationship.

For example- Watching romantic movies with intimate scenes in dim lighting can set the mood well.

Tip 2: Experiment For Sexual Satisfaction

If you keep eating your favorite dish every day all day, it becomes boring. Experimentation helps with excitement in bed and boosts sexual activity in couples for longer years. Not all experimentation will be satisfying, but you might some that give you more sexual satisfaction than others. It also stops sex from becoming a routine activity.

For example- Try new positions, role-plays, toys, etc.

Tip 3: Communicate For Sexual Satisfaction

Another most essential step we often neglect in a relationship is talking about sex. Many couples find it uncomfortable and even unnecessary to discuss their likes and dislikes. It can change the experience, increase the comfort level & trust in a relationship. While it is easier to satisfy a man, men face problems understanding how to know if a lady is sexually satisfied.

How To know If A Woman Is Sexually Satisfied?

Sexual satisfaction is best determined by facial expressions and responsive actions. If your moves and actions arouse your partner, then they will respond with their touch and eagerness for your body. Women try to express their satisfaction with post-sex cuddles, hip movements showing interest in round two, kisses, moans (gibberish statements lost in the air).

Tip 4: Find the Turn Offs For Sexual Satisfaction

As individuals, we always think of activities that ensure sexual satisfaction for the partner and us. But how many times do we talk about the turn-offs? Instead of avoiding doing something stating you are not in the mood, talking it out helps. Your turn-off could be a particular action, body hair, odor, or anything else. Tell your partner and ask them about theirs. It supports both of you to address the issues and feel more wanted. Also, in the case of actions, you can easily opt for other alternatives and ensure sexual satisfaction to your partner without being unsatisfied yourself.

For example- toys and hands can replace oral pleasure.

Tip 5: Invest In the Relationship for Sexual Satisfaction

Sex is not just about physical attachment. The need for touch comes from the mental requirement of being close to your partner. Love is the essence of sexual satisfaction; hence, putting efforts to show love to your partner outside the bed can show beautiful results on the bed. Leaving something for your partner’s pleasure or doing something specifically for their liking can have a more profound effect on your partner.

For example, a massage, a small gift, cooking their favorite food, deleting the number of someones your partner doesn’t like.

Research on sexual satisfaction has found that mental health affects the relationship and pleasure. Hence, doing activities like yoga and meditation can help improve the mental health of couples and, in turn, increase sexual satisfaction. What do you think is missing in your relationship that is hindering your desired pleasure? Comment below!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Tips For Going To A Sex Party Event For The First Time

sex party

Are you thinking about going to a sex party event? Sex parties, or similar events, are becoming increasingly popular. The capital of Great Britain, London, is said to have one of the best sex party scenes in Europe. Not only are the parties sophisticated, but they are well organized. Organization is really important when it comes to staying safe.

If you have not been to a sex party event before, here are a few tips which you will find handy.

Contact The Organizers

Most quality sex party events will have a responsible organization behind them. It is important to make sure that other party goers are vetted and checked out. After all, you don’t want to end up at a sex party where safe sex is not practised.

Make sure that condoms are available at the party. It may sound like a good idea to bring your own, but how can you really trust the quality of the condom? That is why you want to make sure the organizers provide guests with brand name condoms.

Are cameras allowed? That is the other question that you should ask. People are quick to take advantage. You don’t want to end up finding yourself plastered all over social media in a compromising position.

Is It Your Kind Of Fun?

Not all of us like to play the same way at sex parties. For instance, if you are not into BDSM, going to a party which is just for BDSM followers, is not going to be for you. Once again, it is important to ask before hand.

There are parties that focus on one fetish such as BDSM or role play. Other sex party events may have been divided into rooms or scenarios, where you can enjoy a variety of adult fun.

Should I Bring A Friend?

If you have a like-minded friend, it is a good idea to bring him or her. Not very many of us have friends that we can take to sex party events.

The good news is that sex party regulars are a friendly crowd. It will not take you long to find a friend or two. As a matter of fact, most people who go to sex parties are regulars and enjoy meeting up with each other. It is not easy to recruit for sex party events. That is why the crowds that go, are nice to each other.

Are Sex Parties Legal?

Most sex parties are legal, but it is important to know a little bit about local laws. You don’t want to end up getting arrested for something which is not a legal activity in your state or country.

In some countries such as Holland, sex parties are registered. The Dutch have always been liberal minded when it comes to sex and adult pleasure. It is not a bad idea because Holland has very few problems with sex parties getting out of control.

What Is The Difference Between Sex Parties And Swinging?

When compared to swinging, a sex party event is normally less formal. If you are into swinging, swapping partners or having sex with different people, you are often a member of a club. When you want to join a swinger’s club, you would normally have to apply to the club secretary.

Once he or she has improved your application, and you have paid a member’s fee, you can go to the swinger’s club when you are in the mood. You will still have to pay for drinks, but in general, your membership fee covers the cost of the location.

A sex party event is normally paid per event. Going to sex party events can easily work out more expensive than swinging. The upside is that sex parties are often set in a better location and drinks are included in the ticket price.

A sex party event is a great way to try adult fun for a beginner. You will soon get to know people and learn how to let go. If you find that it is not for you, all you have to do is to walk away. It is very unlikely that other party goers will be offended.

Above all, take things slow and don’t rush into things. Also, don’t forget that safe sex really matters and you should always practice safe sex.

Are Senior Dating Sites Just For Seniors?

Dating Seniors

In today’s world, “seniors” are not who they used to be. People are thriving and energetic in their 50s and enjoying the dating life well beyond even those years. In most cases, these individuals are back to single life after perhaps lengthy marriages. Some lack the confidence or the know-how for the modern scene, especially with the online platform.


The mature age group likely went on dates back in their day by meeting potential dates in high school and college. People used to go to parties and see someone across a crowded room and take down a phone number (Cliché, right? But, true.).


Or others would start talking to someone at a local pub and give them a call later to ask them on a date. There was actual interaction among human beings.


Today, we have digitization – for everything. And in reality, for the most part, it can prove challenging for someone progressing in age to make a connection with a person of a similar age in public with whom they can then socialize. So, dating sites for over 50s is a genuine benefit.


Dating Into The Golden Years


When you reach a certain age and perhaps were half of a partnership and a parent, you might feel as though you progressed too far in life to begin again.


There’s certain insecurity or maybe a lack of confidence that comes with stepping out of the old role into something brand new, especially when dating is not what dating once was.


While the online platform is progressive, it might not be for everyone. People well over the age of 50 enjoy going out and socializing, and not all individuals are computer-literate or technologically savvy. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope. There are still ways to find love for people of all ages. Let’s look at different ideas to try mingling in an effort to meet a new mate.


Senior Dating Sites: 


Though it’s not for everyone and some are truly hesitant, the 50+ age group is among the fastest growing to make up the online dating clients. There are, in fact, niche-specific sites for people of a certain age. The most important aspect of the online platform is remaining safe.


Read the terms and conditions for each website you consider. It is worth the money to pay for a good site because if everyone pays, IDs are on file, and no one can be anonymous. Have friends or family assist with your profiling.


These people will be objective. They see you in real-time. You will likely have a higher tendency to be harsh on yourself. When asked what you’re looking for, be bold, blunt, and brief. Only disqualify the severe issues that undoubtedly break the deal.


Some people do still have a home phone. In these situations, you should only speak to potential dates using your mobile so that it’s untraceable back to your home address. And when it comes time to meet, drive separately and meet publicly.


Make sure to use a true and current picture of yourself that shows you in a positive place, not a sour face. Too often, people use photos that are years old and then come to meet and they’re not recognized that’s unfair and awkward. For those looking for males over the age of 50 go to for suggestions.


** Speed Dating


The concept of speed dating is one that is relatively new  but one that is becoming quite popular among the mature group and the “Baby Boomer” generation. If you aren’t in a location where you can actively participate in a meeting group, you can do this form of dating online also, but it isn’t quite the same as the face-to-face mingling that it’s supposed to be.


The general idea is to meet, get to know, and have a mini date with someone in a timed format. You do this with as many people in the group as you’d like until you find a match.


This allows practice with socialization and helps to alleviate any shyness or lack of confidence with which you might be dealing. Speed dating is another platform that you want to thoroughly research before you engage and make sure the group you sign up for is appropriate for your specific needs.


A wise move would be to watch a video of how the process works so that you can prepare ahead of time. Even if you don’t find a mate, it’s actually quite a fun way to meet new friends.


** Right In Your Own Backyard


Sometimes someone is as close as your circle of friends, and you’re not open to it. When you start thinking about the possibility of dating, speak with close friends about your decision.


Only those closest to you can see things that you might not be able to, and these people are also the best resources to help you to get out of the house and meet new friends.


If you live in a senior community, there are often groups you can join where you can introduce yourself around to the other members. You can take walks through the neighborhood and meet others, enjoying some exercise as you stroll.


You could put your name on the board in the community building letting other residents know that you’d be available to volunteer your time for specific purposes like helping out with errands or small tasks. It’s an ideal way to make acquaintances.


Family members are always up to the challenge of setting up their relatives with people among their circle of friends. In many cases, these blind dates work out really well. Though you might be hesitant to take that step, it might prove successful.


** Sign Up For Classes


Whether you go back to college or join some classes to begin a new hobby, this can serve many purposes aside from meeting new people. A lot of mature adults are going back to school to pursue degrees and considering second careers later in life.


If that’s not a goal that you have for yourself, taking up a hobby or pursuing an interest to enjoy in your spare time is a fantastic way to find a potential match.


Not only will you find pleasure in a new activity to add to your free time, but because the people you meet share these same interests, you’ll have great conversation starters. You can even take the lead by inviting new friends out for coffee after the class.


Other opportunities with the same concept are obtaining a part-time job working with other people or volunteering for an organization. Again, sharing something in common allows the opportunity to develop a friendship that can carry outside the professional capacity.


Something that people should not fear, whether you’re a man or woman, is taking the lead if you find someone charming and want to pursue that interest apart from class or work.


It’s fine when you’re friends with someone to invite them out as a way to see if you want to pursue something further. If they aren’t aware of your intentions or aren’t interested, you’ll stay friends. No harm, no foul. Further tips can be found when viewing this link.


Final Thought


It seems that the “aged” generation’s clocks are moving backward. This group of people is more daring, confident, and thriving than what some of the “younger” generations are, keeping the over 50 dating sites hopping.


A dilemma is, men and women of 20 or 30 want to date women or men 50s and beyond. The attraction for these people is they offer a spirit, a vitality, an assertiveness, and experience in life that makes them desirable partners. And the senior finds a renewed sense of excitement and sees the world in a new light. It’s just curious if these younger people are allowed on these niche sites.


In all seriousness, for those who do struggle with joining a site or who lack the confidence to get back out into the dating world, let your family and friends help you. It’s much nicer to meet someone new when you have the comfort of a close friend or family member beside you.


It’s a struggle after you’ve lived a life when that was all you knew, and now you’ve got to start from scratch (speaking from experience.) But it does get easier, and you do come to that point where it’s time, and you’re ready. Then, let the fun begin.

Easy Steps to Succeed at Online Dating

Online Dating

It comes as no surprise that in the Digital Age, where people can reach each other in the blink of an eye, more and more individuals are being overwhelmed by loneliness. It’s common knowledge that we start realizing how fragile we are and perceive your loneliness more acutely in the crowd. For this reason, more people now start to view online dating as a viable alternative to real-life dating. Indeed, virtual dating offers you the possibility of finding a potential match or at least reaching out to like-minded people who can keep you company online and help dispel your boredom. That being said, you shouldn’t treat online dating as a panacea. You should note that finding the type of partner that’s right for you might take a little effort and patience. You need to do some research, try to hook your potential match’s attention, and build communication that hopefully will lead to a relationship. Below are some simple tips that will help orient yourself to the way online dating works and its subtleties.

  1. Pick the right website 

There are lots of online dating sites and applications that promise they can quickly help you find the idea match. But in reality, a good many users end up being frustrated and distrustful of dating services altogether. Not to commit a similar mistake, we highly recommend picking time-tested, safe, and reliable dating sites that have proved their worth and matchmaking potential. You can also familiarize yourself with the Megahookup reviews, which provide a detailed overview of the best dating sites, to find the best service that can satisfy your dating needs. 

Though as an unsophisticated online dater you may find yourself tempted to use many sites at the same time. But we advise you against succumbing to this temptation. It’s not a secret that a good majority of popular dating sites charge fees for the services rendered. So, unless you want to end up spending a fortune on your match-searching quest, stick with one reliable option. 

  1. Carefully select your profile pictures

As online daters confess, they often find themselves repelled by other users’ profile pictures. It would be meaningless to deny the huge importance of the first impression which, as you know, is difficult to undo. So, you need to take care to construct your profile in the way such that other daters can form the best impression about you. Opt for something neutral, but at the same time effective. Steer clear of posting the photos featuring naked torso, weapons, or killed animals not to appear distasteful, immoral, or lacking originality. 

  1. Do research 

Being successful in the world of online dating isn’t limited to constructing an effective and eye-catching profile. The lion’s share of work you need to do lies in sifting through and evaluating the profiles of potential candidates. Not only will it help you to decide what type of daters attract you more, but also get used to using the website and orient yourself to the options available. That being said, don’t aim to look through hundreds of profiles on a daily basis. We suggest limiting yourself to a manageable number of candidates to be able to make a carefully weighed decision as to which candidate to communicate and, possibly, build a relationship with.   

  1. Add in humor 

If you do a quick research, you’ll find out that a sense of humor is something the vast majority of daters are looking for in their partners. So, it’s a good idea to show your ability to appreciate and produce humor whenever you’re dropping a line to a potential match or messaging back to the person you liked. There is a common opinion that women are better at producing humor, meaning they tend to laugh more at the jokes thrown by men, whereas their male counterparts like to look funny and produce humor. 

  1. Take it to the real world 

Online communication can be fun and exciting. But it’s unlikely that the reason why you decided signing up for a dating site was to find a long-term pen pal. So, one day you’ll want to meet up for a drink. Don’t let groundless fears and stereotypes ruin the pleasure you may get from your first date. It’s not considered uncommon anymore to meet your significant other online. By the way, statistics show that more than 17 percent of marriages now start through online dating. With this in mind, you should take the initiative and ask the person you’ve been chatting with to take your relationship to the next level. 

How I Meet Casual Partners On Adult Dating Apps

dating apps

Casual sex encounters with a stranger can be hard at times (no pun intended). There are tons of casual sex seekers out there looking to hookup with no strings attached. However, it isn’t really socially acceptable to just go up to someone and ask them if they want to hook up. Trust me, that’s not how it goes, and I am speaking this from my own experience. However, thanks to technology that is readily available to all casual daters have multiple platforms to find each other and meet for sex.

All thanks to the internet that makes it easy for everyone. Dating apps allow everyone to present themselves online and access a larger pool of potential partners that they might not have access to offline. Gender doesn’t matter because both men and women are signing up for dating apps a lot. There are a few key pointers that everyone should consider before signing up.

I have had my share of casual encounters with a fair number of partners. Some of the encounters were great, and some not so much. Some were flakes or duds, but some encounters truly spiced up my sex life. It is all about being aware of the right way to get it started. Here are some of the important steps that have worked for me:

Get an Identity – It is true about what they say about the first impression being the last. The profile picture and an interesting bio matter a lot. It is what’s worked for me the most. For example, people are attracted tosexy, intelligent, funny, and humorous people. These traits earn most of thepoints for casual sex seekers in my experience. Nobody wants to spend their time with someone that has a dry personality and no sense of humor.

Finding casual partners for hookups can be hard most of the time, especially if the bio and picture section is empty. So, I think that having one’s own identity will go miles in getting you a hookup.

Going Online – Many popular dating apps and sites help host people from all across the world. A lot of online daters are at least open to embracing hookup culture, however there are specific apps that are strictly for casual sex and hookups. My personal favorite is Meet N Fuck App ( because it is easy to use on my phone and it is easy to find local hookups with people in my area by filtering by location. There are a lot of different hookup dating platforms, but just make sure you do some research before taking the plunge, as some of them just aren’t that good and can be real time wasters. Once you find an app or site you like, the key is to look for someone with the same interests. That is what I did when I started going online on the majority of the dating apps. I started creating a profile on multiple dating apps to cast a wider net so to speak. The more I put myself out there, the more the chances of finding a date.

There will be many questionnaires, quizzes, and basic information that need filling out. Completing all these sections is a must. It helps establish matches as fast as possible without complications. I also recommend signing up for certain dating apps that target the specific needs of its users. There are all types of different adult dating platforms that target specific niche audiences. There are Milf dating apps for mature women, ethnicity specific sex sites, fetish specific platforms, and pretty much anything you can think of. Try looking for mature dating apps for someone with more experience. Also, try signing up for interracial dating sites for more diversity.

Start Chatting – When I say start chatting, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea of spamming with chats. That’s not how things should start for any user. There is this saying about how one should knock on ten doors. Not every door will open, but there will be one that does. So, users need to start knocking. I drop about 20 “Hello” messages to 20 different people. I don’t expect a reply back from every one of them. However, there will be one or more that will reply.

It is important to email and message these potential friends with benefits by expressing their interests. There will be some that connect, and they will reply. Some won’t, but it is important not to get discouraged. Everyone has different interests and tastes, so it is important to build a thick skin. I advise you to be charming, fun, and respectful. Whatever you do, always remember to not be a creep in any shape or form.

Go Dating – After I successfully build a rapport with a potential casual partner, I suggest meeting in a public place first. It is the polite and safe thing to do for both parties. It is also a good opportunity to have a vibe check and make sure you’re both on the same page and get a little more comfortable with each other. I recommend you do so to make the first best impression with your partner. It will lay the perfect groundwork for the hook up to happen.

Summing It Up!

The online dating and hooking up scenes are quite fun, and it gets better every year with newer apps popping up. You will come across all types of personalities with different backgrounds and interests. I try to always keep things casual, be myself, and exude confidence. Healthy communication is key to having good fuck buddy relationships. That is how I have the most fun with these dating apps. Always avoid being a creep and respect space and boundaries. I have come across many disappointments too, but the good times always make up for it. Embracing hookup apps and hookup culture in general has allowed me to live out sexual fantasies, become more comfortable in my own skin, and of course indulge in a lot of pleasure. It isn’t for everyone, but if you are curious about casual dating online, I recommend giving it a shot.

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