This Happened the First Time I Had Strap-on Sex with My Girlfriend

Loving Pegging

My girlfriend, Sarah, and I were sitting in bed one night when she started to talk about her friend, Cheryl. We both work long hours at the office, and even though we work in the same building, most of our conversations happen in bed. You know, we ask each other about our days, how horrible our bosses were, everyday couple talk. But I never thought we’d talk about strapon dating.


“Cheryl had strap-on sex last weekend with some guy she met online!” she said with bewilderment.

“Oh yeah?” I replied, my eyes glued to Antman playing on the tv. Man, if I could shrink like that, the first place I’m going is Area 51.

Sarah’s body turned towards mine, demanding my attention. “Yeah, she said it was a little weird at first because she never had to thrust like that before, but it’s apparently a really fun experience.”

I knew where she was going with this. Sure, Cheryl had a good time, but my butt is a no-go zone. What straight guy would allow their ass to get penetrated by a giant dildo?


“Are you sure the guy was straight?” I asked.

“Of course, he was straight. Strap-on sex doesn’t mean you’re gay,” she replied offensively.

I took a deep breath, “is this something you want to try?” I paused in silence, waiting for her answer.

“Well,” she said nervously, “I am really curious about it. I thought we could try something new – it sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Why this? Out of all the things we could try, why this?”

“Why? Why not. We’ve never done it before, I would love to try role reversal, and the male G-spot is in the anus.”

Really? I didn’t want to look curious, so I told her I’d think about it. That night while she was asleep, I did a little research. What sparked my curiosity is the male G-spot; I didn’t know it was in the anus. Does this mean it’s going to feel good? Are my orgasms going to be even better?


Sarah had the day off the next morning, so I wrote her a note and left it on my pillow, “To do list: go get a strap-on.” A couple of hours later, she sent me a photo of the kit, with the message, “can’t wait to see you!” To be honest, I was really excited. The minute I got off work, I basically ran home.


When I got home, Sarah was on the bed, waiting for me. I climbed on top of her, kissing her passionately. She sucked her finger and then slide it into my ass, massaging it slowly. I could feel my body loosen up; I was excited to give this a try. After a couple of minutes, I got off the bed, grabbed the kit, and handed it to her.


Sarah came out of the bathroom with the strap harnessed around her waist. It wasn’t so scary as I imagined. “Listen, I’ve been doing a lot of research about it today, so I think I have a pretty good understanding of it. The most important thing is you tell me if it’s uncomfortable or painful. Don’t try to “take it like a man,” got it? Use the safeword red if you want to stop.” I nodded in agreement, “got it.”


She lathered the dildo up with lube and laid on her back. “Wait,” I said, “aren’t we doing it in doggy style?”

“No,” she shook her head, “that’s for more advanced people. I read that doing it cowgirl is the best for beginners.” I climbed on top of her and straddled her with my legs, we both giggled. “I’ve never seen you from this angle before,” she said.


I took a deep breath and slowly slid the dildo inside of me. Was there pain? No, but it definitely didn’t feel comfortable at first. Sure, she did everything right and used lots of lube, but nothing can explain the initial feeling of something going up your ass. I didn’t move for the first couple of seconds; I was adjusting to the new feeling. Then slowly, I slid up and down the dildo; not too deep, just enough to ease into it. Sarah had her hands on my thighs, lightly pressing into me.


I picked up momentum; a tingling feeling ran through my body. So, I started to go deeper and faster, the sensations streaming up my body; I couldn’t stop, I was jumping like a yo-yo. I knew I was about to orgasm, and that’s something I didn’t want to miss out on. “I want you to come for me,” I heard Sarah say, and that was all I needed to hear. I expected a usual orgasm, but this one was different. It exploded throughout my whole body, paralyzing me for a moment. I had reached pure bliss, something that’s never happened to me before.


Sarah looked at me, and I looked at her in silence. I didn’t know what to say; I couldn’t think of words at that moment; I was emotional. “So, how was it?” she asked. I removed the dildo from me and laid next to her on the bed, “Amazing.”


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Your Ultimate Guide to Pegging

Male Pegging

Maybe you’ve always been curious about pegging, or perhaps you saw the Broad City pegging episode, and it sparked your interest. It doesn’t matter what made you curious about it, you’re here and ready to give it a try. If your partner has given you the green light to try it, you’ve completed the first and most crucial step. But there’s more to pegging than just having a pegging chat with your partner. Now it’s time to prepare yourself and your partner. What do you need to do? Good question. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about pegging in this guide.


Talk to your partner about their boundaries

You two may have agreed to give pegging a try, but have you talked in more depth about it? Just because your partner gives you the green light, doesn’t mean you can whip out your harness and have a good time. There’s actually a lot of prep work that goes into this. Anal penetration requires communication. Talk about their boundaries and limitations, and go through the act itself, giving them an idea of how it works. If you can’t talk about this, then you’re not ready to try pegging.


Create a safeword

Whenever you’re trying something new with your partner, regardless of what it is, you need to have a safeword. A safeword gives you and your partner the ability to stop whatever it is you’re doing. Whether they’re feeling discomfort or pain, saying the safeword will stop everything at once. Many people use colors as safewords. For example, red means “stop now,” and yellow means, “I like this, but go easy.” By having an agreed safeword, your partner will feel more comfortable knowing they can stop the act at any time.


Learn about the male anatomy

Before you try pegging, you need to research and get to know the male anatomy. Everyone should have basic knowledge of their partner’s body. For your partner, you should know where the prostate gland, anus, and G-spot is. If you don’t know where these body parts are, pegging won’t be a comfortable experience for them. Plus, do some research about anal sex as well. You want to know what you’re doing.


Get the right equipment

You can’t peg unless you have the right equipment. No, you can’t use a cucumber from your fridge. Do your research and choose a beginner pegging kit which will include a dildo and harness; everything you need for your pegging experience. Choose a dildo that is of average size; you don’t want to scare your partner on their first pegging experience.


Bulk buy lube

When it comes to pegging, you need to use a lot of lube. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate which means it’s very dry. So, lather your strap-onup with some lube. If you’re not sure if it’s enough, add more. If you’re noticing the dildo lacks lube when you’re already inside of them, gently take it out and add more. If there’s not enough lube, it’ll be painful for them and can hinder the experience.


Don’t rush

You’re probably excited to try pegging out, but this isn’t something you can rush into. You need to work your way up to pegging. Before trying pegging out, it’s important for your partner to experience using a butt plug or finger in their anus. If they go straight into pegging without any previous experience, it won’t be comfortable for them. Start slow and let them get used to the feeling of a finger or small toy in their anus. Once they’re ready to move on, use a strap-on.


Let them set the pace

When it comes to trying out pegging for the first time, you need to let them control the pace. Yes, pegging is about changing power dynamics, but this is something new for them to get used to. They should control the pace, strokes, and depth. To understand what they like, let them move on the dildo and show you what they like. Always remind them to communicate how they’re feeling and whether or not they want it faster, slower, etc.


Experiment with different positions

If you’ve seen pegging porn, you’ll notice most of the receivers are in the doggy position. Though it’s one position you can try, it’s not the best for beginners. Cowboy position is great for the receiver when it comes to controlling the depth and speed. Another good position for beginners is having the receiving partner lay on their stomach, with the dominant partner entering from behind. After some practice in these positions, you can try doggy style.


Communication is key

When it comes to trying new sex acts, the key to success is communication. From beginning to end, you and your partner need to communicate with one another. Maybe he’s feeling pain or discomfort, but unless he expresses this to you, you don’t know. Before trying it out, make sure that you two can clearly and effectively communicate. If they’re not comfortable communicating with you, then that’s something you need to work on before pegging.


Pegging can be a great experience if you do it properly. Make sure you take your time when researching for pegging equipment, and focus on supporting and communicating with your partner. This is as new for them as it is for you.


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6 Interesting Facts about Pegging

Pegging Men

These days, we see a lot of pegging personals and pegging dating sites, which means only one thing – heterosexual men are enjoying anal sex with their girlfriends. Pegging allows them to experience the role of a woman during anal sex and they find this very exciting. Also, this type of sex provides women with a chance to see what it’s like to be a man. In fact, pegging or strap-on sex is one of the most popular sex trends these days and heterosexual men are the ones who are enjoying it the most. With that in mind, we are going to talk about 6 interesting facts about pegging.


What Is Pegging?


The name “pegging” might sound confusing, especially to men who are used to traditional intercourse, but the definition of pegging is actually very simple. Pegging is a type of sex during which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo. Lesbian couples also enjoy pegging, but believe it or not, it’s more popular among heterosexual couples.


Why Men Love It So Much?


You probably know that women have something that is called a G-Spot, right? It is a spot inside their vagina that, when stimulated, makes them cum. Well, men have this too. It’s an erogenous zone called the “p-spot” and it is located inside the rectum. By touching the p-spot, a person stimulates the prostate gland, which allows them to have more intense orgasms. Stimulating the prostate gland with a strap-on dildo is easy and that is why men love pegging so much.


Pegging Helps Lovers To Experience Each Other’s Roles In Bed


Most men and women don’t know what it’s like for the other person during sex. Pegging allows them to change the roles and experience sex from their lover’s perspective. This is one of the main reasons why strap-on sex is so popular these days. When she straps on a dildo, a woman gets to experience the excitement of thrusting and dominating her boyfriend. On the other hand, a man gets to see what it’s like to be penetrated. This type of sex helps lovers understand each other better during sex and that is why men and women enjoy pegging.


It Makes Men Better At Anal Sex


Most men are trying their best to make anal sex pleasurable for women, but to be honest, this is a very difficult task. It requires a lot of lube, a perfect technique, and patience. Most women would agree that horny men don’t bother with these three things during anal sex. However, when a guy tries pegging, he gets to see what anal sex is like for a woman, which things feel good and which don’t.


Best Positions For Pegging


Considering that most straight men are not used to being penetrated, finding the most comfortable position is very important. These days, doggy style is the most popular position for pegging, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best for strap-on sex. Therefore, here are the three best positions for pegging.


Doggy Style


We know we said that doggy style is not the best position for pegging, but it’s one of the best. It deserves a spot on our list because it is perfect for beginners. This position allows a man to control how deep the dildo goes. Also, a woman can easily play with the man’s anus.


Face-To-Face Missionary


This is undoubtedly the most intimate position. In a face-to-face missionary, man and woman can explore each other’s bodies during sex. Also, this position allows a woman to see her lover’s face during intercourse meaning she can see when he is enjoying himself and when he is in pain. One of the best things about this position is the fact that a man’s penis is easily accessible. It is literally up for grabs.




The cowboy position is on this list for the same reason as doggy style. It allows a man to control penetration during sex. The man does all the work here, while a woman can simply enjoy the show and play with his penis.


Pegging Doesn’t Make You Are Gay Or Bisexual


In today’s society, pegging is still a bit of a taboo. Most heterosexual men think that putting things in your butt makes you gay simply because that is what gay men do. However, this is not true. You don’t have to question your masculinity just because you like to play with your own anus. As we said, a man’s anus is full of nerve endings and stimulating the prostate can help a man experience intense orgasms. If a man wants to enjoy some anal play, that doesn’t make him gay or bisexual. It just means that he knows how to pleasure himself.

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Dominant by Day, Submissive by Night: A Personal Story

bondage fiction

When it comes to finding yourself, there’s no guide book. My parents didn’t sit me down and talk to me about reading self-help books or suggested I go on one of those trips to India where you live in the mountains for a year in complete silence. I happened to stumble upon myself while having sex. Yeah, that’s right. Though I haven’t gone around the world in 80 days or saved turtles in Hawaii, I was able to find who I was in a slightly unconventional way. I didn’t think sub dom dating would help me understand who I am, but, then again, I’m no genius.


I was turning 25, and I was at my peak. I graduated from university at the top of my class with a business degree, known as the “go-getter” type of guy, and was swiping through Tinder like it was toilet paper. I had no problems; I was an alpha male. Well, I still am an alpha male, but with a twist. The twist came after I met Julie.


Usually, when I’m on a dating app, I’m not looking too deeply into women’s profiles. I scan their photo, decide whether or not I’m into them, and then swipe. But then I landed on her, Julie. She wasn’t my type, but she was calling for me, luring me into her. Though I was reluctant to swipe right, I did. I couldn’t figure out why I was nervous; it’s a dating app; you’re not signing up for marriage. Looking back, I was scared because she didn’t look like the rest of the girls I dated; she looked like she would show me something new. Well, my intuition was right.


After flirting with Julie online, we decided to meet up for drinks. I knew what “drinks” meant; everyone knows what “drinks” mean. But over drinks, she asked me a question I wasn’t prepared for. “So,” she said as she took a sip from her mojito, “have you ever been fucked by a woman?” I nearly spat out my beer, “What? Are you serious? Hell no.” She laughed, “No need to get defensive, I’m just asking.” I was offended. I was as alpha as they come, and she thinks I let women fuck me? We sat in silence for a couple of moments, “I know you think you’re this manly man, but you’re not. You have a submissive side; you’re just hiding it.” I was shocked, but at the same time, relieved. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a part of me was happy to hear it; I wanted to be told this.


I chugged the last of my beer, “Alright. You think I’m submissive? Who’s place are we going to? Yours or mine?” She looked at me with a mischievous smile, “Mine.”


We walked to her place, and she told me to sit on the couch as she went into her bedroom. I thought she was cleaning the clothes from her bedroom floor, but instead, she came out in a latex outfit and a whip in one hand.


“The safe word is red. The second you say this word, we stop everything, understand?”

I nodded in shock, “Uh, yeah, uh, I understand.”

“Good. Now take off your clothes.”

I nervously removed my socks as she yelled, “Faster!” In a minute, I was completely naked. “Get on your knees,” she said as she walked in a circle around me. “Now listen to me carefully. If you don’t follow my instructions, I’m going to punish you. Do you understand?”


“What’s the safe word?”

Nervously, I stuttered. “Uh, it’s ora–”

The whip in her hand lands on my right ass cheek, releasing a small stinging pain, “Red! It’s red!”

“Good boy. Yes, the safe word is red. Now, we can start.”


The stinging feeling on my cheek faded quickly, but the sense of release stayed. I didn’t need to be the alpha male and impress the people around me. During this session, someone else was in control, worrying about the little things. She whipped me, spanked me; I did everything she said. I could show the side of me that no one sees; the submissive side, the softer side. Once the session finished, we sat down at her kitchen table and talked about it.


“That, that was amazing,” I said. “I felt so relaxed and out of control.”

“I told you, you have a submissive side. You just needed someone to bring it out of you. No one can be the ‘strong alpha male’ all the time.”

I nodded, “So…can we do this again?”

She laughed, “When are you free?”


Since then, I’ve had a couple of other dommes, but Julie was the first one who brought out the submissive side in me. If I didn’t go on that date with her, who knows the person I would be and how I’d be trying to find myself.

5 Science-Backed Benefits of BDSM Everyone Should Know About

sexual fantasy

People who are into BDSM datingare often labeled as strange and perverted. And even though we live in modern society, these people are still being judged for their kinkiness. However, the truth is that there is nothing wrong with leading a BDSM lifestyle. Moreover, it can have a positive impact on your health, scientists claim. With that in mind, we’ve decided to talk about the five science-backed benefits of BDSM everyone should know about.


Engaging In BDSM Sex Reduces Stress


There’s no denying we live in a stressful world. People these days worry about their jobs, financial security, and their kids, among many other things. Luckily, scientists say that kinky sex can significantly reduce stress. They say that stress levels tend to decrease every time people engage in BDSM activities. Admittedly, bottoms, better known as submissive lovers, experience an increase in cortisol levels towards the end of the session, but it doesn’t add to their overall stress. This has a lot to do withthe very nature of BDSM sessions that are often free from any judgment, anxiety, and standard expectations.


It Is Good For Men And Women Who Suffer from Anxiety


Even though it doesn’t seem like it at first sight, inflicting or receiving pain during sex can reduce anxiety, even in the most anxious individuals. Back in 2014, scientists at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, Texas, said that the practice of bondage sex provides people with better blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps them experience something similar to a “runner’s high”. As you probably know, this is an amazing feeling that is usually accompanied by complete serenity. Some scientists even say that BDSM practitioners experience benefits similar to those who practice yoga. Additionally, BDSM, much like yoga, allows people to enjoy the present moment.


BDSM Makes People Loyal And Faithful To Each Other


These days, one of the main reasons why men and women cheat on each other is the lack of excitement in the bedroom. Scientists say that having a healthy BDSM relationship can make people more loyal and faithful to each other. Couples who enjoy BDSM sex have to put in a lot of energy and trust into one another and that means they are more likely to stay together.


It Helps Couples To Be More Intimate


Sexual compatibility and regular lovemaking sessions increase intimacy among couples. However, kinky sex or BDSM has the same effect. Given that many BDSM activities involve a certain level of physical risk, men and women simply have to trust other each and this helps them be more intimate in a relationship. Scientists say that if a couple is able to enjoy successful BDSM sessions, it means they are very intimate.

BDSM Helps Lovers Communicate Better


If two lovers want to enjoy kinky sex, they have to talk openly and honestly about their sexual fantasies. They can’t be shy and can’t expect the other person to figure out what turns them on. In other words, they have to know how to communicate with their lover. Scientists say that couples who practice BDSM are much better than non-kinky couples when it comes to communication in the relationship. This is because kinky couples know the importance of having a discussion. These people have no problems with telling their spouse what they want in bed. This level of honesty allows them to communicate better in general. Scientists say that people who enjoy BDSM are not worried about being judged by their lovers because they have to be transparent about their sexual fantasies and that helps them communicate more honestly.


For many years, men and women who enjoy BDSM and other kinky people have been judged by other members of society. They have been called strange, perverted, and sometimes even dangerous. This hurt their reputation and made them social outcasts. These days, even though BDSM is still a taboo in mainstream society, things are a bit better for kinksters.  This happened thanks to the scientists who have spoken about the benefits of BDSM and kinky sex. To be honest, BDSM is not a part of mainstream society just yet but people now see that BDSM practitioners are not as strange as some claim.