Budget Friendly Sex Toys

So you might be looking to get a bit of pleasure but you don’t have much money or maybe perhaps you are a beginner and can’t justify spending above $100 when you don’t know just yet what rocks your boat, well don’t fear too much because believe it or not there are some great budget toys out there, you just need to know where to look.  The thing is buying on a budget is pretty difficult as is and it can be even harder when it comes to buying a vibrator especially if you don’t know what’s good to buy. The main things to know when buying a vibrator is whether it is going to break within a week, whether or not it will do the job or not and if the shape right for you. Everything else can take a back seat. There are some really good affordable vibrators out there but get rejected because it might look like a cactus or they don’t like the colour it comes in. In most cases the good affordable vibrators do tick most of the boxes but quality is way more important on a budget then looks does.

Lately I’ve been researching three very popular brands so I came to you guys and let you know what you can expect from them when buying your next toy on a budget.


Firstly on our list is Odeco and their extensive range of vibes. This UK based company has a massive range of quirky and fun looking vibrators from small bullet sized eggs to large classic styled rabbit vibrators. They are all battery operated and some have a weird looking shape but besides that their vibrators are great. They are more powerful than the OVOs and provide larger classic rabbits for all the 90’s fans out there. My favourite vibe out of their range is also their best selling and that’s the Lilith. It is mainly a G-spot vibrator and its very elegant and modern looking. Odeco’s vibrators all come in variety of extravagant colours like bright orange and lime green but they also have simpler colour pallets like wine red, black and of course pink!

For research and testing purposes I decided to to open a few of the Odeco products and one amazing thing they all amazing have in common is that they don’t sound like freight trains. They are all are surprisingly quiet, not whisper quiet though but definitely quiet enough that your roommate won’t know what you are up to at 2am in the morning. What this particularly means is that when a young girl comes in wanting a quiet yet affordable vibrator I know exactly where to look and can safely say that the Odeco vibes can provide that necessary discreetness.



OVO F3 Vibrator G-Spot
Sex Toy: OVO F3 Vibrator $25


Secondly the clean and presentable OVO. OVO presents itself very well and all their products come in crisp white packaging. The OVO  products are all designed in Germany and assembled in China. All OVO products boast a whopping 15 years warranty that covers company defects not wear tear of course and they have arguably the most competitive prices on the toy market. The vibrators from OVO do look very nice and surprisingly elegant for how affordable they are and there are so many different shapes and models to choose from, so in most cases there will be a vibrator that suits your tastes.

Another added plus is that most of OVO’s vibrators and cock rings say that they are water ‘resistant’ and be used in the shower, Now I haven’t gone to the effort to test their claim but I would believe that shower play would be fine but it would be hard to recommend OVO products as a reliable deep sea diving tools without doing tests myself. As you can see OVO are fantastic on a number of points but one thing to note is that the power behind most of their vibrators are pretty weak.  My favourite thing from OVO is their cock rings, they are tight, practical, and have enough power for most and to top it all off its cheap, which ticks most of my boxes.



Screaming O Double O 6
Sex Toy: Screaming O Double O 6 $16.90


Lastly is arguably the most recognized and widespread is ‘Screaming O’. This US based company must being doing something right because they have an extremely large range of different and unique products ranging from tongue vibes and cock rings to bullets and even snorkels. The amazing thing about the ‘Screaming O’ products is also kind of the worst thing as well, they are cheap and disposable. They are great when using them but after you have had your fun you can just replace it or get something different. It’s simply cheap and affordable fun. Their products aren’t all meant to last but the prices of them kind of already suggest that I guess. Even though they are cheap and don’t last that long, they still are worth buying due to the fact that they work. The cock rings are comfortable yet tight enough and the bullets have a decent amount of power behind them. Most of the products are not made with high quality silicone but mainly rubber so the use of any lube that is oil or silicon based is not advised, so use good quality water based lube and you shouldn’t have any problems. in summary the ‘Screaming O’s’ are a fantastic choice for some impulse fun and experimenting with a range of their products will keep you entertained for ages, but if your looking for something lasting then it would be wise not to consider ‘Screamin O’ as reliability isn’t their strong suit.

Ultimately the choice is dependent on you and your finances, I think Odeco is the safer choice but there are positives and negatives for all, and it’s especially important to go over them and see what best suits your needs so you can get your best ‘bang’ for your buck.


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