The Pretty & Funky Styles Of BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo

We just got some new BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo into the Penrith store. I’m a bit in love with them. Well not just a bit, I mean a lot in love with them. They’re just so pretty, well shaped and sized just for perfect G-Spot orgasm. Tantus, the company which makes them is BS Atelier. BS Atelier motto is “Offers erotic goods for nice sex which is a bit quirky. Their motto tickles my fancy and I agree hardheartedly with them. From what I have seen so far I think they have definitely lived up to their motto). These g-spot dildos come in several different colours/patterns and three different sizes, a smaller one perfect for those who prefer a slimmer sized insert-able toy (e.g. women who have not given birth, customers who are new to anal sex), and a medium size and a larger size for those who prefer something longer and more girth. They also make a double dildo in a lovely dark blue shade called ‘Olga’ and a range of other products including butt plugs and harnesses. We have two of their curved dildos in the store currently so I will take a look at them today.

Firstly, we have a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo in the small size. This baby was what first caught my eye cause is the striped multi-coloured dildo reminiscent of licorice all sorts or some other delicious candy. I can’t say I have ever seen a prettier dildo, to be honest. It’s super appealing to me, at any rate, with a summery 70’s vibe that just needs some roller derby chicks, giant lollipops and of course giant shades for the perfect retro party scene. One of my favourite happy places for sure. This dildo is approximately 14 cm in length and 13cm in insertable length with a 3cm width. It’s curved to be perfect for G spot (or P spot) stimulation and has a flared base so it’s suitable for use in a strap-on harness and safe for anal play. The tip is slightly blunted which is a popular and effective style for g spot toys.


Coloured Hand Made Sex Toy
Sex Toy: BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo


BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo’s are handmade in BS Atelier’s company’s studio located in Madrid, Spain. Spain is known for the artistic tapestries, culture and talents. I’m really loving that Spain brought their characteristics into a sex toy design. The silicone is 100% hypoallergenic made from body safe material. The texture is silky and lovely to touch. It is firm yet flexible to mould with many different types of body shapes. These BS Atelier’s G-Spot Dildo’s are handmade so all of them will be slightly unique with characteristic charm. They give people the feeling of owning something special. There’s is a coloured dildo for everyone’s personality as you can buy one depending on your personal likes and dislikes.

Secondly, we have a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo which has a Cow Patterned in a medium size. The material, make and proportions are the same as the smaller dildo. The differences are in size, colour and pattern. The Cow Patterned G-Spot Dildo is 16.5cm long with around 16cm of insertable length. At its widest insertable section, it’s about 4.5cm in diameter and the slimmest part is around 3cm or just over. Through most of the length of the shaft, the diameter is 3.5cm. The colour and pattern on this one are so cute, as the name implies it is reminiscent of a beautiful cow’s coat. The base colour is white and it has brown-black splotches of colouring near and on the base. I personally think it would make a super cute addition to anyone’s collection. There is also a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo in a large size which is 18.5cm in total length with an 18cm insertable length and is 4cm in average diameter.

BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo has a flared base making it perfect use in a harness for pegging and strap-on play! Flared base also makes safe to be used anally. The curvature is a dream when it comes to gently rub against the P-spot when inserted and extra pressure can be applied for a more intense sensation.  A great feature of this dildo is that its curve is less defined than other dildos so for women who find that the more defined curved G-spot stimulators such as the Jopen Comet or  Lelo Ella get caught or rub uncomfortably on their pelvic bone. The head of the BS Atelier is similar to the Lelo Ella head which is amazingly pronounced and just snubbed on the tip enough to lightly massage the G-spot.

These delightful dildos are perfect for lovers of art, colour and are aesthetically fun to look at. I would say they are made for very practical use with a very effective G-Spot design which is known to give consistent orgasms. They will appeal to those of us who want something a little bit special and unique in life. My favourite is the darker striped one with black, red, purple, orange etc but there are so many great options.

BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo are 100% high quality silicone dildo is unique to each owner. The silicone is soft and supple its got a delightful spring in it when pressed, it’s easily bent in half but doesn’t droop at all. The silicone is firm but pliable enough to not cause any discomfort when being used. These dildos have no texture but its matte finish and irregular surface texture give it a sort of dragginess when in use a quality water-based lubricant should be used to aid insertion. The complete smoothness and lack of texture make BS G-Spot excellent for thrusting.

The packaging is as minimalist as they come it is a clear snap lock bag with white branding and a blurb of information on the back. The clear bag is absolute perfection as it beautifully, wonderfully showcases the artisan masterpiece. The thing that blows all the other dongs out of the water at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah is their candy coloured striped g-spotters! Paris (photographed below) is the brightest and my personal favourite and they also come in animal prints and Vacca (cow) is definitely in my top three!  The BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo is a sex blogger cult favourite.  BS Atelier (or BS is nice) and damn its fancy!






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