Brisbane Sexpo July 2013

Brisbane Sexpo July 2013 is coming and only weeks away.  Official dates are July 25 to 28, 2013 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thousands of people came alone to make the Brisbane Sexpo one of the best, so many Queenslanders travel miles to attend this carnivale style event.  Sexpo is an Sexuality and Adult Lifestyle Exhibition is the worlds largest adult show. Sexpo always boasts international performers covering all aspects of adult entertainment.   Sexpo aims to provide a fun vibrant environment for open minded adults that enjoy and want more information on all things adult.

Sexpo is not just about SEX, it is more about sexuality and adult lifestyles.   There are a multitude of exhibitors, and will cater for everyone’s needs.   Finding fun or something a little different or even new sextoy for your partner or friend. You can get that and more at SEXPO. You never know what you may see at Sexpo from the sublime to the ridiculous, erotic to hypnotic.
International pornstars, male and female HOT bodies, hypnotists, comedians, lingerie parades and the world famous amateur strippers are at Sexpo and will be sure to amaze and enthrall.


Brisbane Sexpo Gathering


SEXPO provides all their patrons with the opportunity to mix in a safe environment where a bit of shopping and socialising and world class entertainment are all thrown in for good measure -you cant find a better way to spend a day and/or night out and almost certainly going home after such an arousing evening will excite both you and your partner to a sensual home after-party. Sexpo – Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Exhibition is the world’s biggest grown-up display and is intended to give a fun and dynamic climate for all grown-ups.  Sexpo is not just about sex, it’s about fun and the festival of all ways of life and sexualities.

At Sexpo you will be able to do the following activities:

  • Shopping: At Sexpo you’ll discover several exhibitors, and there’s something for everybody. In case you’re searching for that fun, distinctive or exceptional present for a companion or adored one, you beyond any doubt to discover it at Sexpo.
  • Amusement: The excitement is second to none, with universal entertainers, male and female stage acts, hypnotherapists, comics, underwear parades and the world popular Amateur Strip Competition.
  • The Party: Come along to party, in any of a few open bars, including a Ladies Lounge or get a Gold Pass and have selective access to the VIP region right alongside the phase with saved seating and a continuous perspective of all the activity.
 At Sexpo you will learn a lot of sexual lifestyles:
  1. Discover what a positive sexual experience” resembles: There are many different sexual lifestyles and interests. Sex is a big world. Sexpo would have at any rate given me another vantage to see the sex world In any Sexpo event they get the chance to see there’s a world past their own particular square.
  2. Let them know what you need: At the point when sexual science is incredible it can appear like your accomplice is a psyche peruser. He’s most certainly not.  Time after time, instead of speaking up about something I needed (pretty much duty, open or shut relationship, never to see his mom again), I didn’t say anything. I didn’t believe the men I adored—even the ones who cherished me—to listen with a receptive outlook and still be there tomorrow. That had more to do with me than with them. Nowadays I’m snappy to speak up and if my interests go over and in addition New Coke, at any rate I attempted. It’s still strange to me why we think that its hard to impart musings to the general population we share our bodies with.
  3. Sex is unbalanced: What I thought about sex originated from porn. In any case, these outlets all offered choreographed experiences  that did not resemble reality. The sexual experience can actually be quite a humerous, surprising experience. Nobody in motion pictures ever kicks their accomplice in the face attempting to ace a specific position, slips off a glossy silk sheet, makes humiliating sounds, scrambles to make sense of the proper behavior the following day or confuses the secondary passage for the front. Had I known sex had its offer of ridiculous minutes it may have had to a lesser degree a persona and been only a standard piece of life.


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