Body Modification Information – What Are The Benefits

Body modification is a popular sexual practice which is not so much done in western society, but is considerably prevalent in many other cultures. Sexual body modification is a practice where people undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance or change their natural body to become better lovers in the bedroom. Let’s get into some body modification information and any benefits that come from it.

Sexual body modifications can mainly be found in Japan where they have higher levels of sexual fetishes than any other part of the world.

body modification information
Photo: Japan Bagel Head

Ways of Body Modification For Sexual Enhancement

There are different types of ways people modify their bodies for sexual enhancement and sexual expression.

Tongue Piercings

People get their tongue pierced so that when they are giving people oral, there is additional texture to provide higher amounts of pleasure. They interchange the types of piercings in their mouth to either look like jewelry. Or to be more textured to stimulate sexual zones likes the clitoris or frenulum.

Nipple Piercings

Piercing nipples helps people with inverted nipples become corrected. This will help them gain higher levels of sexual confidence if they are body conscious. It also can help people who find pain pleasurable, have pleasing sex when their nipples are teased.

Split Tongue

Splitting your tongue down the middle can benefit people when giving oral sex. Since the tongue is split down the middle, you are only controlling it as if it were one tongue.  But you will have the individual sides of the tongue to reach more pleasurable zones at the one time.

Breast Implants

Help people gain sexual confidence with their physical appearance.


Popular in Asian culture and places where female virginity is paramount. It involves thickening the hymen with red liquid in order to give the appearance of breaking virginity. We have in the past sold a product in our stores which would do something similar.

Labia Stretching

Customary cultural practice in Rwanda and Sub-Sarahan Africa. It is purely for aesthetic reasons and sexual enhancement. Adultsmart sells weights which can be attached to labia piercings.

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Plastic surgery for aesthetically pleasing vaginas. Becoming increasingly popular in the Western World.


Self-explanatory but still considered a body modification.

Foreskin Restoration

Also obvious.  For surgical or with the use of foreskin restorative devices.

Penile Subincision/Superincsion

Involves the cutting or penis splitting. Look for photos at your own risk.

Prince Albert Piercing

This is a men’s piercing which is located on the underside of the penis. This piercing when used during penetrative sex can enhance pleasure by massaging the bulbous and smooth end of the piercing against the g-spot or p-spot.

Some men also use a specially designed penis plug that works with a Prince Albert piercing for urethral play.


This is the practice of putting balls (the majority of which are spherical with the occasional cylindrical and sometimes even thin bone ribbing) underneath the skin of the shaft.  Mostly these balls are made of small metal beads (such as stainless steel, titanium) or plastic beads (made from nylon, silicone).

Think of a ribbed condom.  Small little beads provide stimulation for the labia or sphincter during penetrative sex.  Little balls will hit the sides and create pleasurable friction. A ribbed icicles glass dildo is an excellent example of the firm ridges that would be experienced with penile implants.

I have picked the icicles sex toy range by Pipedream Products since some of the implants will be made of glass. Many people also consider the small little beads aesthetically pleasing.

body modification information

Where did Pearling Start?

It is difficult to determine where the practice started, but it is most prevalent in Asian culture ranging from Japan, Thailand, Philippines. It is most commonly associated with prisons, where over 74% of people interviewed whom had penile pearls, received the pearls whilst in jail.

The Yakuza would insert one ball into the shaft for every year in jail!  Beads can be arranged in a variety of shapes and sizes to create unique sensations for all. It should be noted thst the pearls are considered permanent, with surgical removal the only way to safely remove them.

Are There any Penile Implant Risks?

There are generally no risks associated with penile implants when done surgically and not in a prison or backyard.  It is important to note that not everyone likes the sensation of ribbed toys.  If your sexual partner doesn’t like ribbed condoms or toys, then they’re most likely not going to enjoy the sensation that this provides.

When you have the pearls inserted, the after care is like any other sub-dermal piercing; daily washing and the use of specially made sprays. It is highly unlikely that they will be rejected, and rejection of the beads only occurs when proper maintenance doesn’t occur.

body modification information
Sexy Tattooed Woman

Oozing With Inked-esteem

Tattoos, sex, confidence, self-esteem…. Do all these attributes go hand in hand with each other?

Most girls/women know that feeling of looking in the mirror naked, and not liking what they see. For those who love what they see I am insanely jealous! And I envy their confidence!

But honestly it’s something that plagues us at least once in our lives and for the extra lucky ones a lot more then that! Results have shown that for women specifically, self-esteem has risen as the amount of tattoos has risen.

According to studies by the Social Science Journal on “tattoos, gender, and well-being among American college students.”  Although this is an American study those in Australia and other countries can also relate. The scariest results are actually that along with self-esteem rising with the more tattoos one has, so did the rate in which suicide was also attempted.

body modification information
Image: Tattoo And Suicide Comparative Percentages

Tattoos were always something I wanted

Much to my families’ horror and still to this day they often voice their opinions on the art of body modification.  Times truly have changed though and the meanings behind tattoos aren’t what they used to be, tattoos were often closely connected with crime, heavy drinking, drugs, bikies, and so on. Still to this day the tattoos are surrounded by this stigma but the individuals who have them have changed.

Along with the varying of reasons behind why people get tattoos, there is the also the reason of self-esteem. In the beginning “young me” wanted a pretty butterfly inked permanently onto my body, for no reason other then I had always loved tattoos and art.

A Form of Self Expression

In 2008 I was assaulted and I also discovered that after assault it is common to feel numb and disconnected from your body. I did everything too feel myself again, to take back control of my body and after some rather strategically placed self-harm attempts, this just did not satisfy.

There was no pain, and the scars that were left behind only made me feel more self-conscious, and embarrassed to show my body. It did take me many, many attempts to discover this, mainly in the hope to feel the pain and relief I think I was meant to feel.

It wasn’t till after a rather abusive ex-boyfriend and the initial assault that I started to explore tattooing as a form of self-expression. I needed to know that after suffering I could turn something like depression and pain into something physical and symbolic.

Tattooing Hurts

Well it hurts most of us, I seem to have a rather high pain tolerance so I don’t feel the pain benefits.  But regaining that trust and control in my body I do feel. My tattoo artist loves tattooing me.   I guess who wouldn’t when you make their job a breeze by not complaining or moving while a little tiny needle drives itself into your skin at a billion miles an hour.

This gives me no fear as to where the placements of my tattoos are. Those stereotypical “most painful” spots don’t scare me or alter my decisions as to where I want my artwork to go.

Many women see tattooing their bodies as reclaiming their territory, whether they felt they lost that due to traumatic events, illness or accidents. They are proud of surviving something traumatic and almost always horrendous and numbing. No wonder why their self-esteem has risen in the meantime! Tattoos give a platform in which to express themselves and their lives and the strength that they have.

I Started Off Small

Like most I started off small, my first tattoo was lettering on my wrist which reads “let it be”. 

It is something that I knew I could always look at and remind myself that my past is in my past. I seemed to self evolve from there; I then had an empty love heart tattooed onto my chest, I had two feelings for this, part of me felt empty the other part of me felt the need to remind myself my heart was still there.

After my break up from my abusive ex-boyfriend I got a feather tattooed under my butt, this was not only to represent freedom but also out of spite because he would constantly inform me that he “owned me”- this amuses me still to this day.

My next was a quote on the side of my ribcage

“you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

Not too long after I got birds on my foot to represent my journey. I then took a bit of a break and my next few tattoos not only grew in size considerably but also in meaning for me.

I never liked my back as I was always a swimmer and was very into sports, so therefore I had quite a muscular back.  I didn’t find this feminine at all and always disliked my shoulders.  In turn I got a naked angel on my back- kneeling down, head down and wings up. This to me symbolised beauty within suffering and as such my guardian angel, it did exactly as I wanted it to, it took away from a part of my body that I did not like.

Tattoos to Cover my Scars

From my previous attempts in self-harm I was left with some pretty impressive scares…. So for my own beauty and happiness I got a humming bird and orchids tattooed onto my left thigh to cover those scars.

I once read on a card about the meaning of hummingbirds and the definition sat perfectly for me.

“Legend says that hummingbirds float free of time, caring our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

body modification information
Hummingbird Tattoo With Orchid

Another Year, Another Tattoo

About a year later I decided on another scar graveyard on my body and chose to tattoo my sternum with an owl, wingspread in flight. This was to symbolise Athena the Greek goodness of wisdom and war.

Athena was a very important goodness and was Zeus’ daughter. She was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts and skill.  Her most well-known skill set was her strategies in warfare, and was often portrayed as a companion of hero’s and is the patron goddess of heroic venture.

The owl was her bird and thus symbolised all her attributes, which is why I chose to tattoo her onto me.

body modification information
Owl Tattoo On Woman

My latest Tattoo

My latest tattoo, which is in the process of being finished, is a lion wearing a crown surrounded by roses on my right thigh with the words “stay strong” above.

This is a sizable piece, which takes up a decent amount of “real estate” on my leg. I kept on with the strength theme, but in a different variation. This was also to remind myself what I had forgotten over the past few years. That I am in fact strong and that I can do anything I put my mind too.

The self confidence and boost in self-esteem I have given myself with this tattoo has even surprised me!

Body and weight changes over the years and you don’t always look the way you want to, but tattoos are to me like lingerie. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and confident. They both distract your eye from the parts of your body that you might not like and force you to focus on the artwork or piece of clothing.

With confidence comes self-awareness

Although I do not overly like my body, I do love my tattoos and artwork I have on it. I don’t focus on my flaws as much anymore and I choose to look more closely at the body in which I chose to design.

To me this was the step in the right direction, I’ve been through self-harm, in ways of cutting as well as starving my body through just not eating and also purging food I had just consumed. I put myself on diets where I only drank lemon water for seven days straight and ended up passing out countless times.

I would cry every time I stepped into a change room, because the clothes didn’t fit and every single mirror showed every single flaw from every angle possible.

To say I hated myself was an understatement.

Even to the extreme of hating the way my skin looked. I would Google skin transplants.  Yes you read that correctly.  I hated how my skin would go red, purple, blue, and the fact my skin would not tan.  Thank god for fake tan!

I got myself so worked up over body image and the way in which I should look, that I forgot about what makes me different and alluring.

Now I embrace the way in which I look.

Although not completely but enough to feel confident about myself most of the time. I love the way in which my body curves and the way my tattoos curve with it and flow, I love the mystery in which my tattoos give my body.  Thus I call this inked-esteem because no matter what, my eyes distract my mind to focus on the beauty in which I have created on myself.

That beauty will never be lost.


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  1. There are 5 main reasons why I love body modificatiion in all its forms –
    Self-Expression and Identity: Many individuals engage in body modification as a means of expressing their unique identities and asserting autonomy over their bodies. Tattoos, piercings, scarification, and other forms of modification serve as visible symbols of personal narratives, beliefs, and cultural affiliations.

    Spiritual and Cultural Significance: Body modification has deep-rooted connections to spiritual and cultural practices. Ritualistic scarification, piercings, and tattoos can hold profound meanings within specific communities, representing rites of passage, group affiliations, or spiritual beliefs. These modifications become integral components of cultural identity and heritage.

    Aesthetic Enhancement: Some people pursue body modification for aesthetic reasons, viewing their bodies as canvases for artistic expression. Tattooing, body piercing, and cosmetic procedures allow individuals to enhance or alter their physical appearance in alignment with their personal sense of beauty and style.

    Empowerment and Healing: For many, body modification serves as a means of empowerment and healing. Scarification or tattooing over scars, for example, can be a therapeutic way to reclaim one’s body after trauma or surgery. The process of modification itself can be cathartic, providing a sense of control and transformation.

    Social and Subcultural Affiliation: Body modification often plays a role in the formation of social bonds and subcultural affiliations. Certain communities or groups may use distinctive modifications as a way to identify and connect with like-minded individuals, creating a sense of belonging and shared values.

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