Benefits of Sexual Body Modification

Body modification is a popular sexual practice which is not so much done in western society, but is considerably prevalent in many other cultures. Sexual body modification is a practice where people undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance or change their natural body to become better lovers in the bedroom. Sexual body modification can mainly be found in Japan where they have higher levels of sexual fetishes than any other part of the world.

People in Japen with Begal Head
Photo: Japan Bagel Head

Different Ways People Can Modify Their Body For Sexual Enhancement

There are different types of ways people can modify their bodies for sexual enhancement which include:

Tongue Piercings

People get their tongue pierced so that when they are giving people oral, there is additional texture to provide higher amounts of pleasure. They can interchange the types of piercings in their mouth to either look like jewelry or to be more textured to stimulate sexual zones likes the clitoris of frenulum.

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercing can help people with inverted nipples become corrected, this will help them gain higher levels of sexual confidence if they are body conscious. It also can help people who find pain pleasurable, have pleasing sex when their nipples are teased.

Split Tongue

Splitting your tongue down the middle can benefit people when giving oral sex. Since the tongue is split down the middle, you are only controlling it as if it were one tongue, But you will have the individual sides of the tongue to reach more pleasurable zones at the one time.

Breast Implants

Help people gain sexual confidence with their physical appearance.


Popular in Asian culture and places where female virginity is paramount. It involves thickening the hymen with red liquid in order to give the appearance of breaking virginity. We have in the past sold a product in our stores which would do something similar.

Labia Stretching

Customary cultural practice in Rwanda and Sub-Sarahan Africa. It is purely for aesthetic reasons and sexual enhancement. All Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres sell weights which can be attached to labia piercings.

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Plastic surgery for aesthetically pleasing vaginas. Becoming increasingly popular in the Western World.


Self-explanatory but still considered a body modification.

Foreskin Restoration

Also obvious – can be surgical or with the use of foreskin restorative devices.

Penile Subincision/Superincsion

Involves the cutting or splitting of the penis. Look for photos at your own risk.

Prince Albert Piercing

This is a men’s piercing which is located on the underside of the penis. This piercing when used during penetrative sex can enhance pleasure by massaging the bulbous and smooth end of the piercing against the g-spot or p-spot. Some men also use a specially designed penis plug that works with a Prince Albert piercing for urethral play.

Pearling is the practice of putting balls (the majority of which are spherical with the occasional cylindrical and sometimes even thin bone ribbing) underneath the skin of the shaft. Mostly these balls are made of small metal beads (such as stainless steel, titanium) or plastic beads (made from nylon, silicone).

Think of a ribbed condom, the small little beads provide stimulation for the labia or sphincter during penetrative sex – the little balls will hit the sides and create pleasurable friction. The ribbed icicles glass dildo is an excellent example of the firm ridges that would be experienced with penile implants. I have picked the icicles sex toy range by Pipedream Products since some of the implants will be made of glass. Many people also consider the small little beads aesthetically pleasing.

It is difficult to determine where the practice started, but it is most prevalent in Asian culture ranging from Japan, Thailand, Philippines. It is most commonly associated with prisons, where over 74% of people interviewed whom had penile pearls, received the pearls whilst in jail. The Yakuza would insert one ball into the shaft for every year in jail! The beads can be arranged in a variety of shapes and sizes to create unique sensations for all. However, it should be noted thst the pearls are considered permanent, with surgical removal the only way to safely remove them.

There are generally no risks associated with penile implants when done surgically and not in a prison or backyard. However, it is important to note, that not everyone likes the sensation of ribbed toys. If your sexual partner doesn’t like ribbed condoms or toys, then they’re most likely not going to enjoy the sensation that this provides. When you have the pearls inserted, the after care is like any other sub-dermal piercing; daily washing and the use of specially made sprays. It is highly unlikely that they will be rejected, and rejection of the beads only occurs when proper maintenance doesn’t occur.


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