Now This Is One Boss You Need To Have!!

Fun Factory introduces a lovely addition to the wonderful collection of high-end dildos—The Boss Dildo. Fun Factory Big Boss is most realistic dildo offered by the German company, all ready to tickle your senses and push you to the extreme end of pure pleasure. Boasting of a natural shape with a clear foot in the direction of style, the Boss dildo is made to bring to you the ultimate sensation while you seek for a climactic outburst.

With a great length of just over 7 inches and a firm girth of around 5.75 inches, the Fun Factory Big Boss is not for amateurs. It towers over prominently have a coronal ridge circumference of a good 5.5 inches. As is the reputation of Fun Factory, you can be assured that the 100% pure silicone (medical grades) pleasure sex toy is made specifically using high-quality materials. The silicone feels extremely velvety and had a silken yet matte touch to it.

The natural curve presented in the overall design offers extreme vaginal, G-spot, and cervical stimulation and is also very carefully designed to offer maximum pleasure for anal use. When using it anally, it is advisable to use a condom on the dildo to avoid any smell from lingering on the stub. The flared base comes in with a suction cup property that enables the dildo to adhere to smooth surfaces and walls for those who venture for more. The base is also very handy and can be accommodated in a strap-on harness for those who love the feeling.

The size is almost perfect for thrusting, but I wouldn’t recommend this particular model for beginners, who are just exploring the different areas of sex toys. But, if you are the adventurous little beginner, you might just be in for a “large” treat. For the rest who are looking for a change in the way they explore, the Boss dildo will surely keep you satisfied and complete.

Fun Factory Big Boss
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Big Boss


The head ridge is pretty pronounced and realistic and has a smooth rounded tip for easy penetration, both vaginally and anally. Fun Factory scores with this beautifully designed head for erotic pleasure making it a fabulous stub and all you’ve been looking for to add to your toy collection. The head comfortable enters the vagina and caresses the vaginal walls to help you come to a staggering, strong, and long orgasm.

Compared to the other dildos in its genre, the Boss dildo makes for a formidable opponent and is elegantly vying for your attention and demands of ecstasy. Owing to its sheer size and firmness, it is highly recommended that you understand that there’s going to be some amount of pleasurable pain that is going to greet you on your way to a blasting orgasm.

The silicone material used is hypoallergenic, odourless, and non-toxic. The Fun Factory Big Boss can be easily washed in either warm water with a mild, antibacterial soap or using the Fun Factory Cleaner fluid. If treasured and kept, this product can be used for a lifetime without any serious damage to its condition. It is recommended that you not use silicone or oil-based lubricants while using the dildo and restrict to water-based and hybrid lubricants only. The silicone lubricants might degrade the material and cause insensitivity to your precious parts. The Boss dildo is made with extreme care so as to not cause any damage or hurt to the most sensitive areas of the body.

The Fun Factory Big Boss is a flexible stub that allows for easy penetration and complete excitement. The comfort level offered is unmatched as compared to other non-Fun Factory sex toys. The Boss dildo is available in three prominent colours: black, pink, and caramel. It can be easily tucked away from the reach of children and kept in the custom-made bags that come with the shipping. It is a perfect dildo for individuals looking out for grade A firmness, and it’s a worth-it shot for those who love rigidity. It rightly stays true to its name—being the Boss on the dance floor. The Fun Factory Boss dildo is a real treat to your sexual drives at a very cost-effective price. So, hurry up and grab your Boss dildo at your earliest convenience, because pleasure can’t wait.




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