The 5 Bestselling Vibrators Online!

Often Good, Clean Sex Is An Afterthought!

Every man and woman have needs and wants that need to be filled.  And this includes those desires of a carnal nature.  Sex Is Fun!  Sex Is Healthy! AND Sex Is Good!  Often in our rush to just keep up with the pace of modern day society good, clean sex is left as an afterthought and this is not good on so many levels.  If you and your partner do not have the time to have sex together then invest in some sex aids that will give you the same euphoric feelings.

Vibrators are the best-selling sex toys for women.  They come in all colors, shapes and sizes for you to choose which is the right fit for you.  Having been an adult retailer for over 25 years and an online sex toy shop for the past 10 has seen the vast improvements in the adult toy industry, its fads and also the bestselling products.  Set out below in no particular order are 5 of the online adult shops most popular vibrators.

Romant Abby

Couples sex toys are romantic and the Abby Vibrator is a Silicone 10 Mode Vibrator which is cute in every way. Not just due to the beauty of its bright pink love but because it’s highly sophisticated. It turns devilishly to stimulate the vaginal area. It can stimulate your clitoris incredibly well, with its sophisticated design it is able to follow any desire for as long as 3 hours. Its many rhythms will lead to caressing until exhaustion. It is no exaggeration, is a real bomb. With separate controls, on-off button and indicator. It uses a built in li-battery that lasts a lot!

This 10 mode vibrator is one-of-a-kind. Each girl will experience intense pleasure. It is truly a high class vibrating sex toy. It even comes in an attractive gift box and it includes replacement warranty that lasts 3 months. It is produced in the new generation of premium silicone very soft to touch and sculpted into the smallest details. This will clearly reach your entire vaginal cavity. To use simply proceed by sliding the vibrator as you wish!

This majestic pink silicone product has central rotating- it is a nice clitoris exciter without a doubt. To all this, we add its unique features vibration control that can be easily used. Be ready to choose preset rhythms and choose one of its 10 speed modes. Whether trying to find an innovative sex toy or an aesthetically appealing toy to carry on the go, this is optimal. It clearly adapts to all kind of needs. Adapt it as you learn and let this vibrator stimulate the G-spot, or simply use it to simulate your clitoris. It will just stir within you. Say yes to this device with independent commands to control it towards the rotation and the power of cuteness! Get prepared for the best sensations ever.

Top Selling vibe
Aphrodisia Vibrator

The Aphrodisia Baby Rose

Dive into a world of feelings with this Baby Rose – 10 Functions Vibrator. It is the best way to ensure satisfaction. Choose one of its 10 vibration modes and speeds. You can go for a gentle option until you reach maximum speed. It is strictly up to your own desire! Get to create specific custom sensations. Its push-button controller is built in an impeccable way so you can change modalities as you wish. It is developed with high-quality materials. It features pulsation and escalation. Of course, it is developed with safe silicone and it is waterproof. This is just a totally real relief, accompanied by a fancy shaped style-so that you can start sailing the seas of pleasure. How could it be otherwise, this toy is ready to use it in the water so you can enjoy new experiences! Are you ready to control from the base with separate controls?

Every man and woman have needs and wants that need to be filled.  And this includes those desires of a carnal nature.  Sex Is Fun!  Sex Is Healthy! AND Sex Is Good!  Often in our rush to just keep up with the pace of modern day society good, clean sex is left as an afterthought and this is not good on so many levels.  If you and your partner do not have the time to have sex together then invest in some sex aids that will give you the same euphoric feelings.

This is all about sweet temptations! Its vibrations can be controlled by the simple turning of the wheel bearing in the bottom base. You’ll make sure vibrations to your liking; you can rise from most to least without problem.Made of silicone, it allows easy cleaning. It will feel so good you will be delighted. It will be perfect for you, for you to use in the bathroom, in your romantic getaway with your partner or in the shower, it is completely waterproof and water resistant.

Popular Vibes
Ovo Vibrator

The Ovo F4

The Ovo F4 vibrator has all the features needed to take you to paradise. A good and strong measures, a rotating and vibrating, dual drive to your vibrating clit and anus and glans soft and inviting. As for your engine, it has buttons to choose from different rates of rotation, vibration, and to raise and lower the speed. It is soft and absolutely sensual. This mini vibrator is what you need to break sexual monotony. Take it along and enjoy! It is about time to satisfy your sexual needs, right? While there are multiple vibrators on the market, for all tastes, you need to spot the best option. Well, this G-Spot vibrator is great for girls. What do you want? Dare to invest on a reliable sex toy. That is right! This is your ideal partner, a mini pink vibrator.

This style comes from the champion of champions, a slender body with nothing more and nothing less than what you need. An orgasm is quite a challenge, which is what you’re looking for! You cannot forget about this amazing deal. With its multi speed you can choose the intensity and type of vibration that best suits your tastes or your partner, because this vibrator is specially designed to enjoy both alone and in company. And thanks to its discreet and quiet vibrations, will become the perfect partner for the most torrid, intimate and sensual without anyone being aware of it. It is completely flexible, offering unlimited work ability. It is water resistant and easy to clean. You can always add lube so you can get to enjoy a wet experience, a soft encounter, smooth and slippery as you’ve never tasted before. Battery operated. And they say that size does not matter but this is just what you deserve! As fit all positions, this is also perfect for use with your partner, both in foreplay and in the actual relationship, or alone.

Strong Vibrators
Adam & Eve Vibrators
Adam & Eve G-Luxe

Thanks to this Adam and Eve Silicone G Luxe Vibrator you will be able to feel fantastic. It provides each individual with fabulous sensations. Its amazing realism and especially developed by top manufacturers. It is great for the touch. Explore your body with this quality vibrator. Your sensual side will come along and all your senses will be awakened. Ready to for non-stop entertainment? That is right, everything is possible. You can now get that orgasm you crave with this fantastic vibrator. Manufactured in red plastic with a soft and smooth touch, it has a great shape and it facilitates everything. It is able to deliver great feelings through an anatomical massage; it reaches the exact area of the G spot and stimulates the clitoris while the upper stop. Inside, a powerful engine with many rhythms that are activated from one convenient button located in a strategic area for ease of use will do all the necessary work for you only have to worry about enjoying the best orgasm of your life. Uses 2 AAA batteries not included.

The highly polished curve vibrator is hygienic and non-porous, and cleanup is a snap after the fun, proceed with warm water. Reach the point of no return by making use of this Adam and Eve Silicone G Luxe Vibrator, which is durable and innovative. This is better than a super penis, it is made with high quality materials that provide unrivaled softness and feel drawn to the new generation of Jelly (Silicone 100% high quality) and its length will be always ready to provide relaxation, satisfaction and pleasure. Designed for people who know what they want and are not intimidated by anything.It has a suction base to stick it on any flat surface. There is no need to feel shy, dare to buy the best toy ever. This vibrator will meet your expectations for certain.

Couples Sex Toy
Personal Massager
Romant Eni

Waiting for your partner has become a thing of past now people have the Eni – silicone 10 mode vibrator that will provide you the necessary services. This vibrator will help you in getting an orgasm when your partner is away or you don’t have a partner. This small instrument will give you immense pleasure that you may not have experienced. If used properly then it can give more pleasure that you get while getting intimate with your partner. Proper usage will ensure you don’t feel awkward. With the advancement being done to vibrators they feel like real.


This vibrator has been made of medical grade silicone so that it doesn’t harm the body of the user. The eccentric inbuilt vibrator has 10 modes which can be used for both inner and outer area. The waterproof design allows it to be used underwater so that you can use it in your bathtub or your swimming pool. Has an ergonomic design which will help in getting a wonderful pleasure and stimulate the sensitive parts of a woman. The instrument has a built in LI battery with a long battery life. Its sleek design helps in proper grip on the toy; the smooth surface makes it feel real. Using it would help you get orgasm while getting intimate with your partner as it will help you know how you want to enjoy and the right spots that will help you in getting an orgasm.


So now you have the top-selling vibrators for women on adultsmart.  Which one will you choose to use?  You can buy online or why not visit one of the adult lifestyle centres.




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