Selecting The Best Adult Drop Shipper!

One of the most common questions that you can ask to yourself is;

‘Where can I find a legitimate adult wholesale and drop shipping distributor?’

In this article I will tell you exactly where to find a great drop shipping source. So let me answer your question. Let me start off with where to look for drop shipping distributors. At the beginning, you can choose to contact directly with the manufacturer of a product that you want to sell. They are usually going to keep a record of all of their wholesale and drop shipping distributors, and they are going to be eager to expand their retail network. So usually, you should be able to get a lot of information and great sources just by contacting the manufacturer and saying that you want to sell their product.

Secondly, you can use the internet search engines to find what you are looking for. This is time consuming, because wholesale suppliers are bad at advertising, thus difficult for you to find them straight on the front page of yahoo or Google. You can modify your search and use words such as distributor, supplier, drop shipper and bulk. Using all of these is going to make your search process much easier.

your customer places an order

Still no luck? Well, if you haven’t found what you are looking for you can always contact one of the best wholesale and drop shipping distributors. They are called Xsales. This is a reliable company with knowledge and experience in the field of online selling. They also keep a large number of inventory and they will satisfy any of your needs. Xsales have also the technology to update their inventory frequently and let you change orders online. Another important benefit of using Xsales is that they can take orders by email and process them fast. You will be amazed of how many drop shipping distributors will not accept orders by email.

An important aspect of great distributors is that these distributors will not charge big fees. Xsales is one of them. They will not charge you hidden fees or other handling fees. They will only charge you a flat shipping rate for your order, whether they will ship just one or a hundred of products to the same customer. Choosing Xsales as your wholesale and drop shipping distributor will offer you another important benefit. You will have the flexibility and increased options to select more products to offer to your customers. Xsales keep a large inventory that is updated frequently. They have a variety of products that will please even the most demanding partner.

Xsales Delivers Customer Service

Finally, the most important thing is customer service. Xsales Company offers great customer service. You can contact Xsales every weekday from Monday to Friday. Xsales will solve any issues that may arise. They will keep you satisfied and they will offer you the chance to run your business smoothly and professionally. You will then have the free time to establish long term business with your customers.

Xsales is An award-winning distributor of adult toys, party supplies, novelties adult dvds and lingerie, Xsales has 1000’s of unique items in stock as sex toy wholesaler to service online shops, party plan, lingerie shops, adult shops, tobacconists and more.  Xsales is one of the best sex toy wholesalers… The main focus is to serve their customers best, one way is to offer a huge arrange of adult products for all styles of adult shops with fast service and discreet shipping.

Choose if you wish for sex toy drop shipping or you wish shipping to you to service your customers direct.  Xsales employs friendly, knowledgeable staff available office hours for telephonic support.  Their user friendly wholesale site operates 24/7 allowing customers to place orders or queries at any time of day or night seven days a week. Since its establishment Xsales rapidly grew into an Australian powerhouse in the adult distribution market, adult drop shipping and mainly servicing brick and mortar adult shops.  This market has grown now to include pharmacies, smoke ships, lingerie shops, convenience stores, clothing stores, online shops, party planners and exhibition and market stall holders. The philosophy is to make customers successful by providing a seamless wholesale shopping experience whether they goods are drop-shipped or sent for resale or further distribution.  Many lines are exclusive ranges to xsales ensuring unique and quality products.

Experience xsales by clicking here and find out why they are one of the top adult distributors. Xsales brands and lines include all the top selling items that you can get for your business including hell’s couture,  bdsm gear, maxpassion, my extase, Pipedreams and always stocking innovative and  current products that sell well through retail outlets.  Most orders are dispatched within two business days of being received and signing up and registering you will get specials and offers accessible only to registered users.

To purchase from Xsales you must have a current ABN and be an on-seller.  Some larger group buying is allowed from BDSM clubs and other organisations that service large clientele.  Xsale often exhibits at industry functions and expos so for the number one choice in adult wholesale Australia choose Xsales.  We have the X Factor that just keeps on going.


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