Benefits Of Casual Sex Apps And How To Use Them Safely

Do you know what successful relationships and really good sex have in common? They are both pretty hard to come across. And if you happen to be one of those people who look for and prefer casual encounters with no strings attached, meeting a match is likely to prove really difficult.


That’s where casual sex apps come into the picture. While they are pretty common nowadays, not many people know how to extract the greatest benefit from using them, or, what’s even more important, stay safe while experiencing them. Let’s look at some reasons why they are worth your while, as well as how to enjoy them risk-free.


They Deliver Amazing One Night Stands 


There is an outdated and very wrong belief that only committed relationships lead to great sex. This cannot be further from the truth because it rests on the assumption that only a deep emotional connection will result in a spectacular physical intercourse. Well, we all know that relationships have their highs and lows, and a long-term one will often be stuck in a rut.


At the same time, no strings attached means no expectations or hurt feelings are present to mar the experience. Only the raw physical encounter. Here and now. No guilty feelings, assumptions that either the man or woman will look for something more, no getting offended when they ask you to leave in the morning in order to go about their day. Plain, simple rules where one gives and receives pleasure. Period. (There are also great sources of tips online of said rules, such as ) And what’s the fastest way to get down to business without the extra hustle? Yes, you got it right. Nothing can beat hookup apps at that.


They Save You Time And Pressure



One of the greatest benefits practically everyone will agree with, is the fact that you no longer need to invest your nights and weekends chatting up the opposite sex in bars and social gatherings, only to find out they are either not interested, have a different purpose and expectations, or are simply unavailable. That’s why checking out profiles and sending a few quick messages saves you tons of time and money and connects you to people who are looking for the same thing as you – a physical encounter with no strings attached.


Apart from the aforementioned precious resources, you also get to navigate a pressure-free environment where there are no expectations of you behaving in a certain way or having to make the other person like you. We all know how much effort is required at the beginning of every relationship in order to make the other person stick around and actually want to be with us. In the case we are looking at, all of this is non-existent, because people have the same intentions of getting nothing more than some good time.


You Still Need To Consider Safety For Best Experience


Yes, you are about to get some amazing hookup opportunities. Still, just like it is valid about everything else, do take the care to exercise caution and avoid getting into risky situations. You can find a great article on staying safe while dating here. Sure, you know people’s main goal for joining these websites and apps but you should always remember to not jump at a situation blindly and certainly not before you have taken care to check out the person you are meeting and get some basic information about them. Needless to say, avoid empty profiles with blurry pictures from a decade ago.


Do your best to learn the basic details about your hookup and try to arrange for a day meeting at a cafe or restaurant where you will get the chance to see who you are dealing with. Also, tell a friend exactly where you are going. If it’s your first time meeting someone or want to feel uber safe, you can share your location with a friend or even activate find my phone and ask your friend to track you down during the meetup. Also, whatever you do, trust your gut feeling as it’s unlikely to mislead you.

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