Guide To Anal Sex

First of all before having anal sex you need to understand how the anus works. The anus is an opening at the end of the colon where the waste comes out. The waste passes through the intestines to your colon and then goes out the anus. The opening and closing of the anus is regulated by internal and external sphincter muscles. These are the most important muscles that work when engaging in anal sex. The sphincter muscle also includes several nerve endings which are responsible for pain or pleasure. Now that you know about the anus is good to reduce the pain. Pain in anal sex is mostly cause by friction or pressure against the sphincter muscles. Pain can be also cause by hemorrhoids. If you want to reduce pain you should always use appropriate lubrication.

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It is best to explore and get to know your body before having anal sex. Each person’s sphincter muscles will react differently during penetration. Thus you need to understand how your sphincter works. Spend the time to explore the sensitivity of your anus and see how it reacts when you are tensed or relaxed. If you prefer you can practice deep breathing or relaxation techniques. These will help your sphincter to relax. At the beginning you can use a small sex toy and then gradually you can increase the size. Discovering your sensitivities is an important task for you before you enjoy anal penetration. It is also important to discuss it with your partner and help him discover your limits.  Read anal sex guide articles to make sure you have all the bases covered.

Always keep hygiene in mind. Many people have hygiene problems caused by anal sex. Anal sex can be a nice experience but you must be gentle and careful when doing it. Always keep your anus clean and avoid irritation or bleeding. You can use adult wipes to clean your anus. Avoid any cleansing products or perfumes as these can irritate your anus and cause other problems. The anus is a thin membrane and is vulnerable against STD. If you have any tears or abrasions in the anus you can easily get STDs from bodily fluids. Always use a condom to practice safe sex. A myth that keeps men away from doctors when they have an issue with their anus is that they believe that their doctors may think they are gay. Yes it is possible that your anus extends while you have anal sex but after some time it gets back to normal. It is important to visit a medical doctor when it concerns your health. If you don’t feel comfortable though you can choose to go to a gay affirmative medical doctor.

It requires investment for your body to change however when it does… You get a feeling of completion that nothing else can give. You’re being touched inside in ways that never happen somewhere else. It feels fiendish, it feels otherworldly.  Your entire body must accept the entering of an item in your rectum  and after a while it will feel like a completely normal sexual act. The person having sex with you will cherishes the feeling. Anal sex can bring two strong people closer together and more grounded.

You can have anal sex by using a dildo strap on if your sexual partner requests it and they will blow cum in rapture or if they can’t come through. You can switch roles .Playing either bottom or top can be both fun if you switch roles during intercourse. You can also place your whole hand in their rectum if you work your way up to it. With whatever you are using go slowly, with moving in and out  You should always continuously you add lubrication to the equation to make things easier and less painful. Remember that having anal sex is an experience you should enjoy when done in a proper way. If you practice anal sex with care and caution you can make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner. Start of with small but plugs or dildos and work your way up to the bigger sex toys that will fill you up even more. If this is your first time don’t be worry, just follow the guidelines and enjoy it.





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