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I have recently had many customers wanting to try anal play for the first time in their lives. Those were mostly straight guys coming into the store with their wives/girlfriends and they were a bit intimidated by the size and variety of anal toys. If they had known about the orgasms by prostate stimulation, they would have regretted that they were being too late for anal play. Better late than never though.

Firstly, if you are sure that you want to experience your first anal play with a vibrating toy this article will not be an answer to your questions. I am planning to talk about three different Anal Play Kits which are non-vibrating from 3 different well-known companies on the market. Of course, we have a wide range of vibrating butt plugs in the shop as well, so either stay tuned for the next articles or come into the store to get informed by our lovely team. The latter is more favourable though. I am not going to tell you how to use the toys, yet I must say that the most important things in anal play are to be slow, get aroused madly and use plenty of lubricant. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the feeling and will end up having a frustrating experience. We don’t want it to be happening to you. So, if we are happy with those rules, let’s move into today’s staff recommendations on anal play.

1. Beginner’s Fantasy Kit Anal Fantasy Collection by Pipedream
This kit is comprised of 5 different anal toys and 2 auxiliary products. The material used in the toys is a mixture of PVC, ABS Plastic and Nylon. At first glance, this may seem as a drawback, yet the toys are completely phthalate free, body safe and you are free to use any kind of lubricant with them. The distinctive feature of this kit is its variety of the products inside the package anyway. So, let’s have a closer look at them.
  • Classix Prostate Stimulator: This toy is to hit your P-spot very well with its curved bulbous shaped tip and textured shaft. It has 11.4 cm insertable length with 3.8 cm width and a little protrusion aiming for your perineum at the same time. There is a handle at the bottom for easy grip which will be pretty useful for new starters. The toy itself is very firm and not bendable at all which makes the insertion easy.
  • Beads: There are 5 beads having a diameter of 2 cm which are connected to each other with a cord and there is a ring at the end to pull the beads out easily. The cord seems pretty strong so don’t worry about the possibility of rupture.
  • Beaded Probe: Beads are a bit bigger than the previous one (a diameter of 2.5 cm in average) and it is a complete probe this time. It has 10 beads (28 cm) which are in decreasing order in diameter. The beads are firm but the probe itself is bendable enough to find the correct spot to hit.
  • Finger Sleeve: This sleeve is 7.6 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width which will fit either your index or middle finger, at least fits mine perfectly. It has nubs on it, so fingering yourself has not been joyful this much before.
  • Plug: This little plug would be my first choice to try if I bought this kit. It is 9.5 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. The material is not that firm and the toy itself is bendable enough. Additionally, flared base at the bottom prevents the toy from going further in your rectum.
The kit comes with 2 gloves, toy cleaner, anal desensitizing cream, lubricant and 2 rubber finger sleeves which are almost everything you need to have a happy ending.
2. Anal Trainer Kit Colt Gear by California Exotic Novelties
Anal Trainer Butt Plugs
Sex Toys: Anal Trainer Kit Colt Gear by California Exotic Novelties
Most parents buy their children shoes or jackets one size bigger to use them in the following year as well till their kids stop growing. This kit reminds me of that due to its gradually increasing size of plugs. The kit includes 3 different butt plugs which are made of rubber but no latex and phthalate free. Each of them has flared base to use them without any hesitation about losing toys inside rectum. The smallest one is 10.25 cm in length and 2.5 cm at its widest point, which is simply the very bottom of the toy. The medium butt plug is 12 cm long with a diameter of 3.25 cm at the widest point again. These two plugs are suitable for new starters for sure as the tapered tip with thin insertion is not intimidating at all for a newbie. On the other hand, whilst the material is firm, the toy itself is bendable enough especially compared to the toys from Anal Fantasy Kit. When it comes to the third one; apparently, this is not for a beginner. The largest butt plug has 15.25 cm insertable length with a diameter of 4.5 cm so I would rather say this plug is perfect for the ones who enjoyed the course Introduction to Anal Play 101 and want to attend the course Anal Play for Intermediates 102 in the second semester for further insertions. The professor at university is the same and the exams will be held anally again. So, there is no reason not to get A+ climax in the following course as well.

2. Anal Explorer Kit by California Exotic Novelties

Anal Douche and Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Anal Explorer Kit by California Exotic Novelties
There are two things making this kit different from its counterparts which are the material selection and the douche included in the kit. I think putting a douche into an anal play kit is a good idea in terms of beginners who are afraid of uncleanliness of the area. Shortly, a douche is used to clean your rectum before anal penetration and there are many types of douches on the market for the convenience of the users. The one in the kit is the simplest douche though which is a squeezable bulb and its thin attachment for comfy insertion. Simply, fill it with warm water (not too cold, not too hot) inset the tip into your anus gently after lube it up. Squeeze the bulb so that the water can go into your rectum, hold it for 20-30 seconds then release it into the toilet. Repeat the procedure till the fresh water comes out. For further information, you can refer to other articles on our blog pertinent to this topic.
On the other hand, there are two different butt plugs in the kit which are made of silicone body safe material. One of them is a graduated beads probe with a hook at the bottom which allows you to grip the toy easily and prevents the toy from going further in your rectum. It is 11.5 cm in length and its curved shape aims to hit P-spot perfectly. The other one is a tapered probe with suction cup at the bottom. It has 10.75 cm insertable length and its flared base makes your penetration safe. Both are suitable for beginners to take them to the next step.

After all these things, I should say that I would buy number three if I was a beginner but I am not, and every person is different, so is every arse. Make your own choice freely because you can’t go wrong with any of those products above for sure.

By Goki a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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