How To Bed The Girl of Your Dreams, Over and Over Again!

So you want to get the girl of your dreams into your bed? Well to do so with the highest percentage of success is an art and it all comes down to planning the moment around her. So map out an easy to use plan that hopefully will help you get laid.

It is important to make sure that your house or unit is neat and tidy free of anything which will distract people from a sexual encounter. Make sure there are no dirty socks or underwear lying about. In fact have it cleaner than your mom wished you would have kept your room at home but of course didn’t. You can place photos of family, friends and destinations you have been visited. The photo’s will emphasize to her how popular you are and how much you care about people that are important in your life. You can also use some pheromone perfume to give you an unforgettable scent.

The first thing you should do is invite her around to your place before you get together. Make sure she is not the only one coming but give her a time 15-20 minutes before any other guests are due to arrive. Once she is inside give her a tour of your humble abode. Show her the kitchen, the guest room, the entertaining room, the toilet, the bathroom and finally your room. If you get nervous with showing her your room last, try to show her your room at the beginning. Then leave go down to the lounge room and have small chit chat until your other guests arrive. This will allow her to feel comfortable in your home and to be alone with you. Be alone with her initially in small doses. You will know by how comfortable she is in the lounge what the chance of success is. If you are happily chatting away you have more that passed first base.


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The next step is getting invited to her place. Maybe you can suggest a group event at her place. Once inside she will feel obliged to give you a tour of her home, in the same type of way in which you showed her your house. You will be able to determine by what she has displayed in her house and the state of the place whether you wish to pursue this anymore. Again it is important to limit the time you stay there, as the first time you do not want to overstay your welcome. It is necessary for her to feel comfortable and that a friendship is evolving. If either of you feel uncomfortable or get bored in side the house you can take her out to get a cup of coffee, a deliciously made dessert or even an event in sydney. It is a great thing to break the ice and get out of the house to start casual and relaxed conversation. But leave before it gets to boring. You do not know each other so take your time so that you find common ground and comfort in silence together. Leave her wanting more rather than wishing you would go.

Follow these steps a couple of times and eventually you will reach a time when it is obvious that she is going to want to explore something more. You will be able to tell if she leans in to give you more physical contact then usual or whether there is a connection between you are her through non-verbal communication. Most of the time she will just ask you directly. When you share that first kiss that will leave her tingling sensationally for more. As your foreplay gains momentum you can slowly lead her to your or her bedroom. You already know where it is and both of you having been in that room together before so it will make things much easier. If you begin in someone’s bedroom there will be no awkward disruptions to.

Lay her on the bed and continue with the foreplay and before you know it the game will be on as she will feel safe and secure with you because of the confidence you have built between you. If there is lubricant available, you can use it to ensure that the experience will be pain free. After you have finished your fantastic love making suggest to her that you would like to try the same thing in her (or your) bedroom. Trust me, this will allow you to get the girl of your dreams into your bed over and over again.



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