Beatrix Is Simply Demoniq!

I am really excited to receive two sets of lingerie from Demoniq in exchange for an honest review! I really like sex toys but I ADORE lingerie.

The first thing that I like about Demoniq, is that it’s unlike many lingerie brands, their designers share a real passion not only for fashion but also for  eroticism. Behind each collection, there is a story and a particular functionality. Not only are their designers creative but they’re also focused on pleasing every type of woman by exploring different kinks, desires and fetishes. Unlike typical brands, Demoniq doesn’t design products for just ONE customer base. Demoniq reunites all of us! Giving us completely different options. By their collections, you can tell how open-minded the creators and designers are.  Demoniq is the brainchild of Mariusz Senger!

In my case, being in a relationship and continuing to feel a strong sexual desire for each other over an extended period of time, is not an easy mission. The harsh truth (for at least 90% of us I’d say) is that we don’t get a stronger desire for a look or body we have already known for so long. It is a bit sad but that could explain why so many people cheat on their partners despite still having strong feelings for them rather than staying with that person in an effort to explore other options to satisfy their sexual life. Some people say that if two people really love each other; body and appearance changes shouldn’t matter. I could agree at first but to be honest after thinking about it for a minute, I can tell you that I don’t.

Thankfully, there are many options to keep things going in the bedroom like trying different sex positions, participating in erotic massages, using couples sex toys, reading sex stories, role playing with a lover and joining a fetish community like FetLife to find like minded people. And in my case, my favorite option works fine; I love to wear sexy lingerie!

Why I Love Wearing Lingerie

The first reason why I wear lingerie, is because of my boyfriend. When I am single, I don’t care much about wearing or buying pricey and sexy lingerie especially if I already have some. I wouldn’t think much about how I look and even less about my underwear. I only expect them to be clean and a minimum quality to last at least for a few months. I’d be more the type of girl to spend more money on food and drinks than clothes. But a year ago, my routine changed. I wanted to feel sexy again and impress my partner. It worked fine most of the time, I felt confident, I had good looking outfits but after few months of being too comfortable with him, I became “myself” again and just kept always wearing the same outfits. I thought I was fine with that but after a while, I became unhappy with the way I looked and it affected my sexual life. So, I bought myself a new set of lingerie and let me tell you this: Lingerie is life! It is amazing how a light set of lingerie can influence someone’s mind! I personally love to wear diverse types of lingerie. I just feel like a whole new person every time I buy some.

Photo: Demoniq Beatrix in Black
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Demoniq Beatrix Lingerie Review

At first sight, the “Beatrix” is not the type of lingerie I’d buy. It’s quite a raunchy look that I’m not really into but I know that this one piece dress would please my boyfriend! The dressed comes in a beautiful black cardboard box, with the picture of a sexy tattooed blond model.  They give us the essential information on the front and back of the packaging about composition and size, it even includes a size guide. I actually find the packaging really well done and totally appropriate for the outfit. The dress is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

The dress is short; I mean really really SHORT! Being covered is definitely not the goal because I don’t even need to bend, my buttocks are already visible and the really thin lace at the front is almost useless. I’d recommend you to take a good look at the dimensions at the size guide before buying. My fit is great as I got an extra-large size and didn’t want to be unable to move but in your case if that’s what you want, you should take a lower size as the dress is stretchy.

I really like the fact that this outfit is stretchy and still has this “tight and black wet look” but I unfortunately am not comfortable with the front being too exposed and not having a good support for my big breasts. This one doesn’t suit me well unfortunately because the dress is stretchy, my bulges aren’t hidden. It doesn’t make me look smaller but actually bigger. In my case, it’s exactly the main reason why I feel like this dress doesn’t suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I am curvy but love my body. This dress just doesn’t exploit my best potential.

To take care of Demoniq Lingerie, the best option is to hand wash it to keep this outfit as long as you can. If you put this dress in your washing machine, there is a big chance the wet look will be damaged so don’t even try to do that!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Beatrix is a really hot dress, comfortable if you get a size up but doesn’t give an advantageous look if the woman wearing it, is not 100% comfortable with parts of her body being too exposed. The polyester wet look is not always a curvy girl’s best friend. I looked like a mess in this dress to be honest.

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





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