BANNED Foot & Ankle Cuffs!

It is not easy to find a reliable importer and distributor for BDSM lovers and those into S&M products.  Especially when the Fetish Distributor you are looking for is in a Country like Australia.  Most surgical steel equipment is made overseas so to import and have in stock quantities to supply and service all the best adult shops is difficult.  There is a huge range of a Bondage equipment, Restraint devices and medical steel toys. Hell’s Couture is an importer and distributor of bondage and fetish equipment from all over the world.  There are literally more than a thousand line items including penis plugs, medical sounds, dilators, speculums, metal collars and cuffs, hangers, spreaders and more.  Leather includes ball gags, hoods, whips, paddles, cuffs and the list goes on.

man control womans face

Unique and interesting products are always available at the best prices with items such as the BANNED Foot and Ankle Cuffs for suspension.  These comfortable suspension cuffs are specially designed for use with bondage and discipline suspension equipment.  They have adjustable straps so one size fits all and have a larger area so as not to cause discomfort when hanging upside down. Imagine the extreme pleasures that you can have whilst tormenting your slave in various positions.  Products like this make hells couture a favorite supplier to adult shops in Australia as well as leather retailer, BDSM clubs and dungeons.  When you walk into an S&M club in New South Wales it is more than likely that no-one will be there without some item of apparel or punishment device imported by hell’s couture.

The product description reads:

“So when you just feel like hanging around grab this quality suspension kit.  Feel like batman hanging upside down from the ceiling but of course without his special powers. Without those powers you will be at the captive and restrained mercy of your unforgiving master.”

Suspension play is a type of subjugation that includes one accomplice – more often than not the docile – being tied up and suspended, or hung, from the roof. A man can be suspended opposite to the floor or parallel to it, and they might be suspended topsy turvy by their lower legs. Being not able move expands the sentiment weakness and helplessness that an easygoing feels. As a rule, a man is suspended with their private parts uncovered, making sexual incitement, prodding and suggestive torment simple.

Suspension play is likewise frequently joined with Japanese rope bondage Shibari, which is both a type of subjugation and a craftsmanship.  Suspension play can be an extremely hazardous act, especially on the off chance that you don’t have the best possible preparing. Conceivable risks incorporate falling and loss of course. Before taking part in suspension play, learn all that you can, and take classes on the correct methods, if conceivable. You ought to ensure that any snares you use for suspension play are solidly tied down to a shaft in the roof or divider to minimize the danger of falling. A padded mat or bedding under a suspended submissive can significantly minimize any injuries.

An extensive list of retailers that stock this fine bondage product throughout Australia is shown on the hell’s couture website enabling you to easily locate your closest stockist.  Opportunity is there for smart retailers that wish to maximize their profits to stock fine bondage restraints and products. Hell’s Couture ever increasing range of BDSM Gear astounds and the quality is second to none.  Hell’s Couture Products are now shipped across the globe discretely and cheaply through DHL.  If you think Bondage think Hell’s Couture.  You will amazed at the excellent price points and huge range – they have the largest range of penis plugs in  stock now and possible in the world.  Ask for them by name.

Suspension play and cuffs can be a very strong BDSM and bondage experience for couples all over the world. It is deeply sexual as you have to give individual controlling you your full trust and they have to be completely responsible with you.  This experience is completely worldly and will bring your sexual encounter to fulfill some of your deepest fantasies. Make sure you buy something that will give you all your sexual needs.



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