What Women Wished Men Knew!

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There are so many things that men don’t know about ladies’ needs or wants in the bedroom. It’s not because men couldn’t care less, but its only in light of the fact that the subject either hasn’t come up or she’s so bashful it would be impossible for her to offer you this information. While each lady is different and their emotions divers, there are a few things all ladies can agree on concerning sex, for the most part. We can tell you the general consensus, but

  1.  Communitcation

Talk with her, be straightforward and discover what she enjoys and what she doesn’t. Since couples who impart their needs and wants have much better sex and all the more regularly, you ought to urge her to discuss the things she needs.


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2  She Prefers Period Sex

For the most part, this is genuine, but there are principles. It can have a tendency to get extremely wet very quickly; tossing a hotdog down Niagara Falls may be a more suitable depiction. ON the flip side, the other issue you may face is interim vaginal dryness. If she uses tampons, expect some dryness so get ready by having some lube convenient. She will warm up before long,  and appreciate your efforts because she also would find dry sex to be painful and not enjoyable . The reward of period sex is that she is prone to be very horny— the hormones released make this a positive time for a nookie.

3  She Does Prefer Non-Stop Sex Sessions

This is faking-it domain. Don’t accept the buildup: Being the man means being a man and knowing when to simply getting your load off and appreciate the fruits of your work. A cute young lady staring you in the face is awesome, so don’t pass this up by attempting to outdo yourself.

Incorporate sex toys into your love-making sessions and use them for foreplay.  Get her off first before you start having sex – she will appreciate both having the climax and you will appreciate having the burden taking away in case you are to cum first.  You will often find that once your partner has cum she will cum more easily the second and third time.  You sex session will end with the two of you entwined in each others arms both satisfied and sexually satiated.

4  She Only Likes Fingers When Used Well

First off ensure that your fingers are clean, they are not rough and your fingernails are trimmed and filed.  You are going to her erogenous zone and she will not want anything dirty down there.  Now go slowly, don’t grope or poke, gently stroke the entry to her vagina that is packed with thousands of nerve endings so it is sure to be sensitive.  The whole point of putting your fingers down there is to provide her with pleasure and she will prefer you stroking the outside rather than thrusting your fingers inside her.

When you do put your finger inside her gently target the G-Spot which is up and inside her.  You will feel it as it a bump with many ridges on it.  The purpose is to gently tickle this joyful spot within her that will ultimately make her orgasm.

5  She Prefers Attempting New Things

You should always be looking a fun ways to make your relationship better ensuring it does not become dull or mundane.  One such way is to try new things and trust me the new thing she wants to try first is not going to be anal sex.  Everyone is different and for some women fisting, anal sex and fetish and bizarre acts are what they desire but for the larger percentage of women it may be a new sexual position, or perhaps having sex in a different place.  Whatever it is talk to her, find out what it is she desires and then deliver!

6  She’s Horny In The Morning

Men with their morning glory have woken their partners since the time of cave-men but did you know that many women are horny in the morning too?  However, they just need a little time to warm up.  Putting your woody between their legs and thinking that you are going go in is not going to work.  Cuddle her, give her gentle kisses on her neck so that she wakes up relaxed, happy and horny.  Many couples think that lazy morning sex is better than at other times as their bodies are completely relaxed.  Not everyone is a morning sex fan but most are!


7.  She Loves a Sex Gam

There are different things that ladies subtly like, every lady is different and so are her mysterious loves and hates.  Ladies enjoy games and why not incorporate a sex game that will help you figure out what it is that she likes.  A game of sexual truth or dare, or perhaps sexual twister?  This is an extraordinary way for figuring out how to learn more about your partner and with your partner, and for discovering things you would never have thought to ask.

Remember: The best sex is had by lovers who can honestly and genuinely talk about what they want.  Read what men wished women know about sex!





Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

What Men Wished Women Knew!

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Many men find women’s sexuality very hard to understand. If that is true, male sexuality could qualify as an uncharted forest with many ways to trek but no clear destination. Anyway, it is the perceived belief that in the matters of sex,

a gentlemen’s needs are basic!

Isn’t that so?  What you see and hear is normally part truth, but not the whole truth. It’s no big surprise that women looking for the perfect mate will let those that are not so perfect know and let them know how to get there.  But can the same be said about men?


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People falling in love

Just like there are things women wished men knew, here is a list of 10 things that men wished women knew and would do –

1  Men Respond to Praise:

It’s accepted that most men are so consumed by their own moxie that there is no fear of diving straight in when it comes to the sexual act, however most women require flirting, dating, compliments before they feel comfortable enough be with a new partner.  But this acceptance is not necessarily the truth.  Men like to be complimented just as much as women do but do not react the same way.  Men worry about how they look and a quick comment like

“You are looking so hot”.

will make him feel more comfortable when taking off his clothes and getting naked.  It is not just women who worry about their bodies and stress over the way they took.  Be extra sensitive to your man, compliment him often and eventually you will see the results.

2  Men Fear Intimacy:

But not for the reason you think! Studies have demonstrated that young men are more tender and much more expressive, than young ladies until they achieve school age. Around then, social restraints of words, musings, emotions and our craving for human association goes underground. So unthinkable is this longing for closeness that it can alarm men since we acknowledge how much we are in need for it. What’s a lady to do?   There are many circumstances that this can be seen but if your man withdraws emotionally after sex.  This may be because he is fearful that he needs you so much or is afraid of being rejected.   At that point when you identify this behaviour, withdraw a little yourself. This gives him time to see that his childhood propensities are, actually, consummately masculine.

3  Men Appreciate Sex for Sex’s Sake:

Remember where we came from!  We were and are hunter/gatherers.  Men were born to hunt and it is inherent, even though opposing modern social standards, that if he is not the alpha male of the tribe/family, he be of you and be able to provide.  So instinctively a man may feel the need to dominate in sex and men want you to appreciate this as well.  Sex does not have to be lovey, dovey all the time – sometimes he will crave wild and crazy sex – and if the truth be told, you probably do too!

4  Sex Is Not Just About the Penis:

As the saying go, a man thinks with his head – the head of his penis.  But that is not always true – even though the dick does get most of the press.  Men also like foreplay and they have more than one erogenous zones.  He may want his back or thighs massaged, or his nipples kissed, perhaps passionate cuddles.  This is a genuine turn-on for a man and he is more likely to give you what you want if he has been seductively aroused. Why not next give him a treat with a blow-job – but whilst going down on him restrict between the perineum and the scrotum when he is about to come.  This will elevate his delight and he is sure to give you what you want after being so erotically treated.

5  Men Encourage Fantasies:

Many men (and women) have secret desires that they are reluctant to share with their partner in fear of judgement or disgrace.  But having hidden secrets is not good for any relationship so encourage him to these imaginings and if it agreeable with you share them and make them a reality for him.  You need to open yourself up and let him know that he will not be judged by you.  Next time you are alone, act one out for him.  He will feel heard and freed from those clouds that were hanging over his head and respect you more as his soul-mate and sharer of the most intimate part of him.

6  Men Like It When You Talk:

Talking for talks sake is a major gripe that me often have of their female partners.  Talking that empowers, enlightens or has purpose is mostly appreciated.  But the talk that he would love is dirty, grimy, sex talk before and whilst he is in bed.  Those words will take him to places he always wanted to be.  Let him feel like a conqueror as you shout out the words

“You beast. Keep Fucking Me!”

Talking dirty to him if going to engage more than one sense in your lovemaking sessions.

7  Men Need Your Honesty:

Men need to be illuminated, instructed and told.  They need you to instruct them on what they are doing right in bed, what you would like them to do additionally.  If you are not feeling like sex, tell him why and let him know when you will have that desire again. Not being honest with him will cause resentment and frustration in him and the relationship.

8  Men Enjoy the Dance:

Often a man’s desire for something grows when he cannot have it.  Sometimes make him work  at getting you in bed.  Get  him to Court you,  tell you how much he loves you, how much he desire you.  Get away from him sometimes.  Have a weekend away with the girls.  The separation may actually make his desire for you grow and on your return bring closeness to your relationship.  Tease him by allowing him to watch you whilst using sex toys but not allowing him to touch you during that session.  Make him want you, and only one with hot desire.

9  Men Like Pornography:

Most women do not get turned on by pornography and will watch it only for their partner.  But men do watch porn all the time, whether you believe it or not but it should not be cause for great concern or pathologized.  Just because men are a visual creature being turned on by looking at images or movies it does not mean that they are a sex addict or sick.  Often he may be watching extreme porn so that he does not do those things to you.

Try meeting him halfway and instead of thinking about what does not do it for you think about what does it for him.  Grab a couples porn movie and surprise him one night by watching it with him.  This act of genuineness will go a long way in bringing closeness.

10  Men Always Need It, But Not for the Reason You Think:

Men are blamed for being sexually unquenchable, however ladies ought to reevaluate this. Men see sex as a fun way to express their love and they wish women would take more of a ‘carpe diem’ approach to it. We travel through life at the rate of sound, with increasing difficulties and burdens. With the constraints of time in our busy modern lifestyles there should be no reason why we do not envelop ourselves in delight and joy at every opportunity and for men sex gives this.  It will you too, given the chance!

So these are 10 of the things that men wished women knew.

Now, if you want him to know what you want read on for the things that Women Wished Men Knew!


Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

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The Joy N’ More Collection are coveted pieces that are up there in terms of quality with some of the top line designer toys.  They are fully water submersible which means they are 100% waterproof. It is exceptionally difficult to find full submersible toys, this means you can use them in the bath, in a powerful spa or in the shower without being scared that they will break!  They are made from a pure silky smooth silicone. Most Joy N’ More sex toys come with a wireless remote control versions. So you or your sexual partner can control the various speeds and functions with a click of the button which will help increase your intimacy. The Joy N’ More Collection is rechargeable, seamless, FDA approved using medical grade silicone with very powerful, strong silent motors and an astonishing 8 wild vibration modes. Just think of the most gorgeous, fully innovative sex toy using the latest technology! It will definitely heighten your sexual experience and provide a way to reach many orgasms over your lifetime.

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  1. Rechargeable:  The rechargeable feature extends the run time and saves you money on batteries.  Most importantly it is environmentally friendly by keeping batteries out of industrial dumps.  The lithium batteries can last up to 6 hours per charge ensuring that you will never be left high and dry. 6 hours of battery life will last you so many sexual sessions you will be crying with joy! Having no batteries means that you have to interchange means that your device will not leak battery fluid and it will be much more quiet then any other sex toy on the market today.
  2. Waterproof: The self sealing recharge point make Joy N’ More vibrators virtually seamless and 100% waterproof.  In a bath or a shower explore the unique sensual contours and shapes and it also makes it a breeze to clean.  No more worrying about nasty bacteria hidden in seams. You can take the sex toys almost anywhere and not be scared of getting them damaged.
  3. Silicone:  100% Medical Grade Soft Silicone, phthalate free ensures it is safe to insert into the human body, making it a healthy and sexy life style piece. Medical grade silicone does not absorb bacteria, and due to the nature of the material, bacteria cannot breed on it’s surface. Meaning that with a simple clean and wipe with low grade soap that the surface of the toy will be pristine and clean. Take care of your toy and your toy will take care of you.
  4. Strong and Quiet:  Each Joy N’ More vibrator comes with a powerful and quiet vibration motor designed to be nearly inaudible.  Make sure you make your play private – with no annoying and embarrassing buzzing sounds. This is partly due to the quality of the motor, and partly due to the thickness of the silicone and its softness. No one will be able to hear your sex toys so you can have private sessions all to yourself!
  5. Vibration Modes:  For those that want to experience and unique playtime each time and designed to cater for your mood at the time there are 8 ‘wild’ vibrations modes easily switched and controlled with a single button. Let your partner control the buttons to, for some seriously passionate fun.
  6. Elegant Packaging: All Joy N’ More are presented in a special gift box for those wishing to spoil their partner/s with the ultimate present.  Each luxuriously designed gift box contains a travel pouch, charging base and cords, user manual and catalogue. The collection will contain everything you need to get it up and working. Place your sex toy back in its travel pouch to keep it free from rubbing against other products.

It is important to check out the Joy N’ More Collection of products as their are several in the range all with different functions and focuses. There are several within the Joy N’ More range which range from insertables, eggs, and remote control toys. The product line is one of our most loved collections. Joy N’ More provides a quality range that is highly affordable and takes almost everyone of your wants into account. Make sure you store your sex toys safely, clean them with anti-bacterial spray and use a water-based lubricant to protect your sex toys from degrading.



Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

The Good Girl

Women in Bed

Looking through the morning light, peeking through the curtains with the pleasurable sensation of being fully serviced by his lover.  Increasing pressures at the office, there was no better way than with her mouth engulfing his growing cock.  She loved it this way and often woke herself up before him, to play with her sex toys and then to explore his manhood orally and for him much better than an alarm.  She was such a good girl to him and he treasured her so.

Throatily he groaned, signalling his imminent ejaculation, she moved up to let him finger her wet cunt.  Oh she got so wet, he loved finger fucking her with one, then two, finally three fingers, and when she was totally involved in the moment fisting her.  She moaned over his thickening shaft, swirling her tongue around it as took him deeper and deeper until managing to deep throat him, gagging as it went deep past the gag reflex.  She devoured his cock polishing with her tongue her saliva dribbling down the shaft and then she would deep-throat him again, sucking up all the excess juices and starting all over again.

He thought to himself how lucky am I to have such a good girl like this.   His cock was now throbbing and the pressure to ejaculate was starting to grow in his balls.   He moaned deeply and said, I’m about to cum.”


Couple in Bed Photo
Photo: Couple in Bed


She smiled and nodded encouragement stroking his strong erect cock vigorously as he started to spurt. She placed her cock just above his mouth catching his jism in and around that glorious mouth.  He was in the throws of gushing semen all over her face and it was dribbling down her chin and dropping onto her breast.  When he had finished she set about wiping up all his thick white cum an like a child getting the spoon mother had just made cake with ceremoniously, looking him in the eye gobbled it all up.

When she was done she asked him whether he was all spent and he let her know he was just getting started.

Moving his fingers inside her wetness, her twisted his hand so he could thumb her swollen clit, four fingers inside and one manipulating that beautiful hooded clitoris she had,  She moaned and he smiled thinking what a good girl she was as she was always turned on and it took nothing to make her cum.  Often she would cum whilst giving him a blow-job but as he manipulated her pussy the wetness became a flow and she began to start spurting her cum.  He loved this and as often he did, he put his face toward her gushing cunt.  He knew this drover her crazy and her gush became an ocean as she blew all over his face.

He loved the feeling of her gushing over his face. His erection, now so hard and erect was throbbing once again, and after she stopped spurting rose and she took it orally in a slow, deliberate, sensual way…teasing and pleasing  him.  Never did she remove her mouth from him, just as she had had the last spasm of female jism.  His lover might open her mouth and lick his shaft, slide down and lick or suck his balls, but never would she stop.

He sighed ‘God you are such a good girl’.

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Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.

10 Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever Used

Enjoying the Party

So you may ask what are the worst pick up lines ever used.  Well here I think we come pretty close to compiling that list.   How people could be so stupid to use them defies belief and what is even more terrible is that sometimes they work! Why? Well it’s about hitting the right tone, with just the right amount of playful cheek – it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of the confident arrogance needed to pull them off as well.  Have a little bit of a laugh and feel embarrassed for these lame ducks that use them.  But please DO NOT try them yourself as it is likely that you may end up with a drink in your face and no-one to keep you company. Or better yet try them out and see how long you can last and whether you can luck it out.

  1. Do you like to dance? Good, then go dance so I can talk to your hot friend.
  2. I have a dictionary in my pants. Let’s say we go back to your house and put some words in your mouth.
  3. Wanna do a ’68? You go down on me and I’ll owe you one.
  4. You might as well just sleep with me, because I’m going to tell everyone you did.
  5. There are 216 bones in the human body… Would you like 217?
  6. Corny Pick Up Lines
  7. Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?
  8. Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
  9. Nice legs… What time do they open?
  10. It must be raining outside… Cause the heavens must be crying as they are missing an angel.


So what do you think? Maybe you can twist them into something amazing and worthwhile! Or you’ll remember them when you are drunk and say them to the wrong person. Were they the lamest?  Do you have any better or even worse?  I would love to hear from you with the worst pick up lines you have heard used.  Better still what are the best pick up lines ever used?  The ones that actually are almost fail safe and will get that girl or gal to ride home with you.  Sometimes it is charm that works but more often it is the gift of the gab and those funny one liners people use that endear them to us.

Valeriu is the web master, administrator and programmer for adultsmart and its blog. Having worked for Google in a high pressure environment for many years he fitted in immediately with the health and sexuality industry and is a valued member of our team.