Gay Marriage Myths

Traditional Gay Marriage

For whatever reason Gay Marriage is constantly coming under fire. Despite the heartfelt protestations that legalising gay marriage will disrupt the world and the way we live and result in a catastrophic social – it simply hasn’t happened. Since the early 2000’s Gay Marriage has become legalised in various countries across the world and there still hasn’t been a catastrophic break down of any kind. The majority of arguments towards same sex marriage have no basis on real life events. These include the idea of it being unnatural, despite recorded events within nature that demonstrate the homosexual tendencies between seem animals.


Gay Relationship Dog Walking


The idea that marriage is for procreation only. Which is kind of hilarious when you consider the amount of ‘bastard’ children out there and when being a ‘bastard’ was considered to be a big deal. Nowadays this is not even remotely, an issue. Further, even if you consider the literary works of Jane Austen, where some of the couples were barren and could not have children, you quickly find that the argument for this falls rather flat on its face.

That gay marriage is a threat to the sanctity of marriage is another common argument. However, whilst I do agree that some view marriage as a sacred covenant with divorce rates higher than they’ve ever been and steadily increasing, it’s hard to apply this argument to the majority of people. It’s similar to the it’ll harm the children argument, whereby  a lot of failed relationships do try and stick together for the children and at least have an amicable relationship , there are a lot of people out there who can’t. the research on the benefits of having both a mother and a father in a child’s life is varied, however how can you deny a child two loving parents as opposed to one struggling to make ends meet because they’re a single parent with kids. That’s  not to put single parent families in a bad light, not in the slightest, but in order to put forward the argument that kids are suffering you need to have a look at all relationship types. My argument here is that it’s not necessarily about the family type that it is, across cultures and across households there are a myriad of different family types out there. I am simply suggesting that it is the love, support and care provided by the household and the family unit which go a long way in the healthy development of a child.

For all or you out there that have been under fire because you support or want same sex marriage.  Here are some great and humorous comebacks.

  • ‘Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine!’
  • ‘Even if being gay was a choice.  So what!  Many heterosexual people choose to be assholes yet they can also choose to get married.’
  • ‘Jesus used to hang out with 12 guys and a prostitute.  He was more like me than you.’
  • ‘All you heterosexuals out there.  We want the opportunity to be miserable too.’
  • ‘You may be denying me the right to marriage but I still get more (dick/pussy) than you’.
  • ‘Three words that may alleviate the GFC.  Gay Bridal Registers’.
  • ‘If Liza Minelli could marry two gay men, why can’t I marry just one?’
  • ‘If you don’t like Gay Marriage blame the straight couples out there.  They keep having gay babies.’

Four gay marriage myths busted:

  1. Different things are more critical: Who could contend that a wedding is more critical than what number of dollars, weapons and Border Force faculty Australia has? In any case, what this rationale neglects to recognize (aside from the significance of affection and stuff), is that legislative issues and parliaments routinely manage more than one issue at once. At a standard single gathering room meeting, MPs effortlessly consider more than 10 bills. What’s more, numerous, various bills precede both chambers and get voted on in a solitary day of Parliament. It’s called power strolling and biting without sugar gum in the meantime.
  2. Same-sex marriage is a corner issue: Information discharged for the current week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics demonstrates that 3 for each penny of Australia’s grown-up populace, or about a large portion of a million people, recognize as gay, lesbian, swinger or another sexual introduction other than hetero. So this is not an issue that influences anyplace almost a larger part of the populace specifically. Be that as it may, these a large portion of a million people have family and companions who additionally have a stake in it. Also, this contention disregards the overviews that more than once put support for same-sex marriage in the general group well over the 50 for every penny mark. Be that as it may, since when was legislative issues pretty much what suited the lion’s share? Legislative issues – especially in a vote based system – is more nuanced than that. Also, can extend to delivering rights and advance for minorities.
  3. It would be excessively bizarre for the administration, making it impossible to consider a private part’s bill: While it is unquestionably not de rigueur for the legislature of the day to consider any odd bill that a private part (non-frontbench MP) may deliver, it is not unthinkable or unbelievable. Indeed, even on enormous changes. The lifting of the RU486 boycott was set up by a cross-party private part’s bill in 2006. In the 1920s mandatory voting (necessary voting!) was presented by means of a private part’s number. A vital specialized note here is that the PM himself said any same-sex bill before Parliament ought to be a cross-party one. On the off chance that an administration frontbencher is not going to support it (which can’t happen, given the Liberal Party’s approach), then by definition it must be a private part’s bill.
  4. Shouldn’t something be said about the children? A typical center of the same-sex marriage rivals – especially the Australian Christian Lobby – is the offspring of gay couples. In any case, while individuals can contend that youngsters require a father and a mum, same-sex couples are as of now permitted to have their own kids. In the 2011 Census, 10 for every penny of same-sex couples had kids living with them. That stallion has shot. All the more essentially, concentrates additionally demonstrate that children brought up in same-sex families are growing fine and dandy – now and then far superior to their heterosexually parented associates. As Australia methodologies a vote on same-sex marriage, hope to hear increasingly contentions regarding why it ought not happen (like, what will Asia think!?) as adversaries acknowledge there is a genuine prospect it will.

Mature Gay Men Psychology

Mature Gay Men Relationship Winery

Elderly gay men are the sexual minority. More seasoned men have carried on with an altogether different lifestyle with their much more youthful partners. At the point when gay men in their fifties and sixties were in their childhood, being transparently gay was disliked, HIV was widespread and forbidden, and sexual segregation was ordinary. Today, there is a much more extensive acknowledgment of and openness inside the gay group. As individuals age, they regularly manage declining well-being, passing, misfortune and money related instability. These variables can significantly affect their mental prosperity. In any case, for maturing gay men, the additional stressor’s that they persisted amid their lifetimes can worsen these issues. Richard G. Wight, Ph.D., of the Department of Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, as of late drove a study intended to recognize the components that most impact the mental and physical strength of maturing more established gay men.


Mature Gay Technology

For his study, Wight investigated information from one of the biggest HIV/AIDS ponders in the United States, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study. The 202 members extended in age from 44 to 75 years and finished reviews that asked about particular minority stress-related elements that influenced them. Wight found that the men agonized over a portion of the same issues as hetero men, for example, monetary freedom and physical well-being. In any case, there was an immediate connection between being gay and discouragement. Wight said, “Saw gay-related disgrace seems to have lessened constructive effect and to have increased depressive side effects, and over the top experience of HIV deprivations may have intensified the experience of depressive indications.” Wight found, in any case, that the passionate backing that the gay men had through individual connections shielded them somewhat from sorrow.

Like different discoveries, the consequences of this concentrate additionally demonstrated that the gay men who were in dedicated connections had the most abnormal amounts of mental well-being. Since same-sex marriage has as of late gotten to be legitimate in more states, Wight trusts that further research ought to be directed analyzing the constructive outcomes of marriage on gay men. Moreover, that examination ought to investigate other mental conditions, for example, substance use and nervousness, as results in this section of the populace. Even though mental health is a current issue within the gay community.

In the modern times of the 21st century, being gay is accepted around the country. Thankfully, mental health in the gay community is at an all time high. Below I have included why aged senior men make good partners:

  • Experience: from the room to the meeting room, more seasoned folks normally, however not generally, have a superior feeling of what’s going on. Furthermore, will be glad to impart it to somebody more youthful/not aware of present circumstances.
  • Conclusiveness: After a specific age, a man typically comprehends what he needs or doesn’t need and isn’t reluctant to vocalize that. Possibly this is on account of we understand we don’t have all the time on the planet and would prefer not to waste it being dubious.
  • Developed physicality: I’m continually flabbergasted that there’s such a large number of more youthful men who are physically keen on a more develop body, whether it be for the hair, the salt and pepper shading, a paunch, those recognizing lines in the face — whatever it might be, there are more youthful folks who particularly search for those qualities.
  • Cash: Let’s face it, a few children are gold diggers. Some more established individuals are, as well! A more seasoned person will probably be more settled, and a full grown association with funds can be a grapple amid those anxious days of youth. For my situation, I generally let them know I’m a without sugar daddy.
  • Mentorship: A considerable measure of young fellows are at a misfortune as far as occupation and instructive counsel. They’re not getting it from home and they’re not getting it from the way of life. A significant number of them may have keep running up against a homophobic block divider and have no clue how to approach their future. More seasoned gay men have as of now been through this and can give some direction and point of view.


Guide to Gay Sauna’s and Sex

Man Naked in Hotel

Any gay bath house or sauna may be a private club where gay, lesbians and also the bi-sexual men normally come to relax their body and mind. Here they come to enjoy their private moments with their dear one. It is actually a romantic place for the gay people to love as well as to feel the body of each other.  Most equipment sometimes holds the weather of the room, showers, steam as well as vapor bathroom facilities, hot tubs in addition to personal cubicles wherever sex will happen totally free of the hassles on the outside world. Gay Spa conjointly often called steam bathing pools are organization bathhouses with regard to men to get sex using different guys. In gay and lesbian slang using some regions most of these venues are likewise legendary colloquially as the baths, or the Sauna or the gay tubs, as well as is probably not confused using public bathing.


Gay Sauns Bath House Sex


A Gay sauna usually are open twenty-four hours every day, seven days per week. There’s normally one entrance door alongside with an exit. When paying at most entrance, the client buzzes over the main entrance. This approach permits establishments to monitor potential troublemakers; several bathhouses don’t allow entry to people that are noticeably intoxicated, additionally on becoming famous prostitutes. In certain areas, appreciably wherever homosexuals usually are unlawful, regarded immorality, or even viewed having hostility, this is sometimes a necessary protection precaution. Most of the gay sauna guests do you have for the main one reason in support of one explanation: to have sex with another person.

Gay saunas fluctuate significantly in size and amenities—from little institutions along with ten or perhaps twenty rooms and several of lockers intended for multi-story saunas having a spread regarding room types or measurements and a number of other steam bath, bathing tub tubs, and typically private pools. Most employ a steam room (or drenched sauna), dry out sauna, showers, lockers, as well as also the little non-public areas. Now many saunas are multi-story saunas using a spread relating to room varieties or sizes and multiple steam bath, bathing container tubs, along with pools. The majority of gay saunas though, provide plenty of additional options to be one step ahead of the competition with things like themed rooms, suckatauriums, glory holes and so on. Even vapor space steam rooms.

A gay sauna is an awesome place where you will get all the private facilities. You will also get your own personal room locker  where you will store all your possession but usually will have all essential equipment required in that bath house and will usually include a clean towel and condoms. Your private things will be separated from the other person. You will be able to enjoy the private moment with your loved one. Most gay saunas even though, provide plenty additional. In a really regular vapor room, be prepared to find, on prime on the room, shower and also finish some sort of steam area mentioned higher than, lockable cabins, a dark room, some sort of vapor bath tub, some possibility to get a drink, some sort of TV lay associate stage a back button rated relocating picture lay.

In some sort of steam room which has everything, you’ll detect, on top these things in the list above: cruising labyrinths, lazaretto cabins, sling log cabin, a Jacuzzi, some sort of pool, health club, massage schools, sun sun tanning studio, net access, beauty parlor, sun sun tanning deck, infrared sweat, and the like. It will depend on what the owner is in a position to supply. As gay sex is not so accepted in some areas, and due to this reason many people do not know much about things which are related to gay sex at a gay sauna! A Gay Sauna is one of the elements which is popular among the Gay Community!

What Types of Men Normally Go To The Gay Sauna?

This bath house is actually used by all types of  men. They can be old or young, rich or poor, straight or gay. Every gay man loves to spend romantic time with their partners and often to add a bit of variety will change it up in a gay bath house. You may think a gay sauna is some kind of horror movie but in fact it is not. There are a lot of horror stories which are related to gay sauna’s but most of them are purely myths! But due to this reason sometimes  normal visitors  come to watch people participating in gay bath houses just to see for themselves how it actually is! That is nothing wrong with taking some experiences from a gay bath house. But actually it is a very popular place for gay men and in most of the cases they would love to spend the night with you or your gay partner at the sauna!

Gay sauna’s are very popular among the gay men. But if you are not gay or have ever wondered what it would be like to be with a gay man but have never experienced gay sex then here you can easily get both.  There they want to experience  gay sex in that gay bath house with men that they otherwise do not know or have a relationship with! Gay saunas are still used by men who have sexual intercourse with other men but this does not necessarily mean that they are gay or as bisexual, as together with the gay men are the closeted ones that still enjoy back room and sauna fun.

Do You Want To Know The Best Time To Come Gay Sauna?

If you want to visit a gay sauna then you need to  know the best time to go here! The night is the best time as this is when gay people really start to enjoy themselves and loosen up so that they will be more willing to accept the body of each other. At that time the gay bath house is usually decorated nicely so that the people there can feel relaxed and make them more romantic and excited to enjoy the body of each other! But if you are a straight visitor then you need to come in the daytime because it is the perfect time for you to see the gay sauna at your leisure without feeling pressured or nervous. A lot of gay saunas are open twenty-four hours every day as there is no specific time that men want to enjoy using one – however weekend and nights tend to be busier times.

The Gay sauna is very popular for casual gay sex. Gay people love to spend their night in the gay sauna often with many men! It is a place of pick up and cruising for gay people. If you are  a gay man, and have not experienced your romantic night in the gay bath house then this is the perfect time for you. So do not wait to take this awesome experience of love. Come with by yourself or with your partner to enjoy gay sex! If you have not ever been to a gay sauna and have the desire to experience it – go to a top class one first and enjoy the experience.  These are Facts About Gay Sauna’s that you should know before you go.

If you are attending a gay sauna be willing to find the best room for you, always remember cleanliness is next to godliness and shower before getting into the steam room or spa. You may also get a lockable room to take our partner in and have sex with him and these are usually dim rooms with a small bed should you require privacy.  Many sauna’s have a bar where you can secure a beverage and sit down with others and watch some televisions or even pornographic movies.  If a sauna is well equipped and has a bar often there will also be a stage.


Why Gay Men Are A Women’s Best-friend

Womens Friendship with Gay Men

Gay men are not like ordinary men. They are men that fall in love with another man, not a woman.  But it is true that if you are a woman, then a gay man can be your best friend. In this article we will explain to you why gay men are a women’s best-friend. You will never get sexually harassed from your gay friend. He will just treat you like a sister or a platonic friend and he will never do anything which may cause you harm or alarm. So it is a fact that gay men are real men that can really be  good friends with women unlike most straight men!  At the end of the day, both women and gay men share a lot of similarities, needs and wants which can be understood in this quote by C.S.Lewis:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S.Lewis


Will & Grace Gay Friendship

Things are not same for  a straight man! A straight man may face a problem if he wants to be friends with a gay man. Though the gay man may have no interest in a women he may have a lot of interest in a man who wants to be his friend. Gay men fall in love with other men. They feel a great attraction and want to spend time with other men. So although a Why Gay Men Are A Women’s Best-friend may be perfect to befriend a woman a friendship or relationship between a straight man and a gay man may end in tears! Generally gay men are more sensitive and in tune with their emotions.  Gay men are a women’s best-friend because they will not fall in love with every man. They may fall in love with just only one man and want to spend his whole life with one person but generally this is not the case as often gay men like to party and play around more.  It is difficult to find an long term and loving monogamous gay relationship. because there are a lot of gay people who play the field

Why gay men are a women’s best-friend actually offer a free minded and open relationship with a woman where a woman can be herself without the pretenses associated with a hetero friendship. Most women will trust a gay man as they are really gentleman who are in touch with their feminine side, they know how to have fun and party. They will never cheat on the girl and can easily become besties as the gay man will be free to open up also to the woman about his feelings. The outer beauty of a woman has never attracted a gay man – it is the beauty within.  A gay man and woman will be able to open up and show their true personalities without fear of reprimand.  A straight man will often want to flirt with a woman destroying the trust and openness, whereas when the gay man will flirt with a woman it is treated in jest. You will often be able to share your true feelings with a gay friend.

Problems arise with women that want to be friend with other women.  Quite often they become competitive and so a true and open friendship will never come to fruition.  Whether it be who can succeed in getting a man, who has the best clothes women not only are competitive but sometimes also become bitchy towards each other.  This competitiveness does not arise with a gay man so a truer and deeper friendship can evolve.

Gay men often are the perfect gentleman.with enermous amounts of character You will get the proof of their politeness in their behavior and you will love to be with a gay man as your best friend. Make good your relationship with your gay friend, you will feel the difference in having a gay person as your best friend, they are much more helpful and kind and will really be a good friend! You can find gay men only through friendship sites like RSVP. Women and gay-men can have a lot of fun together, in an open and inviting friendship that can last a lifetime with memories that you can share forever.

Guide to a Gay Orgy Party

Safety at Gay Orgy Events

Most of us find out about sex parties or orgies by speaking to someone who has already been to one. Though luckily, we have written you a Guide to a Gay Orgy Party to take away some of your anxious thoughts. When you think gay orgy party, you think of all the hot men from your wildest dreams. You might be personally invited or added to an email list. Some online sex sites have sections devoted to helping organize sex parties. Parties can be located in someone’s house or apartment, hotel rooms or a bathhouse. Events that take place in a private residence might include dinner and conversation to start the evening, or maybe even some lounging around the pool. Private orgy parties, truly need to have large amounts of arranging and planning. There might be introductions, ice breakers to get people comfortable, and a discussion of ground rules. Depending on the size of the event, there might be multiple rooms, each differently themed. There may also be non-sexual areas if you want to take a break.

If your new to orgy parties, the sheer amount of individuals in the room can be excessive if people are trying to gain access to the same individual, though it is extremely fun. Logistics makes the event unusual. It will be a cluster of scattered couples blended in with a periodic trio or foursome. Anything greater than that has a tendency to wind up a clutter of “Alright, is it okay on the off chance that I put my foot here? Who am I inclining toward? I can’t see what I’m doing…”  You need to consider for space, pads and covers, you need to watch your toys and things to ensure everything’s perfect and don’t discover their way into the couple alongside you. It’s by and large best to let everybody bring their own sex-toys, they can even bring their own bondage equipment. If your nervous, try to focus to incline toward littler, more close parties. In the event that you have one accomplice, you can concentrate on them and have a fantastic time. Remember to clean your own equipment if you are using it on a new sexual partner.

Some events are ‘safer sex only’ parties. Where normally the host of the party asks all people who are going to the party to bring a recent medical certificate that confirms they do not have underlying transmittable medical condition or std. Others events may leave it up to you to decide. There are bareback parties where guys engage in unprotected anal sex which is also known as raw anal sex. Check with the host in advance to know what type of party you’re going to and what you should bring with you to make the experience more comfortable and fun. You can even think about wearing your own type of lingerie so people know who you are.


Safety Tips for Gay Orgy
Photo: Guide to a Gay Orgy Party


Sometimes, you can find yourself at a party with bareback sex. Bareback sex is sexual engagement, with sexual infiltration, without the utilization of a condom. A slang term, bareback sex originates from the equestrian term bareback, which alludes to the act of riding a steed without a seat. It in this way has the implication of being adventurous, risky, and fun. Bare-backing generally alludes to the choice and planned decision to not wear condoms during sex. If you arrive at a bareback party but weren’t expecting it to be one, don’t feel pressured to participate. If you’re going to a bareback party, check it out  for more information and be sure that your health checks are up to date, and do not feel pressured to have unprotected sex with anyone that you do not wish to. At the end of the day, it would be far better to get kicked out of a party than to risk your health and well-being.

Some of us like to have one-on-one sex, some of us like to have orgy group sex, and some of us like to have sex in front of other people. You can choose to keep your self safer if you choose to only participate with individuals you know. Sometimes there is also a lack of somebody you scarcely know; especially if it is your first time.

Sex parties can be a lot of fun but can also present particular risks. It can be difficult to keep track of what is going on when there’s a group of guys having sex around you. If you’re a top, make sure to change the condom with each different person that you fuck. If you’re the bottom, please be aware that you should ensure that the person you are engaging with sexual relations with also has changed their condom to a new one when they are with you as some people are not aware that they need to. Periodically check, with your hand, to make sure that guys are using condoms. When you are ejaculating it may be a good idea to pull out to lower the risk of spillage. After pulling out when your ejaculating, it is important to put on another new condom. Additionally, if the condom cracks or tears or breaks, change your condom straight away to a new one. If you’re having oral sex (sucking cock) with a lot of guys, avoid deep throating as this increases your risk of getting certain STD’s – like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Alternatively, feel free to bring along some flavoured condoms so you can give head safely.





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