How to Increase Your Penis Size

Does Size Matter

The penis is the key to your sexual intercourse performance. But many people feel inadequate due to their small penis or from having a small penis syndrome. Due to this they often fail to enjoy their sexual moments and by doing so also fail to satisfy their partner. This article will describe how to increase your penis size. But there are also many methods that are painful and even dangerous. Because of many old wives tails and urban myths about injuries caused by men attempting to get bigger penises some are scared but this not need be the case. If you are one of the man men who want to increase the size of their penis, then you need not worry about that. You can use a penis extender, which is actually a wonderful solution to lengthen the penis by extending it without any pain. This method is known as the traction or extending method.

Sex has much importance for the people whether they are men as well as women. For men, there are huge ranges of adult toys available by which they can feel the extreme sexual enjoyments along with their intimate partner according to specific sexual needs and requirements. Thus, it can be said that sex toys are a great way to add an element of erotic excitement to your sex life. In this modern age, we have broken up the tradition rules of sex that they have been following for many years. Now, they want to enjoy their sexual life in a more pleasurable way with great happiness.

List of penis enlargement methods

The penis enlargement methods listed below includes:

  • Penis Extenders
  • Penis Pumps
  • Cock Rings
  • Viagra & Herbal Pills
  • Jelqing

Penis Extenders

Penis Extender Kit
Image: Andropenis Extender Kit

It can be a user friendly method but does take time. It is a method where you have to wear the extender device for at least 23 hours each day and for optimum results for a 3 month period   Using this method will allow your penis to grow up to 3 inches in length and the results are permanent.  But in the case you wear any forms of skin tight or restricted jeans then there exists a possibility that people will notice it, otherwise not. Generally they carry a superb changeable fit which benefits stretched male body lengths up to three inches or more. It isn’t a matter that what is the dimensions of your male member. You can use this easily as well as you need not to worry about the fitness. It will fit you perfectly. If you are really thinking about to increase the dimensions of your penis then you should begin to use this male member extender today! It is just a painless technique to increase the dimensions of the male member and for this reason many people wish to use this proven product. Penis size can be a big matter for your sexual existence. So enhance your penis as well as also get ready to find the perfect pleasure of sex with your larger penis.Get ready to help feel proud with your own penis.

The process of traction just isn’t a new idea, as the doctors normally use the same process of the widening of the limbs as well as digits. This process is also noticed to use in a variety of countries. Most people get the positive results of traction procedure. It is really helpful for the natural growth of your penis. The natural growth potential of the body is actually harnessed which is not forced to perform virtually any action that it doesn’t normally carry out. The innovation of Male Edge has had a well thoroughly tested method along with applied this to penis enhancement, in your comfort along with privacy. No one ever be able to know that you are actually any tricks to make your penis larger and stronger. So try the painless method and make you much more sexy with your strong penis.

Penis Pumps

LA Pump Penis Pump SetAnother method is the vacuum system generally referred to as penis pumps.  A penis pump is one of the oldest methods for penis  enlargement and has been used for over a century. A penis pump is said to make the sex organ of the male become greater in size. Without a doubt penis pumps, can give you and your partner more delight sexually. In a few occasions that the span of the penis is not typical, this pumping gadget can be of extraordinary help. It helps in keeping up a decently hard penis and it is in the meantime intended to make the penis look greater and will help enhance your sex life.

A cylinder that is fitted over the penis. The penis pump is controlled by the vacuum with a manual or motorized pump is used to create suction. When weight is connected it makes vacuum to evacuate overabundance air and to permit enough blood stream to the penis. Another way of putting it, is that it creates a partial vacuum around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, helping it to become engorged. This methodology fortify the development of the penile tissue in this way makes the penis get to be bigger and more. Simply be cautious in utilizing the gadget and ensure that appropriate vacuum is made so the penile tissues will grow completely.   This is then clamped off with a cock ring to ensure that the erection is maintained and then the cylinder is removed.

The gadget when legitimately utilized adds more size to the penis and helps the organ pick up length and also erectile elements. This, obviously includes more fulfillment for you and your accomplice amid sexual action.There are a wide variety of pumps on the market and some of the more popular brands are Hydromax Bathmate or LA Pumping System even Dr Joel Kaplan has a variety of penis pumps Although the results are  not permanent they are instantaneous and the longer you use these devices the better the results that you can achieve to increase your penis size.

Penis pumps, usually described in this context as vacuum pumping systems such as the LA PUMP, have been used in the alleviation of impotence and have been used for post prostate surgery and as such is  used as medical apparatus or recommended by physicians. The purpose is not to cure the condition, but to attain an erection by the vacuum system even if there is nerve and vascular damage preventing a full natural erection; once the penis is erect, a compression ring is slid on to maintain the erection which will otherwise subside immediately. Be careful though, as the vacuum increases, the difference between the inner blood pressure and the pump pressure increases as well; excessive pressure can cause vascular damage rather than a harder penis. Use the simple rule of that if you feel discomfort, then to remove it. Massage the penis between your thumb, and forefinger and a gently clenched fist for a good five minutes.

A personal lubricant of a type not harmful to the ring material is used, this is generally a thick water based lubricant, which primarily serves to make a good seal at the base of the pump to prevent air leakage, in the same way that vacuum grease is used with a laboratory vacuum pump. It also makes it easier to slide the ring off the cylinder, and later to remove the ring. Pumping must be done very carefully to avoid serious injury: over-enthusiastic pumping can burst blood vessels and form blisters. Caution should be used whilst pumping to not over decompress the chamber as extreme misuse have resulted in severe injuries because the suction is far too powerful.

Pumps used with rings are virtually always effective, as they operate by a simple mechanical process, even when pharmaceutical methods fail.  Pumps only give short term enlargement and like a bodybuilder when the organ is not pumped for an extended period of time the penis will revert back to its original size.   Use of a trusted pump like the LA Pump or Handsome Up pump is an economical, safe and trusted way to achieve growth.

Cock Rings

Sensuelle Vibrating Cock Ring
Buy Now | Cock rings for penis enlargement

Cock rings are worn at the base of the penis, behind the scrotum. Cock ring’s are helpful to maintain your erection for a long-period of time. Some males use to wear around the cock’s shaft only. It is easier to wear it when the penis is not fully erect. You can trim your hair around your penis or scrotum to overcome the likelihood of catching hair in rings or snaps. It is also recommended that it should not be worn for the longer duration of time if you don’t feel comfortable. If you are first-time user of cock ring, you should try to wear it for a short interval of time like 5 minutes or 10 minutes so that you could be comfortable to wear it and enjoy the erotic stimulation.

There are various kinds of cock ring available for men in these days. You should always try to buy branded and quality toys that are usually made with health & skin-friendly medical-grade materials. Due to immense popularity of such kinds of product, there are huge amount of replicas available. Qualities of these replicas are worst, which can harmful for your skin and health. That is the reason for buying these stuffs from a prominent adult store of Australia, which have made well-reputation over the time. Adult Smart is one of the most reputed online adult stores, where you can buy quality and genuine cock rings of prestigious brands.

Being a premiere online sex shop of Australia, Adult Smart has varieties of cock rings and any men can buy them according to their specific needs and requirements that too within your financial limit. We have versatile range of cock rings in terms of various, shapes, sizes and colors among which you can choose the custom one according to your special interests and choices. To buy an adult novelty, it is important that you got the latest product to enjoy the most sensational erotic pleasures. You can fulfill your desire regarding it at this premiere adult store of Australia. Browse Cock Ring section at this store and find the most suitable ring by which you could feel extreme stimulation according to your sexual needs and requirements. Thus, you can fulfill your intense erotic desire using various kinds of cock rings.

Cock rings are the one of the most popular toys for men in these days. There are various types of cock rings available in the market. Have a look on some of them:

Vibrating Cock Ring

If you have never used sex toys and going to use them for the first time in your life, a vibrating cock ring would be the perfect option to start your fun along with your partner. This ring is worn around the base of the penis. Hence, you and your intimate partner can experience the feelings of tickling sensations using ring’s vibration. There are water-proof cock rings also, which are rechargeable and can run up to 1.5 hours. It supports multi-speed vibrations so that you can setup a particular speed to feel the tickling sensations as per your sexual needs and requirements. You can increase or decrease the vibration speed as per your requirements.

Genuine Leather and Metal Weighted Cock Ring

As its name suggests, it is made of sleek and smooth surgical steel and ultra-soft genuine and comfortable soft leathers. It is light-weighted and strong, includes with ball-dividing strap and cock ring. It provides you the amazed tickling sensation that you will not able to explain them literally in some words. If you buy it at a paramount online adult store in Australia, Adult Smart, you’ll get them at one of the best marketing prices.

Viagra & Herbal Pills

The penis enlargement pills are made from different kind of herbal extracts which are useful in maintaining the overall hormonal balance of your body. These pills work out by improving the blood flow in your organ and these are among the best penis enlargement methods available nowadays. In short this technique helps in supplying blood to the constricted tissues of your organ thus initiating the augmentation process. Most of the best penis enlargement pills contain natural extracts have different constituents.


Jelqing penis exercises use a milking motion to push blood from the base to the head of your penis. This technique appears safer than other methods and it can be effective at increasing penis size. For more information be sure to read the jelqing and clamping guide.

Top 10 Gay Destinations Worldwide

Cape Town Gay Destination

What are the top gay destinations in the world and why?  Most LGTBQIA+ people love to travel and when traveling like a mix of partying and sightseeing.  Here are some of the top 10 gay destinations worldwide.

San Francisco USA

Pride Week is capped by the often-outrageous ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade’ – where half a million people party in the street on the last Sunday in June. Also in June is the long-running queer film festival.

Sydney, Australia

Hey, in Sydney gay is the new straight. Sydney has an amazing gay community and lesbian culture that are a vocal, vital, well-organized and colorful part of Sydney’s social fabric. Host of the 2002 Gay Games, Sydney also plays host to Australia’s biggest annual tourist event – the Mardi Gras. The joy-filled hedonism-meets-political-protest parade is attended by more than half a million people. Beach life also reigns here, so boys should buff up before hitting the sand. There is even a large selection of LGBTQIA+ nightclubbing venues and dating apps to choose from!

Brighton, England

Perhaps it’s Brighton’s long-time association with the theatre, but for more than 100 years the city has been a gay haven. The vibrant queer community is made-up of 40,000 residents – almost a quarter of the total population. Kemptown (aka Camptown) is where it’s all at, with a rank of gay-owned bars, hotels, cafés, bookshops and saunas. There’s even a ‘Gay’s the Word’ walking tour.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Touted as the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, partisan estimates put the proportion of gay and lesbian people in Amsterdam at 20% to 30%. Though the figures are probably exaggerated, there’s no underestimating the number of venues for gays and lesbians. There are more than 100 bars and nightclubs, gay hotels, bookshops, sport clubs, choirs and support services. Amsterdam hosts the only water-borne gay-pride parade in the world, held on the canals on the first Saturday in August.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s legendary liberalism has spawned one of the world’s biggest gay and lesbian scenes. Openly gay mayor Klaus Wowereit outed himself with the now-popular words: ‘I’m gay, and that’s a good thing’. As befits Berlin’s decentralised nature, the city has no dedicated gay ghetto although it contains a number of established scenes. Huge crowds turn out in early June for Schwul-Lesbisches Strassenfest (Gay-Lesbian Street Fair), which is basically a warm-up for Christopher Street Day later that month.

Cape Town, South Africa

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world:- ‘heaven at the tip of Africa’ and voted as one of the top Gay travel destinations, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with beautiful people, breathtaking scenery and far too much to see and do in just one visit.

The world famous picture postcard Table Mountain, fine gay accommodation, white sandy beaches, lush countryside, arid plains, game reserves and just about anything else you could imagine discovering in paradise. Including an exciting gay scene. No wonder most visitors return year after year!

Capetonians’ easy-going attitude, together with the new liberal South African Constitution which safeguards gay rights, make Cape Town an extremely gay-friendly city. Today Cape Town has a huge per capita gay population and boasts possibly the most developed gay community on the African continent. Over and above its stunning natural scenery and superb beaches, Cape Town has over 100 gay venues, which includes clubs, bars, businesses and organizations, making it South Africa’s undisputed queer capital.

New York City, USA

New York’s Chelsea and Greenwich Village are synonymous with gay life, possessing a thriving out-there scene. A number of quieter clubs and bars continue to flourish further uptown in Chelsea as well. Every scene, from art to fashion, is hot in New York – and the gay scene is no exception, with great galleries, bars and clubs. June sees the obligatory Gay Pride parade attracting revelers from around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

During Car naval (February or March), thousands of expatriate Brazilian and gringo gays fly in to take part in the fun, with transvestites stealing the show at most balls. Outside Carnival the gay scene is active, though less visible than in cities such as San Francisco and Sydney. The gay capital of Latin America is a mostly integrated scene, with the Entertainment sections of local newspapers and magazines branding establishments ‘GLS’: Gays, Lesbians and Sympathizers.

Prague, Czech Republic

The beguiling bohemian city of Prague inspired Kafka to warn visitors: ‘this little mother has claws’. Its maze of medieval lanes keeps a bevy of bars catering to all fancies: from leather through to rent boy. The cradle of Czech culture, Prague also stages a gay and lesbian film festival annually in November. Despite the city’s wholesale acceptance of same-sex partnerships, there’s a segregated gay scene, and public displays of affection are generally ill advised.

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s no ‘gay movement’ as such in Bangkok, as there’s no anti gay establishment to move against. Thai culture is generally accepting of male and female homosexuality; however, public displays of affection per se are mostly frowned upon. The fairly prominent scene centers on the proliferation of bars, often enlivened by high camp cabaret.

So do you agree that these are the top 10 gay destinations?  Do you have another list?  We would love to hear from you and your comments.

Author: Ben is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


My First Gay Experience

Holland Photo

It seems strange to talk about it now — to take something so private and place it in such a public forum — particularly since I have lived my life as a straight man.  Keeping it secret is so important, but when I was younger I did have a Novice Gay Experience!!!  I imagine I must have been about sixteen, and had worked out that I was gay. Dwayne was nearly fifteen — we went to school together, although he was in a different year. We met at a at a school function.

He was everything that I didn’t feel I could me: confident, athletic, attractive and openly gay. I had been introverted, shy and in complete denial to my sexual preferences as I still am now … it was an upper class all-boys’ school and being gay was not really an option for me. I tried to keep out of everyone’s way, that way now would notice me and no-one would question what I was about. No one knew, but my reticence and retiring nature were apparently as worthy of derision.

Dwayne, I guess because he was younger than I was, didn’t have any of these preconceptions, hang-ups or false pretenses.  When he was around I felt more confident. He treated me like a human being and it was fun and completely liberating to be around him.  I was vulnerable and desperate for some form of affirmation that my true feeling were not bad. It was inevitable that I should fall for him.

The next year there was a school trip to Holland, and we both went.  There I developed a major crush on him and he showed me by his actions that he was interested in me. I still see him in my mind now and feel an astonishing fondness for him.  I didn’t really think it would happen but — even as I have become entirely comfortable with him on the holiday and our form of ‘gay dating’ that was soon to become more.  First we started exploring Amsterdam, walking along the lovely canals – we even took a boat trip in one of the glass roofed boats.  It was fun, invigorating – a new way of life was opening up.

Photo: Gay Men

At first we continued with the pretense that we were just two guy exploring a lovely Dutch city but it was obvious that a closeness and bond was developing between us.  The accidental brush each others hands that seemed to linger a few more seconds than normal.  The electricity that we felt when we were near each other.  The sun seemed to shine brighter on those spring mornings, the birds sang more clearly.  It was obvious to us both that we were not just good friend but we were falling in love.

I was a shy gay man wanting to pick up. I wasn’t sociable, and I found meeting people difficult. Yet, I was still young and very horny. What did I have to lose, and I was still horny. In a relationship, I had no idea what to expect, what were the rules or what would happen. We hired a hotel room together. I sat on a couch next to him. Then a hand rubbed my crotch, and before I could blink there was fumbling at my jeans and my raging hard on was in his mouth. Exhilarating. For a few seconds I couldn’t care about my hang ups. His mouth was so soft, warm and wet and he flicked his tongue around with practiced ease. I wanted this guy. My cock wanted this guy.

Sensing my discomfort, he grabbed my hand and led me away from the bench We both lied down and I began to stroker his hard on from his shorts. I couldn’t drop to my knees fast enough. My hands started caressing a surprisingly thick cock before I wrapped my hungry mouth around it. A slight moan escaped both of us and he lent against the tree as I went to town, leaving no skin dry and UN-licked. Hands sliding up against firm muscles and I tweaked his nipples for some nipple play. He turned on the TV and turned it to a channel to watch some hot gay porn movies. I was really enjoying my first time at the beat, and all I could think at the time was satisfying my urge and why I was so naive as to have not done this sooner but now I am a mature gay.


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