Effortlessly Help Sexual Over-Sensitivity

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Sensation as quoted by the dictionary as being

“A perception associated with stimulation of a sense organ or with a specific body condition. The faculty to feel or perceive; physical sensibility. An indefinite, generalized body feeling.”

When talking about sensation in regards to adult toys it is usually perceived as more sensation means more pleasure. It can also be believed that there is “no such thing as too much stimulation”. While in a lot of cases there is a direct correspondence between pleasure and amount of stimulation experienced both men and women can suffer from sexual over sensitivity. We have found that the main people who experienced it is inexperienced people, sometimes over sensitivity is also linked with a medical related issue.

Over sensitivity is a difficult feeling to describe. Some people say that over sensitivity is when stimulation can cause different uncomfortable sensations like:

  • Pain with no pleasure
  • Discomfort, dick or uneasiness feeling
  • Odd sensations like a odd tickling feeling or a cold object touching your skin giving your shivers
  • Inability to orgasm or climax
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Feelings of embarrassment and stress

Unfortunately these issues usually cause a lot of frustration between couples and the one who suffers from over sensitivity are usually too embarrassed to seek help. In many cases issues like these become unresolved leading to an unsatisfying sexual lifestyle. After doing a bit of research on the Internet, I find people ask similar questions like this one:

“My wife is so sensitive that she finds even foreplay too much. Is this a medical issue, or is there something we can do differently?”

Over sensitivity can be caused by excessive pressure or too much stimulation. Be sure to communicate honestly with your lover, make sure you tell your partner if they are stroking too strongly or too quickly. If your lover is struggling to pleasure you, try to guide their hand to show them how you like it. When you guide them you can either place their hand over yours or underneath yours whilst you show them how you would normally masturbate. This will take a lot of practice on both of your behalves, it is definitely not a process which will happen over night but with time people will do their best to develop their skill sets.

A very common symptom of over sensitivity, more so then discomfort or pain which can effect anyone of any experience level is premature ejaculation. An amazing option for men to assist them with premature ejaculation is for them to increase their use of male masturbators. By increasing the use of male masturbators, men can gradually become desensitised to the pleasure of stimulation. By using male masturbators the person is training to increase their levels of sexual stamina. There are two fleshlights wich are aimed to help with this process including the fleshlight stamina training unit and the fleshlight original.

Male Masturbators Online

The training unit is great as it provides different levels of stimulation while the original might be actually better as it has no ribs that would cause more stimulation and pressure. But either option you choose, just be sure to use copious amounts of lubrication and once you become comfortable start to reduce the amount of lubrication you use. Using more lubrication will help you reduce higher amounts of friction and stimulation over time.

Masturbating and ejaculating before intercourse may help some people last longer for their second round of intercourse. When you are having intercourse you can use thicker condoms.

For the ladies when you are using vibrators I recommend buying one that is made from a silicone coating. Vibrators have a great range of intensities. When masturbating, it is important to start off with a low vibration as it will give you less stimulation. With repetitive use your clitorus may become less sensitive.  If you use a lot of lubrication over your clitoris it can hugely decrease the amount of stimulation you will feel.

Another solution that is a quick way to minimise sensitivity is numbing and desensitising creams, oils or sprays. These desensitising solutions are usually used for anal intercourse or are sprayed or drank by men to numb their penis.

If over sensitivity is affecting you life and the above solutions don’t help then just remember that it’s quite common and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to go see a doctor, especially if it’s affecting your sex life and relationships. There are a few other ways to reduce sensitivity but they are not all effective or involve medical procedures like the circumcision for men. These methods need to be consulted with your general practitioner or medical specialist professional.

By Bronson a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres