Pheromones & Fragrances

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The pheromone discovery story:

I could afford to take a lady to a fancy restaurant whilst being fun and romantic. I even had the beautiful sports car and fancy suit to take her there. I thought that if I was successful enough women would be all over me, so I worked for success. After all, what girls would really want would be a stable relationship and a nice guy to spend the rest of her life with. Money was never the problem for me. Sadly, money never guaranteed me getting a date. The problem was my confidence. Without confidence, I just couldn’t get anywhere near a women. I even struggled to flirt and come up with pick up lines on the spot

I had this firm belief that, there are more women than there are men so I shouldn’t really worry about getting a date because I am bound to have one, eventually. Statistically this information is true but it never got me a different date every weekend or even a date a month. I started to panic, when this guy who works at my office came into my office and handed me a wedding invitation. He was this introvert type of guy, everything about him was geeky.  He actually asked his future wife to step inside the office and meet me so they could personally invite me. This lady is, way out of this world beautiful for this guy i said to my self. To my surprise, i actually was not able to come up with an excuse not to attend the wedding. I realized that the couple, left me a small box with my name on it. I opened it and it had a couple of eye of love pheromone sprays inside it.

I have enough knowledge about pheromones sprays but i was too skeptic to even want to try. So i went to attend the wedding, as a skeptic, I really didn’t wear that scent because i didn’t want to have a “uniform” smell thinking everyone would be on pheromone sprays. The groom approached and asked you tried the pheromone sprays? Even before i could come up with an excuse like i must have left it in the office, he handed me something from his pocket, smiled and walked away. So i went to the bathroom and well, put it on me.

What happened after i had it on, women started approaching me! I came across the most important weapon a man could ever use to overcome natural inhibitions with women, pheromones. We all have pheromones in our body that we use to repel or attract other people, I just needed to help enhancing my natural pheromones.



What is a pheromone?

Pheromones play a critical and imperative part in sexual correspondence. Animals and Humans discharge masses of organic chemicals in tears, salivation and sweat. These aromas hand-off data of inclination, yearning, status, drive, well-being, vitality level and so on to the opposite sex at the subliminal level. The overwhelming male will radiate more pheromones and will hence pull in the consideration of their docile female partners.

Pheromones are transmitted to the recipient by means of the Vomeronasal Organ (VMO) situated in the nasal path. When a pheromone is detected, the mind continues to discharge neurotransmitters that tempt a particular feeling in light of the kind of pheromone got (loose, openness, trust, sexual yearning, arouser, sentimental feeling, sentiment rivalry, dread, fascination and so on). In spite of the fact that the body is currently responding to the impacts of the neurotransmitters, the individual won’t deliberately realize that he/she is affected by a pheromones. This clarifies why you discover certain individuals especially appealing however is not able to evaluate or advise what’s pulling in you to the individual. This likewise clarifies why you will often find certain individuals bothering without knowing them or them doing anything strange. We are, truth be told, under the impacts of pheromones more often than not when we are with other individuals, the level of the impact are dependent on each individual.

A pheromone is a substance emitted by a person that influences another individual of the same species by smell. Human pheromones are steroid atoms, made in the skin that scatter into the air and influence those close us. “Pheromone,” got from Greek, signifying “I convey energy.”. Every one of us have a little sense organ in our nose, not the same as the feeling of smell that identifies pheromones. This specific organ is genuinely an intuition, that tangible structure, called the “vomeronasal organ” (or “VNO”), it recognizes human pheromones yet not pheromones radiated by different creatures. Everybody radiates pheromones. Individuals artificially correspond with one another constantly by the emission of pheromones. Though because of our showering propensities, large portions of our pheromones are always being washed away in a shower or covered with creams and aromas. Thus, a scent particularly intended to radiate pheromones is vital to influence others.

Amazingly enough, pheromones are totally scentless. Clinical exploration has demonstrated that with an expanded measure of pheromone discharge, a more prominent propensity for physical and sexual fascination exists. Since Yes Cologne offers the finest mix of concentrated, human pheromones available, there is no wonder why stunning results have happened. Envision expanding pheromones by more than one thousand times that of the ordinary human efficiency. This is precisely what Yes Pheromone Cologne will accomplish for you. Be arranged for fantastic results. Yes Cologne is really Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

How do fragrances effect people?

Perfumes have been the juggernaut of the present day sexual arousal. It’s the fragrance which can cause magic. A mere fragrance can make a person forget his or her existence. It takes to a different world which is mostly out of our conscious. There are females who go crazy over men due to certain odor and fragrance which tend to come from the bodies of men. Females apply perfumes which can make men lose their senses and totally get attracted to the women. An unusual, pleasant and desperate desire for love making develops inside the male which ultimately leads to sexual acts and foreplay.

Popular Adult Smart pheromone sprays:

  • Luz De La Riva, Lily Pheromone parfume – Sweet Cherie: A long lasting fragrance imparted from lily with natural aphrodisiacs by which the body releases the hormone named as oxytocin which is known to be the “Bonding” pheromone. It works best if it is applied on the most sensitive parts of the body. The skin gets protected and relaxed by the lily. Lily is considered to be the extremely distinct and has incomparable divinity. Lily takes a person to climax with much ease. You can carry the bottle anywhere!
  • Wet Pheromone Alluring Body Glide: A light textured, water based, pheromone, lubricant that is pleasant tasting with an exotic fragrance that is safe to use on your skin, tongue and lips.  This lubricant is also available in different textures: silicone or natural water. It provides the most natural lubrication that is light, soft, pleasant and enjoyable which is fully compatible with latex condoms and can be used for anal sex.  Totally edible, it will give a very sexy, spicy and tasty in your intimate relationships. Ideal for couples to enjoy exchanging flavors and new experiences! Scientifically prepared to make the females and males feel more erotic and horny. It stimulates the most sensitive parts of the female and male sexual organs and gives the person utmost pleasure. This product has got special chemical composition which keeps both the male and female sexually aroused for a very long time.
  • Connubial For Him Pheromone Cologne: The manly aroma is pheromone-based to furnish you to standout amongst the most valuable and intense powers of nature. Connubial For Him is a prevalent human pheromone attractant cologne that delivers extraordinary results when out on a first date or to use as an icebreaker. Upgrade your regular pheromones with Connubial Pheromones For Him. Intended for Men to draw in Women this arousing mystery weapon will tempt any objective you seek!
  • Doc Johnson, Yes Pheromome Cologne: Since it has been defined from male human pheromones, it can likewise help to build enthusiastic yearning from the same sex. Yes Pheromome Cologne is solely made for the Doc Johnson Company and who knows more about longing and sexual desires than Doc Johnson? This to a great degree attractive and erotic detailing can last up to eight hours. It is a completely fundamental item for any male who needs to draw in individuals from the inverse sex.

All of these great pheromones are available at the adultsmart adult shop!


A Damsel In Restraints!

BDSM Restraints

Have you ever been restrained during sex play?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ you will probably be aware of what I am going to write below.  If you have answered ‘No’ then I suggest you read on as adding BDSM Role Playing to an existing relationship can be the spark that gets a couple back on track and creates new found admiration or respect and trust in your partner.  For me, light subjugation is the most freeing and attractive type of BDSM role playing.  I am not into pain or heavy bondage but having my lover restrain me gently in comfortable cuffs gives me the feeling that I am ready to surrender absolute control with pre-set boundaries that makes me simply feel sexually free and liberated with without stressing over anything. I do not mind even adding a blindfold that due to the sensory deprivation of sight allows my other senses to heighten and thereby not limit my experience giving me one hell of a ride.  The cuffs have to secured but not in a manner that they are too tight or give me discomfort in any way.  When we first started delving into the world of light bondage we used silk cuffs.

One of the exciting things that I experience when being bound is the fact that I cannot touch my lover at all during the process. He totally takes control of the action and his soft touch against my vulnerable body sends sensual shivers up  my spine each and every time.  For me to put my total trust in him that he will treat me right and not abuse the total control I have given him, whilst relinquishing mine makes us a much stronger couple.  Since experiencing this bondage play we have become a team and there is very little that can come between us.  These experiences have special meaning to us, and like all games we have made the rules first.

For me the most important part of BDSM is making the rules.  The first and number on rule is to have a safe word.  A word that either of you say and it means stop – No if’s or buts!  Then the boundaries of your play should be set.  Safety and consent are priorities as well as pre and after care.  It opens up a whole new world of loving and caring for each other.  Below I have listed some tips on what to do when you have your partner tied up.

Tips To Follow When You Are Tied Up

  • Have your partner wear a set of wrist and ankle cuffs around the house when you’re not home, as a reminder of what’s in store when you do get home.
  • Wear the cuffs discreetly as you go about your normal routine outside the house, as a secret reminder of the things to come. This is particularly easy to do with ankle shackle cuffs, which can easily be concealed beneath clothing.
  • Wear a set of cuffs while you sleep, giving your partner an invitation and an opportunity to restrain you during the night or in the morning.
  • Going into your beau or spouse’s wardrobe and getting a few bow-ties out and laying them on the bed and tie your partner up to see what it’s all about.

Whether you enjoy just your hands or legs being restrained or both it is an experience that I certainly treasure and trust that you will too.  Some couples will even swap roles – I guess like they did in 50 Shades – that one time the man can be the dominant, and the next time a switch of roles happens and the female is.  There is a term for it and it is called a ‘Switch’.  Switching roles whilst in the middle of a scene or session is very rare but it is very common between couples for switching to take place on separate sessions.

Planning For Your First BDSM Session

My personal advice to anyone wanting to experience this out of a long term relationship (and even those in one) is before you begin your first session you –

  • Read and study everything you can on Bondage and BDSM.
  • Find out what you want to do first.
  • Take your time learning how to do it safely.
  • Be careful of the type of attention you attract.

Going into unkown territory will make this all seem daunting and scary when that is not the purpose of it all. Remember not to go directly into “50 Shades of Gray” region for your first time. That can be an exceptionally overwhelming circumstance even for the most sexually experienced. Begin light. Work from that point. Appreciate investigating and taking in you and your partners cut off points. This ultimately is about HAVING FUN and playing it SAFE!

BDSM Spreader Bars
Sex Toy: Talea Spreader Bar Bolster

Bondage wrist and ankle cuffs can be very attractive and they come in all types of material and styles.  They can be in comfortable silicone, faux leather, rope, genuine leather, steel, silk and be welcoming or intimidating.  Most cuffs will have a locking mechanism to ensure that they stay closed and the ‘pet’ stays bound and restrained.  Most also have ‘D Rings’ or ‘O Rings’ that allow the restraints to be joined together, a lead be attached or the sub be restrained to a pillar or some other securing station.  There are many BDSM shops online and designers that sell a myriad of variations at reasonable pricing.

One of my favourite cuff sets is the ‘Ballsy Blue Leather Restraints’ made by the manufacturer Hell’s Couture.  I love these cuffs because they are supple enough to be worn comfortably but solid enough to keep me secured.  All my life I have enjoyed colorful things and the vibrant blue color sets it apart from the standard Black or Red. These cuffs are securely structured and after fastening them to the ankle and/or wrist, they can be attached to other objects via the O-ring attachments.  The beauty of having these secure rings is that they can be attached to other bondage devices for the more adventurous like a hogtie set or a leg spreader.   I find these are much safer and more comfortable that the option of using metal handcuffs or ankle shackles.

So if you want to be daring and explore your sexuality more I highly recommend adding restraints to your sexual lifestyle.





Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About SuperSlyde Lubricant Eros Shine Award Winner!

Superslyde Personal Lubricant, Best Lubricant Online, Top Selling Lube, over the top silicone lubricant, most popular silicone lubricant,

Superslyde is reportedly the best silicone lubricant in the world! Superslyde won the prestigious EROS Shine Awards of 2013 for Australia’s best lotion and potion of the year.  Eros Shine Award was held at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre to recognize industry leaders and achievements in the country’s adult industry for professional integrity, creativity, and innovation. The award was based on a combination of votes from the Eros Association Inc’s panel of expert judges and customers from Australia. Superslyde was up against fierce and established brands in the competition. SuperSlyde beat Pjur, Swiss Navy, System Jo and many other top shelf brands. SuperSlyde is the result of over 18 months of research and development to create the “perfect lube”, SuperSlyde’s unique formulation is unlike any other silicone lubricant on the market, rapidly garnering fans and converts from all over the world since its launch in 2012.

“Winning this award is an incredible honour for us. Thank you Australia and the Eros Association for recognising SuperSlyde for its excellence. Thank you to our “Over The Top” partners – retailers, distributor and loyal customers, who supported us to make this dream come true! Australians were amongst our earliest adopters, and remain one of our most loyal. We couldn’t have achieved this without your belief in us.” said Abra Lee, founder and CEO of AARI.




“When a distributor has access to some of the best lubes in the world, and find that none can surpass SuperSlyde that is saying something. This amazing product is a testament to itself and this award confirmation of its awesomeness! XSales, the very proud distributor of SuperSlyde, accept this award in conjunction with and on behalf of Team SuperSlyde in Singapore to whom we are so grateful for trusting us with their baby … a brand that many can only dream of distributing.”  said a representative of Xsales.

SuperSlyde’s phenomenal debut Down Under mirrors its success in Singapore, where it became the top-selling premium lubricant only a year after its official launch. Here is an article from the Asiaone newspaper covering superslyde silicone personal lubricant:

‘Who says Singapore is boring? Or not sexy? Or frigid? Despite Singaporeans ranking badly at the sex-frequency surveys, at least one Singaporean had sex on his mind enough to come up with something to make love-making better and easier. Declares Dr Stuart Koe, who has a PhD in pharmacy and about 17 years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals industry: “A good quality lubricant is essential. Those you can buy off the rack were either too sticky or dried easily.  Those which were of good quality were usually imported and as a result, very expensive,” says Dr Koe, 40. This kick-started the research and development process for the perfect lube in local laboratories, although costs here are generally higher.  He and his companion, Mr Abra Lee, 29, pumped in about $100,000 to kick start the business, which began in 2010.

Besides intensive research in the labs, which lasted two years, they also formed focus groups – both gay and straight – to test their product. The results assured them that the product they had was worth offering to the masses. “We made about 60 people compare our formula against other leading brands in the market, and nine out of 10 picked our formula,” says MrLee, 29.  SuperSlyde was launched. The colourless, odourless liquid is packaged in trendy orange-themed bottles and is suitable for use with condoms and is already a favourite with Singaporeans and fast becoming one in the global marketplace’.

SuperSlyde inventors Abra Lee and Dr Stuart Koe from Singapore have what has been confirmed by 9 out of 10 people tested in blind trials against 4 other world leading brands to have developed the best silicone based personal lubricant in the world.  SuperSlyde is now the number one selling silicone based personal lubricant in Singapore and with this award confirm that the adult industry of Australia believe it is the best.

Why do we need SuperSlyde?

We all have a need to use personal lubricants to assist and enhance our sexual encounters and sex play.  Good lubrication is paramount to a tradesman having the right “equipment”; It is important when choosing a personal lubricant that it is a good quality that takes into account safety, sexual chemistry and feels.  There are so many choices out there that often it becomes daunting and confusing to truly know what is good and what is just talked up. Unlike most lubricants, SuperSlyde personal lubricant is something that is bought off the shelf that will improve your sex life and enjoyment of sex for both you and your partner. Your sexperience will never be the same after using it.

Even though our body produces natural lubricants daily sometime’s it is not enough to engage in sex comfortably or with ease. Usually, women use lubricant in the time of masturbation or with a sex partner. Men also use the lubricants at the time of penetration. The SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant is a smooth and super slick which gives an unbelievable sexual pleasure. Lubrication is one of the best ways to maximize the pleasure your partner will have by raising their libido through an increased sexual performance by making sex easier.

This leading edge silicone based lubricant has had 18 months and countless hours of research put into the product to perfect it as the inventor was so irritated with how quickly some silicone lubricants would either go sticky or dry up so he decided to launch his own! If you can’t use ‘em beat ‘em basically! This lubricant is very easy to clean and can be used at the time of masturbation also. It is also non-irritating and hypoallergenic in nature which can be used in latex condom. The SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant is too long lasting like other aqua lubricants and is having better packaging with no dispenser at all.

It helps in healing and restoring the illness caused by the vaginal dryness at the time of sex. The different ingredients used in the SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant are dimethiconol, vitamin E, dimethicone, Aloe vera, and Cyclomethicone. It gives a better sex life and a great pleasure with your partner. It is having an adorable scent which makes you comfortable and also prevents from the bad smell coming out from the mucus of the vagina cells. Also, those who are masturbating, they need this lubricant most as it helps in making you comfortable. This is also non-toxic in nature and is having no side effect. It is not having any type of spermicidal effect in the case of a woman. It helps in increasing the stimulation in the genital part. At the time of penetration, it helps in an easier and comfortable entry of the penis into the vagina.

Another thing I love about this lube is that you can use it as a massage oil and it is very beneficial for the skin and works well with people with sensitive skin which gives it multiples uses besides just sex.

Super Slyde is fantastic compared to other silicone brands due to the fact that simple two drops can last for a very long time and is great for anal/vaginal sex.   The fact that it is silicone based means that you can use it not only in the bedroom but also in pools, baths, and even spa’s!  Water does not affect the quality of the product and a small bottle can last upwards of a year, compared to other brands where you might go through 100ml’s within a couple months.

SuperSlyde Silicone Lubricant is exclusively distributed in Australia by Xsales the leading adult wholesaler and drop-shipper in that Country and is available at this time solely through the best adult stores in Australia and online adult stores.  The future looks bright for this amazing product and if you have not had the chance to experience Super Slyde yet do it now.  Delaying it is missing out on opportunities to experience better sex for you and your partner.

The results do speak for themselves and the size the bottles come in a range from a small travel 100ml bottle up to the bigger 400 ml which can live beside your bed. It really is the most exceptional silicone lubricant out and its soft silky smooth texture is unparalleled.  Also as it creates a protective coating not allowing moisture or body fluids in it can help prevent STD’s. Superslyde is a very popular brand used by the gay community and is exceptional for anal play and penis plug use.

X-Sales, Maria Vermunt, email:, Tel: +61 402 885 577. For press and other inquiries, contact


11 Attributes of a Trusted Online Store

Woman Confident Shopping Sex Toy

For enjoyment in sexual pleasure there are some tools which can be added to your sexual lifestyle for some extra flavor. Couples in a long term relationship can enhance their happiness and fulfill their sexual desires by buying and using sex toys regularly. Some of the products you can buy online through Adult Lifestyle Centre’s include sexy lingerie, games of adult, sex toys, and sexy night wear. As the sex industry continues to grow, more and more customers buy online. The best advantage of buying products online through sex shops is that it provides a large amount of privacy meaning no one else is aware you are shopping for adult sex toys.

People now use sex toys, porn and porn magazines to arouse themselves for solo play. Sexual toys can be categorized into anal vaginal, male and female and other categorizations. These are made up of various materials and come with instructions to use. There are now books related to sex which help people understand various myths related to sex. They also give the idea about the various positions that you can have sex in and which position will be more comforting and many such ideas about sex. The porn movies give you the idea of how to have sex. Porn movies and magazines help the people who don’t get a partner to get an arousal. The sex toys help them to get the required amount of sex they want.

In the olden days, people only had sex to have babies. After they had their babies they stopped having sex. In modern society the condom was invented for protective sex, which prevented pregnancy and help protect people from contracting an STD. Various other contraception methods are easily accessible and now people want sex more than ever. Some people hit the bars to find someone to have sex with and some people look online for sexual partners. There are also people who have partners that don’t get to have sex regularly due to active lifestyles. These products can act as a supplement for everyone’s sexual needs.

Ear Hand Head Secret Whisper


11 Attributes of a Trusted Online Store include:

  1. Virus Check: Determine the adult site is reputable as there are a lot of scammers out there.   This can be done by checking the sites reputation and a quick check with Norton Anti-Virus site checker will ensure if an internet site is safe to use.  Many other sites giving a sites reputation and can be found using a Google search.
  2. Website Popularity: Check the popularity of the website. Generally the more traffic a site genuinely gets means the more popular it is and so stands to reason it will also be safer to use. If there were any issues the web community news would spread like a virus.  Traffic checking can be done using Google analytical, or Alexa or a multitude of other sites instantly.
  3. Website Protection: Look at the actual retail site and see what protection there is for you.  As we are looking to buy adult toys online the first thing to check is that it has an SSL certificate.  This will generally be found at the bottom of the page and is almost a guarantee that your details – and more importantly you card details – cannot be accessed by hackers or other means.
  4. Discretion: Online customers view this as an essential factor. When you buy any particular product from the sex stores, you have to make sure that the package should not display the site name and it should not reveal any information about the contents therein so that you do not have to feel awkward in front of your mother or children when it is dispatched. Majority of the best adult stores online keep the thing in mind.
  5. Choice: Enticing the customers with a wide variety and range of products gives them a reason to come up again in future. As this particular market sector is growing day by day, more and more consumers are lured into those adult shops that display the best variation for a new range of products. Adding up to the existing customers are new visitors that come up with the hope of finding something new every time. The more activity and features the site has, the more the products and information is updated will give you an indication of the commitment of the online merchant into bringing a pleasurable retail experience to you. Also look at the amount of products the site has, pricing, reviews and blogs.
  6. Special Offers and Prices: Everything that the best adult stores online have to offer starting from discretion to a wide range of products is simply great, but the deciding factor for customers is undoubtedly price. Customers are unlikely to buy products that are highly expensive. People can easily compare the prices of different online stores and they will be attracted to the ones where site owners have some special offers for some special occasions, giving customers all the reason to buy their products.
  7. Regular Updates: When a customer checks out after purchasing any product from an online store, the owner of the store can extract necessary information from the account that they had created and use them to send updates regarding products as well as offers regularly via email. The site owner can use this tool for acquiring repeated business.
  8. Easy Navigation: Everything mentioned above will fall apart if this factor is not in its place. The initial impression about the site is imperative. Thus the site has to show familiarity in terms of how to navigate and should also display descriptions and images of products. The right customer attracting base is an easily navigable website.
  9. Payment Methods: Look at the payment methods, a trusted site will use a third party transactional facility like E-Way, SecurePay, RelayPay and even Paypal.  Being a third party transactional gateway it means that the merchant never see’s or touches your credit card.  The transaction is processed off site and an automated update sent to the merchant that the payment has been processed.  Feel safe and secure that your credit card details are safe and will not be illegally used in fraudulent transactions.
  10. Company Affiliate Banners: A credited adult site will generally have logos of companies it affiliates with or is credited by.  These will include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eway, shopping sites like Get Price, My Shopping.  Being endorsed by these major companies will add respectability and confidence in it.
  11. Social Networking Sites: Look up their linked social networking sites.  Type in the sites name.  There is no better endorsement than previous users of the site and of posts, comment’s and blogs published.  A reputable site like is a great place to start.  Why not check out this trusted online retail shop now.

OVO Sex Toys

OVO Sex Toys

Lets be blunt, sex toys fulfill sexual desires, often someone participating in sex with a partner cannot achieve ultimate pleasure without a helping hand. Adult products like OVO vibrators and sex toys helps in increasing sexual satisfaction whilst having normal sex with a partner or solo play.  In our stressful world we are often ridden with time constraints where to find the time to coordinate schedules with your partner to have sex is often difficult but with the use of sex toys one can achieve that same place of well-being.  With the help of brands like OVO quality products, these adult toys will put anybody who uses them in a better mood, leaving one feeling satisfied with the erotic engagement. When there is time sex toys can help keep the passion in a marriage or long term relationship as often your partner is too tired and with the help of OVO products to make their adult lifestyle better, it is a win/win situation for all. Single adult males or females can have exceptional sexual experience with the use of adult toys like OVO, anyone can entertain themselves or make couples play better.

Everything has been changed in a modern life style.. Sex is not an exception, and although there are more commitments it is still one of the most important activities that allows couples to bond and increase a better health and sexual lifestyle. It’s true that it is a sensitive matter to many people who till this day do not discuss sex or their sex life openly with others. So often privacy & secrecy is required for these activities, which has a crucial role in everyone’s life. People want more but often they are too afraid to discuss it with their partner or with those that can help.

There are adult toys that are suitable for males as well as females, and Ovo along with various other manufacturers provide products that will allow you to orgasm with or without involvement of partners. Thus, there is no need for you to wait for your lover to have a raunchy solo escapade. In the absence of them, ovo products would be sextremely beneficial for you to experience extreme orgasm the way you and your body want too. Pleasure objects now come in so many various shapes and designs that there is something that will please everybody.

OVO Affordability

Sex toys are available in Adult Lifestyle Centres across the globe where product ranges are endless. These adult lifestyle centres are also available online to sell adult products to satisfy all customers, especially those that want discretion. Customers buy ovo online as they get lots of advantages through purchasing by the internet. First thing they can search through a large range of items at once and each will have images and descriptions that will identify the different size or shape options, or favorite colors or even pricing and quality. You can shop in complete anonymity online and it does not matter what you are after whether it be fetish wear, prostate toys or Ovo Vibrators they are all available..

The online market is getting bigger and better day by day and people are preferring to shop over internet rather than shopping in and brick and mortar adult shop as it is time saving and the products are delivered discreetly to your door. Buying ovo online allows a greater variety to choose from and the description will allow you to understand what they are for without having to ask to store clerk.   Often these sites will have live chat so you can ask question without having to be seen. The features like powerful vibration that helps getting good orgasms, single speed function; that helps in expanding the sex organ and getting ultimate pleasures can all be identified. OVO sex toys have vibrators that come with a rechargeable battery and others which can be replaced and they are 100% body safe silicon products, phthalate free and lead free materials. OVO’s products are  designed by Germans so you know they are good and their range include bullets, vibrators, massagers, cock rings and love balls.  

OVO sex toys have different structures like a pleasure ring used by adult men, phallic structure used by females, vibrators for both all genders. OVOs intimate range takes all the best parts of sex toys in the market and makes them better being super sleek, stylish, collectible, attractive and most of all affordable. Affordability is one the biggest selling points where on can actually think about owning a whole collection of sex toy’s without having to go over the budget, rather than settling on just one. You can have so many to try in the privacy of your bedroom, you will feel like a millionaire surrounded by this luxurious product. Simply pick one of the OVOs sex toys and once you experience the joys that they can provide it will not be long before you have your own OVO collection.

OVO has a water based lubricant specifically designed for their toys so that the silicone material does not degrade over time. Use anti-bacterial spray to clean the sex toy after each use. Store your OVO in a silk bag or in a sock separately from each other so that they don’t scratch, or collect bacteria. Your OVO friend will last for years upon years to come when you look after them properly. If you are thinking to enjoy your sexual fantasies with or without the involvement of your partner in an innovative and amazing way, adult toys will be the ultimate option for you. You will be able to fulfill your sexual desires in the absence of your intimate partner. Although, there are varieties of sex toys available in the market you should buy them only after researching them and ensuring they are safe and right for you.

There are many online stores, which have been selling sex toys including OVO online for many years. You can buy them as per your sexual needs and requirements.