The A-Z Sex Toy List For Women!

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The A to Z of Amazing Sex Products for Women

Adrenaline Spikes by Fifty Shades Darker-Pinwheels are incredible toys for sensory play. This is really intense when used with a whole range of different sensory objects whilst blindfolded.

Sensory BDSM

BVibe Novice-Silky silicone and powerful vibrations, this but plug is perfect for anal newbies. It even comes with a remote control.

Calexotics Lovers Tape-Bondage tape is an easy way to restrain your partner, with this tape sticking to itself rather than your skin to avoid the excruciating rip when taking it off.

Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles-Warm wax dripping on your body when you least expect it is a thrill when restrained. These candles come in red, black and purple.

BDSM Candles

Eva Dame– A hands free clitoral vibrator, this cute little toy sits in between your labia so no need to hold onto it when having sex with your partner. It has 3 levels of intensity which is more than enough to have you experiencing a tonne of pleasure.

Electrifying Sex – Find out the A-Z guide!!!

Fun Factory Stronic G– The latest in Fun Factory’s pulsator line, this toy is incredible. If you’re yet to discover your G-Spot, give this toy a go and then we’ll talk.

Games-Nookii is a sexy game for couples to play to generate a steamy night together.

Hot Octopus Atom-The vibrations on this bad boy are deep & intense. This is so important when it comes to a cock ring because weak, ticklish vibrations defeat the purpose of your man wearing one in the first place.

Icicles No. 69– I swear I didn’t mean to pick this number as my favourite, it really is an awesome glass dildo! With ribbing and a unique curved shape, this toy is sure to be a winner.

Je Joue Mimi– A plush, compact vibrator with rumbly vibes. I love using this for clitoral stimulation during sex. If you haven’t checked out the vibes of Je Joue toys I suggest you head into an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre pronto!

Kegel Exercisers. Ok so I use way too many to pick one so I’ve decided to rattle off a couple of my favourites. The Lelo Luna Beads, Je Joue Ami & Aneros Evie are all Kegel exercisers I recommend for unique reasons. Check out more in depth reviews on these toys.

Lelo Gigi-This high-quality vibrator is one of my favourites, with the bulbous head perfect for G-Spot stimulation. I sell this toy to many vibrator first times because its small enough to use for clitoral stimulation as well-just in case they discover that it’s more their preference.

Mini plug by Nu Sensuelle- A great but plug with strong vibrations at an affordable price.

Nu Sensuelle

Nu Sensuelle Petite Egg. The vibrations can be controlled through a remote and are really powerful. A great companion to take out on a hot date to spice things up with your partner. I especially love the aqua colour of this toy!

ON ICE Arousal Oil. Prior to trying these products, I thought that the warming oils would be my preference for sure. It was a surprise to discover that the cooling products are my go to. I love using this when I’m yearning for different, heightened sensations during foreplay & sex.

Pjur Nude for Women Water Based Lubricant. I’ve used thus lubricant for over a year and it continues to be my favourite Water Based. It is never stick or tacky like many others and doesn’t require constant reapplication. I also love that it is free of preservatives, parabens & glycerine.

Queen Bee by Hot Octopus-Using Pulse Plate Technology, this toy brings about an orgasm like no other toy

Rabbit Company Beaded Rabbit. Gone are the days of battery operated TPR plastic rabbits that don’t stand the test of time. This silicone vibrator has a 5-year warranty and induces incredible orgasms through the rotating beads and head.

Satisfyer Pro 2. What can I say about this toy that hasn’t already been said? It’s one of my favourite bath companions, with the stimulation likened to a mini spa jet for my clitoris. It’s an affordable toy that is sure to become your best friend.

Tenga Egg-Ok these are technically for men with penises but that doesn’t mean I don’t get fun out of them. I love using these to edge my partner to climax.

Satisfyer sex toy

Underwear-More specifically, lingerie. Wearing lingerie throughout your day will mean you’re probably half way there when you enter the bedroom in the evening

Verge by We Vibe– Again, a toy for men but if you don’t enjoy seeing your male partner in pleasure then something is not quite right. The feedback I have from this toy is great, with the powerful vibrations around the cock & balls and on the perineum leading to more intense orgasms.

We Vibe Wish-I reviewed the Wish over a year ago and it remains one of my favourite We Vibe vibrators. The plush exterior along with the deep rumbly vibrations makes for an incredible external vibrator. I love how the shape of this toy makes it perfect for pleasure all over the vulva, not just the clitoris.

X-Rated-For the life of me, I could not find a sex toy that begins with X…use your imagination with this one!

Your Hand– At the end of the day, our hands are capable of being a great source of pleasure. There are so many amazing toys out there but at the end of the day, nothing will ever compare to skin on skin.

Erotic Hands

Zumio Caress-If you’re seeking a toy for high intensity clitoral stimulation then the Zumio Caress is perfect for you. The silicone covering on the tip of the Caress makes it slightly more comfortable compared to the original, with no sacrifice on the quality or intensity.

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About the Kiiroo Pearl2

Pearl 2 by Kiiroo is a perfectly designed G-Spot vibrator with many extra advantages.  For solo play this piece is ideally curved to maximise enjoyment and stimulate the sensitive G-Spot areas for maximum sensation.  In addition it contains touch sensitive technology allowing for couples play from a distance via internet connection.  The Pearl 2 by Kiiroo is specifically designed to interact with the Onyx 2 male masturbator for touch sensitive interplay.

When connected, the sensors on the Pearl 2 and the sensors on the Onyx 2 vibrator will inter connect so strokes on one piece are mimicked by vibrations or trusting on the other.  Enjoy the sensation of intercourse with your chosen partner when they are not even in the room.  Sensations are felt in real time and are generated by the actions of your partner.  Both pieces are available separately or in the Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Couples Set.

The Pearl 2 by Kiiroo contains 7 modes.  This includes the Bluetooth interactive mode, touch sensitive mode, 3 speeds and 2 varying patterns.  All intended to provide the highest level of pleasure.

If you prefer a solo session the Pearl 2 by Kiiroo can be paired with your favourite interactive content available on internet platforms.  Pearl 2 is made to work with authorised Feel Apps only, the FeelConnect, FeelPerformer & FeelVR.  See instructions supplied with product for further details.

For best results it is recommended to use a quality water based lubricant if required.  Water based lubricants are easier to clean and will not damage the silicone outer.  Do not use silicone, oil or grease based lubricants or massage oils.

The Pearl 2 by Kiiroo is a high quality devise manufactured to the highest of specifications.  The quality silicone used on the outside of this piece is completely body safe.  The strong motor and sensory points along the stem are powered by a fully rechargeable battery.  A full charge will take approximately 2 hours from completely flat.  On a full charge you will get up to one hour of play time.  The charging process is simple with the devise to be plugged into the charging cord provided.

Clean your Pearl 2 by Kiiroo with warm water and a recommended toy cleaner or mild soap.  Do not soak or submerge during the cleaning process, and ensure completely dry before storing in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

Material of the Kiiroo Pearl2

The Pearl 2 by Kiiroo is a high quality devise manufactured to the highest of specifications.  The quality silicone used on the outside of this piece is completely body safe.  The strong motor and sensory points along the stem are powered by a fully rechargeable battery.  A full charge will take approximately 2 hours from completely flat.  On a full charge you will get up to one hour of play time.  The charging process is simple with the devise to be plugged into the charging cord provided.

Clean your Pearl 2 by Kiiroo with warm water and a recommended toy cleaner or mild soap.  Do not soak or submerge during the cleaning process, and ensure completely dry before storing in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

Features of the Kiiroo Pearl2

  • Body safe silicone free from phthalates.
  • Gentle curved G-spot shape.
  • Fully interactive via mobile link.
  • 7 varying functions.
  • Works with iPhone or Android phones.
  • Fully rechargeable.
  • 1 hour play time from a full 2 hour charge.
  • 1 year warranty.

Read the Kiiroo Pearl2 Sex Toy Review!

Phthalates: What You REALLY Need To Know!

Toxic chemicals and infertility

Phthalates are used all over the world. Phthalate esters are toxic chemicals added to make products more malleable. Research has shown that they can actually be harmful to the human body since they can give off toxins that can react to skin and hormones in the body. This has a proven negative effect on fertility.

Toxic materials
Image: Chemicals known to disrupt brain developm

It is in just about everything that is manufactured from sex toys to cosmetics, engine oils to disposable gloves. Interesting enough it is against the law to sell children’s toys that contain phthalates. The reason being children may put them in their mouth. Well, I don’t know about everybody, however, I do know sex toys can go in the mouth as well as in other orifices we have.

So why not ban toxic materials in sex toys?

Unfortunately, there is little research available on the effects of phthalates in sex toys. The sex toy industry is not highly regulated. You see on the back of most packaging, sex toys are often labelled as:

“Sold as a novelty item”.

Meaning it is a gag gift. This is a huge loop hole that needs to be closed. I believe this is because of the shame associated with the product. To a certain extent we still hide our sex toys and our sexual preferences. Thus resulting in a catch 22 situation.  Because of our “shame” and “embarrassment” some sex toy makers take advantage of this and continue to use materials that are potentially dangerous. Granted we have come a long way however we still have a long way to go. Consumers must be protected when it comes to our sexual health. Embarrassment or false taboos should not stop consumers getting the information they need and quality checks being done on sex toys.  It is not illegal to sell toys made with phthalates.

Manufacturers have become aware over the years that we don’t want it any more. The popularity of these sex toys has been decreasing. However to be safe stay away from jelly like, vinyl or PVC toys. If you do have toys made with phthalates place a condom over the toy. To wash simply use toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Only use water based lubes on these products.

Body safe sex toy materials

Now, let me talk to you about sex toy materials that are considered to be body safe.


Adult products made from silicone are considered to be latex free and phthalate-free sex toys . They are odourless and have no taste. Many silicone toys are waterproof, despite having batteries or rechargeable insides. This means you can take them into the shower knowing they are safe. The only drawback is you can not use them with silicone based lubes.

Silicone is considered to be one of the safest materials on the market. It is non porous, this means it will not collect dirt or bacteria inside the material. Silicone is used in medical instruments all over the world.

One drawback is that silicone toys can attract dust and hairs very easily, I recommend keeping your toys in a plastic bag or a toy case. Personally, I buy 100% cotton pillow cases to store mine in. 1 pillow case for 1 toy. It works.

If your toy is 100% silicone you can actually boil it on the stove or wash it in your dishwasher to keep it crystal clean. If your toy is not 100% silicone please use sex toy cleaner or soap and water in the shower.

Silicone should feel smooth have no smell or taste. If your toy is 100% silicone, it is 100% skin safe. I buy silicone for peace of mind and the luxury feel.


I find glass to be one of the cleanest toys around. Most glass sex toys are made out of borosilicate glass.  Basically, like nannas Pyrex baking dishes. When purchasing glass look for a toy with no joins. Glass should be poured in 1 piece. This helps the toy from breaking when dropped.  Glass is smooth and hardy. It can be used in temperature play.  To warm put it in hot water, to cool put it in ice. Please don’t overheat or freeze as this may cause injury to the user. Glass is safe and has no side effects. Please always keep your glass stored in a bag. If your glass toy gets scratched not only will it feel nasty and become a dangerous toy to use the germs can breed in the scratches. Glass is non porous and can be boiled, put it in a dishwasher or use some sex toy cleaner. Any of these options are good. The good news is that you can use any lubes with glass.


Easily one of the more recognisable and hardy toys. Metal toys are usually made with medical grade stainless steel. You can tell by the quality of the finish. Look for toys that are seamless and are in good condition. Keep your metal toys in material bags. This not only keeps them clean, this stops them from getting scratched. This could result in injury. Be aware of some toys that are combined with nickel. Usually, you can tell as they have some discoloration. Some people are allergic and this can cause a nasty reaction. Metal toys are safe, have no smell or taste and are very easy to clean. To clean they can be boiled, placed in a dishwasher or simply washed and sprayed with some sex toy cleaner. Metal toys are very safe for personal use and last forever. The good news is that you can use any lubricant with metal toys. Like glass, metal can be used in temperature play.


“Wood?” I hear your question.  Whilst not the first material you think of when it comes to sex toys, there are a few I have seen and they are impressive. These toys actually have the same feel as glass toys. Smooth and cold. Depending on what wood is used the toy can vary in weight.  The toys are finished off with a coat of non-toxic resin. So they are safe to use.  To clean use water only. You do not want to break down the resin as this will break down the toy. Look for seamless toys that have a high quality finish. You can use any lube with wood.

Real feel

Real feel materials are often referred to as Cyberskin, soft skin or ultra-skin. Most masturbators are made of this as well as cock extensions and cock rings. The material is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It has a very soft dense feel and can hold warmth once it has been heated. You can heat these toys by putting in hot water or simply by using the products.

These materials are very flesh like and are soft and very flexible. Due to the soft dense like material any vibrations that accompany the toy are usually weak. Whilst TPE has been claimed as a safe material, it is porous. You should watch out for any colour change. This can mean mould is growing on your toy and should be discarded immediately. Due to the personal nature of the toys TPE toys should be changed every couple of months or so. You can only use water based lubricants on TPE. Silicone and oils will break your toy down and leave it feeling sticky and dirty.

I hope this list helps you pick out body safe products the next time you go sex toy shopping!

Author: Leonie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

7 Cunnilingus Secrets To Make A Woman Cum!

Sex Blog Australia
Polishing the floorboards, munching carpet, eating out, – whatever you want to call it, cunnilingus is a key aspect of lesbian sex… to be fair, any sex involving a vagina!  Cunnilingus can be defined as oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris. Easy peasy. Or not…It is a well known fact that turning on a female as opposed to turning on a male can be a much tougher task, generally speaking that is. Cunnilingus can be a daunting task for some or a turn on for others but definitely a crucial aspect of achieving orgasm with most women. Good Cunnilingus is an essential tool for anybody to have in their… box. We all know that no vagina is the same but do not fear! I have a few basic tips to help you get well on your way to being a cryptologic Cunnilinguist. (I totally just made up that word and am so proud).

Look before you eat

You totally wouldn’t attempt to eat your dinner without at least glancing at your plate before putting food on your fork, or glancing at your fork before placing it in your mouth… nor would you attempt to piece together a puzzle in the dark – so why go down on your lady before you get a decent look? Sure, in scenarios where it may be a one time thing, or at the beginning of the relationship getting a decent look may be awkward, but you can get around this by making the situation LESS awkward. Brownie points for telling her that her pink canoe looks pretty! So how are you supposed to do your thing and do it well if you can’t even see first where everything is situated.


How does she like it? Where does she like it? Does she like direct clitoral stimulation? Dual stimulation? All I know is, the more you know, the better you’re going to provide! Discuss what feels good and don’t be ashamed or afraid to say what doesn’t! Communication is key when it comes to consent and pleasure.

Listen to the cues

It’s not just the act but also being present and completely in tune with your partners responses and cues. As previously mentioned, listen if your partner gives you direction, and when to never, ever stop.

Use your hands

Just because it’s called oral sex, doesn’t mean you can’t use your hands! Some women need dual stimulation to orgasm, some like the teasing aspect, some women need G Spot stimulation…. again, COMMUNICATE!

Sex Blog
Image: Cunnilingus

Communite non-verbally

Ask her to hold your hand or head and tap, squeeze, or loosen the pressure when you like something, don’t like something or what more of it. You can develop your own types of non verbal communication, to make Cunnilingus that much easier.


Sometimes you have performed Cunnilingus that many times it should come naturally. It is most important to remember, what she likes. When you have time, write down the moves that have worked best. Before you have Cunnilingus you can read the list and build open your skill set.

Don’t be ashamed to bring tools!

Sex furniture or items such as the ‘Wedge’ by Liberator, are described as a serving platter for your meal… It literally is just that. It props up your butt so you can have easier access and maneuver other wonderful toys whilst you go to town  (I won’t go into detail as this is going to occur in a review to come from Amy). Bring along a versatile vibrator, like the Lelo Mona 2. Mona can produce amazing G Spot orgasms in one hand while your tongue focuses on the clitoris. Combined with the wedge, you’ll be able to have much more freedom. Buy some flavoured lube! Flavoured lube is both fun and one of the best inventions of all time. Like coffee flavours? Try Wicked’s Mocha Java lubricant. Like sour? Try ID’s sour watermelon lubricant. Like sweet? Try Wet Stuffs caramel flavoured lubricant. There is literally a flavour for everyone. So pick away and enthusiastically eat (lick, please) your partner.

A willing giver, paired with a few of the tips previously mentioned, will be sure to graduate as high achieving cryptologic cunnilinguist. Be sure to also check out the complete guide on deep throating.

Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

When It’s So Broke You Can’t Fix It

Broken hearted

That toxic kinda love, you know the one. Yes, that one where you have a regular ritual based on tit for tat, where yelling is your second language and cussing is your foreplay. That toxic kinda love that is met with paranoia over cheating and continuous accusations. That love that consumes you to the point where the intensity of how you feel for each other is only matched with your underlying resentment and disdain for all the shit you’ve put one another through and no matter how much you feel drained you can’t put it down even if it is slowly killing you.

You lose a part of you and what you always encompassed.

That glow in your eyes is fading and that part of sassiness you were once known for is slowly being extracted from you.

All the rules of independence you religiously followed no longer apply.

Your spirit is beaten down from day to day battles, and so is his too.

Not good enough because you don’t meticulously play by his rules even though you try,

You love him but you hate him at the same damn time.

This type of relationship makes you question what really is love?

You may even be yearning for a deeper spiritual and sexual connection.

Why can’t you put down the pain and relinquish happiness in your life? Why do you settle for only part time compassion from the one who’s meant to love you the most.

You use to be so head strong, so full of gusto and now you’re a mere shell of the former you!

You panic when you haven’t followed a time frame with full accuracy, you begin to feel guilty for things you haven’t done and worry whether there will be fall back from the things you have done irregardless how big or small they are.

Your health is up and down, blood pressure dangerously low and you sometimes struggle to breath. Your soul is riddled with sadness and you begin to wonder if you’re ever going to be able to find the old you again.

Broken relationships
Image: I hate you


So why do we do it?

Why do we open our hearts to the idea of being madly in love with someone who treats us like dirt rather than gold?

Why do we start off like a miraculous tale one of those stories you would read out of a romantic novel and then it quickly transcends to a nightmare.

I guess to get to the core of this question you have to look at you and your significant other in a very analytical, almost microscopic way. After all it takes two to tango right. You could throw many theories in the mix when trying to conclude just why so many of us are drawn to toxic love.

For some it is almost in their DNA to accept and even feed from other’s abusive tendencies. All it can take is growth in a family home where such behaviour is acceptable, condoned or even encouraged and then that inadvertently trickles down for future generations to adopt and reformulate. Not to say it always will be but the likelihood is pretty high.

Although studies have shown that those subjected to witnessing abuse throughout childhood are often at a much greater risk of succumbing to similar patterns through adulthood, it doesn’t mean that it is the only theory of possibility.

The need for the love of an abusive or co-abusive relationship can also stem from low self-worth and not holding yourself at a value high enough where you feel you deserve full respect.

Low self-esteem has a lot to be said for and can spiral destructive traits into overdrive.

Panic attack
Image: Panic attack quote


To love and be loved in a toxic way is more than just yelling or screaming at one another constantly. It is a mental game built on panic, paranoia, determination to one up the one who supposedly matters the most. It is having a fight or flight type of view on life and letting it seep through the foundation of your relationship.

It is carrying the burden of the hurt and scar tissue you hold from your previous relationships and procuring it with your current. It is both mental and sometimes physical, however mental scars are never quick to fade. It is allowing your emotions and disdain residue to completely trump any euphoria that your partner may bring you. It’s a battle in your head and that battle is transferred between the both of you until one person is brave enough to say enough is enough.

Abusive relationship
Image: Name calling


You simply cannot bury pain forever, when it’s all said and done. You no longer have the sex or material treasures to compensate the hardships you both have endured at the hands of one another. It’s safe to say that time won’t heal and there’s no shame in loving and being burnt, but there is a lot to be said in staying in a loveless relationship.

See you may think that love is about sticking it out to the bloody end. But when it’s at a cost of your mental and emotional health time and time again then that is not love. Love is understanding, accepting, embracing and holding your partner to a value of equality to yourself, nothing more nothing less.

How we express that to our significant other falls in with who we are as an individual ultimately. One thing you can never forget is your self-worth because that is something that cannot be brought nor bartered, and when it’s all said and done that is who you are and will continue to be. Who knows? You may be writting a thank you letter to your ex sooner than later!

Love quote
Image: You didn’t love her

Channelle xo

Author: Channelle is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres