Ask Oz Isolate or Dominate!!

Another month has flown by. Keep those questions cumming LOL!  This is a pretty interesting one called Ask Oz Isolate or Dominate

Ask Oz Isolate or Dominate

I really hope you can help me. I’ve got a very problematic immune system.  So as soon as Covid-19 went around, I’ve been forced into total social isolation. Thankfully I could continue working from home on my computer, but there are some things I just can’t do while in isolation.
Because no matter how good my vibrator collection is, no sex toy is ever going to choke me out, tell me what to do, or tie me down.  Which is exactly the kind of thing I need to truly get off. What can I do? Please help! – Angela. 

How Can I Get Off?  Covid-19 Issues

Hi Angela, thanks for your email. I think I might be able to suggest a few things to get you through this time.

First up, the same goes for long distance dom/sub relationships/encounters as it does for in-person ones.  Only do it with someone you trust. Lay out boundaries and safe words. Establish an open communication before the event.  Get familiar with each other, and certainly try a few video chats together before you get together for a long distance session.

Most of the next things I’m about to suggest require the use of app-based control technology.  I would recommend trying these things before that initial playdate, to iron out any kinks (no pun intended).

Bondage Gear to be Used from Anywhere

Next up, it’s time to get some products that could be really useful to be dominated from anywhere in the world.

Pick up a set of under-mattress restraints. Edge Extreme Under The Bed Restraints is a great kit that can be extended to fit even under a king sized bed.  It comes with six metal loops to attach your favourite sets of binds to.

Pornhub’s 8 Point Underbed Kit comes with its own set of cuffs for ankles and wrists, and given the anchor points for these may be even sturdier than the Edge ones.

ask oz isolate or dominate


To go along with your under bed restraints, look at finding some app controllable padlocks, like those offered by Noke. Again, definitely practise ahead of time with these.  Let your dom lock and unlock them when you’re not wearing them.

These are probably the most important thing to make sure they work before using.

For Sex Toys, I’d recommend most things offered by Kiiroo.

Pearl 2 and the Fuse are two great classic style vibrators (the Pearl 2 is a g-spot toy, the Fuse is a rabbit style for dual stimulation). Both of these can be controlled remotely through an app, where you connect to the sex toy via bluetooth.  Then connect with your partner through the Kiiroo app.

But what makes the Kiiroo toys really stand out from other app-controlled toys, is the interactivity on offer.

If playing solo, for example, you can load up interactive content from somewhere like Pornhub.  The sex toy will respond to what is taking place on the screen. Pair this with some VR goggles, and you’re having the closest thing to sexual interaction as one can in a time of social isolation.


If your partner (in this instance, I’m using a man as an example) has a Kiiroo Onyx 2, he can interact with your toy completely.

Onyx 2 is an amazing rechargeable stroker that offers a great sexual simulation. The inner workers that give the sensation of stroking react to your paired Kiiroo toy, be it Pearl 2 or Fuse.  So as your toy enters you, his stroking will match the speed and rhythm you are using.

From the keypad on the Onyx 2, he can change the vibration levels and settings of your toy.

Esca 2

In saying all this, I think any one of those could really assist with keeping things interactive.  In your circumstances I would suggest using the OhMiBod Esca 2.

Esca 2 is also powered by Kiiroo’s technology, so enjoys all the same interactivity as the other toys. But the Esca 2 is a strong little egg that would be far more effective for you to use.  Considering you may be tied up and unable to hold a vibbrator in place.

There is a little tail on the Esca 2 which has a few purposes. Firstly, it allows for easy extraction.  Secondly it is also where the signal to link to your phone is based, allowing for a stronger signal than if this sensor was located on the internal part.

The tail also has a little light on it which will flicker when it’s in use (this setting can be turned off).  So your partner knows that what they’re doing on the app is actually happening to the toy.

Being an internal toy, also gives him a greater view of your vulva.

Dominated in Social Isolation

These toys and cuffs and locks mentioned above could be the closest thing you could get to being properly dominated while in social isolation. If you give them a go, feel free to drop me a line back and tell how it all went. It will better assist any others that may be after the same kind of thing.

Beyond these things, there could be a world of other possible options out there.  Since whole houses can now be app controlled in terms of powering on and off. It just depends on how creative you really want to get.

Have fun, play safe, stay safe.

Want to know more?  Have a read of other Ask Oz articles. This one is for all of you who worry about not being able to orgasm: Ask Oz I can’t Orgasm

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