Are Senior Dating Sites Just For Seniors?

In today’s world, “seniors” are not who they used to be. People are thriving and energetic in their 50s and enjoying the dating life well beyond even those years. In most cases, these individuals are back to single life after perhaps lengthy marriages. Some lack the confidence or the know-how for the modern scene, especially with the online platform.


The mature age group likely went on dates back in their day by meeting potential dates in high school and college. People used to go to parties and see someone across a crowded room and take down a phone number (Cliché, right? But, true.).


Or others would start talking to someone at a local pub and give them a call later to ask them on a date. There was actual interaction among human beings.


Today, we have digitization – for everything. And in reality, for the most part, it can prove challenging for someone progressing in age to make a connection with a person of a similar age in public with whom they can then socialize. So, dating sites for over 50s is a genuine benefit.


Dating Into The Golden Years


When you reach a certain age and perhaps were half of a partnership and a parent, you might feel as though you progressed too far in life to begin again.


There’s certain insecurity or maybe a lack of confidence that comes with stepping out of the old role into something brand new, especially when dating is not what dating once was.


While the online platform is progressive, it might not be for everyone. People well over the age of 50 enjoy going out and socializing, and not all individuals are computer-literate or technologically savvy. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope. There are still ways to find love for people of all ages. Let’s look at different ideas to try mingling in an effort to meet a new mate.


Senior Dating Sites: 


Though it’s not for everyone and some are truly hesitant, the 50+ age group is among the fastest growing to make up the online dating clients. There are, in fact, niche-specific sites for people of a certain age. The most important aspect of the online platform is remaining safe.


Read the terms and conditions for each website you consider. It is worth the money to pay for a good site because if everyone pays, IDs are on file, and no one can be anonymous. Have friends or family assist with your profiling.


These people will be objective. They see you in real-time. You will likely have a higher tendency to be harsh on yourself. When asked what you’re looking for, be bold, blunt, and brief. Only disqualify the severe issues that undoubtedly break the deal.


Some people do still have a home phone. In these situations, you should only speak to potential dates using your mobile so that it’s untraceable back to your home address. And when it comes time to meet, drive separately and meet publicly.


Make sure to use a true and current picture of yourself that shows you in a positive place, not a sour face. Too often, people use photos that are years old and then come to meet and they’re not recognized that’s unfair and awkward. For those looking for males over the age of 50 go to for suggestions.


** Speed Dating


The concept of speed dating is one that is relatively new  but one that is becoming quite popular among the mature group and the “Baby Boomer” generation. If you aren’t in a location where you can actively participate in a meeting group, you can do this form of dating online also, but it isn’t quite the same as the face-to-face mingling that it’s supposed to be.


The general idea is to meet, get to know, and have a mini date with someone in a timed format. You do this with as many people in the group as you’d like until you find a match.


This allows practice with socialization and helps to alleviate any shyness or lack of confidence with which you might be dealing. Speed dating is another platform that you want to thoroughly research before you engage and make sure the group you sign up for is appropriate for your specific needs.


A wise move would be to watch a video of how the process works so that you can prepare ahead of time. Even if you don’t find a mate, it’s actually quite a fun way to meet new friends.


** Right In Your Own Backyard


Sometimes someone is as close as your circle of friends, and you’re not open to it. When you start thinking about the possibility of dating, speak with close friends about your decision.


Only those closest to you can see things that you might not be able to, and these people are also the best resources to help you to get out of the house and meet new friends.


If you live in a senior community, there are often groups you can join where you can introduce yourself around to the other members. You can take walks through the neighborhood and meet others, enjoying some exercise as you stroll.


You could put your name on the board in the community building letting other residents know that you’d be available to volunteer your time for specific purposes like helping out with errands or small tasks. It’s an ideal way to make acquaintances.


Family members are always up to the challenge of setting up their relatives with people among their circle of friends. In many cases, these blind dates work out really well. Though you might be hesitant to take that step, it might prove successful.


** Sign Up For Classes


Whether you go back to college or join some classes to begin a new hobby, this can serve many purposes aside from meeting new people. A lot of mature adults are going back to school to pursue degrees and considering second careers later in life.


If that’s not a goal that you have for yourself, taking up a hobby or pursuing an interest to enjoy in your spare time is a fantastic way to find a potential match.


Not only will you find pleasure in a new activity to add to your free time, but because the people you meet share these same interests, you’ll have great conversation starters. You can even take the lead by inviting new friends out for coffee after the class.


Other opportunities with the same concept are obtaining a part-time job working with other people or volunteering for an organization. Again, sharing something in common allows the opportunity to develop a friendship that can carry outside the professional capacity.


Something that people should not fear, whether you’re a man or woman, is taking the lead if you find someone charming and want to pursue that interest apart from class or work.


It’s fine when you’re friends with someone to invite them out as a way to see if you want to pursue something further. If they aren’t aware of your intentions or aren’t interested, you’ll stay friends. No harm, no foul. Further tips can be found when viewing this link.


Final Thought


It seems that the “aged” generation’s clocks are moving backward. This group of people is more daring, confident, and thriving than what some of the “younger” generations are, keeping the over 50 dating sites hopping.


A dilemma is, men and women of 20 or 30 want to date women or men 50s and beyond. The attraction for these people is they offer a spirit, a vitality, an assertiveness, and experience in life that makes them desirable partners. And the senior finds a renewed sense of excitement and sees the world in a new light. It’s just curious if these younger people are allowed on these niche sites.


In all seriousness, for those who do struggle with joining a site or who lack the confidence to get back out into the dating world, let your family and friends help you. It’s much nicer to meet someone new when you have the comfort of a close friend or family member beside you.


It’s a struggle after you’ve lived a life when that was all you knew, and now you’ve got to start from scratch (speaking from experience.) But it does get easier, and you do come to that point where it’s time, and you’re ready. Then, let the fun begin.

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