This Stroker Will Have You Seeing Apollo!

What would you get, if your blended a Fleshlight with a Tenga Flip-Hole and a Fun Factory Cobra Libre? Something astounding, isn’t that so?

The Apollo Alpha Power Stroker by California Exotics which is now one of my most loved toys. So when I saw that they were putting out a new and improved version of it I knew I needed to have it. Out with the old Alpha Stroker  and in with the new Alpha Stroker 2.  The first thing I noticed when it was delivered was that the body case was blue instead of the original black and had a realistic sleeve rather than the generic one in the first model.

The Alpha stroke comes in better and more sturdy packaging and on opening it us you receive a charging cable, instructions and the actual sex toy.  The stroker has a bit of weight to it and although similar is curvier than a fleshlight.  The shape is ergonomic and the controls are on the handle where the charging point is also.  You can adjust how tight you want the toy to be by squeezing the two ‘boards’ that are clearly defined on each side.  It arrived charged and the instructions say when fully charged it allows 2.5 hours of continuous use.  If you are anything like me you do not need much more than 10 whilst watching your favorite porn flick.

What amazed me was that the stroker has 30 different vibration modes that are delivered through 2 powerful vibrating eggs.  When you switch it on it will automatically turn on to the last vibration mode you were using so if you have a favorite there is no need to scroll through 30 modes, you will start at the one you want.   The case is made from a durable ABS Plastic that is matte finish to allow easy handling and the sleeve is made from TPR.  To maintain this baby you will have to clean it thoroughly between uses and uses a rejuvenating powder.  If you treat it right it will last for you.

Ready for action I placed water based lube in the tunnel and grasped the external case.  I plunged my erect dick in it and it was a comfy feeling that I made more comfy by squeezing the pressure planks similar in design to the Tenga Flip Hole.  The Alpha Stroker is long, about 11 inches in fact that I like as the Fleshlight is only 8 inches in length and for those with a bigger penis just comes short.

The controls were easy to access on the handle and the sleeve was adequately textured but would not say it felt like the real thing.  In saying that allowing me to adjust the pressure it felt very good with the vibrator on and even off.  Much better than a straight hand-job.

Apollo Stroker
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So onto the vibrations. Like the Hydro and Power Stroker, the Alpha has 30 distinctive vibration designs. The vibrations do appear to transmit themselves pleasantly through the sleeve – yet this is the critical thing to remember – the vibrations are not intended to be the highlight they are just a welcome accessory – it’s the sleeve doing all the work, the vibrations are simply an addition not a headliner.  My issue with the vibrations was that although there is a stated 30 different vibration modes/power they all basically felt the same.  There was little to differentiate between them.  Yet with that issue addressed it does feel better than an average stroker and again the pressure planks really did it for me.

Clean-up and Maintenance

For anybody that has a Fleshlight, you know how difficult it can be cleaning the buggers out. Despite the fact that because of their open-finished sleeve outline, cleaning is an instance of flushing water through the sleeve to evacuate any “stores” and afterward verifying its dry and powdered before putting it away. The Alpha Stroker is basically “shut” toward one side, significance you can’t simply flush it through. I say “shut” – there is the most smallest of small of openings at the base of the sleeve to help with suction, however it’s absolutely not sufficient to simply “flush” through your orgasm – so you will need to totally turn the sleeve back to front so as to guarantee everything is gone. This is somewhat difficult, as the sleeve is difficult to turn – yet it will turn with persistence.

Once your sure within is pleasant and clean, allow it to dry and afterward turn it back the right way. I complete the process of spritzing and cleaning the outside and after that let it to air dry. Once its dry, you’ll perceive the sleeve goes somewhat stiff/sticky, so you’ll need to issue it a light cleaning with some recharging powder before popping it again into the case, and afterward putting the cover on to keep it clean and without dust, prepared for next time. The external case can be wiped with a soggy material. The Alpha Stroker is waterproof, so you could clean the entire case under the tap, however I don’t believe its important, unless you messed it up with excessive lubricant.

I preferred this sex toy when I compare it to the Fleshlight men’s masturbator range,  it’s got enough adaptability pulling out all the stops, and I can acknowledge what the creators of the toy were attempting to achieve, regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t exactly hit the mark a perfect masturbator.  However the cleaning is a real turn off.   Discussing adaptability, they say you have the capacity to utilize the sleeve outside of the case as simply a standard pocket “pussy” sort of thing – anyway I for one wouldn’t be utilizing it that route . It’s rechargeable, not very loud, simple to utilize and gives a the perfect measure of sensations. The main thing that truly disappoints it is the weight cushions and the clean-up.

Well I figure any individual who has appreciated a Fleshlight and needed to take it up a level with a few vibrations. I think it would likewise set aside a few minutes toy as it can be utilized as a part of various ways, is prudently composed and considering what you are getting, it’s surely a more practical interest over the long haul.  So I give the Apollo Stroker a Score: 9 out of 10. It’s an amazing men’s sex toy!

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