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Today I set out with the intention to review an Aneros product which came with prostate stimulation. But I came across the Aneros Peridise which is a unisex anal stimulator. Although it is a sex toy that can be used for prostate play, they’re actually used for something called a peristaltic orgasm.

“Peristatic orgasm is a radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation of muscles that propagates in a wave down a tube, in an anterograde direction.”

I think there is a lot of negative reviews of the Aneros Peridise because people are using these like any other anal sex toy. To achieve a peristaltic orgasm you use your pubococcygeus muscle commonly known as the PC muscles. The pubococcygeus muscle hangs like a hammock between the pubic bone and the tailbone (coccyx) and it has the same common benefits for men as it does women such as better bladder control and stronger contractions during orgasm which in turn makes orgasms stronger, last longer, reduce hemorrhoids, help tone your pelvic region and help delay premature ejaculation. The main function of the Aneros Peridise is that it induces a peristaltic response. A peristaltic response is the same response your body induces when you swallow food and it travels down the digestive tract by self-propelling muscles in this instance your body is trying to evacuate the Aneros Peridise.

Your PC muscles will slightly pull them in and take grasp of the Aneros Peridise. Your anus muscles will involuntarily start to tense and relax repetitively basically massaging the nerve endings inside of you. As your PC muscles are trying to grasp this object and move it along inside of you they end up becoming sexually frustrated causing your body to have Peristaltic Orgasms and Contractions which leads to your full body feeling stimulation which can be enjoyed by any gender.

What Is A Peristaltic Orgasm
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The Aneros Peridise is made in America from a medical grade plastic called Acetal which is said to be indestructible under normal circumstances. It is a type of rigid plastic with no flexibility in them at all. Also unlike most other sex toys, you start off with the larger anal sex toy which is the 22mm one and then your work your way to the smaller advanced anal sex toy which is 16mm. They are very skinny on the neck and body with only two much smaller knobs just after the head and just before the wider base.  The device has a hand polished matte finish which gives it the softness of velvet.

Advantages of using the Aneros Peridise

  • It can be worn by all people who enjoy anal stimulation not just those with prostates.
  • Can be used as all day plug! some bloggers even claim to sleep whilst wearing theirs!
  • Comes in 2 or 4 packs so both parties can enjoy wearing Aneros Peridise together during sex or foreplay.
  • for solo or partnered play.
  • Its an exercise regime for the PC muscle with the ability to be used in a graduate program.
  • Made from body safe materials.
  • Provides unique sensations that other toys do not.
  • Increased blood flow to the anus area reducing the likelihood of haemorrhoids.
  • PC muscle strength for everyone!
  • These are completely battery, vibration free and rely purely on your own body.

There are a tonne more things to touch on about the Aneros Peridise but it is a device that takes patience and practise to achieve the results Aneros Peridise has promised but like any exercise regime that is expected, you don’t get a six pack overnight! I’d give this 9/10 honestly due to its functions, I sincerely regret that I have never used this product before and perhaps once I do it will gain the 10th point. To be fair I haven’t fully grasped the peristaltic response concept and I’ve literally been researching for the better part of today, I’ve just read its apparently super amazing yay butts! I also hate researching stuff like this because I now have a wealth of knowledge about the anus anatomy like the hairs in there are white and the skin in our butts needs to be kept moist as they are non keratinized which is why we need lube when doing butt stuff not just to reduce pain or discomfort but because we can cause damage to our delicate internal skin which has special secretions to keep it moist and the insertion of objects removes these secretions.

Authors: Nick and Amy are consultants from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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