The Best Gay Sex Toys

The Best Gay Sex Toys

can include products such as dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. Everything you buy, can be a unique addition to your collection of favorite sex toys! These toys can also increase the experience of your sex positions. Sex toys are great for foreplay, as well when you’re having anal sex they can enhance your experience, for bottoms, tops, first timers or for people with advanced skills. Afterall, anal sex is the new blowjob. Remember to have some fun, remember to relax as there is a whole community out their! Look on Instagram for some mental motivation!

  • Warm up:   Relaxing the anus with a toy might be simply easier, especially if the top has a big penis. Depending on his experience and also the mood, there might be the size the bottom can easily accommodate at the beginning until he can fill up with his partner’s penis. It’s useful to have a tapered toy such as a butt plug with a relatively narrow tip, so penetration is easy and you can stretch and relax the sphincter muscles. Get the bottom in the position you want to have sex in. Play and tease his anus and rim it. Get him comfortable and relaxed.

Anal Sex Warm Up

  • Penetrate: Penetrate gently and slowly while playing with the toy inside. Rotate the toy around and move it in and out. Alternate between a slow and a fast pace. If you’re using a vibrator instead of a butt plug, the vibrations can help to relax as well as stimulate your partner. Change the speed and see how the pleasure changes your partner. Once you’ve removed the toy from his anus, try inserting a couple of finger inside him. This can be quite intense for him.

Anal Toy Instant Lubrication

  • Prolong: To prolong your sex play and pleasure and really arouse your partner consider a vibrating one. When you’re fucking him, use a vibrating butt plug or an inflatable butt plug and leave that in place when switching to give him oral sex. Essentially, you’re flip-flopping during sex. If you choose a vibrating butt plug, keep him thinking of you inside of him. With an inflatable toy, you can really increase his prostate sensation by alternately inflating and partially deflating the toy or giving him the pump so he has the control. There’s a unique feeling between this kind of anal stimulation and the feeling of you sliding into him.

Vibrating Dildo

Of course, many gay men are not 100 percent top or bottom.

When you’re fucking your partner, a little anal stimulation can just be the step you need to make to increase a great experience into a truly unique, absolutely satisfying experience. You might want to force your ass onto your partner’s mouth to rim before fucking him. When you’ve lubed yourself up you can wipe the excess off with your fingers and slip a finger or two into yourself. For a continuous anal stimulation for you while you penetrate your partner, a butt plug that’s going to stay in place is usually the best option. If you are engaging into anal sex and more specifically you are the bottom and he is the top, you can use more things to explore this experience such us dildos, vibrators and other sex toys that you can get from all trusted adult shops online.

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