Alicia Sinclair Knows All About Body Wands

Body wand vibrators never used to appeal to me. I found them bulky, didn’t enjoy the sensations of vibration all over my body and didn’t understand the huge fuss. I then came across the Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager and finally understood what everyone would rave about. This Body Wand became my new best friend, providing me with a consistent and pleasurable massage on my back and shoulders as I sat at the computer and wrote reviews such as this one in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, it is like my own massage therapy. I thought that it would remain number one until I came in to work one day to see the Le Wand sitting on the shelf. Wow what a product!! It is classy, sophisticated and beautiful, just what everyone needs in their life. I hated to admit it but the Lady Bonnd Wand started to fall away as I found my new friend in the Le Wand. I can’t wait to share with you why it is that I only have eyes for this gorgeous Body Wand.

This incredible body wand massager was created by Alicia Sinclair the founder of Le Wand. A certified sex expert, Alicia has put the utmost effort creating this product which delivers “intense sensual pleasure”. As mentioned before, it is a classy and sleek design, available in combinations of white & rose gold or grey & black.


Le Wand in Grey Photo
Sex Toy: Le Wand in Grey

Features Of The Le Wand

The Le Wand comes in a sturdy cardboard box which is perfect for storage of the massager. For even more durable storage, a travel zipper case is included. The toy is a little bit heavier than other massagers on the market coming in at 670 grams. It is not waterproof therefore cleaning involves using a cloth on the silicone head with a mild toy cleaner.

The Le Wand features 20 vibration patterns and 10 levels of intensity meaning you’ll have so many options to never get bored. The vibrations are powerful and rumbly and transfer into the silicone head perfectly with minimal transference into the handle. The vibration patterns and intensities are controlled via + – and a pattern button. It’s a very easy toy to use.

The Le Wand is rechargeable with a plug-in power outlet. It does not require being plugged in to use which is great to avoid pesky power cords in the bedroom. Three hours of charging will give users up to three hours of use which compared with other rechargeable products in this range, is amazing.

The Le Wand features a handy travel lock which will mean you can avoid being pulled up at Heathrow Airport on your overseas trip on suspicion of carrying a bomb in your luggage. Because let’s face it, a holiday with a vibrator is far more superior then one without.

The head of the Le Wand is made from 100% body-safe silicone and features a flexible neck. This is great to really get into those pleasurable spots and is especially handy when using the attachments that are intended to be used for internal vaginal stimulation.

Le Wand’s Textured Covers

Textured covers are a bonus of the Le Wand, with two varieties available to mix up your experience. The covers are placed over the head of the Le Wand Vibrating Massager and give users a slightly softer feel then the silicone head on its own. The Spiral Texture cover features waved ribbing all over the cover. The Droplet Cover has small raised bumps placed over it. They each give users a different experience depending on what they desire. The covers are made of 100% Body-Safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which Le Wand claim is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricant. Included with your purchase of the Le Wand is one cover meaning you’ll get to find out first-hand what they’re talking about.


Le Wand Spiral Attachment
Sex Toy: Le Wand Spiral Attachment


Le Wand Droplet Attachment Picture
Sex Toy: Le Wand Droplet Attachment

Le Wand’s Silicone Attachments

Le Wand is compatible with 2 types of black silicone attachments, The Curve or The Ripple. The Curve features a long smooth weighted shaft with a bulbous head which also features a weight. This attachment is perfect for G-Spot stimulation, with the part of this that sits over the head of the Le Wand featuring a bump that yours or your partner’s clitoris would greatly appreciate I am sure. The Ripple is as the name suggests a more textured attachment featuring two raised bumps and a slightly more pronounced head than The Curve. Luckily, it features the same clitoral stimulator as The Curve! Once removed, these attachments can be washed easily with toy cleaner and water.

La Wand Curve Attachment Picture
Sex Toy: La Wand Curve Attachment


Le Wand Ripple Attachment Image
Buy Now | Body Wand Massager Adultshop Online

My Final Thoughts

With a 12-month warranty, the Le Wand is a high quality and an incredible body wand vibrating massager that is sure to give your body many pleasurable experiences. For people looking for a step up from the still amazing Lady Bonnd Rechargeable Body Wand Massager, the Le Wand would be your best choice by far. Get in quick and grab one while you still can.

Author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







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