How to Find the A-Spot

Over the past couple of days I’ve been doing a bit of research on How To Find the A-Spot. Since finding an article about it at home, I’m embarrassed to say I’m a woman and have never heard of this before the other night but at the same time realized I’ve definitely had a few A-Spot orgasms.

How To Find the A-Spot?

The A-Spot is also known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, AFE and the epicentre. The A-spot is located between the bladder and the cervix. Now a lot of woman might freak out a little bit because of the lengths they may have to go to find it! But if you are feeling uncomfortable, all you have to do is a little bit of research and prepare themselves for the stimulation. Right they should have no problems finding it and once they do they’ll most definitely want to do it again! Ever wondered why some woman squirt or why you yourself may squirt from time to time? Well congratulations, you may found your A-Spot! Because it is right by your urethral sponge which fills with liquid as you’re turned on it will release if you have a female ejaculation.


Female Squirting
Diagram: How to Find the A Spot

How to find the A spot?

Well, firstly you’ll need something with some length to it to find the A-Spot. If you’re a female with a male partner but his penis may not reach all the way back you have a few different options. You may need to make a quick run down to your closest Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and look for a couple of sex toys that will help to enhance your sexual lifestyle as well as help you experiment with your erogenous zones.

  • A cock ring can be used to help the blood flow remain in the erect penis keeping it harder and stronger for longer.
    • NU Sensuelle Dual Bullet Cock Rings with added testicle and clitoral bullet.
  • A penis sleeve or penis extender.  Penis sleeve’s and extender’s come in different sizes, textures and materials so maybe have a think about which one you may need before heading over. You can buy a penis extender that is textured on the inside of his pleasure or textured on the outside for the other person’s pleasure.
  • A Penis Enlarger that will pump his cock to a much bigger size.
    • LA Penis Pumps which are the highest quality pumps we have in stock.
    • Bathmate Penis Pumps that works on water.
  • A Vibrator to feel added sexual stimulation.
    • I’ve read a few reviews on the A spot and quite a lot of them are recommending the Lelo gigi as the perfect toy for it and I definitely agree because of the length and the flat curve on the end, it should massage the area quite nicely and we have plenty of them in stock!
    • Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 for is flexible tip, ridges and easy to use handle.
  • A Dildo to get the hard to reach spots that is more naturally shaped.
    • Tantus brand as they are a trusted company that create hand poured, high quality silicone dildos.
    • Pipedream’s Real Feel Deluxe dildo range which is gentle and hard just like a real cock, with vibrating and suctions functions.
    • Steel or Glass Dildo’s can naturally warm to your body temperature and are long lasting.
  • A Rabbit Vibrator to receive clitoral and internal vibrations
    • Fun Factory By Stronic Fusion which is used hands free and pulsates back and forth whilst massaging the clitoris.

Now once you get home and you’re ready to find this magical spot that’s been waiting to be found for so long I’d recommend searching up some tips on how to find it and the safest ways of finding it, it won’t be very fun for her if you go just that little bit too deep, that’ll just ruin the mood for everyone. I’ve heard having her on top, reverse cow girl or just face to face positions are the best way to hitting the spot and sometimes applying a little bit of pressure to the lower part of the belly may give her some extra sensation. Have fun and be safe!

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