8 Reasons To Be A Gay Top!

I love seeing my man submissive and effeminate!  This is why I prefer being a top.   You cannot believe that look on my partner’s face when I am the one making love to him!  I love to monitor his face and see how he enjoy the pleasure I give him.  Being a top/pitcher makes me feel virile, manly and aggressive. I love hearing him moan and squeal in ecstasy as I plow his ass, and I especially love the look on his face when I first insert my dick into his ass and start thrusting. I love seeing him relax so that I can “work on him”! I love cumming all over his face and chest; and mmm, he enjoys being the “chick”!


Gay Boy Toys

  • Sense of control:

Being a top enables me to be in control, and I really love being in control of the situation when I am making love to my partner. It means you can get what you want and pleasure yourself really well. Also, sometimes my gay bottom might try getting naughty and pull some mess by taking the condom off even when we have agreed to use one that day and I may not know. Being a bottom, he cannot pull it off without me knowing or seeing what is happening.

  • I get to control the insertion:

Being a top lets me be in control of the whole process of insertion; I get to decide how much I want to get into him! I get to control the amount of pleasure I give him so that when he is about to cum, I can control my own and we explode together!

  • Gives a better hip control:

Being a top enables me to control the movement of my hips such that I give him pleasure in bits and build it up slowly. Being a pitcher enables me to move my hips the way I want because I am not lying down therefore not restrained in any way.

  • I love being the “worker”:

I really love doing most of the work during my bedroom session with my “catcher’ partner. I enjoy being the “slave” that is doing most of the physical work and watch as my catcher receives the pleasure. I love seeing my man swallow my cum when I cum all over his face and mouth!

  • Having my dick inside him really feels great!

Being a pitcher makes me feel so good, especially when I get to insert my member into his ass. I really love to feel myself inside somebody, I mean, my catcher; he has the softest ass in the world
and I cannot exchange it for any other! Being a top also feels more masculine.

  • My partner loves it:

He loves to see and feel me being on top and I love making him happy! He also says he prefers this because he believes I am more experienced in this position that he is; and ooh, he loves acting the chick in our relationship and bedroom!

  • A whole economy of`degradation:

Anyone who is gay out there knows that it being gay includes a whole`economy of degradation in which bottoms are often referred to as bitches, cocksuckers, sissy or faggot in the bedroom. When I realized I was gay, some of these stereotypes made me fear being a bottom. But I am a top because being a top is natural for me, I often use the mentioned terminologies above on my catcher because he loves them, not because I discriminate on bottoms!

  • Being a Top is Easy:

It is difficult to be a bottom. Being a bottom requires extra work. Consider the “self-upkeep,” the man-scaping, the eating regimen confinements. I’s a great deal to get ready for only a couple of minutes of delight. At that point there is additionally a level of torment that numerous must first overcome until the experience is charming (which one may contend makes bottoms more manly or masculine than tops; there would be more bottoms if their dynamic partners weren’t such sissies and could take the torment. Consider that.) So next time you request that he hop on top, recollect that he’s now done significantly more work than you have—now it’s your turn!


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